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    • A Framework for Robust Discovery of Entity Synonyms

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      itations like click log sparsity and inability to distinguish between entities of different concept classes. In this paper, we propose a general framework for robustly discovering entity synonym with two novel similarity functions that overcome the limitations of prior techniques. We develop efficient and scalable techniques leverag-


    • Thesaurus - The Writing Center

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      thesaurus – you can see that for meaning 1, there is the synonym instant. This is more reliable –it tells you that for the sentences with this meaning of the word, instant is a good alternative, but you should also look it up in the dictionary.


    • Academic English- Synonyms

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      Academic English synonyms reversi Photocopiable cards Photocopy one complete set of the cards below per group of two to five students. Cut along all but the middle vertical line to make 22 cards with a vertical line across the middle of each pair of words with the …



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      WORD USAGE IN SCIENTIFIC WRITING This listing includes some of the most frequently troublesome words, terms, and expressions found in journal papers and manuscripts. Any glossary of word usage assumes that what is acceptable for some uses may not be …

      another similar

    • connotation and denotation

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      Finally, determine a synonym for the word with a DIFFERENT connotation. Example Word: fragrance Part of Speech & Denotation: (n) a smell sensed by the olfactory nerve Connotation ... people like her. A positive word would be appropriate here) A. Assertive B. Bossy C. Demanding 2. Choose the most appropriate word(s) that can be inserted in the ...

      synonym phrases

    • Medical Synonym Extraction with Concept Space Models

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      concept space, and use it to facilitate synonym extrac-tion. The experimental results show that our synonym extrac-tion models are fast and outperform the state-of-the-art ap-proaches on medical synonym extraction by a large margin. The resulting synonym KB can also be used as a comple-ment to the existing knowledgebases in information extrac-

    • Synonyms

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      A synonym is a word that has almost the same meaning as another word. Read each sentence and circle the word in parentheses that has almost the same meaning as the underlined word. Can you think of another synonym for the underlined word? If so, write it on the blank line. 1. Many people enjoy holidays. (like, need, hate) relish 2.

    • Automatic Discovery of Attribute Synonyms

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      techniques for synonym discovery and their limitations; a more detailed discussion can be found in Section 6. Thesaurus: We consider a pair of attribute names as synonyms if the strings occur as synonyms in a manually compiled thesaurus like Wiktionary [5] or Merriam-Webster [2]. The limitation of this approach is that synonymity

    • It’s like a It’s something you use to It’s a way of It’s a ...

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      I would like to work for a large company / giant firm when I gain experience. He is an actor who is famous worldwide / globally / internationally / universally. Our goal / target / objective is to reduce debts to a minimum. The results / findings / outcomes of many investigations make the same conclusion.

    • Synonym Worksheet 3

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      Name: Synonyms are words that have similar meanings. Using the word bank, write a synonym for each word on the line below. Word Bank: keep enjoy place

    • Synonyms and Antonyms - Amazon S3

      (antonyms) and to words with similar but not identical meanings (synonyms). ... Synonyms and Antonyms Organizers 4 Synonym and Antonym Lesson 12 Printable Practice Pages 15 ... I like to place one card at a time under the document camera for viewing on the SmartBoard. If you do not have a document camera, you can achieve this same

    • Plain Language Thesaurus - Benaroya Research Institute

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      Plain Language Thesaurus For Health Communications ... allergen something like pollen that causes the body to react by sneezing or forming a rash allergic the body’s reaction to something, like pollen, resulting in sneezing, sniffling, a rash, etc. allergist doctor who treats allergies


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      BUFFOON: A clown - acting like a buffoon, full of ludicrous tricks. Synonym: harlequin. BULWARK: (1) An embankment used as a fortification - a lofty bulwark for defense. Synonym: rampart. 2) A person, idea, or object serving as a protection - acted as a bulwark in the fight against crime.

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