50 Megawatt Power Plant | Lufkin, TX

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50 Megawatt Power Plant | Lufkin, TX

Woody Biomass Renewable Power Plant

Aspen Power | Lufkin, TX

50 MW Biomass Power Plant

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Acquire a newly built biomass power plant located in Lufkin, Texas. The plant was constructed in 2011 and generates 50 megawatts (MW) net of clean-wood-waste biomass fired power. The plant was recommissioned by world-class operator NRG Energy Service in 2014 and is currently being maintained in a lay-up preservation status with full time security and engineers oversite.

The plant utilizes a vibrating grate stoker type boiler for the delivery of high pressure steam to a General Electric turbinegenerator set. The emissions control technology is state-of-the-art with a Selective Catalytic Reduction unit and ammonia injection for the significant reduction of NOx and modern clean-burn technology for the reduction of CO. The Facility also utilizes an electrostatic precipitator for the removal of fly ash and particulates from emissions stream. The furnace is a RotoStoker grate system that utilizes a water cooled vibrating grate system designed to maintain the desired fuel to ash bed conditions. The boiler is a single pass, membrane wall boiler with a peak capacity of 450,000 lbs/hr of steam with a design pressure of 1,200 psi at 950?F by FSE.

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