QHS Course Selection Pathways Booklet 2020 - 2021

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QHS Course Selection Pathways Booklet

2020 - 2021

Course requests will be completed online through the Aspen Student Portal. March 9 ? March 13, 2020

Finding the Aspen Student Portal: 1. Go to 2. Enter the student's ID number as the Login ID OR 1. From the Quincy Public Schools website at 2. Go to Quick Links choose Aspen 3. Enter the student's ID number as the Login ID

After logging into the Student Portal choose My Info top tab Requests side tab Follow Instructions which will be visible on the top of the My Info request screen during the course selection time of March 9 - March 13, 2020. Finding Program of Studies on our website:

1. Log on to the Quincy Public Schools website at 2. Go to Our District Our Schools High Schools select Quincy High School 3. Then go to Our School choose Guidance choose Course Selection 2020-2021

Course Eligibility Requirements

Prerequisites: Students must pass each year of a course within the subject area before taking the next course in the sequence. To continue in each sequential course of studies, a student should attain teacher approval or the following:

? Honors level: Minimum grade 80 ? Advanced level: Minimum grade 80 To advance to a higher level of studies a student should attain teacher approval or: ? A final average of 90 or higher at the CCP level to move to Honors ? A final average of 90 or higher at the Honors level to move to Advanced Some courses may have additional pre-requisites. See course description for additional information.

Quincy High School Main Office: (617) 376-3355 Student Support Services Office: (617) 376-3351

Lawrence Taglieri, Principal, Quincy High School lawrencetaglieri@

Ellen Murray, Assistant Principal Kevin Carey, Dean Steven Johnston, Dean Karen McPartlin, Dean Ellen Sullivan, Dean Paula McGeady, Department Chair,

Student Support Services

ellenmurray@ kevincarey@ stevenjohnston@ karenmcpartlin@ ellensullivan@


Should you have questions, feel free to call the departmental phone numbers listed below, and speak to a department chair, who will be happy to answer your questions and assist you.





Sarah Reichel



Career & Technical Education

Rebecca McInnis

617-376-3324 rebeccamcinnis@


Michael Ellis

617-376-3385 michaelellis@

English Language Learners

Kathleen Harrison



Foreign Language

Edie Boynton

617-376-3365 edieboynton@


Virginia Snell

617-376-3398 virginiasnell@


Michael Demarco

617-376-3331 michaeldemarco@


Julie Krieger

617-376-3366 juliekrieger@

Social Studies

Kevin Bell

617-376-3368 kevinbell@

Special Education

Lorraine Kusy

617-376-3340 lorrainekusy@

REV. 12-16-2019

Selecting your courses

This booklet includes the typical course pathways available to students entering Quincy High School. When selecting courses students should take into account the graduation requirements and the academic requirements necessary for their anticipated career path. Also included are the Quincy High School graduation requirements, promotion requirements and minimum four-year college admission requirements.

Questions regarding course selection should be directed to the student's current school counselor or the specific academic department chair listed on the previous page. It is recommended that students and parents review, modify and accept the recommendations of their classroom teachers and/or school counselors by the assigned deadline on the front cover.

Begin by reviewing the courses in this booklet. Course descriptions and additional information is available in the Program of Studies which is available on our website.

Finding Program of Studies on our website: 1. Log on to the Quincy Public Schools website at 2. Go to Our District Our Schools High Schools select Quincy High School 3. Then go to Our School choose Guidance choose Course Selection 2020-2021

Instructions for choosing Course Requests Online

1. After logging into the Student Portal choose My Info top tab Requests side tab

2. At the top of the Requests page, please read and follow the instructions in the Instructions box for entering your `requests'. Note: If any of your courses are recommended by your teachers, they will automatically appear as requests when you first view the Requests page.

3. In the Primary requests box, click Select in the different subject areas to view or choose your courses For example, to view what is offered for Social Studies courses, click Select to the left of Social Studies. A new window will open and all the courses that are available will be listed. The course recommended by your teacher will be checked and the Status will be Recommended. If the is gray, student cannot change the teacher recommendation. If you wish to choose another course that is listed, make a note in the Notes for counselor box on the Requests page.

Your requests are automatically saved after you enter them on the Requests page. Your counselor can view them anytime.

