Step One… What is globalization

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Globalization Webquest

Complete the webquest below using your own sheet of notebook paper or on Microsoft Word during class today. If you don’t finish in class, complete the assignment at home.

Step One… What is globalization?

Click on the link below.

Read the entire article and answer the questions below

1. Sum up globalization in EIGHT words or less.

2. Give an example of “historic” globalization

3. Since 1950 the volume in world trade has increased by ____%. Why would this matter?

4. Interpret the quote by Thomas Friedman. “I said that more people in more places can now compete, connect and collaborate with equal power and equal tools than ever before.”

5. List one argument that a proponent (supporter) of globalization might give.

6. List one argument that someone who opposes globalization might give.

Step Two: The Globalization of Sesame Street.

Click on the link below and explore the website.

The website shows 13 countries in the blue bar where Sesame Street is shown. Click on at least five of them and read about the different programs. Listen to a theme song or two and the answer the question below.

1. How do the producers of Sesame Street adapt to the cultures of the world, while “going global”? Give specific examples.

Step Three: The Globalization of Coke

Click on the link below and explore the website to answer the questions that follow

1. Coke by the numbers.

• In how many countries are Coke beverages sold?

• How many employees does the company have worldwide?

• How many different beverages does Coke have worldwide?

• How many servings of Coke are there per day?

In the bottom right corner, click on the “Coca-Cola System”

2. What is the “Coca-Cola System” in terms of globalization?

3. What is Coke’s vision for globalization?

Click on “Products” at the top and look at five products that are unfamiliar to you. When you are finished answer the following questions.

4. How does Coke appreciate local diversity in its products? (In other words, how do they respect the cultures of the various countries)

5. In your opinion, is Coca-Cola a “responsible global corporation”? Explain your point of view.

Step Four: Vanishing Cultures

Next, visit the Vanishing Cultures Photo Gallery by clicking on the following link:

Choose any three culture groups to investigate in the gallery. Use Cornell notes or a graphic organizer to summarize the unique aspects of each group. Be sure to include who they are, where they are located, and how globalization has affected them.

Step Five: Globalization Issues

Return to . Pick two of the issues on the left side of the page, explore these issues, and write 3-4 sentences describing how globalization relates to these issues in a positive or negative way.

Issue #1:

Issue #2:


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