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    • Grammar Practice orksheets Modals of Advice

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      should, ought to, and had better. Had better is a stronger suggestion than should and ought to. stronger suggestion had better ought to weaker suggestion should 3. Usage Should Should is the most common modal of advice. Ought to Ought to is more formal than should, and it is becoming more and more old-fashioned in American English.

      better rather


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      HAD BETTER We use had better to talk about the present or the future, but the form never changes. It's normally shortened into 'd better in informal situations. It's followed by the infinitive without to.

      they d better grammar

    • Had Better Or Would Rather

      Fill in the blanks with rather or better. This grammar exercise tests your ability to use would rather and had better correctly. 1. You'd ..... turn that music down before dad gets angry. better rather 2. I'd ..... go by train. It is cheaper than the car. better rather 3. It is 8 o'clock.

      better meaning

    • Had Better and Would Rather Exercise

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      9 I'd better not drink on Friday or I won't be in a fit state for the journey. 10 You'd better take a bit of time to think this one over carefully. 11 You'd better not breathe a word about this to David. 12 A: Mike, I'd rather you didn't wear jeans in the office.


    • Had better .com

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      • The negative of had better is had better not (or ’d better not): I’d better not leave my bag there. Someone might steal it. You’d better not tell Elizabeth about the broken glass – she’ll go crazy! • The question form of had better is made by inverting the subject and had. This means the same as …


    • I Wish, I’d Rather, And Had Better - English Grammar

      I Wish, I’d Rather, And Had Better © www.englishgrammar.org Fill in the blanks with an appropriate verb form. 1. I would rather you ..... at me.

    • It Had Better Be True - Word & World

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      Leo Tolstoy had become convinced that there was not an “over there,” that the meaning of religion had to do rather with the practical ordering of life in this world. In a letter to Tolstoy, introduced and newly translated by James G. Walker, 1From a poem “It Had Better Be True” by Gerhard E. Frost in It Had Better Be True: Reflections ...

    • Ought to and Had better

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      Had better: “Had better ” is used in the same way as “ought” (they are rough synonyms). The negative of had better is “had better not”. Example: He had better wash his hands before he eats. In this example “ had better” is used to express the ideal and somewhat obligatory action to …

    • page 50 of 66 Had better .vn

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      www.englishgrammarsecrets.com page 50 of 66 Had better We use “had better” plus the infinitive without “to” to give advice. Although “had” is the past form of “have”, we …

    • “P.S.: You had better remove the records”

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      P.S.: You Had Better Remove the Records . Prologue . 39 . A 1792 plan for the City of Washington shows locations for the Capitol and the Presidents House and city boundaries. Congress had approved the site for the new seat of government in 1790.

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