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It’s my pleasure and honour to present the Annual Report 2017/2018.

Change creates opportunity and opportunities must be optimized for customer satisfaction and one of the important challenges for policy makers is to manage change as human beings are resistant to change. I have tried during the financial year 2017/2018 to bring changes in the mindset of our human resources. Thus changes occurring in our District are challenging the core principles of Local Authorities and propelling us forward in new and exciting ways.

The District Council of Pamplemousses is growing fast and the growth is bringing energy and diversity in our District. The community focused budget of Rs 283,412,522 resulted in the Council investing more than Rs 56,252,156 in infrastructure and facilities that will benefit not only the residents of today but also those of the future.

There are many challenges facing the Council, but the current economic climate was certainly one of the most confronting. Such an economic condition reflected particularly challenging time in developing a responsible budget which provides residents with the service-facilities they needed.

The year 2018 marked our 6th year as a Local Authority. For the last 6 years our core business was to provide social services to the inhabitants and this won’t change. We shall move forward, we will strengthen and extend our services by investing more and more in our statutory duties. The environment is challenging and the Council had to be more sharply focused on productivity as the clients are looking for speedy action, efficiency, integrity, control, precision and sound management in our mission, to ensure a healthy and sustainable natural and eco-friendly environment.

The Council has been fully devoted to regaining any trust that may have been lost by implementing managerial reforms and measures in empowering service delivery and I am proud to say I have been successful in bringing reforms by empowering decision making processes and strengthening risk management systems.

As the fundamental essence of our operations is to provide social service and this is a task which is spearheaded by our human resources, and I have been successful in enhancing the capabilities of the Council’s human resources.

Furthermore, with a view to regaining balance between our resources and our expenses, emphasis has been laid on cash flows, management of our debts and our investments. My actions have been an endeavour that has contributed to the society’s welfare. Likewise, I had stressed on the fact that our employees should fully exert themselves to faithfully serve the stakeholders.

To sum up, as Chairperson I have formulated short, medium and long term objectives by tenaciously pushing forward with managerial reforms and strengthening our human relations, followed by displaying the results of my efforts to the stakeholders through the social media.

I believe it’s crucial to add that I had the opportunity to preside the Association of the District Councils as Chairperson and my ultimate aim was to bridge the gap between the District Councils and Municipal Councils and I proudly can say that it is in good way.

I am devoted to winning back the trust of our stakeholders and I have assured that everyone in the organization is united in the commitment to advancing the Council’s goals and objectives.

I humbly ask for your continued understanding and support of our efforts.

Thank you.

Mr Sunael Singh PURGUS

Chairperson, District Council


Section 142 of the Local Government Act 2011 requires that a District Council shall prepare and adopt an Annual Report every year on the activities of the authority during the preceding financial year ending on 30 June.

Therefore, I have the honour and privilege to present the sixth Annual Report of the District Council of Pamplemousses for the year ending 30 June 2018. With limited financial and human resources, this Council has been able to maintain the level of social and infrastructural services provided to the general public. In view of the numerous challenges and growing expectations, this Council is committed to provide quality services to the residents and provide a platform through the Customer Support Unit to receive complaints and solve their numerous problems.

I seize this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to the Chairperson of the District Council as well as the District Councillors and all the Head of Departments and all staff members who have endeavoured to put their efforts to achieve the expected results despite the limited resources of the Council.

Mr. Jean François Dorestan

Chief Executive


The District Council of Pamplemousses is headed by a Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson with 19 District Councillors. All the Village Councils are represented by one elected District Councillor except the Village Councils of Baie du Tombeau, Le Hochet and Triolet which have 2 District Councillors.

The District Council of Pamplemousses has 18 villages under its jurisdiction and each village has a Village Council which is headed by a Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson duly elected. According to the Local Government Act, the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson have a mandate of two years after which an election is held to elect a new Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.

A budget is allocated to each Village Council for the management of its affairs to wit - Section 51:

(a) the organisation of sports, leisure and cultural activities;

(b) the running of pre-primary schools and entrepreneurship courses;

(c) the maintenance and improvement of libraries and computer facilities;

(d) the maintenance of cremation grounds and any other public health amenities; and

(e) the performance generally of any public works to promote the sanitation and cleanliness of the village and the well being of the inhabitants.

The District Council of Pamplemousses has its own statutory duties as all the other Local Authorities as provided in the Local Government Act 2011 and these are taken care by the under-mentioned departments:

|Department |Headed by |Name of officers in post |

| | |(July 2017 to June 2018) |

|Administration |Chief Executive |Mr Rajcoomar GANGADEEN |

| | |(July 2017- June 2018) |

| | |Mr Jean François DORESTAN |

| | |(June 2018) |

| |Deputy Chief Executive |Mrs Kavita Devi TAROLAH |

|Finance | Ag. Financial Controller |Mr Louis Vivian Giovani CHARLES |

|Public Infrastructure |Head, Public Infrastructure Department |Mr. Aumrajsingh Sookun |

| | |(February 2018 to June 2018) |

|Land Use and Planning |Head, Land Use and Planning Department |Mrs Vijayemallah BUSGEETH |

|Public Health |Ag. Chief Health Inspector |Mr. Rajess Kumar Bheekharry |

|Welfare |Principal Welfare Officer |Mrs Mokshada RAMROOP |

Contact Details of the District Council of Pamplemousses

Address : Morrisson Road, Near CAB Office, Pamplemousses

Web Site :

Email : chiefexecutive.dcp@

Tel : 243-8300

Fax : 243-1452 / 243-3019


The District Council of Pamplemousses is committed to provide top quality service coupled with courtesy and honesty.


To enhance the living environment of our residents by providing an efficient and effective service in a timely and professional manner.

Our Objectives

• To meet the needs and growing demands of people living in the rural area by providing a wide range of services, namely scavenging services, road works, burials, street lighting, maintenance of public gardens, welfare services, organization of sports and cultural activities and by executing the work requested by the villagers.

• To be on an appropriate wavelength with changes in order not to be overtaken by innovations taking place in our environment and to keep pace with extended development in the rural residential areas.

• To be in constant contact with our customers and to have frequent exchange of views and discussions about local problems and needs in order to deliver the goods efficiently and promptly( in order to increase the council’s efficiency and enhance the value it obtains from money it spends).

• To preserve good public relations which are essential for the projection of a good image to the public about the Councillors, Officers and their performance. To do so, we aim at working in close collaboration with our stakeholders such as our parent Ministry and the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment & Sustainable Development.


|Name |Office Held |Village Council |

|Mr Sunael Singh PURGUS |Chairperson |Fond du Sac |

|Mr Ootam CALLICHURN |Vice Chairperson |Trou aux Biches |

|Mr Deeraj SOOKUR |District Councillor |Congomah |

|1. Miss Deeksha BUNDHOO |District Councillor |Morc St Andre |

|(Up to February 2017) | | |

|2. Mr Ravindranath BUNDHOO | | |

|(February 2017) | | |

|Mr Ranjiv WOOCHIT OSK (up to May 2018) |District Councillor |Triolet |

|Mr. P. MANAROO (May 2018) | | |

|Mr Bickarmah BUNDHOOA (up to May 2018) | | |

|Aubeeluck Mohammad Iqbal (May 2018) | | |

|Mr Kalicharan SOMAROO |District Councillor |Terre Rouge |

|Mr Vijay Kumar BACHOO |District Councillor |Ville Bague |

|Mr Asraf KOORJAH |District Councillor |Plaine des Papayes |

| Mr Anil CHAYETUN |District Councillor |Pointe Aux Piments |

|(As from March 2017) | | |

|Mr Devanand BULATOO |District Councillor |Creve Coeur |

|Mr Comrasamy CANARAPEN |District Councillor |Le Hochet |

|Mr Geeanduth JEEBODH | | |

|Mr Premkoomar BOOTUN |District Councillor |Calebasses |

|(As from March 2017) | | |

|Mr Premchanlall BUNDHOO (up to May 2018) |District Councillor |Long Mountain |

|Mr. Priyaj DOSIEAH (May 2018) | | |

|Mr Pawan Kumar JOGEEA |District Councillor |Arsenal |

|Mr Bedanand DABOO |District Councillor |D'Epinay |

|Mr Khemnarain RAMADHIN |District Councillor |Baie du Tombeau |

|Mrs Jayshree MAUGAN | | |

|Mr Tribohun SEENARAIN (up to Nov. 2017) |District Councillor |Notre Dame |

|Mr. Riyeah MOHOBOOB (November 2017) | | |

|Mr Vedanand TOTOO |District Councillor |Pamplemousses |


|Meeting/Committee (1st July 2017 – 30th June 2018) |No. of Sittings |

|Council Meeting |14 |

|Permits and Business Monitoring Committee |54 |

|Executive Committee |14 |

|Welfare Committee |14 |

|Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management Committee |4 (Simulation Exercises) |

