To your AESOP account

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Log in to your AESOP account:

Step 2: Click on the VeriTime Tab Step 3: Click on Time Sheet

Step 4: Please make sure the date range indicates 12-11/11-12/07 if the range is correct, go to Step 6 (if they don't reflect this date: go to Step 5)

Step 5: Click on the calendar icon to change the date range to 11/11 ? 12/07

Option A: Select 12-11/11-12/07 Current on the drop down option and click on Change Date

Option B: Select Custom Date Range and select date from 11/11/2014 to 12/07/2014 and click Change Date Step 6: Click on Expand All to review all actual days worked for the pay period

Step 7: If all your days are correct, click on the Submit Button

Step 8: Once you click on the submit button, please make sure all dates worked are checked off and click Continue

Step 9: Please check off on checkbox to certify that your timesheet are a true statement of the hours recorded that you worked in the pay period indicated and type in your pin and click on Submit Timesheet No comments are required.

Step 10: Please verify all your days were submitted by Expanding All and checking the Status. Status should reflect Submitted


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