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    • Big Data Analysis of Historical Stock Data Using HIVE

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      Big Data Analysis of Historical Stock Data Using HIVE 1Jay Mehta, 2 Jongwook Woo 1Graduate Student, ... So, to reduce the cost and time Yahoo designed a new data flow language called Pig, which makes easy to analyze the data in 5-10 lines in Pig instead of 100 lines of Java code in MapReduce.

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    • FTSE Russell Factsheet FTSE All-Share Indexes

      Returns shown before the index launch date reflect hypothetical historical performance. Please see disclaimer for important legal information. 1 of 3 FTSE Russell Factsheet FTSE All-Share Indexes bmkTitle1 The FTSE All-Share Index represents the performance of all eligible companies listed on the


    • As of June 30, 2019 MetLife Stock Index Portfolio

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      Standard Deviation Measures the historical volatility of a fund. Funds with higher standard deviation are generally considered to be riskier. P/B Ratio Price-to-book ratio is calculated by dividing the current share price of a stock by its latest quarter ns book value per share. Book value is total assets minus intangible assets and liabilities.

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      ½ share BN 2.125 Preferred for 1 share Frisco Common Note: All stock of St. Louis-San Francisco, both preferred and common, issued prior to Jan. 1, 1947 is without value as a result of the Plan of Reorg. placed in effect as of Jan. ... Call price of $26.40 Redemption of BN $9 Preferred Stock. Call price $102.

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      The historical stock price of Intel, along with its customers and competitors for the year 2000, was considered. This historical stock price is considered since it provides us different indices such as Day’s High stock price, Day’s Low stock price, Opening stock price, Closing stock price, Trading

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      using the Backpropagation Algorithm which is used to predict share market closing price. This paper is an attempt to determine the NSE market news, Analyst Recommendations in combination with the historical quotes can efficiently help in the calculation of the NSE closing index for a given trading day.

    • Fidelity Advisor Growth Opportunities Fund

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      Fidelity Advisor Growth Opportunities Fund ... • Total returns are historical and include changes in share price and reinvestment of dividends and capital gains, if any. On 2/1/07, the fund began comparing its performance to a different primary benchmark and adjusted its

    • Telstra Share Offer - T1 - Public Offer Document

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      Title: Telstra Share Offer - T1 - Public Offer Document Subject: This Public Offer Document contains information about the sale by the Commonwealth of Australia of up to one-third of the shares in Telstra.

    • Stock Valuation: Gordon Growth Model - UMass

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      the price and the number of shares outstanding. – If you are using Yahoo as a source for your priceIf you are using Yahoo as a source for your price data, you may have to go back and adjust for splits, as Yahoo reports the prices after adjustment for splits.

    • How to Create a Spreadsheet With Updating Stock Prices

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      How to Create a Spreadsheet With Updating Stock Prices, V3, by Fred Brack, February 2015 Page 4 12. Examine the new table of data. Note that the first column of new data (B) repeats the stock symbol, but the name of the company doesn’t appear anywhere. The third column of new data (D) contains the current stock price.

    • How to Get Data | An Introduction into quantmod

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      How to Get Data | An Introduction into quantmod November 29, 2016 1 The S&P 500 index This vignette gives a brief introduction to obtaining data from the web by using the R package quantmod.


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      performance of ARIMA, GARCH (1,1) and mixed ARIMA - GARCH (1,1) models using historical daily close price downloaded through the yahoo finance website from the NASDAQ stock exchange for GE company (USA) during the period of 2001 to 2014. This paper also presents a brief analysis technique

    • Impact of Firms’ Performance on Stock Returns (Evidence ...

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      e-mail: butt_maryyam@yahoo.com. for the evaluation the past, current and future potential ... that what should be the actual impact of firms performance on stock returns. For that purpose the ... of financial variables on share price of publicly listed firms on the Philippine. For this purpose, he used the

    • Contents of Package - NYU

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      Contents of Package 1.Getting information on your company Pages 2-31 2.Getting information on comparable companies Pages 32-39 ... (There are separate print outs for price ratio analysis and stock performance, for example. 19 . 20 . 21 Item 24: Average market debt to …

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