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      Excels in analyzing and adjusting work procedures for ... and others Initiate and establishes personal growth and career ... POWER PHRASES TO BUILD YOUR RESUME ...

    • RESUMES - School of Law

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      All of these objectives are equally important, and they work together to create a positive image of you in the mind of the reader as someone who has the necessary experience and skills for the job, and would fit in well at their organization. You should think of your legal resume as a living document, one that you will revise, update, and edit many

    • Resume Statements

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      Ability to work well in teams and individually Thrives in new situations and open to any additional responsibilities Excellent organizational and planning skills Excellent interpersonal and communication skills ___ years of experience in the field (make sure to specify your field if using this statement)

    • Resume and Cover Letter Guide - Unity College

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      Resume and Cover Letter Guide ... A resume is a short synopsis of your credentials. Resumes are often the first contact ... Will you work well with others, despite ...

    • Resumes & Cover Letters - Washington State University

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      competencies that would make you a well -rounded person able to function in a team environment and when working with others. It is important to demonstrate these skills on your resume. You can incorporate these competencies in the skills summary section, in your cover letter, or in the work experience section.

    • Resumes for Student Athletes

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      The Resume for Student Athletes Emphasize the skills you developed as a student-athlete. Think of all the transferable skills that could go on your resume such as: Goal oriented Leadership onfidence ommitment Work well under pressure oachable

    • SAMPLE RESUMES - Santa Monica College

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      your resume and cover letter to a specific employer. Of course, it’s a lot more work to do this. ... Personal: Quick learner, get along well with others, work well ...


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      Work well with others under sometimes busy or stressful situations Effectively operate a cash register, make change and balance the day’s receipts Knowledgeable of health and safety regulations related to selling food to the public Effectively manage store inventory Communicate well with people of all ages

    • The Job Search Guide for People with a Criminal Record

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      The Job Search Guide for People with a Criminal Record . ... Make sure to include them in your job application and your resume, or talk about ... Work well with others

    • Writing a Dynamic Personal Profile - write a better resume

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      Writing a Dynamic Personal Profile The purpose of a dynamic Personal Profile (or Career Summary) is to grab the reader's attention as soon as they start reading your resume. Together with your cover letter, it is your one and only chance to attract and hold their attention, to get across what is most important, and to entice the employer or