| |5 (Meetings) |

|Procurement Committee |92 |

|Bid Evaluation Committee |44 |

|Management Committee |9 |

|Health and Safety Committee |6 |

|Public Health Committee |12 |

|Public Infrastructure Committee |13 |


The Council which is composed of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and District Councillors from the 18 Village Councils meet regularly and at least once monthly as specified under the Local Government Act 2011 under the chairmanship of the Chairperson. All policy matters, motions and questions were debated, passed and implemented at the Council meetings.


The Permits and Business Monitoring Committee which is chaired by the Chief Executive or his representative met on a weekly basis to determine applications for residential, commercial and excision/subdivision of lands and OPPs. All due dates were respected and permits issued in due time.

Furthermore, the Permits and Business Monitoring Committee also dealt with applications for obstructions of roads, organisation of occasional fairs together with the follow-up of all complaints registered at the Council as well as from other institutions such as the Ministries and the Ombudsman's Office, among others.


The Executive Committee met on 14 occasions to approve the recommendations of the Permits and Business Monitoring Committee and those of the Procurement Committees regarding purchase of goods and services exceeding Rs 100,000/- .

During the period (1st July 2017 – 30th June 2018), the Executive Committee was comprised of:

(01 July 2017 – 08 September 2017)

➢ Mr Sunael Singh Purgus Chairperson

➢ Mr Ootam Callichurn Vice Chairperson

➢ Mr Devanand Bulatoo District Councillor

➢ Mr. P. Bundhoo District Councillor

➢ Mr Geeanduth Jeebodh District Councillor

➢ Mr Khemnarain Ramadhin District Councillor

➢ Mr Tribohun Seenarain District Councillor

(28 September 2017 – 09 February 2018)

➢ Mr Sunael Singh Purgus Chairperson

➢ Mr Ootam Callichurn Vice Chairperson

➢ Mr Devanand Bulatoo District Councillor

➢ Mr. Premchanlall Bundhoo District Councillor

➢ Mr Geeanduth Jeebodh District Councillor

➢ Mr Khemnarain Ramadhin District Councillor

➢ Mr Kalicharan. Somaroo District Councillor

(23 February 2018 – 06 April 2018)

➢ Mr Sunael Singh Purgus Chairperson

➢ Mr Ootam Callichurn Vice Chairperson

➢ Mr Devanand Bulatoo District Councillor

➢ Mr Premchanlall Bundhoo District Councillor

➢ Mr Geeanduth Jeebodh District Councillor

➢ Mr Khemnarain Ramadhin District Councillor

➢ Mrs. Jayshree Maugan District Councillor

(21 April 2018 – 24 May 2018)

➢ Mr Sunael Singh Purgus Chairperson

➢ Mr Ootam Callichurn Vice Chairperson

➢ Mr Devanand Bulatoo District Councillor

➢ Mr Kalicharan. Somaroo District Councillor

➢ Mr Geeanduth Jeebodh District Councillor

➢ Mr Khemnarain Ramadhin District Councillor

➢ Mrs. Jayshree Maugan District Councillor

(25 May 2018 – 17 June 2018)

➢ Mr Sunael Singh Purgus Chairperson

➢ Mr Ootam Callichurn Vice Chairperson

➢ Mr Devanand Bulatoo District Councillor

➢ Mr Geeanduth Jeebodh District Councillor

➢ Mr Khemnarain Ramadhin District Councillor

➢ Mrs. Jayshree Maugan District Councillor

➢ Mr. Vedanand Totoo District Councillor

(18 June 2018)

➢ Mr Sunael Singh Purgus Chairperson

➢ Mr Ootam Callichurn Vice Chairperson

➢ Mr Devanand Bulatoo District Councillor

➢ Mr Khemnarain Ramadhin District Councillor

➢ Mrs. Jayshree Maugan District Councillor

➢ Mr. Vedanand Totoo District Councillor

➢ Mr Kalicharan. Somaroo District Councillor


Ad-hoc Committees were held as and when required mainly to sort out issues pertaining to sports/social/cultural activities with a view to minimise waste of time at Council meetings. All preliminary/basic issues were dealt with at the level of the Ad-hoc Committees and recommendations were subsequently submitted to the Council for approval.


The Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management Committee met four times under the chairmanship of the Chairperson of the District Council of Pamplemousses with all the other stakeholders for holding of a table-top simulation exercise or landslide and Tsunami/High Waves in the northern coastal villages.

Furthermore, 5 meetings were also held to review the processes in place for national disasters prior to the simulation exercise.


The Procurement Committee which met on 92 occasions also took into consideration the reports from the Bid Evaluation Committee, the opening of bids, for analyzing and reviewing of bid documents and approved all procurement of goods and services less than Rs100,000/-. Items exceeding Rs 100,000/- which have been recommended by the Bid Evaluation Committee in line with the provisions of the Public Procurement Act were referred to the Executive Committee for approval.


Procurement of goods and services with technical specifications were referred to the Bid Evaluation Committee for a report. The Bid Evaluation Committee which is composed of a Chairperson and two assessors, met on an “as and when required” basis to evaluate bids. The recommendations were then forwarded to the Procurement Committee and ultimately to the Executive Committee for approval to be in line with the provisions of the Public Procurement Act and regulations.


With a view to disseminate information, follow-up of actions and discussion on new projects together with maintaining discipline and order in the office, the Management Committee met at least once a month.

This meeting has proved to be successful as several difficult issues which were lagging behind were settled.


The Health and Safety Committee met only on 6 occasions during period 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018 to discuss issues relating to health and safety at work. Following the setting up of this committee, there has been a notable change in the culture of employees in risk avoidance. Trainings were also provided to employees by the Health and Safety Officer.


The achievements of the Council for the period 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018 are highlighted below based on the activities and functions of the respective departments.


The Administration Department which is headed by the Chief Executive has the overall responsibility of exercising administrative and financial control on all departments. It has also the responsibility of coordinating the activities of the Council bearing in mind integrity, accountability and good corporate governance.

The responsibility to implement policy decisions taken by the Council rests solely with the Administration Department. The department is also responsible for monitoring the activities of the 18 Village Councils falling under the purview of the District Council of Pamplemousses.

The following sections fall under the jurisdiction of the Administration Department:

| |Human Resource Management Section |

| |Internal Control Section |

| |Information Technology Section |

| |Registry |

Human Resource Section

The Human Resource Management Section plays a vital role in the administration of the Council. It deals with all human resource functions such as employees attendance, employee discipline, appointment/promotion, retirement of employees, follow up of police cases, performance management systems, working out confidential reports amongst others of the District Council employees.

It also liaises with the parent Ministry, i.e. the Ministry of Local Government and Outer Islands and the Unified Local Government Service Board to deal with matters pertaining to HR Estimates, assignment of duties to higher posts and change in posting for Officers' cadre amongst others requests from employees such as incremental credit or motor loan and so on.

