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    • Acceptable Use Policy for XFINITY Internet

      Comcast-provided, XFINITY WiFi -identified Internet Servicewith their own login information, those users are responsible for complying with all then-current terms and policies that apply to their access.


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      Manage Xfinity WiFi Hotspot a a a Manage Private WiFi a a a Manage SharePoint a a a EMAIL View Service a a a Create, Assign, and Manage Email Boxes a a a WEBSITES ... WITH COMCAST BUSINESS SERVICES, YOU HAVE MULTIPLE ACCESS LEVELS TO MANAGE SERVICES, FEATURES, AND BILLING.

    • Comcast Business Receives 2018 Customer Experience ...

      Locate Xfinity WiFi hotspots Access guides & additional support Access Comcast Business Cloud Solutions, a collection of cloud apps to boost productivity These capabilities are bolstered by the Comcast Business App – an all-in-one tool that provides access to essential account management features on-the-go, including:

    • Comcast Overview

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      XFINITY WiFi: Stay connected on the go through more than 15 million Wi-Fi hotspots today and even more in the future. XFINITY Connect: Communicate with family and friends either online or via the XFINITY Connect App, which enables users to send and receive email, access voicemail, as well as manage contacts and digital calendars.

    • Fast, Easy, Manage your services

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      Access Help & Support – guides, tips and videos Manage Service Features Comcast Business App My Account (Mobile/Desktop) Comcast Business Internet View Static IP settings Personalize Xfinity WiFi hotspot display View and change Private WiFi network settings Troubleshoot Internet connectivity by rebooting your modem Comcast Business Ethernet

    • Law Enforcement Handbook - XFINITY

      Xfinity Wi-Fi is provided to all Xfinity Internet subscribers as a value added service and may be accessed by a subscriber using any device that is Wi-Fi capable. Also, limited periods of Wi-Fi service are provided to non-subscribers through a sponsored access program. Comcast also participates in a program with other cable companies that offers

    • Manage your SecurityEdge service settings

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      Access the SecurityEdge subscriber portal via My Account to configure web filtering for your business. Malware, phishing, and botnet infections are blocked by ... Verify that the device is connected through the Comcast Business Internet network, not through Xfinity WiFi or Connection Pro. If you are still having issues, ...

    • Welcome to the NEW Trial Portal! https://trials.xfinity

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      Welcome to the NEW Trial Portal! https://trials.xfinity.com We have upgraded your Product Trial Feedback experience with the release of our new Trials Portal website, so that we can continue to offer you new and improved features! Access the New Website: (Required)If you are an existing Trial Participant with an existing profile on the Comcast ...