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    • Between the Furrows - Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau

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      Yule Log is not a big practice now as the Air Resources Control Board frowns on festival ˚res, but a big event of yore. Ritual bon˚res starting in November marked winter and the New Year. You truly notice the shortness of days if you live in Scandinavia or Scotland, with a latitude best suited for reindeer, long nights, little sun, no farming.

    • Christmas - A world of flavors, - Kopiaste..to Greek ...

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      the French chocolate Yule log aka Bûche de Noël. As a bonus, we included at the end of book additional recipes of festivals as - sociated with Christmas, such as Saint Nicolas, who is celebrated in Eastern France and in neighboring countries. Saint Nicolas is the character that is at the origin of Santa Claus, as we know it today.

    • DOCTRINE OF HOLIDAYS - Verse-by-verse

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      6. What is the significance behind the ritual associated with Christmas with regard to: a. the yule log. b. the Christmas tree. c. the mistletoe. B. There is no explicit commandment in the Bible to set aside a special day for the celebration of the birth of Christ, and the closest implicit rationalization would be the visit of the Magi bearing

    • Earth Spirit Pagans

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      EARTH SPIRIT PAGANS NEWSLETTER PAGANS NEWSLETTER Earth Spirit Pagans YULE 2008 SPECIAL POINTS OF INTEREST: • Saturnalia • Chants • Yule Ritual • Yule Recipes Saturnalia In pagan Rome, the celebration of the Winter Solstice began on December 17 with

    • From the spooky desk oF James Willis: Ghostly Ault Lang Syne

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      The Celtic yule log ritual was slightly different than its mainland cousins. The log had to be harvested from your own land, or received as a gift. Once pulled into place, it was covered with winter foliage, dusted with flour and sprinkled with cider—representations of the harvest, and lit with a piece of wood from the previous year’s log.

    • Full Moon Ritual and /or Winter Solstice Ritual and/or New ...

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      Making a Yule Log – You can prepare this before the ritual if you prefer To begin collect a log from the garden and sitting quietly add sprigs of lavender, rosemary, herbs, holly, ivy etc. I even added pine cones, flowers, berries etc from my nature walks. Tie them all together with thread/raffia/baker twine etc. Please make you log mindfully -

    • Honoring a Gift from Kumbakonam

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      mashed potatoes and yule log cake. Yet powerful images keep me awake. Thirty-six hours ago I returned from a six-day whirlwind jour-ney to a far-off place. I spent forty hours on airplanes, and I endured fourteen hours in cars dodging bicycles, rickshaws, cows, goats, and masses of peo-ple on roads severely damaged by recent flooding. These floods

    • January Possibility

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      Join us for our annual Yule Log ritual where we will contemplate what we are ready to let go of from this past year, and what we would like to bring into the New Year. We will give our prayers to the Yule Log and burn it in a sacred circle on the plaza to close the service.

    • Nee-woRK News

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      Open Yule Ritual, Silo 7Boolcsfore, Bang01~,7p.m., co-spon­.soredby Silo 7 atid Garden Patll Coven. TIns will honorboththe return oftheGod atldtheFullMoon. We "Will tryto be outdoors so dress appropriately! Bring Ilon-messyfood to share for celebra­ tion afterward We accept donations for tllePaganPantryand ask for $1 to cover the store'sehpenses.

    • Season’s Greetings

      Dark Chocolate Cherry Yule Log $45 Empress Cake $90 No substitutions are available for Holiday Hampers or Turkey-to-Go, and we are unable to cater to specific dietary restrictions with these items. Advance order of 3 days is required for all orders. Please allow 48 hours for processing.

    • Skylands Report No 16 Feb 2018

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      Feb 16, 2018 · Skylands Celebrates Yule here can be little doubt that Yule is one of the highlights of the year for members of Skylands Ásatrú Fellowship. Members gathered to enjoy a day of ritual, laughs, good cheer, and sumptuous food. Throughout the afternoon, members dined on a wide array of

    • The Christmas Troll - Red Wheel

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      The Yule Log The Log as Centre of the Domestic Christmas—Customs of the Southern Slavs—The Polaznik— Origin of the Yule Log—Probable Connection with Vegetation-cults or Ancestor-worship—The Souche de Noël in France—Italian and German Christmas Logs—English Customs—The Yule Candle in England and Scandinavia. Christmas Eve.

    • The Community News

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      Yule Log Party on December 21, 6:30pm. The CUUC Youth invite all to light the Yule Log and enjoy s’mores and fellowship on December 21. Friends and family are welcome. Friday Night Flicks - 7pm. December 8 - Beauty and the Beast - 2017 - 2 HRS. - PG Disney's animated classic tale takes on a new form, with an all star cast,

    • The evolution of Christmas: The ancient roots of our ...

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      Yule log — The Feast of Yule (Juul) took place in pre-Christian Scandinavia during the Winter Solstice. Fires to warm the gatherers were symbolic of the light and life-giving properties of the soon returning sun. The fire-starter log was decorated with evergreen sprigs and holly to represent the life that holds on through the cold winter.