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      SIR GAWAIN AND THE GREEN GIRDLE At the beginning of the Christian era, voices were heard off the coasts of Greece, out to sea, on the Mediterranean, wailing: 'Pan is dead! ... But the early Christian fathers knew that pagan beliefs and rituals and ... which the poet spells out for us, but for that very reason cannot function as a complete code ...



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      The Spells (Translated) Common Sumerian Words and Phrases in English A word Concerning the Original Manuscript ... smote the stands on December 22, 1977 - the ancient pagan feast of Yule, the winter solstice. Yet, not without a number of bizarre occurrences that more than once threatened the lives, the sanity, and the ... satanic rituals, black ...

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    • Basic Demonolatry Rituals

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      Basic Demonolatry Rituals – S. Connolly 4 The Baptism From literary allusions to metaphoric usage, the Baphometic Fire Baptism has come to symbolize the infinite rebirth of consciousness. In reality, for adult baptismal rites, this is truly the case. There is a definite difference between the adult baptism and the child baptism rites.


    • EarthTides Pagan Network News

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      Soul: Spells, Recipes, and Reflec-tions from Neopagen Elders and Teachers edited by Patricia Tele-sco, pulls together many differing points of view and traditions. You'll find many familiar names here, from New York's Margot Adler and Phyllis Curott to Cali-fornia's Starhawk and Oberon Zell-Ravenheart. There are chapters on rituals, on lis-


    • Franklin-Comments on Sorcery in PNG

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      1890 and the Roro area was visited about the same time, but from Yule Island where the first Catholic missionaries landed in 1885. 5 ... productive magic (for crops, rain, love) are still sought after and the traditional rituals “although not the sorcery ones, are said to be now enriched with Christian symbols and features” (p. 191).

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    • From Christianity to Witchcraft: A Spiritual Journey

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      Spells are used in much the same way a prayer is, with one great difference: ... Yule and Ostara. These holidays are often based on ancient harvest or fertility festivals celebrated in Britain, when the people lived close to the land. Apart from the Wheel of the Year are esbats, which are rituals that celebrate the different phases of the moon ...


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      Star -Yule. It's a time of year when our family gathers, and we have a relaxing time, just spending time together, whether it's with my children or our Coven. GNL -Describe your life a little these days, what great is going on? Star Between working at the steel mill, my children and our Coven, I'm kept very very very busy indeed.

    • Netbook of Witches & Warlocks

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      What you have now is The Complete Netbook of Witches & Warlocks. Again a nod both to TSR and Bard Games, but also to reflect the effect the Internet has had on my D&D experiences. I am not pretending that this will be the final or most authoritative word on witches in …

    • Sax Rohmer’s Use of Oriental Words in His Fiction

      Sax Rohmer’s Use of Oriental Words in His Fiction Sax Rohmer (the pseudonym of Arthur Sarsfield Ward, 1883-1959) was one of the most ... and Henry Yule, who are cited in our Glossary as the earliest known record of ... rituals, and spells (Van Ash 35), as used in five books

    • Speckled Snake, Brother of Birch: Amanita Muscaria Motifs ...

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      Speckled Snake, Brother of Birch: Amanita Muscaria Motifs in Celtic Legends By Erynn Rowan Laurie and Timothy White References to magical brews and foods abound in Celtic legends dealing with journeys to Tir Tairngire (Land of Promise) or into the sidhe (faery mounds). In the Welsh Hanes Taliesin, the young Gwion Bach imbibes three drops of magical brew simmering in Cerridwen’s


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      creative and evocative rituals, invocations and poems for this rich and prayerful time of year. As Imbolc is a ... aid manifestation of all spells within the box, for the highest good, harming none, with free will to all. If you want to get ... Yule is called the light half of the year and hence the Oak King is often

    • Video Games: Causing Witchcraft to Prosper - Creation …

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      church-goers that teenagers get together and perform séances or Satanic rituals in their basements in order to play the ... "a mirror" or a "pool of water," and in The Only Book of Wiccan Spells You'll Ever ... "The evergreens that we use to decorate our homes at Yule [i.e. Christmas] -- such as pine, mistletoe, and holly -- are pagan symbols ...

    • Wheel of the Year - CPDL

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      The Wheel of the Year: A Pagan Song Cycle also includes opening and closing movements. Samhain (1 May) ... Yule (21-22 June) The Midwinter Solstice, when the nights are longer and the days shorter than at any other time of the year. Yule corresponds in many ways with the Northern Hemisphere Christian Christmas festival.

    • Witchcraft Dictionary of Craft Terms

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      magickal rituals. Sometimes the altar is round to Symbolize the Goddess, or square to represent the Elements. Best made of wood, and facing North East toward the rising of both Sun and Moon. Druid Altar is a flat stone laying across two upright stones. A Ceremonial …