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    • [PDF File]The Building Blocks of Reading and Writing


      • When your child is writing, encourage her to spell words by using what she knows about sounds and letters. Do not worry at his point whether the word is spelled correctly. Let him sound out the word and write the sounds he hears. • As you read aloud, pause from time to time to ask her about the meaning of the book. Ask him to

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    • [PDF File]Words Their Way Word Sorting and Games


      Words Their Way Word Sorting and Games Daily Sorting Homework Procedures: 1) Your child should read the words on the cards aloud until fluent. 2) Ask your child what s/he notices about the similarities and differences so s/he can tell you the spelling patterns.

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    • [PDF File]Skill 3, r blends, week 1 - Raleigh County


      Word Building Words: Gram, Fred, Fran, Cris, drop, Brad, frogs, grass, crab, drank I Do: I am going to say some words. Listen carefully for the blend in each word. I am going to spell the word frog with my magnetic letters. Do a think aloud segmenting the word and using the magnetic letters.

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    • [PDF File]Vocabulary Strategies Toolbox - Georgia Department of ...


      Vocabulary Strategies Toolbox Georgia Department of Education July 10, 2015 Page 1 of 20 Graphic organizers help students to visualize the relationships between words and their possible meanings. Teachers can use these graphic organizers and games with explicit vocabulary instruction.

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    • [PDF File]Using Letters to Tell Stories in the EFL Classroom W


      Using Letters to Tell Stories in the EFL Classroom W riting letters, or any writ-ing process, may be met- ... Judged by these concepts, letters represent an authentic and meaningful use of the language, ... Read the letter aloud. Then, ask learners to read it silently. ...

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    • [PDF File]KindergartenSample*Literacy*Block*


      • Introduce 2-4 words each day and preteach them using student-friendly definitions, examples, nonexamples, visuals, etc. •Read text (or part of text) aloud with these words in it; stop when come to word and review word’s meaning in context • After reading, review words using graphic organizer or other activity

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    • [PDF File]“DIBELS Distracters”


      “DIBELS Distracters” ... These letters are formed from “circles and sticks.” For this activity, these letters are cut out and glued onto a stack of index cards. Students randomly ... 3-letter words read aloud. He/She will then orally segment the phonemes in the word. (using a

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    • [PDF File]TEACHER GUIDANCE - Georgia Standards


      TEACHER GUIDANCE . For teaching the Georgia Standards . of Excellence (GSE) Kindergarten ... Kindergarten students will develop the ability to write letters and represent words with letters, identifying some high-frequency sight ... Using a read-aloud, discuss with the students the characters, the setting, and the major events of the story. ...

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    • [PDF File]Tutor Handout Tips for Teaching High-Frequency Words


      Tips for Teaching High-Frequency Words Introduce the high-frequency words in a meaningful way. For example, write on a piece of paper a simple sentence using a high-frequency word such as saw: I saw a boat. Underline the word and discuss its features—the sound it starts with, the number of letters in the word, etc. Next, have the student ...

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    • Week # 8 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

      Week # 8 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 ... of letters and letter combinations will help children learn to read and spell. ... Because these words are so common, students should learn these words so they can automatically read them and not have to sound them out each time. The list

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    • [PDF File]Transposed-letter priming effects in reading aloud words ...


      visual word recognition using the lexical decision task, very few studies have investigated this empirical phenomenon in readingaloud.Inthepresentstudy,weinvestigatedTLpriming effects in reading aloud words and nonwords and found that these effects are of equal magnitude for the two types of items. We take this result as support for the view ...

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