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    • 101 WAYS TO SAY GOOD JOB - Cornell Cooperative Extension

      101 WAYS TO SAY "GOOD JOB" You've got it made! Sensational! You're doing fine. Super! You've got your brain in gear today. Good thinking. That's right! That's better. Good going. That's good! Excellent! Wonderful! You are very good at that. That was first class work. That's a real work of art. Good work! That's the best ever ...

    • Connectors: Usage and Meaning - Douglas College

      Connectors: Usage and Meaning GR6.30 J. Robinson & J. Penner/ (updated 2016) 2 Transitions are used between two independent clauses. Examples of transitions are however, besides, nevertheless, and furthermore.After the first clause, use

    • PDF 100 Most Common Words in Spanish (in order) - TPRS Books

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      100 Most Common Words in Spanish (in order) 1. el / la the 50. mismo same 2. de of 51. yo I 3. que that / what 52. también also 4. y and 53. hasta until 5. a to 54. año year 6. en in 55. dos two 7. un a 56. querer to want 8. ser to be 57. entre between 9. se pronoun, reflexive marker, himself / herself 58. así like that

    • PDF 72 Ways to Practice Spelling Words

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      72 Ways to Practice Spelling Words 1. *30 Second Words- Write a TV commercial using all your spelling words.Read it to a parent or sibling! 2. *3-D Words- Use Play Dough or clay to sculpt your spelling words. 3. *ABC Order- First write your spelling words in a list.Then write them again in alphabetical order.

    • PDF A to Z of Positive Words - augusta.k12.va.us

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      List compiled by Paul Foreman http://www.mindmapinspiration.co.uk A Able Ageless Assent Abundance Agree Assert Accelerate Agreeable Assist

    • PDF An Essay Concerning Human Understanding Book III: Words

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      general words such as 'woman', 'island', 'atom' and so on.] 4. Besides these names standing for ideas, there are other words that men use to signify not any idea but rather the lack or absence of certain ideas or of all ideas whatsoever. Examples are nihil [= 'nothing'] in Latin, and in English 'igno-rance' and 'barrenness'.

    • PDF Commas With Nonessential Words & Phrases Gregg Reference ...

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      COMMAS WITH NONESSENTIAL WORDS & PHRASES _____ Compiled by Marla Sharp, RPR, CLR, CCRR, CSR Page 3 of 6 Of course I can handle it. Perhaps she was joking. No doubt he meant well. Indeed she was not. GREGG RULE 140 At the End of a Sentence Use one comma to set off a transitional expression or an independent comment at the end of a sentence.

    • PDF Common English Usage Problems .hk

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      28. beside, besides As prepositions, these two words have different meanings and cannot be interchanged. Beside means "at the side of" or "close to." Besides means "in addition to" and "except for" or "apart from," but should not be confused with the conjunction moreover, which will be discussed later.

    • PDF Dolch to Fry Comparison - DePaul University

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      Fry High Frequency Words and Dolch 220 Comparison List The Dolch List has not been revised for decades, while the Fry list is more current. The Fry list also is more comprehensive in that it includes 1,000 words that are arranged based on frequency within bands of 100. For the list of Fry words, go to:

    • PDF Essay Writing: Transitions & Connectives

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      Words and phrases that connect and make logical transitions between sentences, paragraphs, and sections of a paper generally do so in at least eight different ways: 1. ... Besides First Further Furthermore Also Second Another Likewise

    • PDF L i n k i n g W o r d s - A c o m p l e t e ...

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      in spite of besides rather even so / though as much as nevertheless be that as it may even though nonetheless then again regardless above all notwithstanding in reality after all urpose on (the) condition (that) ... Linking Words - A complete List ...

    • PDF Lesson 11 - National Federation of the Blind

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      first, friend, good, great, letter, little, and quick can appear within longer words that stand alone and are not on the Shortforms List as long as they follow these provisions. 11.3b(1) Braille and great. Use these shortforms wherever they occur in a longer word that is standing alone.

    • PDF List of adjectives describing personal qualities

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      (N.B. It is preferable not to use these words singly but rather in phrases or sentences where a combination of two or more of these words may given a more vivid description.) COMMENTS … has a positive attitude towards his studies. He has a strong sense of responsibility and strives hard to do his best. … is an energetic and outspoken person.

