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      c. What musical word has the letters xop in a row? d. Name four words with a silent b. e. Read these four words aloud: buffet, ballet, whistle, castle. What do these words have in common? f. Make four words using these four letters: itde. g. What is the name of this object? 16 WORDS For each question add one word to make three new words.

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    • CORE Phonics Surveys

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      presents a number of lists of letters and words for the student to identify or decode. Pseudowords, or made-up words, are included since the student must use decoding skills to correctly pronounce these words and cannot have memorized them. The CORE Phonics Surveys can …

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    • Classroom Connections Ideas (K-6)

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      add these words using Dictate so that they can refer back to it later. Dictate: ... poetry read aloud using Immersive Reader. Students then compare and contrast spoken and written language, as well as critique human-read poetry vs. ... letters using Dictate.

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    • Elementary English - The Open University

      When you say these words aloud, you will hear the sound of the letter is something like ‘bh’. Try to say just the sound of ‘b’, and hear the sound in words such as ‘bag’ and ‘boy’. Hear the difference between the name of the letter and the sound of the letter. Try this again and say the name the English letter ‘r’.

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    • Hear text read aloud with Narrator - Windows Help

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      Hear text read aloud with Narrator - Windows Help 10/8/14, 11:38 AM ... If you want to use Caps Lock to capitalize letters while you're using Narrator, press the Caps Lock key twice in quick succession. ... Words you type. Choose whether or not Narrator reads the words that you type.


    • Kindergarten

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      Twenty-five high-frequency words are learned by tracing the letters while spelling aloud and by frequent use in context. d. Distinguish between similarly spelled words by identifying the sounds of the letters that differ. Children sound out words that other children form with Live Spelling or that the teacher forms with letters.

    • Pre-Reading and Reading Activities for Preschoolers

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      TTell your child, "We're going to make words using these letters. Some will be words you've heard, and some will be silly words. I'll show you how to make a word." PPick a letter from the first container and say its sound ... Read aloud to your child every day. Title: Slide 1

    • Racing to Literacy Lesson 1: the alphabet - itslearning

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      Repeat for the other words. • Give out the magnetic letters and boards. Ask students to practise making the words to go with the picture cards. • Demonstrate writing the word dog showing how the letters join. Say the word aloud as you write. Ask students to point to the picture of a dog. ... that these sounds (phonemes) are represented by ...

    • Reading as Statistical Learning

      cies among letters (e.g., the vowels within these consonant frames change in a predictable way when combined with a ... phy maps onto phonology during the reading aloud of in-dividual words and nonwords was based on the reading ... 7,000 disyllabic words using the CELEX database (Baayen, Piepenbrock, & Gulikers, 1993). As acknowledged by Arciuli

    • Teach Your Child Lessons BeginningReads Level 8

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      • After finding the title and picture words in the text, have your student read the text aloud. If he can’t pronounce or mispronounces a word, don’t correct him immediately. Have him finish the sentence. Then, help your child to figure out the word by thinking about what word would have these letters and make sense in the sentence. Have him

    • Using Different Strategies to Aid in the Acquisition of ...

      These words are called instant or sight words and are found often in text. ... be decoded by sounding out the letters (for example get g-e-t) and words that cannot be sounded ... The students are given help reading these stories aloud and silently. As the child progresses, more words are added, and the sentences get longer. Comprehension

    • Words with Short Vowels

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      Unscramble each set of letters to make a spelling word. To Parents or Helpers Using the Word Study Steps above as your child comes across any new words will help him or her learn to spell words effectively. Review the steps as you both go over this week's spelling words. Go …

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      these standards. Suggestions are research-based, and will enhance children’s ... n Notice letters around him/her in familiar everyday life. ... l Determine meanings of unfamiliar words by using context and reference materials. n Use before-, during-, and after-reading strategies to increase comprehension.

    • to Grades 1 - Fairfax County Public Schools

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      people to exhibit some of these difficulties for short periods in their development. A person with dyslexia exhibits several of these difficulties over ... Doesn’t seem to have strategies for sounding out new words Avoids reading aloud ... Difficulty determining the correct spelling of words, even when using a spell checker while word ...