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      YULE LOG CEREMONY 8PM • GREAT HALL Join us for a special visit from Santa Claus at our traditional Yule Log Ceremony. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21 GUIDED HISTORY TOUR • 9AM • CONCIERGE DESK Delve into the storied past of our historic Inn. Sign up in advance at the concierge desk, or dial 7005.

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      Yule Ceremony at Barjon’s with Red Mooneagle & Todd Kintz - Friday, December 21st (Pre-register by 12-19-18) 7 - 8pm — $5 (100% donation to a local charity). The winter solstice is celebrated by many people around the world as the beginning of the return of the sun, and darkness turning into light.

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      The Yule Log Ceremony The Yule log is a specially selected log burnt on a hearth as a Christmas tradition in a number of countries in Europe. The origin of the folk custom is unclear. Numerous scholars have observed that, like other traditions associated with Yule, the custom may ultimately derive from Germanic paganism.

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      YULE LOG BONFIRE CEREMONY At Valley Country Club. 233M de of • PARADE of ILLUMINATED • YULE LOG CEREMONY & BONFIRE have helt an oWtashonai yule bcntire at Coto Valley Country Club. Cote'S in The Wage, the firs: to In de initiated the resiCents it arCent times. ceehaps With Solstice marked darkest tire tum brirg warmth light Chips the

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      ceremony in community, then we invite you to join us to prepare this year’s Yule ceremony. (The Yule ceremony will be held on Monday, December 21st – see the article directly above.) The Yule planning workshop will take place on Saturday, December 19th from 12:30-4:30 PM at the UU Fellowship.


      At Yule Rites Ceremony Features Traditional Customs Last evening at dusk the tra­ ditional Yule Log ceremony took place in the Great Hall of the Wren Building. Scent of many College functions^ the Great Hall is annually decked with holly for this Christmas-time ceremony. A roaring fire reflected" on the pol­ ished wood paneling "of the room.

    • Page 1 The Controversial Cauldron ~ Yule 2008 The ...

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      Page 2 The Controversial Cauldron ~ Yule 2008 ... Another tradition of old was the lighting of a Yule Log, which was done with great ceremony and as a highlight of the family celebrations. It was believed that fire symbolized the return of the Sun after the Winter .

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      nals exams to attend the Yule Log Cer-emony. Held in the Wren Courtyard, Yule Log had been a tradition at the College since 1934. However, this ceremony introduced some new participants as the new President of the College and the Vice-President of Student Affairs made their Yule Log debut. Despite the cold evening, crowds began to

    • The Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival

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      plum pudding, a Yule log—and Good King Wenceslas. This was the ceremony brought to colonial America by French Huguenots who had experienced it during a period of exile in England. A Huguenot family named Bouton settled in Troy, NY, and in 1888, a Bouton became an Episcopal rector and chaplain of the Episcopal Hoosac School.

    • University Celebrates Holiday Traditions Local Students H ...

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      nial times, the yule log heralds dress as Revolutionary soldiers. After lapsing for many years, the ceremony was revived in 1910 by University President Nicholas Murray Butler to provide cheer for students unable to return home for the holidays. The tradition is enhanced by the annual reading of 1798 College alumnus Clement Clarke Moore’s

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