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    • [PDF File]Academic Word List - IELTS buddy


      Academic Word List Sublists 1 - 10 Sublist 1 of the Academic Word List analyse analysed analyser analysers analyses analysing analysis analyst analysts analytic analytical analytically analyze analyzed analyzes analyzing approach approachable approached approaches approaching unapproachable area areas assess assessable assessed assesses assessing

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    • [PDF File]Word + Word = Compound word


      Match one word from each of the two columns to make a new word. This puzzle is sneaky because the one of the letters in the original words seems to disappear in pronouncing the new word. Note: two words end in board A B 1. chest board 2. hand fast 3. card nut 4. fore some 5. bar board 6. cup gain 7.

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    • [PDF File]501 Word Analogy Questions


      In this type of analogy one word describes an action and the other word indicates the significance of the action. For example, cry : sorrow. To cry signifies sorrow. Analogy questions can also be used to test word knowledge and factual content. Word knowledge questions are generally pairs of syn-onyms or pairs of antonyms.

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    • [PDF File]Acrobat X Accessible PDF from Microsoft Word


      Adobe Acrobat X Accessibility Accessible PDF from Microsoft Word 4 Figure 4. Microsoft Word 2003 Columns Word 2007 Columns • Select Page Layout on the Ribbon in Word 2007 and select Columns in ... Using PDFMaker within an authoring application is a simple, one-click procedure. It involves

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    • [PDF File]Within Word Stage Feature I Complex Consonant Patterns


      Within Word Stage Feature I Word Study Sort # 4 (4.1 – 4.3) Suggested Demonstration: Triple Letter Blends sc scr sh shr scab scrape shed shrink Introduce the sort by modeling with a pattern sort. After sorting a few examples, say to the students, “For the rest of the cards, I’m going to read

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    • [PDF File]Fixing numbered lists in Word


      Procedure header: (list level 1) 1. List Number (list level 2) i) List Number 2 (list level 3) Notice that we’ve had to use a Procedure header style instead of Heading 4. This is because Word does some strange things to its default headings, therefore Heading 4 does not work well when assigned to a multi-level list. The best thing

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    • [PDF File]Teacher Training - M. A. Rooney Foundation


      o letter(s) or syllable(s) at the end of a word o determine the part of speech o may enhance the meaning affix: o can be a prefix, suffix, or connective o must be attached to a root or base word base words vs root words — carry the major element of meaning o base word: can stand on its own as a word or with affix

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    • [PDF File]Word Within the Word Master List (60 words)


      Word Within the Word Master List (55 words) wk STEM MEANING brev short a, an not/without be near, more man hand 21 less without nov new ee receives action para besides medi half way 22 hood condition am, amor love, liking pod foot by side, near deca ten 23 tude state of simil, simul like, resembling tend move/stretch a certain

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