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      The teacher also writes these 10 words onto index cards--one word per card. NOTE: These CVC words can be a mix from the five vowel groups: a,e,i,o,u. ... The teacher next reads aloud a word from the CVC word list. Then the teacher sounds out each letter sound in the CVC word. While sounding out each letter, the ... Using cut-out or magnetic ...

    • Districtwide Curriculum Standards Elementary Kindergarten

      Break down one-syllable words into separate sounds, clearly saying beginning, middle, and ending sounds. Use letter-sound knowledge to match sounds to letters. Use letter-sound relationships to decode regular words and to spell consonant-vowel-consonant words. Read basic high-frequency words and read aloud from familiar, predictable text.

    • Transposed-letter priming effects in reading aloud words ...

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      visual word recognition using the lexical decision task, very few studies have investigated this empirical phenomenon in readingaloud.Inthepresentstudy,weinvestigatedTLpriming effects in reading aloud words and nonwords and found that these effects are of equal magnitude for the two types of items. We take this result as support for the view ...

    • Module 1: Reading and writing for a range of purposes

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      hour, using the same grocery items and giving time to practise identifying letters and words. Rose realised becoming familiar with letters and words on packages helps pupils to identify these letters and words in other texts they read, such as stories. By copying words from packages, pupils also learn to write letters and words more confidently and

    • Words Their Way Word Sorting and Games

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      Words Their Way Word Sorting and Games Daily Sorting Homework Procedures: 1) Your child should read the words on the cards aloud until fluent. 2) Ask your child what s/he notices about the similarities and differences so s/he can tell you the spelling patterns.

    • Read Aloud a Mentor Persuasive Letter 1

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      Read Aloud the Mentor Persuasive Letter Read aloud the text, stopping at some or all of the places indicated (or at other ... • Listen to a read-aloud to learn that persuasive letters have a specific audience, a strong position, and powerful words and phrases to influence the reader. ... These strong words and phrases help to

    • Vocabulary Strategies Toolbox - Georgia Department of ...

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      Vocabulary Strategies Toolbox Georgia Department of Education July 10, 2015 Page 1 of 20 Graphic organizers help students to visualize the relationships between words and their possible meanings. Teachers can use these graphic organizers and games with explicit vocabulary instruction.

    • “DIBELS Distracters”

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      “DIBELS Distracters” ... These letters are formed from “circles and sticks.” For this activity, these letters are cut out and glued onto a stack of index cards. Students randomly ... 3-letter words read aloud. He/She will then orally segment the phonemes in the word. (using a

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