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  • words instead of i

    • April 26, 2009 Transcript

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      But he said if I see wrongdoing, and these are his words, ... My idea is instead of having eight or ten separate committees in the House and Senate do little parts of it,

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    • Case 1:05-cr-00394-RBW Document 82-1 Filed 04/12/2006 Page ...

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      Instead, it proceeds from the flawed premise that the defense must ... In other words, the government has effectively conceded that the case extends far beyond Mr. Libby, but refuses to provide ...


    • January 24, 2010 Transcript

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      In other words, the President's mistake was ... there'll be fifty-seven million Americans uninsured instead of forty-seven million in just a few years--

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    • Kessel™s Top Ten Tips For Staying Safe, Sane, A nd C alm ...

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      In other words, if you can rent a place for $2,000 a month that is comparable to one you™d have to pay $600,000 to own, ... rate loan instead of a ˚ fteen- or thirty-year loan. Under no ...



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      Instead, tell her you're going now and that you'll be back that afternoon. ... To reduce your child's anxiety: · Explain what's new ... Few words are as difficult for a mom to hear when their ...

    • September 27, 2009 Transcript

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      generally known instead of through our working with partners to discover it? HARRY SMITH: Because the IAEA guidelines basically dictate that-- ... So, words are not enough. They're going to have ...

    • Sick Girl pregame

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      But instead, I tell Scott, “I don’t know what I want him to say.” “Well, then, what am I supposed to say?When I ask your doctor to meet with us and then you dump all over him.

    • Teens, Video Games, and Civics

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      Most teens do not limit themselves to just a few game genres, instead choosing to play many different types of games. Daily gamers are more likely to play a wider range of ... words in the gaming ...

    • familyparenting

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      20 Family Circle 10/18/05 www.familycircle.com familyparenting b e ab e t t e r s p ort s parent While you may be yo u r c h i l d ’ s number-one fan, make sure yo u r b e h a vior on the