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      At the high point of a ritual, personal resolutions can be written on paper and burned. Father Satan is always there to help us in having the strength to carry through with our intentions. After the rite, intense celebrating should take place. The Yule holidays for Satanists are times of indulgence and taking pleasure in

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      celebrated by replacing log with trimmed tree next morning. Sound familiar? •As long as Yule Log burned, house protected from witchcraft. Ashes scattered over fields to bring fertility, into wells to purify water. Ashes also used to make charms to ward off evil. •Log required to burn 12 days, different sacrifice to fertility god offered in ...

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      stump, or the ground. If you wish, cover the area with a cloth that you will only use for ritual to help put you in the right frame of mind. Light the Air Incense & Fire candle, and meditate on what Yule means to you.

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      the mulled wine, but images of the Yule log on a fire began to spring to mind. The origins of the Yule log are unclear. It has been suggested that the custom could be "an enfeebled version of Celtic human sacrifices". However, numerous scholars have traced the ritual of the Yule log back to pagan origins, Germanic pagan origins at that. (The

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      Furry Day Carol/Yule Log Processional: All, log carried by Andrea and Everest The Yule log is brought to the fire to be burned to bring luck and health in the coming year. Touch the log with a holly sprig for luck when it comes by. Green Grow the Rushes, O- Louise, Hattie, Miette and All Traditional counting song.

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      Long before the world heard of Jesus, pagans had been celebrating Yule by bringing in a Yule log, wishing on it and lighting it with the remains of the previous year's Yule log. Magick and rituals were practiced, wild boars were sacrificed and consumed along with large amounts of ale,

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      Yule Mid-Winter (Dec. 21st) - longest night of the year - - rebirth of light into the world - new life, new beginnings -gifts, family, celebration of life - yule log, holly, mistletoe - Hunter gives way to Lover, Goddess as Maiden grows

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      RitualThe Yule ritual of course would involve a Yule log. As stated earlier, Yule logs are best made of Pine, Fir or Evergreen. The custom of lighting a Yule log is the classic representation of the birth of a God from the fire of the Mother.

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      Pooka's Page for Grownups The Storybook Chair - Pooka's Yule Present by Lora The Yule Log by Lora Coloring Page - Winter Solstice by Linda Craig-Moore Yule Log Ritual by Carmen Sanchez Coloring Page - Yule Log by Carmen Sanchez Wee Witchling's Read-Along by Lora Little Kitchen Witch by Lora The Wild Hunt by Rayne Storm

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      Ms. Linda Doherty Religious Perspectives - Wicca 26 June 2013 . Does it offend you when someone wishes you a "Merry Christmas"? "As for Christmas. If you notice the date of Christmas is December 25th, the date of the winter solstice is the 21st of December. If someone says 'Merry Christmas' to me I will say, 'happy Yule.'

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      Page 3 The Controversial Cauldron ~ Yule 2008 Solstice. Traditionally the log used would have been of sacred Oak or Ash, from a tree felled on the householder's land, or given as a gift by their landlord. Placed in the hearth it would have been decorated with seasonal greenery, doused with

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      The Ancient and Pagan Origin of Christmas ... burning of the Yule log, the eating of ham, the hanging of boughs, holly, mistletoe, etc. ... plus Pagan jewelry and Pagan altar and ritual items, visit Wejee's Metaphysical Superstore

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      Designate a Yule Log - if you have a fireplace or woodstove or somewhere to safely have a fire, it is a good idea to pick out your Yule Log ahead of time so you know where it is when it is time for that ritual. Put up and decorate your Yule Tree - some years we have done this on the eve of the Solstice, but I find

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      of Yule with plenty of ale and blazing fires, of which our Yule log is the last relic. The Winter Solstice rebirth and the Goddess' part in it, were portrayed in ancient Egypt by a ritual in which Isis circled the shrine of Osiris seven times, to represent her mourning for him and her wanderings in search of the scattered parts of his body.

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      That night, Elsie lit the Yule log on the hearth. The little pine tree glittered from a corner of the parlor and presents wrapped in bright paper were piled underneath. They had a special Yule feast and afterward, the witch brought out plates of gingerbread, cookies and a pitcher of warm, creamy eggnog.