Moreover, the HR Section also liaises with the Local Government Service Commission to deal with matters pertaining to recruitment, filling of funded vacant posts, request for early retirement as well as disciplinary measures.

It also caters for the training needs of employees at different levels. The HR Section also has the responsibility to operate, manage and update the HRMIS system.


There are 291 male employees and 50 female employees on the establishment of the Council during the year 2017/2018.

Number of Employees by Department and Gender

| |No. of employees on |No. of Employees in |Male Employees |Female Employees |

|Department |Establishment |Post | | |

|Finance Department |13 |8 |3 |5 |

|Public Infrastructure Department |86 |65 |62 |3 |

|Land Use and Planning Department |12 |8 |6 |2 |

|Public Health Department |202 |196 |194 |2 |

|Welfare Department |4 |3 |- |3 |

|Part time Employees (Village Councils) |25 |22 |15 |7 |

|Total |393 |341 |

|1 |Chemical Sprayer Operator |3 |

|2 |Attendant/Senior Attendant |3 |

|3 |Handy Worker (Special Class) |1 |

|4 |Handy Worker |1 |

|5 |Village Hall/ Sub Hall Attendant at the Village Council of Calebassses |1 |

|6 |Village Hall/ Sub Hall Attendant at the Village Council of Congomah |1 |

|7 |Village Hall/ Sub Hall Attendant at the Village Council of Morcellement |1 |

| |St.Andre | |

|8 |Refuse Collector (Roster) |7 |

|9 |Painter |1 |

|10 |Trademan’s Assistant(Carpenter) |1 |

|11 |Workshop Supervisor |1 |

|12 |Office Management Assistant |1 |

|13 |Incinerator Operator |2 |

|14 |Assistant Inspector of works |1 |

|15 |Financial Officer/Senior Financial Officer |2 |

|16 |Assistant Chief Executive |1 |

|17 |Civil Engineer |1 |

|18 |Committee Clerk |1 |

Retirements/ Death/Resignation/Reversion for the Year 2017/2018

|SN |Post |No. of employees retired & resigned |

|1 |Committee Clerk |1 |

|2 |Civil Engineer |1 |

|3 |Chemical Sprayer Operator |1 |

|4 |Driver(Roster) |2 |

|5 |Plumber and Pipe Fitter |1 |

|6 |Refuse Collector(Roster) |2 |

|7 |Pre-Primary School Teacher |1 |

|Total |9 |

Training and Development

Training and development is a must for any organization to achieve competitiveness and enhance the skills and abilities as well as the overall performance of the workforce. Knowledgeable and well trained personnel would ultimately contribute towards productivity to attain organizational objectives.

However, due to limited budget, it has not been possible to cater for the training needs of every department. Some of our staff members had the opportunity to take advantage of training sponsored by the Parent Ministry and other Ministries.

Furthermore, with the creation of the Civil Service College Mauritius (CSCM) to cater for the growing training and development needs of public officers at all levels including those from local authorities and parastatal bodies, some of our officers have also benefitted from courses organized by CSCM.

The following officers attended Workshop/Courses as mentioned below:

|Workshop/Training |Institution |Name of officer/employee |Post Held |

|Revamping of online BLP system |Ministry of Local Government & |Mr. R.Appiah |Building Inspector |

| |Outer Island | | |

|Training Programme on Prosecution for |Civil Services College |Mr. G.BHUGWON |Ag Senior Inspector of work |

|criminal offences |Mauritius | | |

| | |Mrs. M.V RAMAH |Health Inspector |

| | | | |

| | |Mrs. N.JUGURNAUTH |Health Inspector |

| | | | |

| | |Mrs. S.BUNDHOO- |Assistant Financial Operation |

| | |RAMDHONY |Officer(Personal) |

| | | | |

| | |Mr. H.SEPAUL |Financial Officer/SFO |

| | | | |

| | |Mr. Y.GONTIER |Planning & Development Inspector(PDI) |

| | | |PDI |

| | | |PDI |

| | |Mr. R.GHOORAH | |

| | | | |

| | |Miss. V.RAJOO | |

|Three –day seminar by ILO on National |Conseil des Syndicats Council |Mr. C. TENGUR |Field Supervisor (Scavenging) (Roster) |

|Employment Policy for Mauritius |of Trade Unions | |Refuse Collector (Roster) |

| | |Mr I.GAJADHUR | |

| | | | |

| | | | |

|Tender Preparation and Evaluation(2 |Civil Services College |Mr. Y. SOOKUN |Ag. Procurement and Supply Officer/ |

|Days) |Mauritius | |Deputy Chief Executive |

| | |Mrs K.D.TAROLAH | |

|Writing Effective Minutes of meetings |Civil Services College |Mrs V.MAHADEO |Committee Clerk |

| |Mauritius | | |

|Commemoration of International |Independent Commission Against |Mr J.BANJHU |Planning and Development Officer |

|Anti-Corruption Day 2017 – Forum on |Corruption (ICAC) | | |

|“Values and the fight Against | | | |

|Corruption” | | | |

|Invitation to the workshop on |Ministry of Public |Mr. J.BANJHU |Planning and Development Officer |

|landslide Management |Infrastructure and Land | |Trainee Civil Engineer |

| |Transport |Mr. C.RAMPERGOSS |Inspector of Works |

| | |Mr. Z.JOOMUN | |

|Workshop to brainstorm on strategies |Ministry of Health & Quality of|Mrs M.GUNGADIN |Management Support Officer |

|to increase fertility among young |Life | | |

|Couples | | | |

|Training session on Handling Difficult|Civil Services College |Mr. J.BANJHU |Planning And Development Officer |

|customers |Mauritius | | |

|Training on Public Financial |Civil Services College |Mr G.CHARLES |Ag Financial Controller |

|Management and Control |Mauritius | | |

|Focus Group Session |University of Mauritius |Mrs K.D.TAROLAH |Deputy Chief Executive |

| | |Mrs R.MANEE |Principal Financial Officer |

| | |Mrs V.BUSGEETH |Head Land Use & Planning Department |

| | | |Health Inspector |

| | |Mr M.V.RAMAH |Inspector of Works |

| | |Mr M.Z.JOOMUN |Ag Principle Welfare Officer |

| | |Miss N.CHOWREEMOOTOO |Information Technology officer/System |

| | |Mr S.SOOKHIT |Administrator |

|Consultative workshop on the Gender |Ministry of Local Government & |Miss N.CHOWREEMOOTOO |Welfare Officer |

|Equality Bill |Outer Island | | |

| | | | |

| | | | |

|Seminar Assessment of the factors |Mauritius Research Council |Mr. R.GANGADEEN |Chief Executive |

|influencing the use of E-Government | | | |

|facilities | | | |

|Seminar on Town Infrastructure |Ministry of Local Government & |Mr A.SOOKUN |Head Public Infrastructure Department |

|Construction and Management of Inland |Outer Island | | |

|Regions for Developing Countries | | | |

Internal Control Section

To ensure accountability, transparency and sound financial management system, the existence of the Internal Control Section is vital. This makes provisions for checks and balances in our payment system. The Internal Control Officer is answerable to the Chief Executive only. This Section is an independent one and been assigned to take responsibilities without fear or favour. An efficient and effective audit system reflects the vivid image of this Council.

1. With the split of Pamplemousses/Riviere du Rempart District Council, the Internal control system of this council was a weak one due to lack of staffs and internal procedures. Gradually efforts have been made to strengthen the internal procedures and more have still to be done in the future.

2. Any non compliance with the procedures by staffs may entail disciplinary actions.

3. Focus has been made on mileage claims by inspectors, new procedures and books have been designed for better control.

4. Minutes of Committees are now being submitted to Audit Section for approval of payments.

5. Regular site visits are effected to ensure employees are present on site of work.

6. Enhancement on contracts filing by Registry has been initiated upon critical analysis on same made by auditor.

7. The introduction of site Record Book and Return to Store Book have been implemented to ensure excess materials used on site are returned to store.

