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    • 6.00 Problem set 3: Wordgames - MIT OpenCourseWare

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      Let’s begin by describing the 6.00 wordgame: This game is a lot like Scrabble or Text Twist, if you’ve played those. Letters are dealt to players, who then construct one or more words out of their letters. Each valid word receives a score, based on the length of the word and the letters in that word. The rules of the game are as follows ...

    • A Fast-Paced, Hands-On Phonics Word-Building Game!

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      •You only receive points for words spelled correctly. • If you share the same word with another player the word is crossed off both players’ lists. •One point is awarded for each unique word on your list. •The player with the most points wins the game. Variations for Young Word …


    • Assessment and Progress Monitoring for the

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      Simply point to the word on the list and put a “+” in the square on the assessment form if the student was able to say the word. If the student hesitates for more than 3 seconds before providing the word, sounds out the word, or provides the incorrect word, put a “-” in the square. If the student identifies less than half the words


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      BABY WORD SCRAMBLE 1. TOLETB Bottle 2. PEIARDS Diapers 3. TABH WTEOL Bath Towel _____ 4. HMTREREEMOT Thermometer 5. TKABLNE Blanket 6. YDETD RABE Teddy Bear 7. HBRSU Brush 8. LPYA NEP Play Pen 9. KSSCO Socks 10.

    • BABY WORD SCRAMBLE - Baby Shower

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      baby word scramble 1. toletb 2. peiards 3. tabh wteol 4. hmtrereemot 5. tkablne 6. ydetd rabe 7. hbrsu 8. lpya nep 9. kssco 10. bcri 11. plerese 12. bsotoie 13. noetnb 14. brbrue kycdu 15. htnetieg nirg ...

    • Baby Letter Game

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      Baby Letter Game . Directions: When it comes to babies, parents need a whole new vocabulary. Can you come up with a baby-related word for each letter in “Congratulations”?

    • Baby Word Scramble Answer Sheet

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      baby : blanket . diapers . pacifier . formula . cradle . stroller . teether . mommy . booties . deliver . pregnant . onesie . bassinet . mobile . daddy . breastfeed ...

    • Fun with Phonics!

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      • Multi-Syllable Words: Using Nonsense Words to Read 2-Syllable Words By Emily Hutchison • Alien Word Cards By Angela Timbes • SQUISH!! A Nonsense Word Game By The Polka Dot Patch • Fidget Spinners Phonics and Sight Word Printables By Positively Learning

    • Left Right Game

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      Left, Right Game I left my house and was on my way to Lucy Left’s house. But I left the directions at home right by the phone! I knew right away that I needed to have the right directions to Lucy Left’s house, so I turned left and I turned right and made my way back to my house for the right directions. Sure

    • Party Word Scramble

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      Answer Key . a) Games b) Balloons c) Cake d) Music e) Fun f) Family g) Friends h) Laugh i) Play j) Streamers

    • Vocabulary Bingo - Columbia University

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      of each word by asking them to supply definitions, or, if necessary, by supplying definitions yourself. When you have 16 words on the board, the game can begin. 4. Ask students to make their own Vocabulary Bingo cards with 16 empty cells (4 columns and 4 rows) and to write the words in the cells, in any order the students wish. Thus,

    • W DAY WORD SCRAMBLE - Bridal Shower Games

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      www.Bridal-Shower-Games.com WEDDING DAY WORD SCRAMBLE Can you unscramble all the wedding terms jumbled below? 1. osvw 2. nigr rreeba 3. raiagrem 4. nmhooyeon


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      Working with words - Word Wall On-the-back - Rhymes The teacher says a sentence that contains a word that rhymes with one of the new Word Wall words and is spelled with the same pattern. Children must decide which word rhymes and how to spell it. 1. Students number their paper 1-5. 2. The teacher gives the following clues for the lessons words ...

    • Welcome to the Words Their Way: Word Study in Action ...

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      blank sort and game templates. Click hereto access additional information on Words Their Way. Click hereto access help with the CD-ROM. Welcome to the Words Their Way: Word Study in Action, Level A, Teacher Resource CD! This CD-ROM contains sorts, games, templates, and much more. Sort 1: Beginning Consonants b, m, r, s