Sudbrook Magnet Middle School’s Wellness Program

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Sudbrook Magnet Middle School’s Health and P.E. Program

Welcome to Sudbrook’s Health and P.E. program! Here at Sudbrook we strive to create a positive and productive learning environment by utilizing the National Standards and Baltimore County’s Health and Physical Education Curriculums to create a diverse overall program. As a department we hold each student to extremely high standards in order to reach their maximum potential. Sudbrook’s health and physical education staff continuously challenge ourselves to ensure each student accomplishes our mission: 

To provide and develop the tools students will need to live a healthy and productive lifestyle by expanding each student’s mental, emotional, physical and social intelligences.   

Overview of the Health and P.E. Program

All Sudbrook students participate in the Health and P.E. program each year as follows:

• 6th grade -- One semester, alternating bi-weekly A/B rotation, of Health and Physical Education classes (90 min. each)

• 7th and 8th grade -- One semester, alternating bi-weekly A/B rotation, of Health and Physical Education classes (90 min. each) One semester of Physical Education classes (90 min.) two to three times a week (based on A/B rotation).

Our Physical Education curriculum includes skills implemented in team and individual sports, recreational games, adventure education activities, and lifetime and fitness activities. Baltimore County’s Fitnessgram program is also integrated into activities throughout the year. The students will focus on developing physical skills, learning individual and team strategies for success, and finding enjoyment in physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Our Health Education curriculum consists of the following:

|6th Grade |7Th Grade |8th Grade |

|Wellness |Nutrition and Fitness |Drug Use and Abuse |

|Human Development (puberty, reproduction) |Alcohol and Marijuana Use and Abuse |Human Sexuality |

|Tobacco Use & Prevention |Relationships (Family/Peer) |Disease Prevention (Communicable-HIV/STI’s) |

|Disease Prevention (Non communicable) |First Aid and Safety | |

|Violence Prevention (Bullying) | | |

The Baltimore County Police Department presents the DARE program to 6th graders.

Grading Policy

* Classwork -- 50% -- Includes written assignments, individual and group activities, self and peer evaluations, teacher evaluations/observations, etc.

* Assessment -- 30% -- Includes practical and written applications of student’s knowledge of the class content which includes; skill acquisition, rules and strategies, performance assessment, skill/fitness improvement, formative and summative assessments, projects, exit tickets, etc.

* Homework -- 20% -- Includes completion of home assignments that reinforce learning in the classroom. For example; projects, fitness homework/journals, etc.

6th graders receive separate Health and P.E. grades on their report cards for their one semester of Health and Physical Education. 7th/8th graders receive a Health grade for the semester of Health (includes P.E. classes) and a P.E. grade for their semester of P.E.

Note: Students missing class will have the opportunity to complete make-up work. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for and complete the make-up work.



* A folder/binder section for Health classes

* A combination lock (absolutely no key locks) - Students are responsible for ALL of their belongings! They should use their assigned P.E. lockers with their own (or rent one for $3.00 through our department while supplies last) combination lock to secure their belongings (Don’t share lockers or combinations!)

* Sudbrook P.E. Uniform Guidelines

* Top – Must have sleeves (no tank tops, “spaghetti straps”, or midriff-type tops) Sweatshirts are allowed and preferred to a coat.

* Bottom - Shorts (mid-thigh length and no cut-off jean shorts), and sweats (no jeans).

* Shoes/socks – Shoes must have laces and a full heel back. Remember to bring extra socks and shoes for wet and muddy field conditions.

* Water bottle to stay hydrated.

* Box of Kleenex for class use


* Changing for P.E. class is the expectation for all students EVERY CLASS. Students that are not prepared for class will receive a consequence and are still required to participate as long as their attire is considered safe by their teacher.

* All belongings MUST be locked in a P.E. locker. Anything not locked up or left outside of the locker is at the students’ own risk and not the responsibility of the P.E. staff. (Special accommodations can be made for large items; instruments, projects, etc.)

* Glass containers, aerosols/sprays, and eating food/gum/drinks are prohibited in the locker room and gym areas.

* Be prepared to go outside for class anytime during the school year.


All students are expected to participate and put forth their best effort.

* Students are responsible for reporting any injury to the instructor.

* Written excuses from a parent/guardian or doctor are required if a student is to be excused from physical activity. The written excuse must give the period of time that the student will be unable to participate; otherwise, the note will apply only for the class period it was received. A doctor’s note is required to excuse a student from activity longer than 1 week. Also, a student that has been excused for a long-term injury must have a doctor’s release in order to return to activity.