8. Assets inventory at the District Council and village councils are performed with the collaboration of Assistant Chief Executives.

9. Enforcement of internal controls on regular deposits of cemetery fees has been highlighted by the auditor.

10. Overtime performed by officers and attendants are closely monitored and controlled by Audit Section. Focus is being made on corporate Governance requirements; i.e equity, fairness and transparency.

11. Site visits for payment for construction of drains, roads and buildings are done to ensure that payments are not done for “Ghost Projects”.

12. More attention is being paid on avoidable overtime to avoid waste of public funds.

13. However, Internal Controller sometimes deplores lack of management support in the achievement of his/her objectives. This has to be reviewed and greater management support in the achievement of his/her objectives. This has to be reviewed and greater management support should be obtained in order to ensure efficiency, economy & effectiveness of the use of the Council’s resources.

IT Section

The Council bearing in mind the fact that it is a service provider with legal obligations to the public launched the E-Payment for Trade Fees and Online Building and Land Use Permit System under the supervision of the Ministry of Local Government, whereby thus facilitating the submission of online applications for Trade fees and Building and land Use Permits 24/7.

In addition, the Information Technology Section regularly controlled the database and systems administration as well as network administration of the Council by administrating and tracking the problems on databases and servers.

With the computerization of all activities at the District Council of Pamplemousses, the IT Section has to cater for matters pertaining to the introduction, development, deployment, maintenance and upgrading of Information Technology Infrastructures and is also called upon to play a vital role in advising the Council on the latest developments in the field.

Furthermore, a regular analysis of user needs for development of application software was carried out, and, expert technical guidance and advice regarding management of data networks, desktop, database and network technologies were also provided.

Consultations with firms dealing with the Computer system of the Council were regularly done to ensure a day-to-day running of the IT Section and the coordination of all IT activities within other departments/sections.

In this globalized world fuelled by the digitization revolution, the introduction of new web-based services is essential. The District Council of Pamplemousses is providing online services and needs to keep pace with the latest technological advents through investment in information technology as well as endowing its staff with the appropriate expertise through capacity building.

Under the aegis of the Ministry of Local Government, this Council embarked on the implementation of a GPS/GIS system to monitor vehicles, to geo-reference BLP applications and assist in decision making to approve/reject Building and Land Use Permits, and managing assets of the Council. Moreover Ministry of Local Government developed and deployed an online platform for the electronic submission of clearances to Public Utilities viz Central Electricity Board, Central Water Authority and Waste Water Management Authority. The new system caters for the collection of fees for CEB, CWA and WMA.

Health and Safety Section

For the period 01st July 2017 to 30th June 2018, the Health and Safety meeting, comprising of Union members, employee representatives and management representatives, met regularly every two months to discuss issues relating to safety and health at work.

Health promotion activities had been carried out namely “vaccination against Hepatitis B” in collaboration with the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life whereby all manual grades had undergone a general checkup accompanied by administration of the vaccine. Health surveillance had also been carried out for employees exposed to chemical substances by “Clinique du Nord”.

As concerns sensitization program, a workshop on “Road Safety” had been carried out by “The Mauritius Traffic Branch Division” and “an intensive driving course” had been delivered by the same institution for HMU drivers only.

With regards to fire safety, a practical and theoretical training had been delivered at the Council by officer from “The Mauritius Fire & Rescue Services” on use of fire extinguisher and equipment and also fire safety at work and at home for all staff including Village Hall attendants.

For safety of employees on site, protective equipment (boots, safety shoes, helmet, reflective jacket and others) are provided on an annual basis to workers and regular site visits are performed to ensure that they are wearing these.


The activities of the Council are financed mainly from the grant in aid received from the Government and partly from Council’s own sources of revenue. The amount of grant in aid received for the period is Rs 231,080,000 which represents 87% of the total revenue.


The main sources of revenue generated by Council are from Trade fees and Building and Land Use Permit Fees, and others such as Advertising fees and Market Fees.


Under the Performance Based Budget, resources are allocated to two main sub heads namely Administration and Finance and Provision of Statutory Services and other facilities through the Public Infrastructure Department, the Public Health Department, the Land Use and Planning Department and the Welfare Department.


|AS AT 30-JUN-18 |  |  |

|  | | |

|Trade Fee | 22,390,650 | 27,187,525 |

|Advertising And Publicity Fees | 1,417,903 | |

| | |- |

|Government Grant | 272,684,004 | 221,580,000 |

|Building Ordinance Fees | 9,813,676 | 8,807,734 |

|Bus Toll Fees | 1,236,476 | |

| | |- |

|Rental Income | 4,431,350 | 4,783,750 |

|Finance Income - Extrenal Investments | 1,862,497 | 2,322,416 |

|Burial And Incineration Fees | 789,444 | |

| | |- |

|Other Income | 552,687 | 3,643,327 |

| Total Income | 315,178,687 | 268,324,752 |


There has been an increase of 15% in the income stream for the year 2017/2018 as compared to the year 2016/2017

|COMPARISON OF EXPENDITURE FOR THE YEAR 2017/18 & 2016/17 | 2017/2018 | 2016/2017 |

| Compensation Of Employees | 213,255,868.66 | 135,508,259.00 |

| Utilities Cost | 24,251,862.82 | 23,553,465.27 |

| Motor Vehicle Expenses | 5,601,888.80 | 4,832,016.51 |

| Repairs And Maintenance | 10,267,941.23 | 8,908,603.25 |

| Cleaning Services | 49,310,315.73 | 49,498,011.25 |

| Grants And Subsidies | 15,340,625.87 | 16,633,425.00 |

| Professional And Legal Fees | 996,035.00 | 648,920.00 |

| Finance Costs | 867,300.00 | 1,056,100.00 |

| Depreciation | 4,771,707.00 |  |

| Impairment of Assets | 615,000.00 |  |

| General Expenses | 6,339,525.71 | 26,906,372.72 |

| TOTAL | 331,618,070.82 | 267,545,173.00 |


There has been an increase of 24% in the expenditure stream for the year 2017/2018 as compared to the year 2016/2017.


|Land & Building |Public Infrastructure |Computer & Equipment |Furniture & Fittings |Motor Vehicles |Total |

| | | | | 47,717,073 | 309,419,305|

|119,970,911 |132,753,160 |6,245,112 |2,733,050 | | |



The Land Use and Planning Department (LUPD) has carried out all its prescribed duties in compliance with the provision of Laws, VIZ: -

1. Building and Land Use Permit (BLP) and Outline Planning Permission (OPP)

i) BLPs and OPPs have been processed within the prescribed delays.

ii) Planning recommendations on all BLPs and OPPS have been duly submitted to the Permits and Business Monitoring Committee (PBMC) for determination.

iii) Applications for Permit for the use of Engines/electric Motors (MOT) have been duly processed.

(Table showing statistics for Building and Land Use Permit is herewith annexed)

2. Submission of Planning views on:

i) Applications for morcellement permits to the Ministry of Housing and Lands (Morcellement Board)

ii) Applications for Land Conversion permits to the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security.

iii) Applications for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Licences and Preliminary Environmental Report (PER) Approvals to the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

3. Attending Courts of Laws: -

i) The Department has attended to complaints received from the members of the public and cases for illegal construction /development have been prosecuted at the level of District Court.

ii) Appeal cases entered before the Environment and Land Use Appeal Tribunal have been duly followed up with the assistance of Counsels.

iii) Supreme and Intermediate Courts case have equally been attended and followed up.

4. Pre-application meetings.

The Land Use Permit Department has tendered planning advice to prospective applicants/Land developers and members of the public by way of pre-consultation meetings.

