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Third Grade Special Education (Learning Disorders) Lesson Plan Lesson Plan: To improve understanding in spelling, math, and reading through educational games online Concepts: Homophones (spelling), Prime and Composite numbers (Math), and Recognizing Nouns and Verbs (Reading)What will be used: Computers and the Smart Board for games online The activities will take place in the classroom with class instruction and interactive games. Spelling Educational Game:LetterFall (15 Minutes) This game is online, and it designed to help students at all grade levels with spelling. For third graders it will focus on homophones and how well the children focus. This game will help students with ADHD to stay focused on what they are learning, and it will help students with dyslexia focus on which words are which and how to spell them. LetterFall will be played during the lesson to help students be more interactive in class. There will be a worksheet for homophones at the beginning, the learning game in the middle, and another homophone activity at the end of class. The students will be able to work together and build confidence in the classroom when they spell their words correctly. Math Educational Game:Fruit Splat (10 Minutes) This game is online, and it focuses on prime and composite numbers. The students will shoot the fruit with the numbers that correspond to the math term on the gun. This will help students that have a hard time with math terms and what they mean. They will also have help seeing the numbers and knowing which are prime and which are composite. Fruit Splat will be played at the beginning of the lesson as a warm-up/reminder of what these two terms mean. The game will get students ready for the lesson, and it will let them know what they need to work on. There will be worksheets and group work out of the book with different exercises on prime and composite numbers. The children will have a chance to show what they know and learn at the same time. Reading Educational Game:ABCya!(40 Minutes)ABCya! Is an internet site that has many activities especially ones that have to do with reading. The students in my classroom will use this website to help them grow their reading skills. They can read books, play with word puzzles, and learn about nouns and verbs all on this website. Students that have ADHD or dyslexia will find this website helpful because if they have trouble focusing the games will keep them interacting, and if they have trouble with the words or reading the games can help them by reading the words aloud. ABCya! Will be used for the entire reading period. The students will start off with an interactive game, usually a noun or verb game, to help get the period going. Then the students will get online and read a book or two of their choice. Finally the students will finish off with a word puzzle that correlates to the book they are reading. Since the books can be read out loud by a speaker on the computer, the students with learning disabilities will be able to keep up and learn how to say words they might not be able to recognize. Websites for the games: ................

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