4. Students must select exactly 36 credits worth of courses

5. After you complete entering your requests, click Post at the bottom of the page. This lets your counselor know that you are finished entering requests. If you have not selected enough courses to satisfy requirements for your academic track, the system lets you know which area you need to make more requests in. Please verify that you have 36 credits


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School Year 2020 - 2021

Graduation Requirements

1. All students must pass the English, Mathematics, and Science Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS).

2. Each student must acquire a minimum in the subjects listed below. Additional courses in each sequence will be required to meet the 120 credits minimum graduation requirement at Quincy High School. To be eligible for graduation, students must take sequences in at least 4 major subject areas, or equivalent Technical majors. Sequences are to be selected from Business Technology, English, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, or Technical Programs.



MUST ACQUIRE CREDITS 20 10 15 15 20 4

** Mathematics-Fifteen (15) credits required in mathematics. Ten (10) of the fifteen (15) credits in mathematics are to come from the Mathematics Program of Studies. The additional five (5) credits should come from mathematics or business.

Students enrolled in Career Major programs must meet the requirements for English, mathematics, science, social studies, and must pass their three (3) year occupational sequence. The proper sequence in terms of years and accumulated credits must be taken. 3. All students are required to take and pass 2 years of foreign language during their freshman and sophomore years.

Promotion Requirements

1. Most high school subjects are worth five (5) credits each for a full year. 2. A student must pass at least five subjects, for a minimum of 25 credits, to achieve grade 10 status. 3. A student must accumulate 50 credits to arrive at grade 11 status. 4. A student must accumulate 85 credits to arrive at grade 12 status. 5. A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation. 6. There are certain subjects students must take in order to achieve the above-mentioned credits and be eligible for


Information for Parents of College Bound Students

In general, colleges require 16 high school units to be taken in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. A unit is the equivalent of taking a subject for a full school year, one class period per cycle. Electives should be selected to meet specific college requirements. This Program of Studies contains the courses usually required for admissions to college, but college catalogues should be consulted for possible variations. Five (5) credits are equivalent to one (1) college entrance unit.

It is recommended that students planning to attend a college/university for a baccalaureate degree should enroll in the following subjects: 4 years of English, 3 years of college math, 4 years of laboratory science, 4 years of social studies, and 3 years of foreign language. These subjects should be considered minimum college application requirements. Massachusetts public colleges and universities require that students pass 4 courses (Algebra I & II and Geometry or Trigonometry, or comparable coursework) including mathematics during the final year of high school

Accelerated and/or advanced placement (per College Entrance Examination Board) courses are offered for students who can undertake advanced work in English, mathematics, science, or social studies. It is possible to elect a business technology or a technical sequence and achieve entrance requirements for certain colleges.

Dual Enrollment (indicated by the symbol ) allows students to take advantage of the opportunity to obtain college credit directly at Quincy's two high schools. Dual Enrollment offers select Quincy College courses at the high schools that are approved for college credit and must align to the college syllabus for that course. These "for cost" courses are part of the Quincy Public Schools High School Program of Studies and will be added into a student's GPA.


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School Year 2020 - 2021


The Course Selection Chart shown below is designed to assist parents and students in selecting one or more courses that align with the English Department. Please note that students must pass a full year of English (5 credits) every year; accumulating 20 credits to qualify for graduation. The chart represents a suggested sequence of courses in the English Department by level. Students are required to meet all prerequisites and must obtain parent and teacher approval. Further information is available in the Program of Studies online at under QHS Guidance. See front cover for detailed location instructions.


Student Assigned by EL Teacher (CCP)

0198 English Language & Literature 1



Grade 9 0102 English 9

Grade 10 0112 English 10

Grade 11 0122 English 11

Grade 12 0132 English 12


Grade 9 0103 English 9

Grade 10 0113 English 10

Grade 11 0123 English 11

Grade 12 0133 English 12


Grade 9 0104 English 9

Grade 10 0114 English 10

Grade 11 0124 AP Language and Composition

Grade 12 0134 AP Literature and Composition

Grade 11 & 12 Electives Half-Year 2.5 credits

0175 (CCP) /0176 (H) Film Studies 0165 (CCP) /0166 (H) Sights, Sounds in Poetry

Grade 11 & 12 Elective Quarter-long 1.25 credits 8186 SAT Reading Prep (Unleveled course not included in GPA)

Grade 12 Electives Full-Year 5 credits

0177 (CCP) /0178 (H) Philosophy and Literature 0144 (H) Journalism 0151 (H) Creative Writing

Indicates Dual Enrollment credit option


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School Year 2020 - 2021


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