5. Exemption of Building and Land Use Permits.

Requests for exemption of BLPs have been duly attended in compliance with the provision of laws.

The Land Use Permit Department has been very pro-active and delivered the planning service in the spirit of facilitating development in line with the provision of the Business Facilitation Act.


| | | | | | | |

| | |BLP Issued |BLP not yet collected|Total | |


The Public Infrastructure Department is being headed by a Chief Inspector of Works who is assisted by two Inspector of Works, an Assistant Inspector Works, a few skilled and non skilled workers.

The main responsibilities of the Public Infrastructure Department are:

➢ To effect regular maintenance of non-classified roads within the Council’s area.

➢ Construction of new roads within the Council’s area that are declared public.

➢ Provision and maintenance of street lighting along Highways, classified and non classified roads as well as lighting of football grounds, volleyball pitches and other Council’s buildings.

➢ Maintenance of District Council buildings including Village Halls, Sports Grounds and Complexes, Children Playgrounds, Multi-purpose Halls, Public Markets, Cemeteries among others.

➢ Management and maintenance of Council’s fleet of vehicles.

➢ Provision, fixing and maintenance of street and village name plates and road traffic signs.

➢ Construction and maintenance of drains along non-classified roads.

➢ Supervision of civil engineering projects undertaken by in-house labour and contractors.

➢ Processing of Building and Land Use Permits.

➢ Providing advice to the Council on engineering matters and the implementation and application of relevant legislations including the Roads Act, the Building Act and the Local Government Act and Ors.

➢ Preparation, processing and implementation and monitoring of capital projects financed by the Government under the LP Programme.

➢ Assist meetings, act upon decisions taken thereat. Local Disaster Committee, ICZM, Whole Council, NDU and many others.

➢ Monitoring the budget/ estimates of the department.

➢ Record, monitor and manage the Human Resource of the department.

➢ Manage, administer and reply to all queries, correspondences – Roads, Drains, Infrastructure, Road Signs, Traffic Issues, etc.

List of Projects implemented during Financial Year 2017 - 2018

1. Construction of new roads and resurfacing works.

2. Maintenance of existing roads of about 1,000 km – cleaning, patching works and road marking.

3. Provision of about 500 tons of crusher run for an amount of 2.5 M.

4. Declaration of new roads as public.

5. Repairs and maintenance of existing 15,000 street lanterns.

6. Fixing of new lanterns in villages including in newly created morcellement, about 3000.

7. Construction of kilometer of absorption drains/ drains to alleviate flooding problems within the villages.

8. Creation of new Children Play Area and fixing of Equipments thereat.

9. Repairs and maintenance works (electrical/plumbing/masonry/carpentry/welding) to Council’s buildings including village halls, cemeteries, public market, sports complexes and grounds and pre primary school.

10. Painting of village halls.

11. Creation of a new Taxi Stand at Triolet.

12. Construction of new Village Halls, Notre Dame, Ville Bague and Trou Aux Biches (newly created Village Councils).

13. Construction of sports grounds, futsal at Fond Du Sac, Terre Rouge, Bois Pignolet, Trou Aux Biches, Le Hochet.

14. Construction of graded seats at Creve Coeur, Plaine Des Papayes, Terre Rouge and Le Hochet.

15. Lighting of football grounds at Congomah, Creve Coeur, Mon Gout.

16. Fixing of indoor and outdoor gyms.


The Council contemplates to embark on the following projects in the forthcoming years subject to unavailability of funds:

1) Construction of new headquarters of the District Council of Pamplemousses.

2) Upgrading of existing village halls.

3) Construction of new roads, drains and resurfacing of roads.

4) Renewal of fleet of vehicles.

5) Construction of sports complexes and futsals.

6) Upgrading of existing cremation grounds.

7) Replacement of lighting system by led lights.

8) Renovation of children playgrounds and uplifting of green spaces.

9) Trees plantation campaign.

10) Upgrading of Bois Marchand Cemetery.

11) Lighting of football grounds, volleyball pitches and petanque courts.

12) Provision of outdoor gym.

13) Incinerator projects at Calebasses and Long Mountain.

14) Setting up new market at Pamplemousses and Fond Du Sac.

15) Construction of halls at Fond Du Sac and Arsenal.



The District Council, commonly known as the District Council of Pamplemousses, covers an area of about 178.7 square kilometers and the population estimate was at 142,511. It is made up of 18 villages and some are on beautiful seaside resorts in the country. The process of transformation of the District of Pamplemousses, with the many projects undertaken by Government, the Council and the private sector, brings with it many challenges. The biggest challenge which the Council has been facing and continues to face, is to ensure efficient service delivery with existing resources. Furthermore the Council has to consider the challenges of climatic change and its impact on the villages. The priorities consequently are:

• Regular and efficient drain cleaning

• Promotion to reduce pollution and energy consumption

• Constant sensitization for protection and preservation of the environment

• Strategic plans and development goals which should include climate change and its impact on social and economic development

• Human resources management and management of change.

Responsibilities of the Public Health department can be attributed to five sections namely:-

1. Business Monitoring Section.

2. Cemeteries/Cremation Grounds.

3. Refuse Collection and Environmental Issues

4. Market/Fairs and Traffic Centre.

5. Wastelands and Environmental Issues



One Management Support Officer and one Clerical Officer are posted in Health department for administrative convenience.

The Public Health Department has an important role to play in the promotion of public health by the maintenance of a healthy environment and by providing certain protection against diseases. The responsibilities, as outlined under section 50(2) of the Local Government Act 2011, of the health department are as follows:

• Providing scavenging services and cleansing of roads and public places.

• Cleansing of watercourses, drains and canals.

• Dealing with problems of wastelands.

• Rodent Control

• Issue of trade fee for commercial, industrial, professional and other related activities.

• Prosecution and attending court cases

• Provision and regulation of public markets and fairs.

• Management and maintenance of cemeteries and crematoria.

• Maintenance of traffic centers and public toilets.

• Spraying of herbicides and lopping of branches on laterals

• Attending complaints from public, CSU and taking appropriate legal action, etc.

• Other office works


One of the main statutory duties is to provide scavenging service which contributes enormously in the promotion of good health and sound environment (section 59 and 60 of LGA 2011). The District Council provides a weekly refuse collection in-house service in 13 villages and services of private contractors are hired in 5 villages (Triolet, Baie du Tombeau, Pointe aux Piments, Trou aux Biches and Le Hochet). Wastes which are collected are either disposed at the transfer stations of Poudre d’Or village or at Roche Bois.

Waste collection is carried out on a door to door basis and at least once weekly in the jurisdiction of this Council.

Inhouse Scavenging Service

The logistics involved are as follows:

|Year |Refuse Collector|Field Supervisor |Drivers |Handy worker |Health Inspector |No. of Site |No. of scavenging |

| | | | | | | |Lorries |

|2014 |112 |8 |10 |7 |7 |14 |10 |

|2015 |101 |12 |10 |7 |7 |14 |11 |

|2016 (Jan to June) |101 |12 |11 |7 |7 |14 |11 |

|01 July 2016 to 30 June |132 |11 |11 |12 |4 |15 |14 |

|2017 | | | | | | | |

|As at June 2018 |124 |11 |7 |12 |7 |16 |13 |

Quantity of Waste Collected Inhouse

| |01 July 2017 to 30 June 2018 |Remarks |

|Quantity of waste collected / tons |15,506 | |

|No. of trips |5645 | |

The collected municipal solid waste are compacted at the nearest transfer stations (situated at Roche Bois) prior to transportation to the landfill. However, neither sorting nor composting of wastes are practised at the transfer stations nor are the wastes directed for recycling. The disposal of solid waste is schematically depicted in Fig. 2.


For an efficient and effective solid waste collection, this authority has to take into consideration various factors. These are:

• Frequency of service to be provided in the locality.

