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    • Juror Appreciation Kit

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      appreciation for the jury system and for the [tens of] [hundreds of] thousands of citizens who annually give their time and talents to serve on juries. Be it resolved that , together with the court in the , is committed to the following goals: educating the public about jury duty and the importance of jury service;

    • 2012 State and Federal Benefit Information

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      education program. CDV students can only use this benefit at a state supported university/college. Each college/university has its own student residency requirements. The rules are: 1. The veteran must have served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces during a period of wartime, or performed duty equally hazardous that was recognized by the award


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      LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF THE JURY, HAVE YOUR REACHED A VERDICT? JUROR QUESTIONNAIRE Submitted by Elizabeth Siso Bair, Esq. ABA Annual Meeting August 6-9, 2005


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      Your Years of Education (Total Number) ... If we cannot reschedule your jury duty term to the date you have indicated above, we ... Return Juror Questionnaire within 10 days. 3.) Call recorded message at 529-1347 the weekend before the first day of your scheduled jury service.


    • Five Years of Jury Reform: What Jurors are Saying

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      Manhattan and Brooklyn over the fi ve years since the Jury Project report. Implementing the Jury Project’s Two Major Goals The panel’s two most ambitious goals were to spread the burden of jury duty more fairly, and to end the use of civil voir dire (jury selection) as a settlement tool. Both of


      instructed shall be directed by the jury commission to appear forthwith before the clerk or the jury commissioner to complete the qualification questionnaire form. 1. I am 70 years of age or older and wish to be permanently excused from jury duty. YES Date of Birth: _____/_____/_____ 2. YES NO Are you at least 18 years of age? 3.

    • State Bar Texas Juror Information Guide

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      State Bar of Texas Juror Information Guide A public education resource Welcome to the State Bar of Texas Juror Information Guide The U.S. and Texas Constitutions both guarantee the right to an impartial trial by a jury of one’s peers.

    • CITIZENSHIP Jury Summons - OTAN

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      2 ©Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education Beginning Civics Education: Jury Summons jury Vocabulary Directions: Read the information, and then fill in the blank with the correct word. (Look at the example of a real jury summons on page 4 as needed.)

    • Jury Questionnaire Frequently Asked Questions DO NOT NOT

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      Prior years’ Questionnaire records are deleted to ensure impartiality and random selection. I have already served jury duty. Can I be called to serve again? Yes, unless you “reported” for jury service in a “State Court” within the last three years or you do not meet one of the other qualification.

    • SAMPLE

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      discrimination in jury selection and has absolutely no bearing on qualification for jury service. By answering these ... (Education) What is your educational background - did you complete high sc hool/get your GED, did you graduate from trade/vocation ... within the past two years, serv ed on a federal grand or petit jury panel (see 28 U.S.C.

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