    • PDF Mokusatsu: One Word, Two Lessons

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      may not do any subdividing at all; so they'll have six words to use in talking about these animals. It's also possible that some other group may have separate names for the male and female of the species (as English does for ram and ewe, gander and goose, etc.), so that they will have twelve different words!

    • PDF Powerful Verbs for Essays

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      By: Mary Beth Foster, SALT Center Rev. January 08 Active Verbs Note of Caution: Only use the verbs you're familiar with unless you take the time to examine the definition in the dictionary. This is NOT a list of synonyms.Each word has specific usage patterns that

    • PDF Synonym Triplets

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      of exposure to great writers and speakers and experience with analysis of their use of language. b. been inspired to work toward excellence in vocabulary knowledge by reading and hearing the use of words by highly effective speakers and writers of their own cultural heritage—including some of the most talented youth wordsmiths of popular ...

    • PDF Synonyms for Words Commonly used in Resumes

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      Synonyms for Words Commonly used in Resumes ability aptitude capability adopt use utilize employ apply mobilize exert restore revive specialize in assist dispatch expedite cooperate maintain promote authority command charter domain scope field control ...

    • PDF THE ART OF TAKING MINUTES - Utah Municipal Clerks Association

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      THE ART OF TAKING MINUTES: 1. Transitional or connecting words: Transition means to go from one point to another. By using transitional words or phrases, one ... To a great extent Eventually Similar Point In any case At the time Besides Of course Before Equally important

    • PDF Transition Sentences - College of Saint Rose

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      Transition sentences make your writing sound less choppy, jumpy, or abrupt. They help establish organizational flow. What are the components of good transition sentences? They make an explicit connection between ideas, sentences, and paragraphs. Good transitions use specific words. Try to avoid using pronouns like ^this to refer to an entire idea

    • PDF Transition, Lead-in, Quote (TLQ) Using Quotes in Essays ...

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      A transition is a word or phrase that helps the writer's words flow more smoothly. The following are several examples of transitions that you may use in your essay: To Add or Show Sequence To Contrast To Give Examples or Intensify again although after all also and yet an illustration of

    • PDF Two Powerful Techniques for Introducing a Speaker

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      Two Powerful Techniques for Introducing a Speaker By Allan Kaufman, DTM and Allan Misch, DTM An introduction is a mini-speech that tells why the speaker is credible to speak on the subject that's important to the audience. It should be brief and to the point. Usually the speaker will prepare a written introduction for you.

    • PDF Using Appropriate Words in an Academic Essay

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      Using Appropriate Words in an Academic Essay 3.1.2 Choose speci c verbs In reporting what you have gathered from reading, you will need to use a variety of verbs that suit your purpose. Rather than using the words say, show or report all the time, you can use more specifi c verbs in academic reporting as illustrated below:

    • PDF Using Textual Evidence in Essays

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      Using Textual Evidence in Essays Of course, there is a great deal involved in using textual evidence, but this short list will serve our present purpose. The key point to remember is that your use of other texts is not limited to quoting from authors with whom you agree (though this will be the most common use). You can use other texts

    • PDF Verbs for Citing Sources

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      Words like "says", "tells", "asks" are normally used in oral conversation but are not appropriate in formal academic writing. The following table illustrates some appropriate words to use for reporting the work of others. When you mention a published work for the first time, you can use the following basic patterns:

    • PDF Vocabulary Activity Ideas

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      Vocabulary Activity Ideas Using TeachingMadeEasier.com Copyright © 2005 TeachingMadeEasier.com. All rights reserved. Page 7

    • PDF word games - American English

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      word games. V. ocabulary can be reinforced by using a variety of game formats. Focus may . be placed upon word building, spelling, meaning, sound/symbol correspon­ dences, and words inferred from sentence context. Teaching Techniques. The full communicative potential of these games can be . realized through good spirited team competition.

    • Sentence Starters, Transitional and Other Useful Words

      LIBRARY AND LEARNING SERVICES STUDY GUIDE | SENTENCE STARTERS www.2.eit.ac.nz/library/OnlineGuides/Sentence Starters.pdf To present uncommon or rare ideas

    • Using Transitional Words and Phrases - Quia

      Using Transitional Words and Phrases Now it's your turn! Practice using transitions and writing justifier sentences. For each body paragraph of the following essay, fill in an appropriate transition. Then, write a justifier sentence for each of body paragraphs. Make sure you: € Use a transition that makes sense in the paragraph.