• Population of the locality

• Economic activities in the locality

• Number of manpower available

• Number of transport available

• Period of the year

• Socioeconomic status of area served.

• Ergonomic/narrowness of roads

A daily two shift schedule starting from 06 00 to 11 00 and 10 00 to 15 00 has been set up for daily service within the prescribe zone in the villages and every transport is fully equipped. A reasonable number of refuse collectors is provided per lorry to provide an adequate service. The diagram below shows regions where scavenging service is being provided in the north.

|In House Service |Contract out by Council |

|Fond Du Sac |Triolet |

|P Des Papayes |Tombeau Bay |

|M. St Andre |Le Hochet |

|Calebasses |Pointe aux Piments |

|Arsenal |Trou aux Biches |

|SSRN | |

|Ville Bague | |

|D’Epinay/Illot | |

|Congomah | |

|Pamplemousses | |

|Mont Gout | |

|Creve Coeur | |

|Long Mountain | |

|Notre Dame | |

|Terre Rouge | |

1. Composition of solid waste


2. Fleet


|1 |6 Z 84 |10 Z 17 |5 T |2010 |Running condition (compactor) |

|2 |6 Z 92 |10 Z 18 |4 T |2012 |Running condition |

|3 |6 Z 93 |10 Z 19 |4 T |2012 |Running condition |

|4 |- |10 Z 22 |5 T |2013 |Running condition(compactor) |

|5 |- |10 Z 23 |5 T |2013 |Running condition(compactor) |

|6 |- |10 Z 25 |5 T |2014 |Running condition |

|7 |- |10 Z 26 |5 T |2014 |Running condition |

|8 |- |10 Z 28 |5 T |2014 |Running condition |

|9 |- |10 Z 29 |5 T |2014 |Running condition |

|10 |- |10 Z 27 |5 T |2014 |Running condition(compactor) |

|11 |- |10 Z 30 |5 T |2014 |Running condition(compactor) |

|12 | |10 Z 35 |3 T |2017 |Running condition |

|13 | |10 Z 36 |3 T |2017 |Running condition |

In House Teams

|SN |SITE IN HOUSE |No of Refuse collectors|REMARKS |

|1 |Arsenal/ SSRN Hospital |10 | |

|2 |C. Coeur/ Long Mountain |7 | |

|3 |Calebasses/ Khoyratty |8 |  |

|4 |D'Epinay/ Mont Gout/Illot |7 | |

|5 |Fond du Sac |9 |  |

|6 |Long Mountain I |7 | |

|7 |Morc St Andre |8 |  |

|8 |Notre Dame |8 | |

|9 |Pamplemousses |8 | |

|10 |Plaines des Papayes 1 |7 |  |

|11 |Plaines des Papayes/ Bois Rouge |8 | |

|12 |Terre Rouge 1 |7 | |

|13 |Terre Rouge 2 |7 | |

|14 |V. Bague/P.Praslin/ P.Julie/Congomah |8 |  |

|15 |NHDC Team |7 |  |

|16 |Rivers, Drain, Canal |7 | |

| |TOTAL |123 | |

3. Problems Encountered

• Due to lack of R/Collectors, sweeping and weeding is unusual and lopping work are being performed scarcely.

• Regular absenteeism (casual, sick & vacation leaves) causing decrease in work output.

• Additional workload due to new VRS, NHDC and Morcellements, hence a continual increase in number of household in all villages.

• Lack of Gangman (1 Gangman for 2-3 sites), thus, less supervision and control of work.

• Service is disrupted due to heavy load of refuse from economic operators.

|Scavenging service data | | | | |


| | | |Tons | | |

|1 |Inhouse |45284400 |17400 |0.38 |  |

|2 |Tbay |8418000 |7860 |0.93 |  |

|3 |Le Hochet |10126224 |5587 |0.55 |  |

|4 |Triolet |14076000 |4735 |0.34 |  |

|5 |Coastal Villages(Pt aux Piments & |10998600 |3800 |0.35 |  |

| |Trou aux Biches) | | | | |

|6 |B Marchand |2856600 |672 |0.24 |  |

|  |  |91759824 |40054 |2.79 |  |

| | | | | | |

|1 kg of waste cost Rs 2.79 | | | | |

|As per cencus 2016, Population of Pamplemousses district: 140,279 | |

|Amount of waste collected per capita per year/kg: 40054000/140279 = 285.53 kg/year |

|Amount of waste collected per capita per year/kg: 0.8 kg/day | | | |

|Cost of wastes collected per day/capita: 2.79 X 0.8 = Rs 2.25 | | | |

Clean Up Campaigns

Clean Up Campaigns were organised in all villages in March and April in the context of 50 anniversary of Independence.

Rodent Control

Rodents are responsible for the transmission of deadly diseases such as Plague, Leptospirosis. The Council has formulated a rodent control program in its jurisdiction. Rodenticides are placed in all high risk areas in villages in a quarterly basis. In addition, wastelands are cleaned to destroy the breeding places of the rodents.

The following activities were also carried out in the context of Rodent Control:

• Sensitisation campaigns were carried out in order to reduce proliferation of rodents and mosquitoes by distribution of flyers.

• Placement of baits and monitoring

• Lopping of branches

• Cleaning of wastelands

• Placing of fix bins in villages


The Council cleanses drains, canals, streams, rivulets and water courses with a view to allowing free flow of water. Regular drain cleaning may sound like a hassle, but a clogged drain is even more troublesome. All in all, the effort make to keep water flowing smoothly through drains will be worth it in the end.

Cleaning is done as follows:

|Type of drains |Frequency of cleaning |Remarks |

|Covered drain |Once yearly (as & when required) |Done in collaboration with the Works Department |

|Open drain |Quarterly |  |

|Absorption drain |Twice yearly |Done in collaboration with the Works Department |

|Rivers |Thrice yearly |Phase 1 is done prior to heavy rainfall season as from |

| | |February up to April, Phase 2 as from June to August |

| | |and Phase 3 starts from September to November prior the|

| | |cyclonic season |

|Rivulets and Canals |Twice yearly |Phase 1 is done prior to heavy rainfall season as from |

| | |February up to April, Phase 2 as from June to August |

| | |and Phase 3 starts from September to November prior the|

| | |cyclonic season |

In villages where scavenging is contracted out, cleaning of drains are being done by the contractor itself. Cleaning of drains for in-house service villages are done as and when required with availability of funds. There is a team of 6 Refuse Collectors for cleaning of drains/rivers and canal. The river Citron has been cleaned thrice this year and a team is stand by for any intervention.

However the Council has done dredging and mechanical cleaning at:

• Riviere Citron from Mon Gout to Calebasses

Problem with watercourse causing flooding

• Proper desilting at Morc Swan

• Proper drainage network at Fond Du Sac

• Proper desilting of drain at Morc Elizabethville, Tombeau Bay

• Desilting of Riviere Citron

• Proper drain network at NHDC Terre Rouge behind Northen Printing

• Dredging of storm drain at Bois Marchand near CEB.

Drains on classified roads are maintained by the Road Development Authority. (RDA)


Cleaning of Wastelands

All barelands should be kept clean at all time. The owners should ensure that their barelands be free from littering and dumping, and in a clean state. However with the increasing number of morcellements, the number of wastelands has increased considerably.

Health Inspectors are responsible of the monitoring of barelands and actions are taken against all known owners who fail to do so as per regulations. Owners of wastelands are served notices and a delay of 1 month is given to them to clean and fence same. For noncompliance, these owners are prosecuted.

A continuous control, monitoring and survey of wastelands are carried out by Officers of the Health Dept. actually wastelands in residential agglomeration are being cleaned.

