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    • BUNDLE Worksheets and Activities - Pre-Primer

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      aim is to familiarise the student with the new sight word and to reinforce correct letter sequencing to form the word. Tasks include writing the focus sight word on writing lines and whole-word shape boxes, identifying the focus words among other words of varied fonts and then cutting and pasting letter tiles in correct order to make the focus ...

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    • Baby Word Scramble Answer Sheet

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      baby : blanket . diapers . pacifier . formula . cradle . stroller . teether . mommy . booties . deliver . pregnant . onesie . bassinet . mobile . daddy . breastfeed ...

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    • Baby Word Scramble – Answer Key - Giftypedia

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      Baby Word Scramble – Answer Key Baby Word Scramble Answers Baby Word Scramble Answers akeblnt Blanket raxbont kisch Braxton Hicks toletb Bottle abby gugby Baby Buggy irnbhgit moro Birthing Room Raragice Carriage idol Doll raprengdtasn Grandparents kirgonc hicar Rocking Chair dacler Cradle rupb Burp ubberr yuckd Rubber Ducky lorafum Formula rollters Stroller gihh rihac High chair sinbates ...


    • Magic Scramble Word Puzzle

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      Magic Scramble Word Puzzle Unscramble the nine words below, writing the correctly spelled word in the boxes directly below each one. Take the letter in the box with the star underneath it and place it in one of the spaces in the row of boxes with stars under each space on page 2.

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    • Party Word Scramble

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      Answer Key . a) Games b) Balloons c) Cake d) Music e) Fun f) Family g) Friends h) Laugh i) Play j) Streamers


    • STEP 1: Unscramble these words! ADFLROI L A

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      STEP 1: Unscramble these words! STEP 2: Copy the letters in the circles above and see where we’re going... L A G C T A D C E R C s. Title: Surprise! We're Going to Disney Word Scramble Printable Subject: Surprise your kids with a Disney trip with this Surprise! We're Going to Disney Word Scramble Printable. Kids will love unscrambling words ...

    • Sight!Word!Searches!

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      Sight!Word!Searches!! The!activities!in!this!packet!are!designed!to!improve!both!eye!movement!skills! and!visual!processing!skills.!These!skills!include!ocular!motor ...

    • Spring Word Unscramble

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      Spring Word Unscramble 1. plants 2. seeds 3. bud 4. flower 5. fruit 6. compost 7. blossom 8. garden 9. hoe 10. shovel 11. rake 12. water 13. sunshine 14. vegetables 15. spring 16. outside 17. worm 18. bee User-created with abctools® for home and classroom use only. Graphics and format ©2000-2012 abcteach® Spring Word Unscra ...

    • Unscramble the words and then find them in the word search.

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      Find the words and complete the word search. Unscramble the words and then find them in the word search. ads gerea fulcare ppyah adlg antthesi amedhsa eadry uclyk icen prisdesur setup roudp parpreed oogd eadespl polimeti disapointdep

    • W DAY WORD SCRAMBLE - Bridal Shower Games

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      www.Bridal-Shower-Games.com WEDDING DAY WORD SCRAMBLE Can you unscramble all the wedding terms jumbled below? 1. osvw 2. nigr rreeba 3. raiagrem 4. nmhooyeon