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    • 100 Synonyms for Said - Kimberly Dana

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      100 Synonyms for Said will help students use other descriptors, such as shrieked, gloated, or quipped. The best way to introduce 100 Synonyms for Said is to have student highlight ten words they feel comfortable using – then use them! Have students keep 100 Synonyms for Said …


    • A nice story - Onestopenglish

      1. Show the students A nice story on the board. This can be done by using a projector, an OHT or simply by writing the story on a whiteboard. 2. Read the story to the class and have the students discuss the strengths and limitations of the story. 3. As a whole-group activity, students should be encouraged to replace …


    • Address Cleaning Using the TRANWRD Function - Lex Jansen

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      Address Cleaning Using the TRANWRD Function Rena Jones, New York State Department of Health, Troy, NY ... The TRANWRD function is a search and replace function. TRANWRD does not rely on knowing the ... TRANWRD does not search and replace words…


    • Bloom’s Taxonomy of Measurable Verbs - Utica College

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      Bloom’s Taxonomy of Measurable Verbs Benjamin Bloom created a taxonomy of measurable verbs to help us describe and classify observable knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors and abilities. The theory is based upon the idea that there are levels of observable actions that indicate something is happening in the brain (cognitive activity.)

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    • Empty Nouns and Dead Verbs - University of Wyoming

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      2) Sometimes replace it with the verb form of a noun that is already in the sentence. This often works well for the 5 dead verbs that hurt clarity the most: be, have, give, cause, and make. O… This tradition has a strong influence on behavior. R… This tradition strongly influences behavior. Removing Dead Verbs

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    • I, we, me, us, my, mine, our, and ours

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      is to replace the pronoun with a noun, identifying specifically what is being talked about. Examples: • The authors argued that… (rather than “they”) • The woman interviewed explained… (rather than “she”) • The truss at the front of the bridge was constructed by… (rather than “it”) Writing Reflection Papers

    • Pronouns in First Person, Second Person, and Third Person

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      Pronouns in First Person, Second Person, and Third Person Refer to LB Brief handbook, beginning page 266, concerning the use of pronouns. A pronoun is a word that substitutes a noun, such as it (substituting for the name of a certain object) or a person, such as he (substituting for the name of a person). While writing, a pronoun must always be clearly and previously identified before using it.

    • Sentences With Synonyms

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      SENTENCES WITH SYNONYMS loyal new noisy polite rich avoid safe sad vacant baffle weak collect Directions- Choose a synonym from the box to replace a word in each sentence. Circle the word in the sentence and write the replacement word on the line. 1) The guards made sure the plane was secure.

    • Stata: Recode and Replace - Population Survey Analysis

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      2. Replace The replace command is more versatile than the recode command, but it requires more coding steps. There are five steps to using the replace statement. First, we generate a new variable, and usually set it equal to missing. I say usually because there are times when I generate a new variable and

    • Suggested Songs for Changing Lyrics - ReadWriteThink

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      SUGGESTED SONGS FOR CHANGING LYRICS Illustrated children’s books are available for most of the songs described here. Some of them have additional lyrics that have been created for the songs.

    • Word Choice (Denotation and Connotation)

      Word Choice (Denotation and Connotation) In argumentative writing, as in an editorial, authors choose their words carefully in order to best convince the audience of his/her point of view. They try to pick the most precise words to create the proper tone for their message. The …

    • Word Frequency List of American English

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      Finally, a note on accuracy. We believe that the frequency list itself (the words #1-5,000, 10,000 or 20,000) is very accurate -- probably more so than any other frequency list of English. In addition, the more than 100,000 collocates for words 1-5,000 have been corrected manually, although there are undoubtedly a few remaining problems.

    • Word Work Strategies to Develop Decoding Skills for ...

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      Alphabetic Principle • Children must develop the fundamental insight that letters and sounds work together in systematic ways to form words. • This understanding provides the foundation for the development of decoding skills.

    • “Spicing Up Your Writing with Transition Words”

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      “Spicing Up Your Writing with Transition Words” ... (at least we hope so). Instead, set a goal for students to replace the use of the transition words “first, second, and third” with some of the transition words from the list provided. Have students use the new transition words regularly and in all of their classes. The more words they ...