It is council’s policy to carry out frequent surveys of all wastelands found within the limits of its area and to take appropriate action against the identified owners. Unfortunately, Council does not have a cadastral database for owners of land. This explains the large number of wastelands of about 1200 in residential agglomeration.


| | |SERVED | | |

| |KNOWN |UNKNOWN | |Inhouse |Outsourced | |

|2015 |Nil |318 |36 |754,740 |163,875 |  |

|(Jan to Jun) | | | | | | |

|2015-2016 |Nil |249 |118 |286,545 |373,463 |  |

|2016-2017 |Nil |141 |71 |  |134,436 |  |

| | | | | | | |

|2017-2018 |Nil |730 |422 |986,000 |2000,000 | |

Around Rs 900,000 has been earmarked for cleaning of wastelands in the jurisdiction of Pamplemousses. The Council has designed the procedure to tackle the problem of wasteland which is as follows;

Step 1: Preparation of a list and location of all bare land in all villages

Step 2: To trace out the name and address of owner of bare lands through LAVIMS

Step 3: Trace out the name and address of owners through the help of the attorney

Step 4: Letter sent to known owners to effect payment for plot that has been cleaned since last year and requests them to keep clean the plots.

Step 5: Cleaning of the waste lands by establishing a proper procedure for each plot.

Step 6: Finance department should recoup the cost.

For those owners who are abroad, the matter should be reported to the Planning Department for onward recoup when they are developing the land. A note can be inserted in the GIS.

Herbicide spraying

Spraying of herbicide was effected along all public roads (except classified roads) in the following villages: Morc. St. Andre, Fond Du Sac, Calebasses, Creve Coeur, D’Epinay, Congomah, Long Mountain, Plaine des Papayes, Notre Dame, Ville Bague, Terre Rouge, Arsenal and Pamplemousses

Lopping of branches

Lopping of branches was effected in all public roads except classified roads of the following villages: Morc. St. Andre, Fond Du Sac, Calebasses, Creve Coeur, D’Epinay, Congomah, Long Mountain, Plaine des Papayes, Notre Dame, Ville Bague, Terre Rouge, Arsenal and Pamplemousses. The Council provides this service atleast twice yearly through a contractor.


The issue of trade fee (section 122(2) of LGA 2011) is another function of the Public Health Department. There are presently around 16,500 economic operators in our jurisdiction. 1417 new trade fees were issued for the period June 2017 to July 2018. It should be noted that as from January 2017 the trade fee not exceeding Rs 5000 is exempted.

The Council has started cleaning of data and issuing reminders to debtors but had to stop due to lack of funds. Reminders have been sent to the debtors and followed by site visits. All the cases of discrepancies would be tabled in the Council meeting and then procedures would follow for write off. The trade fees for 16 villages have been viewed and all fictitious debts have been adjusted.

Ex-post control are carried out by Health Inspectors to ensure compliance.


The Council manages the following market/fairs:

• Pamplemousses

Operates on Sundays

• Triolet

• SSRN Traffic Centres- operates daily


|Section |Vegetables |General Merchandise |Others |Food Court |Tuck shop |

|No. of Stalls |290 |162 |28 |6 |6 |


|Section |Vegetables |General Merchandise |Others |Poultry |Fish |

|No. of Stalls |291 |50 |48 |6 |6 |

• Workforce: 2 Inspectors and 1Police Officer at Triolet Market

2 Inspectors, 1Police Officer and 1 Sanitary Attendant at Pamplemousses Market

Several squads have been organised for the control of illegal hawkers at Triolet Market, Pamplemousses market & SSRN Traffic Centre and the operations were successful.

Stall fees collected: Triolet Market – Rs. 1,452,250.

Pamplemousses Market - Rs. 1,408,750.

SSRN Traffic Centre- Rs 218,200

TOTAL: Rs 3,079,200.



This council manages the following cemeteries and crematorium (Section 50(2g) of LGA 2011):

• Cemeteries

| |Extent |No. of Burial effected (July|

| | |17 to June 18) |

|Bois Marchand Cemetery |70 Acres |702 |

|Old Cholera Cemetery (Pamplemousses) |3 Acres |31 |

|Grande Rosalie Cemetery |3 Acres |4 |

|Plaine des Papayes Cemetery |3 Acres |130 |


Late night burial is effected (up to 10 pm) in all cemeteries at the ease of the inhabitants.

• Crematoria

In its jurisdiction the Council has 21 cremation grounds and two Human Gas Incinerators:

|Triolet Incinerator |Bois Marchand Incinerator |

|No. of Incineration effected (July 17 to June 18)|No. of Incineration effected (July 17 to |

| |June 18) |

|79 |99 |




The process of transformation, with the many projects undertaken by Government, the Council and the private sector, brings with it many challenges. The biggest challenge which the Council has been facing and continues to face, is to ensure efficient service delivery with existing resources. Furthermore the Council has to consider the challenges of climatic change and its impact on the district. The priorities consequently changed to the below with the normal chores:

• Regular and efficient cleaning of drains, rivers and canals.

• Strategic plans and development goals which should include climate change and its impact on social and economic development

• Wastelands and Rodent control

• Accountability and Management of change.

The work load has considerably increased with limited manpower. Compared to other Local Authorities, the surface area of our jurisdiction is greater and is even more populated. As from October 2017, the Public Health Department responsible for the provision of scavenging service in the coastal villages namely Pointe aux Piments and Trou aux Biches including cleaning of drains and canals which were currently controlled and supervised by the Ministry of Local Government and the NHDCs. The Council has the responsibility to supervise and monitor one of the largest cemetery in the Indian Ocean, Bois Marchand Cemetery whereby at least two Health Inspectors need to be posted for smooth running.

In addition, there are many Standing Committees and other inter-office committees to attend including several Ministrial Committees. Actually, there are 16 sites of scavenging with a team of 7 refuse collectors each. Compared with other Local Authorities, a scavenging team comprises of 9/10 refuse collectors. In case of absences and summer times, the volume of wastes generated is considerably increased. Backlog of refuse due to irregular collection and lack of sweeping work are also noted. As from October 2017, the scavenging services in all the housing estates found in our jurisdiction are being provided by the Council (previously catered by MOLG) and need to create two additional teams.

Actually the Health Department does not have as such a registry. The registry is required for:

• Application of trade fees

• Issue of exempt certificates

• Channelling of correspondence and follow up

• Filing of documents and keep records


Lack of financial clearance hinders to quality of service provided by the Council. The overtime budget has been reduced by Rs 1 million this current year whereby the department has no other alternative than to dismantle the roaming team to accommodate for provision of scavenging service at NHDC Mon Gout, Pamplousses and Long Mountain consequently cleaning and environmental activities has reduced. Occasionally some works are carried out by the three handyworkers which have been posted for cleaning of drains.

The Council has requested for an amount for organising Clean Up, E waste and bulky wastes campaigns in 18 villages but in vain. Consequently this budget year no bulky wastes campaigns, E waste campaigns or any clean up campaigns can be carried out unless the funds would be available from other sources. During the past last years, the Council were able to carry out campaigns from the grant of Rodent Control.

Furthermore the Health Department started the cleaning of data of the Trade fee system on July 2018, but due lack of fund the work has not been completed. Reminders for the debtors were sent and a follow up is being done for the respondent traders.

