Automotive Clearance Event

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$6 Million of Cars and SUVs. Over 200 Late Model, Low Mileage Vehicles Available! With 0 Down & Payments Starting As Low As $99/Month on 2 Vehicles! *

Basic Transportation Vehicles for As Low As $100 Each!*

Price includes everything except registration, title fees, taxes and $599 dealer administration fee.

Goldsboro, NC - A 2 day event will be held in Goldsboro this week! Over $6 million of lease turn-ins, auction cars, new (never registered),

2017 vehicles and local dealer retail trade-ins, can be purchased from one location for a 2-day event Goldsboro, North Carolina.

To be better prepared, please bring with you the following: 1. A Valid State Driver's License 2. Military ID and/or DD-214 3. Current Pay Stub, W-2 Statement or Tax Return From The Year 2015 4. A Copy Of Current Utility Bill/Phone Bill In Your Name

Cars and SUVs of most makes and models, will be available AT, NEAR OR BELOW NATIONAL AUCTION PRICES for 2 days only. Buyers may be able to purchase with $0 down and payments starting as low as $99 per month!* Yes, you read that correctly, $0 down and payments starting as low as $99 per month!*

Two basic transportation vehicles will be sold for $100 each!*(Price includes everything

except registration, title fees, taxes and $599 dealer administration fee.) That's right, two vehicles will be offered for as low as 10% of Kelley Blue Book Value.*


Goldsboro has contracted the services of MB3 USA Inc.?, a Tampa based corporation, to help sell a large percentage of its current inventory in order to pay for an incoming shipment of new 2017 vehicles which are scheduled to arrive shortly. Just select one vehicle you would like to own and you will be offered a reduced price which may save you thousands of dollars.

LEAVE YOUR CHECKBOOK AT HOME. During these 2 days, qualified buyers may either finance a vehicle with as little as $0 down and payments starting as low as $99 per month or purchase a basic transportation vehicle for as low as $100!* Regardless of past credit history, whether you have good credit, bad credit or no credit, even if you've had a discharged bankruptcy, you may still have payments starting as low as $99 per month!* This is made possible due to Lee Hyundai's high volume of financing with their national lending institutions.

THERE ARE TWO REQUIREMENTS: YOU MUST REGISTER IN PERSON AT THE HYUNDAI BUILDING AND YOU MUST TAKE DELIVERY OF ANY IN STOCK VEHICLE DURING THESE 2 DAYS! Choose from pre-owned vehicles manufactured by Kia, Nissan, Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Hyundai, Dodge, Volkswagen, Toyota, as well as many others.

TRADE-INS WILL BE ACCEPTED AND ARE ENCOURAGED. If you trade in your existing vehicle during these 2 days, we will terminate your vehicle's loan or lease and any negative equity (if applicable), will be applied to your new loan balance with bank approval. Just bring in your current registration, title or payment book and insurance verification.

Want a better gas mileage vehicle? Want a safer vehicle for your family? Tired of your current vehicle? Thinking of a second or third vehicle? Would you like to lower your car payments on a newer or brand new vehicle? Been told that you owe more than your current vehicle is worth? Waiting for the right time to buy? Been turned down for credit before?


Even customers with negative credit may also qualify to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle with payments starting at $99/month during these 2 days. (Down payment may vary based on severity of negative credit). 1.99% APR financing available up to 60 months (for credit worthy buyers, on select vehicles). You must take delivery of a vehicle during these 2 days to qualify. This offer cannot be combined with and supersedes any other advertised offer.

This selection of new & pre-owned cars and SUVs will be huge. No vehicle will be excluded.


Up to $500 Military Assistance savings on ALL in stock vehicles.

Must present current ID.

This graphic is for illustration purposes only.

$0 Down,

Payments Starting As Low As

$99 Per Month!*

Available With Approved Credit

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Clearance Event

Lee Hyundai 304 North Oak Forest Rd. Goldsboro, NC 27534

(919) 587-0500

Mentor Kia FSretMeevheeonnldtsooKnr aiHaonda

Pine BelUt nCihoenvVroWlet

Sansone Jr's 66 Automall

Tuesday, October 11, Wednesday, October 12,

11am - 8pm 11am - 8pm


!* $0 down, $99/mo: 2 Vehicles: 2005 Hyundai Sonata, VIN#G388764A/Stk#5A174488 with 78,393 miles or 2007 Dodge Caliber, VIN#U115685A/Stk#70420966 with 86,400 miles; each $0 down w/720+ Beacon Score, $99/month for 60mos at 3.99% APR; each selling price $5,339.97 plus tax, tag, title and $599 Dealer Administration Fee. 10% Kelley Blue Book/$100 basic tramsportation 2 vehicles includes everything except registration, title fees, tax and $599 dealer administration fee: 2002 Mazda 626, STK#H434962B/VIN#2T027776 w/187,323 miles or 1999 Honda Passport, STK#U161592A w/231,251 miles. All advertised vehicles are pre-owned, may have wear/tear and are cosmetically sold "AS-IS". All offers expire 10/12/16 8pm .

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