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  • world mental health day activities

    • Feeling Good - Promoting children's mental health

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      mentality at the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health 134-138 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1LB. T: 020 7716 6777 E: enquiries@mentality.org.uk or you can freely download copies at www.scmh.org.uk These activity sheets are based on ones originally developed for World Mental Health Day by the mental health team at the Health Education


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      and use World Mental Health Day to draw attention to the importance of mental health, knowing there is much tobe done to increase public education and advocacy. This year is a new beginning for the World Mental Health Day Campaign! After 25 years of World Mental Health Day and the 70th Anniversary of the World Federation for Mental Health – we

    • “It’s a journey - Time To Change

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      Take advantage of World Mental Health Day and Time to Talk Day to organise your own events to get colleagues thinking about mental health in the workplace. Events and meetings are great opportunities to speak to people face to face, challenge myths about mental health, have discussions and answer questions. Events can take a variety of forms.

    • Mental Health of Older Adults, Addressing A GROWING CONCERN

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      activities, strong personal relationships and good physical health are key factors. Poverty is a risk fac-tor for the mental ill-health of older adults and needs to be taken into consideration (11). Addressing elder maltreatment is a critically important approach for the promotion of mental health among the elderly.

    • World Mental Health Day: Library toolkit 2016

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      World Mental Health Day: Library toolkit 2016 Introduction World Mental Health Day is a worldwide initiative held on 10 October each year to raise public awareness about mental health issues. It is promoted by the Mental Health Foundation in the UK, a health partner of

    • World Mental Health Day + Libraries Week 2018 toolkit

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      World Mental Health Day + Libraries Week 2018 toolkit Introduction Libraries Week is coordinated by CILIP and takes place between 8-13 October 2018.Its focus is on wellbeing. World Mental Health Day was set up by the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) and takes place during Libraries Week on Wednesday 10 October 2018.Its focus this year is young people and mental

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