Greece: Engineering an Empire

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Greece: Engineering an Empire

I. Intro (salamis)

480 B.C.

1. What was the multicultural empire of 480 B.C.?

2. What Greek city state was Themistocles from?

3. What was the weakness of the Persian military?

4. Where did the Greek navy decisively defeat Persia?

5. In 471 B.C. what happened to Themisocles?

II. Mycenaean Civilization

1300 B.C.

6. Who was the Mycenaean king around 1200 B.C.?

7. What was like a bible for Ancient Greece telling moral stories?

8. What might have happened to Mycenae?

9. What began to develop & flourish in the 8th century B.C.?

IV-VI. Pericles and the Golden Age

(495-429 B.C.) Parthenon & conclusion

10. What city state did Pericles transform starting in 461 B.C.?

11. What defense alliance was the ancient world’s version of NATO?

12. What enormous temple did Pericles spend billions of dollars to rebuild?

13. How many drums were put together to form each column in the Parthenon?

14. What statue was held within the Parthenon?

15. In 431 B.C. what rival city state went after Athens?

16. Besides war, what killed many Athenians?

17. What was the war between Athens & Sparta?

18. What father & son will later get credit for spreading Greek culture?

The Persians Engineering an Empire


1. Who was the Persian King between 580-530 B.C.? (He was respected by most)

2. What modern day country was the Persian capital built?

3. In 539 B.C. who did Cyrus Conquer?

4. Who was freed?

5. What does paradisia mean in Greek?


6. Under what leader did the Persian Empire grow to its greatest size under?

7. Persian kings wished to be remembered as what?


8. Describe the Royal Road.

9. Darius built a canal to connect what seas?


10. Who won the Battle of Marathon?

11. What did Xerxes build to invade to get into Europe & invade the Greeks?

12. What city did the Persians burn after it had been deserted?

13. What Macedonian prince will ultimately conquer the Persian Empire and then known world?

14. What Persian king lost the empire

15. What was burned probably as an act of revenge

16. Whose daughter did Alexander marry?

17. How many years did the Persian Empire endure?

Greece: Age of Alexander

I. Intro

1. Phillip used diplomacy & ______________ to build up Macedonia.

2. In what ways did Phillip & the Macedonians change weapons of war?

3. “Phillip didn’t want to destroy Greece, he wanted to ___________.”

4. What powerful empire did Phillip want to invade, but didn’t get the chance?

5. How did Phillip die?

6. How old was Alexander when he inherits the throne from Phillip?

II. Alexander the Great

7. How did Alexander conquer Tyre?

8. Why did Alexander want Egypt?

III. A New Greek World

9. How many miles did Alexander expand the Greek borders in 325 B.C.?

10. Accommodation & _______________ was Alexander’s strategy to ruling his new empire.

11. The new Greek culture that spread became known as what?

12. What modern country is the ancient city of Pergamon?

IV. Ptolemy I

13. How did Alexander die? How old was he?

14. What kingdom did Ptolemy rule?

15. What city became the intellectual & scientific capital of the Greek world?

16. When & how was the lighthouse of Alexandria destroyed?

V. Hero of Alexandria

17. What did the library & museum or Alexandria contain thousands of?

18. What were two ideas or inventions of Hero?

19. How come the steam engine wasn’t used?


What did you find most interesting about Greece: Engineering an Empire?


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