* If a student is excused, he/she will still be required to dress for class (unless the injury makes it difficult to change such as a leg cast) and complete an alternate activity in order to receive a class work grade.

* If a student chooses not to participate because he/she is feeling ill, this will be considered unexcused until a note from a parent/guardian or doctor is given to the instructor. The student is still expected to dress and will complete an alternate activity.

* The parent/guardian will be contacted by the instructor if he/she notices that there is a pattern of non-participation.


For the safety of all students and to keep the equipment in functional condition, students are to use the equipment only when and as instructed.

* Students must have written permission from the instructor to leave class for any reason.

* The following consequences will be enforced when a student chooses not to follow the class procedures (for example: lateness to class, not dressing for class, abuse of equipment; disrespect of others, refusal to participate or cooperate):

* First time = Warning

* Second time = “Time-out”, which may include having the student write an assessment of situation, and/or contacting parent

* Third time = Contact parent/guardian by phone, e-mail, or written form, and/or detention

* Four or more times = Office Referral

Note: Based on the severity of the problem, the order of consequences above may be superseded with contacting parent/guardian and/or student being referred to the office/guidance.


Baltimore County Public Schools has implemented the Fitnessgram, a comprehensive program that tests and monitors students’ fitness levels in all grades. The Fitnessgram helps each student improve his/her fitness and serves as a basis for promoting lifetime fitness. Students will learn ways that they can integrate physical activity into their lives through goal setting and activity logs. The students are tested two or more times a year, and their progress is recorded. The Fitnessgram consists of the following health-related fitness tests:

* Pacer -- Aerobic Capacity

* Sit and Reach/Shoulder Stretch -- Flexibility

* Curl-ups/Push-ups -- Muscular Endurance and Strength

* Pull Ups and Flexed Arm Hang -- Muscular Endurance and Strength

* Body Mass Index -- Body Composition


Intramurals are offered to students before and after school as an extension of our Physical Education program. Through intramural activities students have the opportunity to build on the knowledge and skills they gain during regular Physical Education classes. Students must have a signed permission slip and follow all the rules of the program in order to participate. More information about the program and the specific activities offered will be given by the instructors throughout the year.

The Eagle Award

The Eagle Award is recognition of excellence in health and physical education throughout the school year. The Eagle award goes to the top students that meet all of the following requirements:

• Received straight A’s in health and P.E. for the entire year

• Reached the healthy zones on all fitness tests

• No disciplinary issues (ex. Call home, detention, etc.)

• Exhibited excellent leadership and sportsmanship

During the year-end awards/activity day these students will be recognized for their achievement, along with a special reward. These students clearly represent the purpose of health and physical education and why it is such an important element of a healthy lifestyle

Parent Volunteers

If you have an area of expertise related to the fields of Health and/or Physical Education and would like to share your knowledge and skills with students, please fill out the form below. In addition, parental involvement, such as being physically active with your child and modeling healthy nutritional habits, is vital to a successful Wellness Education program. It not only reinforces positive health behaviors with your child, but also benefits you, the parent, by promoting an active, healthy lifestyle. We appreciate your help and support in building a successful program!

We hope this information will help you to start off a successful and exciting year in Wellness. If you have any questions or concerns, please let your Health and P.E. instructor know (410-887-6720). Thank you!

Sudbrook Magnet Middle’s Health and P.E. Department

Ms. K. Bartosz Mr. A. Burkhardt Ms. S. Staley

Mr. B. Whitehead Mr. A. Weddle

Please return only this form to your Health and P.E. instructor. Keep the handbook as a reference throughout the year.

I have read and understand the Wellness handbook explaining the Health and P.E. program and its policies and procedures. My signature is my agreement to follow the policies and procedures as stated in the handbook in an effort to achieve success in this program.

__________________________ ____________________________ Student’s Name -- Printed Student Signature

__________________________ ____________________________

Parent/Guardian’s Name -- Printed Parent/Guardian’s Signature

__________________________ ____________________________ Daytime Phone Number Date

Parent Volunteer Form

Note: A Wellness instructor will be in touch with you to get/give further information. Please make sure your phone number(s) is on the form above. Your help is greatly appreciated!

______ I would like to be a Health and P.E. Parent Volunteer by being a guest speaker on the topic(s) of:___________________________________________

I am available: ______________________________________________________

______ I would like to be a Health and P.E. Parent Volunteer by being a guest physical activity instructor/assistant for: ___________________________________

I am available: ______________________________________________________

_____ I would like to be a Health and P.E. Parent Volunteer by helping with the intramural program (incl. Annual Hoops for Heart program held second semester after school)

I am available: ______________________________________________________

Sudbrook Magnet Middle School


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