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    • Word Within the Word lists 1-20 2014-2015 - Binder Blocks

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      Word Within the Word (W3) lists# 1-20 Complete the following for each W3 list. Please title each entry with the correct assignment name/type and put your name on each page. [.5 point each] LIST [5 points] title = “W3 List #____” (please write the list number instead of a blank) o Copy each stem, its definition, and at least 2 words that contain the stem onto a note card.

    • Word Within the Word List #2

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      Word Within the Word List #2 . 1. archy (government) monarchy, hierarchy, anarchy, matriarchal, patriarch . 2. ard (always) drunkard, coward, dullard, sluggard, braggart

    • Early Within Word Pattern - Sorts 1-21 - Pearson PD Toolkit

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      SORTS FOR EARLY WITHIN WORD PATTERN DIRECTIONS FOR LONG VOWEL PATTERN SORTS 1-21 These directions offer some basic guidelines for each sort and show what the final sort will look like. See Words Their Way: Word Study Phonics, Vocabulary and Spelling 5e for complete

    • Word Within the Word List #9

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      Word Within the Word List #9 Stem Meaning Example Words path feeling Sympathy, pathetic, pathos, empathy a not Amoral, apathy, apolitical nomy law Astronomy, economy, taxonomy fid faith Fidelity, confidence, infidel caco bad Cacophony, cacography

    • Word Within the Word lists 1-15

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      Word Within the Word lists 1-15 List #10 List #11 1. ped foot or child 1. -i plural 2. mort death 2. jus law 3. carn flesh 3. lum light 4. psych soul 4. ann year 5. ethno race or culture 5. apo away or up 6. gen origin 6. sen old 7.

    • Word Within The Word Roots - List #1 Root DeÞnition Origin

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      Word Within The Word Roots - List #11 Root DeÞnition Origin act to do Latin ag to do Latin andro man Greek ann year Latin apo away or up Greek bas low Latin cant sing Latin fic make Latin gram writing Greek gyn woman Greek-i plural Latin jus law Latin log word or reason Greek lum light Latin mob move Latin nounce tell Latin parl speak Latin ...

    • LESSON 1

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      Word by word, we will examine the meaning that is to be lived out in our lives as a result of our study. Because of the work you have done this past week, you are now less likely to stray from the interpretation God intends for you to have. Knowing who‘s writing, why he‘s writing

    • Word Within the Word Lesson #6

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      Word Within the Word Lesson #6 In each case below, one of the choices was really the word used by the author in the sentence provided. Your challenge is to decide which word the author used. 1. From Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Its water is green and _____ as ever. a) occluded b) gratuitous c) astringent d) pellucid 2.

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