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    • Assessment and Progress Monitoring for the

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      identification and using sight words within sentences. Make, Take & Teach Sight Word Activities All Make, Take & Teach sight word activities are based on the Dolch 220 Sight Words. Consider using these products during your small group intervention or within your literacy centers. Visit the Make, Take & Teach Teachers Pay Teachers Store or ...


    • Fry 1000 Instant Words: Free Flash Cards and Word Lists ...

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      Fry 1000 Instant Words: Free Flash Cards and Word Lists For Teachers Fry 1000 Instant Words Bulletin Board Display Banner and 26 Letter Cards The Fry 1000 Instant Words are a list of the most common words used for teaching reading, writing, and spelling. These high frequency words should be recognized instantly by readers.



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      three-level program incorporates high-frequency words and real-world words within a comprehensive program of instruction, practice, and assessment. Nonreaders of all ages become readers through a system of repetition, hands-on practice, errorless discrimination, controlled reading, and



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      Words Their Way impacted student performance, especially the intervention teachers and their students, school principals, district staff and administration. ... from the Letter Name and Within Word Pattern books. Answer: The HLM analysis found that fourth grade treatment students outperformed all other study groups (i.e., fourth grade control ...

      within worksheet

    • Phonemic Awareness Elkonin (Sound) Boxes

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      within the oval located above the boxes. Model the activity with 3-5 words before having the student participate with you. Then, have the student do it on his/her own. 3. For each phoneme within the spoken word, the student “says and moves” the counter into the …


    • S o r t Vowel Digraph oo 31 - Pearson School

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      • To read, sort, and write words with vowel digraph oo Materials for Within Word Pattern Big Book of Rhymes, “The Puppet Show,” page 55 Whiteboard Activities DVD-ROM, Sort 31 Teacher Resource CD-ROM, Sort 31 and Follow the Dragon Game Student Book, pages 121–124 Words Their Way Library, The House That Stood on Booker Hill Vowel Digraph ...

    • WORD LIST ialty.com

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      words, and then combine them to read the compound word newspaper. Then have a volunteer circle the two smaller words within the compound word. Ask students to repeat the smaller words and the compound word as you point to each. Example: news paper newspaper • If students need additional practice before working independently, follow this same

    • WORDS INSID WORDS - Arvind Gupta

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      In these next words you will have to move the Letters around a little more If you want to find BEAR inside of BARREL and CUB in BUCKET Or to find SKATE inside of BASKET and CAT in ATTIC . Some words become other words by moving ALL the letters around to form the new words. So In ART you can find TAR And in WORDS there is SWORD

    • Word Within the Word lists 1-20 2014-2015 - Binder Blocks

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      Word Within the Word (W3) lists# 1-20 Complete the following for each W3 list. Please title each entry with the correct assignment name/type and put your name on each page. [.5 point each] LIST [5 points] title = “W3 List #____” (please write the list number instead of a blank) o Copy each stem, its definition, and at least 2 words that contain the stem onto a note card.

    • Word Work Strategies to Develop Decoding Skills for ...

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      Choose Words From the Text to Focus On That… • are high frequency, important words that will make a difference in your student’s reading (e.g., was, are, of, said, and, are, they, how). • are familiar words that exemplify the sound or pattern your student is working on…words that …

    • Words Their Way

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      Words Their Way Language Sorting – organizing words into groups based on similarities in their patterns or meaning. Oddballs – words that cannot be grouped into any of the identified categories of a sort. Students should be taught that there are always words that …

    • Words Their Way Scope.Sequence

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      Words Their Way Scope and Sequence Within Word Patterns Within Word Patterns cont. Syllables and Affixes Unit 1: Long/Short Vowel Picture Sorts

    • Words Their Way™ Word Sorts for Within Word Pattern …

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      Word Sorts for Within Word Pattern Spellers Words Their Way™ Second Edition Marcia Invernizzi University of Virginia Francine Johnston University of North Carolina, Greensboro Donald R.Bear University of Nevada, Reno Shane Templeton University of Nevada, Reno 10096 C PH/OH/CHET A I i i P N i K DESIGN SERVICES OF