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      To see how data wires work, you’ll create a small program that makes SK3TCHBOT play a sound and then rotate the white dial for 3 seconds. The motor’s Power setting, and therefore its speed, will respond to what the Infrared Sensor sees: If the sensor’s proximity value is 27%, the motor’s speed will be 27%; if the sensor reads 85%, the motor’s speed will be 85%; and so on.



      In general, any data you need should go either in the session object or the request object (these are introduced a little later) if passing data between different JSP pages. Variables you declare inside scriptlets are fine, e.g. because these are …



      Networks of computers are everywhere. The Internet is one, as are the many networks of which it is composed. Mobile phone networks, corporate networks, factory networks, campus networks, home networks, in-car networks – all of these, both separately and in combination, share the essential characteristics that make them relevant subjects for study under the heading

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      Routers spend all their time looking at the destination addresses of the packets passing through them and deciding which route to send them on. FTP : It stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is used to upload the files from client computer to remote Web- server. ( it is a very common method of moving data between tow internets sites.

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      Ways of Data Passing between transactions. 1. By COMMAREA. In the example below, Working Storage item WS-ITEM of length WS-LENGTH is passed to the transaction EMPC. The program for the transaction ‘EMPC’ should have DFHCOMMAREA of size WS-LENGTH in the linkage section to receive the information passed by RETURN of this program. EXEC CICS

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      The changing landscape of assessment: some possible replacements for unseen, time-constrained, face-to-face invigilated exams. Professor Kay Sambell, Edinburgh . Napier University. and . Professor Sally Brown, Independent consultant. Introduction. In Spring 2020, just about every university in the world was faced with a requirement to move from a substantial diet of assessing student learning ...

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      This derived data feeds the Machine Learned Ranking algorithms at the heart of Yahoo! Search. Some Webmap size data: Number of links between pages in the index: roughly 1 trillion links . Size of output: over 300 TB, compressed! Number of cores used to run a single Map-Reduce job: over 10,000 . Raw disk used in the production cluster: over 5 ...

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      For the 1980s, Bill James (1981 Abstract, pages 167-170) uncovered a correlation of .48 between career length and offensive won-lost record for 112 players during the year in which they turned 28. Schall and Smith (2000a) computed a .23 correlation between first-year BA and career length, and Ohkusa (2001) noted that higher slugging average was ...

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      Hub is connection device which joins in a network. Hubs classified as the layer 1 device and small, simple and inexpensive device. Hub does not read data passing through it and does not know the source and. destination points. It simply receives the data packets, amplify the electric signal and then retransmit data packets on the network.

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