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The 16 Best Cold Calling Scripts

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The Best Scripts

Important Note: You downloaded these scripts from coldcalling. You should periodically check back at this site to see what else we have posted. In my May 2009 article in Research Magazine, "I Love to Cold Call," I made an offer and asked that if you are doing any cold calling to send me a copy of your script and you would receive in return, a booklet of all the good scripts I receive. I will publish some of these in a future article in Research. This booklet (mostly) delivers on this promise. I say "mostly" because some of the scripts were--how can I say this nicely?--deficient. I did not include them. I omitted other scripts because they don't work. I received a bunch of "I'm calling to introduce myself." I also received a lot of scripts that pressured the prospects. I've known for a long time that the advisors who send these in don't actually use them, because they don't work. It's just someone's version of someone else's version of that tired old notion that you should not believe the customer until he or she has said "No" 3 times, 5 times, 6 times, or even 27 times. The 16 scripts I have included are, in some cases, quite good. Some, which I noted, I had reservations about, but they included something I did like. For each script, I've told you what I like about it, and what I did not. Testing I certainly cannot tell you which--or if any--of these scripts will work for you in your market. I can tell you how to find out. Test I'm not going to say here what I said in my book, "Hot Prospects." You really do need to read the book, and focus especially on Chapter 17, "Testing." Learn more about the book here: . There you will find convenient links to Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. So pick a script you like. Test it as I outlined. Revise it as necessary. I have provided you this booklet in MS Word format so you can easily edit. Their scripts are yours now. Good luck.


Cup of Coffee #1

Why I like it: I really like this one. I have often thought that the major firms should FORBID new FAs from opening any accounts for six months. They should only focus on building relationships. This script does just that. I also like the author's meticulous attention to good manners. These go a long way.

What I don't like: Nothing.

Hello, is this [Name]? Hi this is [Name] with [Company]. The reason for my call is I have a lunch appointment with a client of mine next [Day]. I saw that your business was a block away and I would like to come to introduce myself to you and buy you a cup of coffee. (stop)

They usually say one of the following thingsI already work with somebody. What's this about? I'm not interested. What ever they say I always respond back.

Hey I am interested in learning about your business. I promise you two things: one I will not talk about (My Firm) and two, I will not talk to you about investments unless you ask. Whenever I have an appointment with a client and I have some free time I always look in the neighborhood to see if there are any businesses that interest me ... So would you prefer your coffee black or with cream??

Comments from Script Author: I usually will call a neighborhood that I plan on cold canvassing. I target businesses and I call between 8-9 am and 5-6 pm. The reason I call those hours is that I have a better success rate getting by the gatekeeper, and I'm targeting the business owner. If I call those hours I can set 1-2 appointments in a day. Call 4 days a week, and I'll target one neighborhood for the following week where I'll be out of the office all day going to 3-6 quality "cold" meetings.

At the appointments I'll bring them a cup of coffee, start asking where they are from, ask about their family, and try to find some common ground. I will not bring up my firm or investments UNTIL they ask me, and they always bring it up usually about 20 minutes into the meeting (almost like clockwork). And I explain "I'm here to learn about your business, but if you are interested about what I do then why don't we set up a breakfast (If I got a hold of them in the morning), or after work meeting (If I set the appointment calling in the evening) in the next few days to go over what I do."

Either way, after the meeting (assuming I built some rapport) I'll send them an email that evening, and a thank you card the next day. If I have a meeting with them great, but if I wasn't able to get a meeting and if they have children, I'll send a children's book to the owner, age appropriate, (If no children then I'll send them a book on a hobby they have) and call after its been delivered to see if they have received it, and if they have, ask for a meeting, and if he says no then ask if they know anyone who's been disappointed with their advisor, and if I could be introduced to them.


CUP of Coffee #2

Why I like it: Creative opening. Seems to work. What I don't like: My guess is for this to work, there has to have been previous contact. See notes on List(s) below. Stats: Hours spent CC: 4; Leads/week: 5; New clients YTD: 25 List(s) Combined list from networking, picking up business cards, calling local businesses, leads. Suggestions: Try this with a list of people whom you have been in touch with. "Mr. Jones, I'm John Doe, an independent investment advisor with [Company]. My business is the long-term prudent accumulation of wealth for my own family, and the families of about 250 in our community. I have room in my practice now to take on another family and I'm calling you as a substantial person who may find what I do very helpful. It only takes about 20 minutes for me to outline my beliefs and capabilities, so I wondered if I could buy you a cup of coffee one morning before we both get real busy, and see if there's a fit. How about next Tuesday morning or does Thursday work better for you?" A. Do you feel strongly that your advisor has gained your confidence in the last year? B. Can you see value in getting a second opinion? C. I show families how to protect their retirement income from market volatility.


401K (Or Other Employee Benefit)

Why I like it: Polite way to deal with gatekeeper. Asks for a minimal commitment up front. Unique opening benefit. What I don't like: Talks too much. Does not engage the prospect in a conversation. Stats: None Suggestions: Engage the client within 15 seconds of getting him/her to the phone.

Receptionist/Gatekeeper: I'm not sure who I should speak with but my name is [Name], a local financial advisor at [Company]. I'm also a long time Cypress resident and active with several organizations here. Let me ask you, Who would be the appropriate person to speak with in regards to your retirement plan???" [Mr/Mrs______________]??? Great. Could you put me through? To Decision Maker: Hi____________ this is [Name] calling from [Company] at our [City] office. I know you are not expecting my call. I will be brief. Would you allow me 90 seconds??? My team specializes in maximizing companies' current 401K/and retirement Plans. So, what this means is..........We help you get the most out of your current plan.......without the hassle of changing to another provider! We specialize in Company retirement plans because ... well ... it's the most neglected part of the financial services industry. The bulk of people's financial future lies within their company retirement plan. Many plans only see their advisors once a year. We are different.!! -- We provide quarterly reviews for the employees and employer.!! -- We provide educational programs for the employees ... like asset allocation, diversification, retirement cash flow analysis, and adjusting to the retirement years. We ensure that the plan is in compliance with the IRS. We significantly raise employee knowledge--And most importantly, we conduct the required due diligence, making sure the company's fiduciary responsibility has been met. This would eliminate any chance of the company being sued by disgruntled employees. The best part ... there is no additional cost to use our firm. You are already paying for these services in your current 401K or retirement plan, but 90% of the plans out there do not receive the level of service they pay for. That's my 90 seconds. I would like to set a 10 minute appointment with you. These appointments last no more than 10 minutes. How is next Tuesday at 10 am work for you?



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