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    • [PDF File]Lesson 20: ai ay


      98 Lesson 20: ai These partner letters have the sound /ay/. ay These partner letters also have the sound /ay/. Practice Sound Cards: Practice the sound cards for: ai ay oa oe ee ing ink y and any previous sounds the student needs work on. Write and Say Sounds: Write each of the sounds 5 to 10 times: ai, ay, oa, oe, ee . Making Words: Make words with the sound tiles.

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    • [PDF File]Teach Your Child Lessons BeginningReads Level 8


      • After finding the title and picture words in the text, have your student read the text aloud. If he can’t pronounce or mispronounces a word, don’t correct him immediately. Have him finish the sentence. Then, help your child to figure out the word by thinking about what word would have these letters and make sense in the sentence. Have him

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    • [PDF File]35 Quick-and-Easy Phonics and Word Analysis Games


      35 Quick-and-Easy Phonics and Word Analysis Games . ... yells “Sound Bingo!” The player than states aloud the letter and sound it stands for as the caller checks it against the picture cards drawn from the bag. If these match, the player wins. ... 2 Living Words Write letters or spelling you want to review on large note cards. Distribute one

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    • [PDF File]Racing to Literacy Lesson 1: the alphabet - itslearning


      Repeat for the other words. • Give out the magnetic letters and boards. Ask students to practise making the words to go with the picture cards. • Demonstrate writing the word dog showing how the letters join. Say the word aloud as you write. Ask students to point to the picture of a dog. ... that these sounds (phonemes) are represented by ...

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    • [PDF File]Composition Vocabulary, Grammar and Handwriting Spelling ...


      teacher that include words using the GPCs and common exception words taught so far. ... Read his/her own writing aloud, to a group or the whole class, using appropriate intonation and controlling the tone and volume so that the meaning ... Add suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words of more than one syllable e.g. forgetting, preferred, ...

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    • [PDF File]CORE Phonics Surveys


      presents a number of lists of letters and words for the student to identify or decode. Pseudowords, or made-up words, are included since the student must use decoding skills to correctly pronounce these words and cannot have memorized them. The CORE Phonics Surveys can …

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    • [PDF File]Spelling Principle Word List Words


      Say: “When we spell words with Greek suffixes, we need to know how to spell the suffix correctly. Knowing how to spell these suffixes will help you know how to spell many other words that end with one of the suffixes.” 3. Say: “Not all words that end in these letters contain a …

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    • Reading as Statistical Learning

      cies among letters (e.g., the vowels within these consonant frames change in a predictable way when combined with a ... phy maps onto phonology during the reading aloud of in-dividual words and nonwords was based on the reading ... 7,000 disyllabic words using the CELEX database (Baayen, Piepenbrock, & Gulikers, 1993). As acknowledged by Arciuli

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    • Districtwide Curriculum Standards Elementary Kindergarten

      Break down one-syllable words into separate sounds, clearly saying beginning, middle, and ending sounds. Use letter-sound knowledge to match sounds to letters. Use letter-sound relationships to decode regular words and to spell consonant-vowel-consonant words. Read basic high-frequency words and read aloud from familiar, predictable text.

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    • [PDF File]Read Aloud a Mentor Persuasive Letter 1


      Read aloud the Mentor Persuasive Letter Read aloud the text, stopping at some or all of the places indicated (or at other points you choose) to highlight three key features of a persuasive text: 1. Persuasive letters are written to a specific audience. 2. Persuasive texts take a strong position about a topic. 3.

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    • [PDF File]Hear text read aloud with Narrator - Windows Help


      Hear text read aloud with Narrator - Windows Help 10/8/14, 11:38 AM ... If you want to use Caps Lock to capitalize letters while you're using Narrator, press the Caps Lock key twice in quick succession. ... Words you type. Choose whether or not Narrator reads the words that you type.

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    • [PDF File]“DIBELS Distracters”


      “DIBELS Distracters” ... These letters are formed from “circles and sticks.” For this activity, these letters are cut out and glued onto a stack of index cards. Students randomly ... 3-letter words read aloud. He/She will then orally segment the phonemes in the word. (using a

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    • [PDF File]Specialized Program Individualizing Reading Excellence ...


      These letters should always remain on the magnetic boards. 4. ... Magnet Board, Letters Goal: Build words with students using phonograms learned in Step 1. Say each word, and have students repeat while counting the sounds on their fingers. Then have students build the word using ... to read each word aloud. It is important for students to verbalize

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    • [PDF File]S o r t Short a (CVC) and Long a (CVCe and CVVC-ai 11


      S o r t Short a (CVC) and Long a (CVCe and CVVC-ai) Words a˘ CVC aˉ CVVC-ai aˉ CVCe Oddball black brain bake said ... Letters? Have students re-sort the cards according to how ... these words differently than in short a or long a words. Have students repeat the words after you, carefully using proper pronunciation. Vocabulary Building ...

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