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  • words to describe quality


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      action verbs used to describe job duties 141.DRAFTS- To prepare papers or documents in a preliminary form. 142.DRAWS- To compose or write up, following a set procedure or form (as in a contract); to pull or

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    • Artful Vocabulary: Describing Photographs & Portraits ...

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      Artful Vocabulary: Describing Photographs & Portraits Poetically . Words and images are two different systems of describing the world. Words refer to the world in the abstract, and images represent the world, or reproduce its appearance. But do all works of art represent things in the real world?

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    • Food Words Describing Taste and Flavor

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      Describe it as that taste experience which leaves the tongue tingling after taking food to the mouth. Flavor, relish, savor, smack, zest, tanginess, piquancy, nip, all those words can be written in place of tang. Bland or dull food is just the opposite. Tart sharp, sharp-tasting that is, bitter, acid or acidic, harsh, sour taste, just like a ...

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    • Glossary of Key Quality & Performance Management Terms

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      A quality planning project typically hands-off to operations for the on-going control and improvement of the process in question. QP is also known as process design, design for six-sigma, Hoshin planning, quality by design, etc. Quality Control: The actions, tools, and methods used to limit variation in an existing process.


    • List of adjectives describing personal qualities

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      (N.B. It is preferable not to use these words singly but rather in phrases or sentences where a combination of two or more of these words may given a more vivid description.) COMMENTS … has a positive attitude towards his studies. He has a strong sense of responsibility and strives hard to do his best. … is an energetic and outspoken person.

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    • Quality Adjectives List - Exodus Books

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      Following Narnia excellenceinwriting.com Quality Adjectives List absentminded actual affectionate anxious arrogant bashful beautiful brave bright

    • Tone Descriptive Terms Clarified - here’s a lexicon of ...

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      Tone Descriptive Terms Clarified - here’s a lexicon of some of the words people use to describe guitar tones and pickups. These have been gathered from many sources. I’ve tried to describe them as they are most commonly applied, and with some specifics when possible.


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      QUALITY A. Accuracy - The extent to which work is free from errors or omissions B. Thoroughness - The extent to which work is completed, with all details covered, avoiding ... Describe the factors to be evaluated and describe the level of performance.

    • Word Choice Reference for Describing Performance

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      Word Choice Reference for Describing Performance Good Performance Poor Performance Quality of Work Accurate, neat, attentive to detail, consistent, thorough, high standards, follows procedures. Quality of Work. Increase in number of errors, lacks attention to detail, inconsistency in quality, not thorough, work often incomplete, diminished ...

    • Words that Describe Timbre

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      Musicians and music lovers often use non-technical words to describe the quality of the sounds they create or hear. In particular, terminology that is sensory in nature (e.g. bright, warm, smooth) is commonly employed. Our project investigates the relationship between auditory perception and language in this context. Research Questions