IEP Goals and Objectives Bank (Redmond, Oregon)

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´╗┐IEP Goals and Objectives Bank (Redmond, Oregon)

Content Area English Functional Academics Independent Living Mathematics Mathematics Readiness Motor Recreation and Leisure Self-management and Daily Living Social Emotional Speech and Language Study Skills Vocational/Career Education

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Content Strands

Table Of Contents Table Of Contents



Comprehension (readiness)


Decoding and Word Recognition (readiness)




Phonemic Awareness (readiness)


Print Awareness And Letter Knowledge (readiness)


Reading Accuracy And Fluency


Reading Comprehension





E10 Writing

E11 Writing

E12 Writing

E13 Writing

E14 Writing

E15 Writing

E16 Writing (readiness)

Functional Academics

FA1 Communication

FA2 Communication

FA3 Communication

FA4 Communication

FA5 Communication

FA6 Communication

FA7 Finance

FA8 Finance

FA9 Finance

FA10 Finance

FA11 Mathematics

Table Of Contents

FA12 Mathematics FA13 Mathematics FA14 Mathematics FA15 Mathematics FA16 Reading FA17 Reading FA18 Reading FA19 Time Management FA20 Time Management FA21 Writing Independent Living IL1 Community Safety IL2 Community Safety IL3 Community Safety IL4 Community Safety IL5 Community Safety IL6 Community Safety IL7 Eating Out IL8 Eating Out IL9 General Shopping IL10 General Shopping IL11 Grocery Shopping IL12 Grocery Shopping IL13 Grocery Shopping IL14 Grocery Shopping IL15 Mobility IL16 Travel IL17 Travel IL18 Travel IL19 Travel IL20 Using Community Services

Table Of Contents Table Of Contents Table Of Contents

IL21 Using Community Services IL22 Using Community Services IL23 Using Community Services IL24 Using Community Services IL25 Using Community Services IL26 Using Community Services Mathematics

M1 Algebraic relationships M2 Geometry and spatial sense M3 Mathematical problem solving M4 Measurement M5 Number sense and calculation M6 Statistics and probability Mathematics Readiness MR1 Algebraic Relations (readiness) MR2 Geometry And Spatial Sense (readiness)

MR3 Mathematical Problem Solving (readiness) MR4 Measurement (readiness) MR5 Number Sense And Calculation (readiness) MR6 Number Sense And Calculation (readiness) MR7 Number Sense And Calculation (readiness) MR8 Number Sense And Calculation (readiness) MR9 Statistics And Probability (readiness) Motor Mo1 Basic Gross Motor Mo2 Basic Gross Motor Mo3 Basic Gross Motor Mo4 Basic Gross Motor Mo5 Basic Gross Motor Mo6 Basic Gross Motor Mo7 Basic Gross Motor

Mo8 Mo9 Mo10 Mo11 Mo12 Mo13 Mo14 Mo15 Mo16 Mo17 Mo18 Mo19 Mo20 Mo21 Mo22 Mo23 Mo24 Mo25 Mo26 Mo27 Mo28 Mo29 Mo30 Mo31 Mo32 Mo33 Mo34 Mo35 Mo36 Mo37 Mo38 Mo39

Basic Gross Motor Fine Motor Fine Motor Fine Motor Intermediate Gross Motor-Balance Intermediate Gross Motor-locomotor-galloping Intermediate Gross Motor-locomotor-hopping

Intermediate Gross Motor-locomotor-jumping Intermediate Gross Motor-locomotor-leaping Intermediate Gross Motor-locomotor-running Intermediate Gross Motor-locomotor-skipping

Intermediate Gross Motor-object control-catching Intermediate Gross Motor-object control-dribbling Intermediate Gross Motor-object control-kicking Intermediate Gross Motor-object control-push/hit Intermediate Gross Motor-object control-striking Intermediate Gross Motor-object control-throw/propel Intermediate Gross Motor-object control-throwing Intermediate Gross Motor-playground skills Intermediate Gross Motor-swinging Intermediate Gross Motor-tricycle or bicycle riding Perception Perception Perception Perception Perception Perception

Physical Fitness-agility Physical Fitness-cardio-respiratory

Table Of Contents

Mo40 Physical Fitness-flexibility Mo41 Physical Fitness-strength Mo42 Physical Fitness-strength Mo43 Sensory Motor Mo44 Sensory Motor Mo45 Sensory Motor Mo46 Sensory Motor Mo47 Sensory Motor Mo48 Sensory Motor Mo49 Sensory Motor Mo50 Visual Motor Mo51 Visual Motor Mo52 Visual Motor Mo53 Visual Motor Mo54 Visual Motor Mo55 Visual Motor Mo56 Visual Motor Mo57 Visual Motor Mo58 Visual Motor Mo59 Visual Motor Recreation and Leisure RL1 Adaptations & Modifications RL2 Play And Games RL3 Play And Games RL4 Play And Games RL5 Play And Games RL6 Play And Games RL7 Play And Games RL8 Play And Games RL9 Blank


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