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      Christmastime ritual largely rooted in "Yule" (meaning "wheel")—the medieval pagan celebration of the winter solstice. Although there were many variations of the holiday among different cultures, Yule was generally celebrated from mid-November to the end of January and centered on the ceremonial burning of the "Yule Log" during the

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      putting of the yule log into the fire on Christmas Eve and the appearance of the Christmas tree the next morning" (The Two Babylons - Hislop, page 97). "The idea of using evergreens at Christmas also came to England from pre-Christian northern European beliefs. Celtic and Teutonic tribes honored these plants at their winter solstice festivals as

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      perform during Yule. It all depends on what is in accordance with your desires and beliefs. It is very important to be comfortable with the ritual you are performing. The common denominator of Yule rituals is honoring the Sun God, reflecting on the year that has passed, and looking forward to the next year to come.

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      We celebrated Yule ritual at their house, very warm and cozy, good food afterwards and lots of chatting and gift exchange! Bakersfield Yule and Christmas Greeting Shonsu, Rhiannon Etain, Bobbie, Cindy and Shawn ~Classic Yule Log Recipe~ Ingredients 1/2 cup sifted cake flour 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1 teaspoon baking powder

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      he custom of serving a Yule log on December 24th goes back several centuries, originating from a pagan rite to celebrate the winter solstice. Christian tradition then adopted this ritual across Europe in the Middle Ages, whereby celebrants would slowly burn a fruit tree log during the holiday season.

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      Volume 5 Issue 2 Yule 2007 Issue 2 Yule 2007 Contents Ritual Work The Gift of Yule, Lady MoonWolfe Home and Hearth The Yule Log, Lila Herb Corner Herb Corner: Yule, Lady MoonWolfe Gardening with the Goddess The Goddess in Winter, Belladonna Sacred Sites Newgrange, Lila OWM Awareness Yuletide Message, Nessa Recipes Fit for a Goddess

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      Sometimes the battle is re-enacted during ritual. In this case the old King is symbolically slain, and the Oak King takes his place on the throne to rule. More often than not, though, the tale is simply told during the lighting of the Yule log. And with it's lighting, we encourage the Suns easy birth, welcome it back to the

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      THE YULE LOG The custom of burning the Juul (pronounced yool) came from the Norse and Anglo-Saxons. They burned a huge oak log once a year to honor Thor, the god of thunder. After the Norse became Christians, they made the yule log an important part of their Christmas ceremonies. The Scandinavians adopted the word yule to mean Christmas.

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      tinction between private and public ritual environs. Key words: Christmas, Yule log, ritual, homemaking, postsocial-ism, Montenegro * This paper resulted from work on the project "Cultural Identities in Processes of European Integration and Regionalization", no. 147035, financed by the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia.

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      old is the Yule Log. Traditionally the log used was either Oak or Ash and taken from a tree felled on the householder's land, or given as a gift by their landlord. Placed in the hearth of the home and lit on the eve of the Solstice, it was allowed to burn throughout the night and then left to smoulder for the next 12 days. Later when put

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      RITUAL AND TRADITION BY CLEMENT A. MILES 1912. Christmas in Ritual and Tradition by Clement A. Miles. ... The Yule Log Chapter 11. The Christmas-Tree, Decorations, And Gifts Chapter 12. Christmas Feasting And Sacrificial Survivals Chapter 13. Masking, The Mummers' Play, The Feast Of Fools, And ...

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      One tradition is the Yule log; this was usually an Ash log that was large enough to burn steadily for 12 days before being ceremoniously extinguished. It would be lit with a piece of the previous year's Yule log, which was saved for just that purpose. Modern hearths are rarely able to hold such a log, so modern practitioners will

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      The Yule Log • Quick and Easy Yule Decorations • Evergreen Wreath Evergreen Garlands • Mistletoe Ball· Ina Rae's Yule Centerpiece . Holiday Harmony Tree • Placemats • Quick Yule Stockings Ye. Yuletide Crafts for Children • Easy-to-Make Sun-Catcher Christmas Card Holder • Santa Claus Candle Holder • Stocking Identifiers

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      Welcome Yule continues as a colorful presentation of music, dance and story. But its essence, then and now, is community. Welcome Yule is about joining in; it's about belonging. We welcome you, not as audience, but as co-celebrants in this festival of light and song. So sing with us, laugh with us, dance with us! Please, this year and every

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      the night of the winter solstice, a large log (a Yule log) was blessed and lit to invoke the presence of the new sun god onto the land and to keep the people warm until the spring thaw. At Yule, the waning year no longer lingers. The mother gives birth to new life. In the palest of darkness there is the promise of light. CANDLEMAS - FEB 2

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