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    • Incoming Letter: Starburst II, Inc. and Sprint Nextel ...

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      New Sprint Common Stock ”), 1,000,000,000 shares of non-voting common stock, par value $0.01 per share and 20,000,000 shares of preferred stock, par value $0.01 per share. Immediately prior to the consummation of the Sprint Merger, HoldCo’s interest in New Sprint will be converted into New Sprint Common Stock pursuant to the terms of the Merger

    • Selected Financial Data - Verizon

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      On July 23, 2016, Verizon entered into a stock purchase agreement (the Purchase Agreement) with Yahoo! Inc. (Yahoo). Pursuant to the Purchase Agreement, upon the terms and subject to the conditions thereof, we agreed to acquire the stock of one or more subsidiaries of Yahoo holding all of Yahoo's operating business, for approximately

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    • FY17 Major Subsidiaries and Associates

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      *3 On April 29, 2018 (EST), Sprint and T-Mobile US, Inc. (“T-Mobile”) entered into a definitive agreement to merge in an all-stock transaction at a fixed exchange ratio of 0.10256 T-Mobile shares for each Sprint share (or the equivalent of 9.75 Sprint shares for each T-Mobile share).

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    • ANNUAL REPORT 2017

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      ¥124,938 million in the Sprint segment The newly established Arm segment also added ¥12,919 million of segment income On the other hand, segment income declined by ¥32,968 million in the Yahoo Japan segment, reflecting the inclusion in fiscal 2015 of gain from …

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    • Apple sets dividend, stock buyback - Yahoo! Finance

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      Apple sets dividend, stock buyback Reuters – 46 minutes ago ... Sprint Drops 3% as Analyst Sees Rising Bankruptcy Risk - @ Fox Business Apple sets dividend, stock buyback - @ Reuters Who Should Replace Steve Ballmer? ... Apple sets dividend, stock buyback - Yahoo! Finance

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    • STRATEGIC REPORT FOR Yahoo! Inc. - Pomona College

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      cards for customers. The company launched Yahoo Radio broadcast internet radio service in 1999. Yahoo! acquired software provider Encompass in 1999, then later inked a deal with Sprint to provide information to Sprint’s cell phone customers. The next year Yahoo! launched its Yahoo! B2B Marketplace, signaling its entrance into the

    • Softbank Group Core Economic Earnings and Growth BUY

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      If Sprint is unable to improve its network (as Masa Son has promised), it may lose subscribers and momentum. In such a scenario, Softbank’s EPS will be capped at ¥730 / share in FY3/18 and ¥850 / share in FY3/19. In this scenario, Softbank stock may de-rate as it starts to price in Sprint bankruptcy (despite large spectrum


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      If you hold more than one block of Sprint Nextel stock,i.e.,shares of stock acquired on differ-ent dates or at different prices,then the allocation should be made separately for each block. In other words, the calculation should be done separately for each block of Sprint Nextel stock and the Embarq stock received for that Sprint Nextel stock.

    • Mutual Fund Share Splits

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      A: A mutual fund share split works just like a stock share split. The fund’s NAV is reduced while the total number of shares is increased by the same factor. The total value of your investment remains unchanged. In this case, Fidelity has done a 10-to-1 split, which multiplies the number of

    • Consolidated financial report for the three-month period ...

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      in the Arm segment. However, segment income deteriorated ¥33,879 million in the Sprint segment, ¥12,154 million in the Yahoo Japan segment, and ¥4,017 million in the Brightstar segment. The segment income of the Arm segment includes . gain relating to loss …

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