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      In most circumstances, had better would be inappropriate here, again because it is too strong.] 6. should [also possible: have to/must] [In typical circumstances, one would say should here—going to Colorado for our vacation is a good idea; the speaker is suggesting Colorado


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      A) firm size had better explanatory power than beta in describing portfolio returns. B) beta had better explanatory power than firm size in describing portfolio returns. C) beta had better explanatory power than book-to-market ratios in describing portfolio returns. D) macroeconomic factors had better explanatory power than beta in describing

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    • After Catheter Removal

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      • You may find that you have to go to the bathroom very quickly and cannot make it to the bathroom or be able to fill a container in time. Again, this should only be a problem for a short time. • You may not be able to control your urine and you may dribble. This will also get better unless you had this problem before the catheter was put in.

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    • A“New Normal”

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      Hemodialysis can be performed at home. You may do the treatments yourself or you may have someone helping you. Home hemodialysis may help you to fit your treatments into your daily schedule. Studies show that the more a person knows about treatment and the more independent a person is, the better one is likely to do on dialysis. 10



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      (e.g., their interests, motivations, and learning styles) and this will better prepare you for the time when you will take over teaching the class. As Gaies (1991) has pointed out, "What ... interest students had in the topic of the lesson, decisions teachers made during a lesson, or problems that occurred that might not have been visible to an ...

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    • Chemotherapy and You

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      Î Whether you have had chemotherapy before. Î Whether you have other health problems, such as diabetes or heart disease. Where do I go for chemotherapy? You may receive chemotherapy during a hospital stay, at home, or in a doctor’s office, clinic, or outpatient unit in a hospital (which means you do not stay overnight). No matter where


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      HAD BETTER Change the following sentences so as to introduce "had better" 1. It will be better if you wait. 2. It will be better if she visits a doctor. 3. It will be better if you don't work hard. 4. It will be better if I don't wait for her. 5. It will be better if we come back home.

    • English grammar | Direct speech and reported speech

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      English grammar Reported speech Indirect (reported) speech in statements If we want to report what other people said, thought or felt, we can use the direct or indirect (reported) ... Betty: "They had better go." - Betty said they had better go. Paul: "It is time I got up." - …

    • I’m Sorry You Had a Bad Day, but Tomorrow will be Better ...

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      ‘‘I’m Sorry You Had a Bad Day, but Tomorrow will be Better:’’ Stratagems of Interpersonal Emotional Management in Narratives of Fathers in Christian Homeschooling Households Lee Garth Vigilant, Tyler C. Anderson, and Lauren Wold Trefethren


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      HAD BETTER You had better sleep more. WOULD Would you like a drink? Modals in the Past They are modals referred to actions that happened in the past MODAL + HAVE + verb in past participle It must have been a difficult decision They should have invited her to their wedding.

    • Medicare and Employer-Based Coverage T he Basics

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      Medicare and Employer-Based Coverage ... –You will automatically be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B when you turn 65 or on your 25th month of disability if you are already receiving Social Security ... Medicare because you had COBRA •Rules are different for people with ESRD

    • Patient Instructions after a Crown Appointment

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      Patient Instructions after a Crown Appointment ENTISTRY EINERS If you have received this sheet, it is because you had a crown appointment today. Here are some instructions to make sure you take care of yourself properly. 1) Your tooth was numbed today and you should avoid eating or drinking hot beverages until the feeling returns (1-1.5 hrs).

    • Radiation Therapy and You

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      treatments. As time goes on, do not be surprised if you are more tired, have less energy, or feel weak. Once you have finished treatment, it may take a few weeks or many months for you to feel better. You may get to a point during your radiation therapy when you feel too sick to work. Talk with your employer to find out if you can go on medical ...

    • The Truth About Back Surgery - Orthopaedic Surgery

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      "If you took 100 people off the street and gave them MRIs, a third of them — even if they had no back pain whatsoever — would have obvious structural problems," says Dr. Rosen. At best, your doctor might be misled by your abnormal X-ray or MRI, or hope that the abnormality is the cause of your pain and that by fixing it, he'll make you ...