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    • Low-Scoring Scrabble Games - Digital Commons @ Butler ...

      Some rville, Mas sachusetts. Wbat is the lowest-scoring Scrabble game? ... neither player can form a word, each player passes three times and the game ends.

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    • [PDF File]J, Q, X, Z Words - Seattle Scrabble Club


      J, Q, X, Z Words (2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-letter words). Updated with OWL2 words (new words BOLD), effective: 1 March 2006. JO. HAJ. JAB. JAG. JAM. JAR. JAW. JAY.

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    • A Scrabble Artificial Intelligence Game - SJSU ScholarWorks

      Finally, I would like to thank my family and friends for their constant motivation. ..... Scrabble has a strict ruleset for placing the words on the board. The tiles are ...

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    • [PDF File]important words - Seattle Scrabble Club


      BOX 700, GREENPORT, NY 11944. IMPORTANT WORDS. TO RAISE YOUR SCORE. 2-Letter Words. Short Q Words. Short X Words. Short Z Words. ZA. ADZ.

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    • [PDF File]the cheat sheet


      These word lists are adapted from SCRABBLE® Wordbook by Mike Baron, Sterling Publishing, 2007, and. Official Tournament and Club Word List, 2014 Edition.

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    • [PDF File]Word Addict_final.indd - wespa


      Scrabble is the toughest all-round game I have ever encountered. There are .... The international word list (Collins Official Scrabble Words) is made up of ..... friend and having no idea where the hell I was going, I got my train home and found a ...

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    • [PDF File]Word Games - American English


      Unscramble each word, placing one ... Unscramble the names of the animals. ..... 8. PAINT. 9. BOUNCE. 10. BOARD. 11. BEREFT. 12. FRIEND. 13. SHINGLE.

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    • [PDF File]The World's Fastest Scrabble Program - Carnegie Mellon ...


      The SCRABBLE@ Brand Crossword Game' (hereafter re- ferred to as “Scrabble”) ... path down the tree has an associated list of words that can be formed using ...

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    • [PDF File]Words should be fun: Scrabble as a tool for language ...


      mother-tongue version of the popular word game Scrabble into their society. ... your soul and mind are transported to the magical country in which these friends.

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