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Recognition of Combat Vehicles (ROCV)

ROC-V 9.3 is available for download from .

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Government users who are unable to use the downloadable version may order the 3 CD set from , searching on: ROC-V (CD 22-109). Select the “add to shopping cart” button and fill in shipping details.


ROC-V is a day optics and thermal sight training program developed by Communications - Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center Night Vision & Electronic Sensors Directorate (CERDEC NVESD) in support of 2nd Generation Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) programs. This computer-based, multi-media training program can be tailored to serve as an individual tutorial, collective trainer and standardized testing tool at individual, institutional and unit levels. 

ROC-V helps soldiers learn to identify the thermal signatures of combat vehicles through the use of an interactive curriculum that teaches the unique patterns and shapes of vehicle "hotspots," and overall vehicle shapes and characteristics. ROC-V also provides soldiers with practical experience in the use of their thermal sensor image controls. Through the use of virtual sight controls, soldiers learn to effectively adjust their thermal image to find targets and bring out their thermal ID cues

Joint Forces Command, Joint Combat Identification Evaluation Team (JCIET) (now the Joint Fires Integration and Interoperability Team) has evaluated ROC-V as a joint training aid during numerous field experiments since 1999. Results led JCIET to recommend ROC-V as a joint service combat ID tool. JFCOM, Commander, JFIIT sponsored the NVESD to develop ROC-V 9.0. New features of ROC-V 9.0 include higher resolution imagery, a larger vehicle set including helicopters, USMC vehicles, JCIMS equipped vehicles, STRYKER, expanded tactical vehicle descriptions, occluded target views, samples of vehicle sounds, and a completely separate "Iron Sight" day view version. The day view version teaches visible target ID using ROC-V teaching principles. Both of these trainers support USA TRADOC training/testing of the Soldiers Manual Common Task (SMCT), Skill Level 1 task, Identify Combat Vehicles, 071-730-0014.


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