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      But when Zillow is bad, it can be terrible -- off the mark by more than 25% on one in 10 homes. In one case it was off by $2 million. Zillow, based in Seattle, operates a Web site that offers free estimates and other online tools for real-estate buyers and sellers. It draws revenue from online advertising.

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      Real estate information. Zillow strives to provide open and transparent information about real estate markets. As a result, we make available past sales prices for homes, and allow any user to post a question or answer about a given home. Many times, this information is already publicly available.

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      You will need information about other properties that have sold in your area, and that information isn't always readily available. While websites like Zillow.com and Trulia.com are useful, the best and most up-to-date information is generally found on the MLS, which you'll need a licensed real estate …

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      Selling real estate in Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) target areas can be a challenge, even when the newly renovated housing is of much better quality than other homes on the market. Conditions in the neighborhood may deter prospective homeowners, especially prospective buyers new to the neighborhood who may have other choices ...

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      Real Estate Professionals vs. Zillow.com. It is important to know the results a real estate professional can deliver. With so many real estate webs sites competing for your attention you need to know where they fit into the real estate process. A recent survey found that homes sold with the services of a real estate professional sold for 16 ...

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      Zillow will tightly align themselves with all of the major iBuyer companies. So much so, that there is reason to believe Zillow will move towards referrals vs. buying leads in the very near future. Remember, effectively, ZILLOW IS A BROKER. They ARE your competition.


      The real estate industry had shown only relatively small impacts through last week and is trying to move much of its activity to virtual tours and online but Zillow indicated buyer traffic was down about 20% and with the Governor’s order, realtors are not allowed to conduct physical tours.

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      Buying real estate doesn’t have to be difficult. You are doing the right thing…you’ve started your search online but please be aware that there are many sites that have outdated information. For instance, do not rely on Zillow to determine the value of a property.

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      set up real estate profiles ☐ get sponsored and go live! ☐ zillow ...

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      I can also give you access to “Coming Soon” listings before Redfin and Zillow even get a glimpse of them. Consider me your trusted resource for real estate --- feel free to contact me with any questions at any time. Our real estate market is exciting --- it’s my passion to help you navigate the …