The Council has requested Rs 5,298,200 to undergo the program of cleaning of rivers, drains, rivulet and canals from the parent ministry. However only Rs 1,555,000 has been received, hence the cleaning program may be disrupted for prioritise regions only.



|SN |RANK |Actual in Post|No. of established |Proposed |Additional |Remarks |

| | | |post 2017/2018 | | | |

|1 |Chief Health Inspector |1 |1 | | | |

|2 |Principal Health Inspector |Vacant |1 | | |Temporary vacant |

|3 |Senior Health Inspector |Vacant |2 |1 |1 |1 Temporary vacant |

| | | | | | |1 not funded |

|4 |Health Inspector |8 | |12 |3 |1 – Interdict |

|5 |Office Management Assistant |Vacant | |1 | | |

|6 |Management Support Officer & |2 | |3 |1 | |

| |Clerical/Higher Clerical | | | | | |

| |Officer | | | | | |

|7 |Field Supervisor(Scavenging) |11 |12 |18 |6 |1 – Temporary vacant |

| |(Roster) | | | | | |

|8 |Supervisor(Refuse Collection)| | | |1 | |

|9 |Driver(Heavy Mechanical |7 |7 |9 |2 |2 posted in other dept. |

| |Unit)(Roster) | | | | | |

|10 |Driver(Roster) |10 |13 |15 |2 |3 posted in other dept. |

|11 |Incinerator Operator |4 |4 |8 |4 |Cater for 2 new Inc Plant |

|12 |Burial Ground |14 |15 |16 |1 | |

| |Attendant(Roster) | | | | | |

|13 |Refuse Collector(Roster) |127 |137 |165 |28 | |


For organising the environmental activities like Clean Up Campaigns, the Council would be grateful to have a funding of Rs. 800,000.

Due to the climate change and frequent rain fall, the Council has requested for an amount of Rs 5,298,200 for cleaning of rivers, rivulets, drains and canal at least thrice yearly as a mitigating measure to avoid any flooding. The department has received only Rs 1,555,000 on the normal vote and Rs 1,600,000 under the National Environment Fund. Hence the Council would be grateful if the request for additional funding of Rs. 2,143,000 could be provided.

To complete the cleaning of data for the trade fee, an additional amount of Rs 500, 000 could be provide to perform the task against payment of extra duty.

The Health Department consequently would be grateful for additional funding for a total of Rs 3,443,000 to enable Council to provide a better service in the interest and for the welfare of the inhabitants.

A decreasing number of resources to provide service in-house with an increasing number of in-house sites sounds difficult and may lead to severe environmental problems. Waste management constitutes an important economic sector of the society.

The proper functioning of the Environmental Health Department in the Council is even more important as the country strives to attract high-class tourism and foreign investment in an economic diversification programme.

6.6 Welfare Department

1. Eid Gatherings & Dinner

The District Council of Pamplemousses host an Eid gathering and dinner in the context of Eid celebration on Friday 07 July 2017 at Plaine des Papayes Multi- Purpose Hall, Royal Road, Plaine des Papayes . Some 300 invitees attended; including the Honourable Ministers and other members of the National Assembly of the region honoured the event with their distinguished presence. The function started by the protocol, a Quiraat, Naat Recitation and the dinner was followed by a cultural programme.

2. Fête Père Laval

Annually, a cash grant was given to the Village Council of Terre Rouge, Le Hochet and Baie du Tombeau and on 08 September 2017 refreshments were offered to all pilgrims of Père Laval.

3. Family Fun Day

The Association of District Council in collaboration with the District Council of Pamplemousses hosted a Family Fun Day on Sunday 13 August 2017 as from 10.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs at Maryse Justin Stadium, Reduit, including fun games, cultural Programme and ended by a prize giving Ceremony. In this context, the Honourable Prime Minister attended the function as “Chief Guest” and delivered an address to some 1000 persons, amidst eminent personalities.

4. Assumption Day

For Assumption day, each year assistance were provided to the Catholics devotees of Terre Rouge, Trou Aux Biches and Pamplemousses in terms of refreshments, traditional Mary cakes, financial grants and etc.

5. Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

In the context of Ganesh Chaturthi, the Council provides financial assistance to Registered Marathi Associations and other assistance in terms of tents, chairs, tables and etc are provided.

On the same day, the Council offered a lunch to inmates of Hospice St. Jean de Dieu, Pamplemousses and a prayer were held at the office.

6. Pilgrimage to Père Laval Tomb

Annually for “Fête Père Laval”, the Council provides a financial grant of Rs. 25,000 to the Village Council of Tombeau Bay, Le Hochet, and Terre Rouge; on 08 September 2017 these Village Councils distribute refreshments to all pilgrims of Père Laval.

7. Inauguration of Football Grounds

Inauguration of Vaghjee Football Ground and Solitude Football Ground were held on 24 September 2017 by the Honourable Soodesh Satkam Callichurn in presence of other dignitaries of the constituency, followed by a Gala Match between two veteran’s teams of Triolet.

8. Welcoming Pilgrims of Hajj 2017

On Saturday 07 October 2017 at Plaine des Papayes Multi- Purpose Hall to welcome pilgrims of hajj 2017, a dinner and cultural programme including Quaran Shareef Recitation and others were organised. The Vice-Prime Minister & Minister of Housing and Lands, Honourable Showkutally Soodhun G.C.S.K grace the function where some 400 persons, including several eminent personalities of the constituencies were present.

9. Dandiya Raas and Garba competition and Indo- Mauritian Food Exhibition

In the context of Navratree Celebration, the Council organise a dandiya Raas and Garba competition on 20 October 2017, where men and women in colorful attire, music playing with live orchestra and dances .Dandiya Raas is a traditional folk dance form of Gujarat & Rajasthan India, along with Garba which is a dance of Navratree evenings in Western India. By organising this event, the Council intends to preserve the traditions and cultures of the Indian ancestors and some 800 persons participated in the event.

10. Divali Celebration

The District Council of Pamplemousses held a Composite cultural programme in the context of Divali Celebration on 19 October 2017 at Fond du Sac and on 21 October 2017 at Triolet respectively where some 800 persons, amidst eminent personalities of the constituencies (north) will be present.

11. Geet Gawai Competition

A Geet Gawai Competition was organised where the Preliminary round was held on 26 October 2017 at Plaine des Papayes Multi Purposes with 13 groups participating and the Final competition was organised on 07 December 2017 where the Winner won a Cash Prize of Rs. 25, 000 and Shields, the Runner Up won Rs.15, 000 and Shields, the 3rd and 4th prize won a Cash Prize Rs. 10,000 and the 5th winner get Rs.5, 000 respectively and shields.

12. Cross Country Competition - 6th Edition Jeux des Villages

The District Council of Pamplemousses organised a race in the context of the 6th Edition Jeux des Villages on Sunday 29 October 2017, where the departure was at Terre Rouge Multi Purpose Complex to the Entrance of Pamplemousses Botanical Garden.

13. Press Conference – 6th Edition Jeux des Villages

On Friday 03 November 2017, Mr. Sunael Singh Purgus, Chairperson of the District Council of Pamplemousses and members of the Council hold a press Conference to launch a series of sports activities for the year 2017. In presence of the chairpersons of the village Councils, the district councillors, sportsmen and staffs, rules and regulations of the games were sets and a drawing of lots was held. Community activities which targets youth, poverty- stricken families, school leavers, unemployed persons and students will be organized through sports activities like Football Tournament, Volleyball Tournament, Cross Country ,Petanque Tournament ,Carrom Competition ,Domino Competition ,Cycle Race and Table Tennis competition.

Annually, the Council supplied cash grants and assistance in terms of sports outfits, tracksuits, sports equipments and etc. to regional and registered sports associations like All Mauritius Karate Federation , Association de Petanque de L’ile Maurice , New Bodybuilding Federation, Federation Mauricienne de Cyclism , Federation Mauricienne de Kickboxing at Discipline Assimilles , Mauritius Athletics Association, Mauritius Badminton Association , Mauritius Football Association , Mauritius Swimming Federation ,Mauritius Volleyball Association and others. On the same day, some sports federations attend the press conference which will be followed by a cheque remittance ceremony.

14. Domino Competition– 6th Edition Jeux des Villages

The tournament was played on Sunday 05 November 2017 at Terre Rouge Multi Purpose complex with the participation of 18 villages and the village of Terre Rouge won.

15. Carrom Competition– 6th Edition Jeux des Villages

On Sunday 19 November 2017, the competition was carried out with the participation of the 18 villages and the village of Pamplemousses won.

16. Petanque Tournament– 6th Edition Jeux des Villages

On Sunday 26 November 2017, the tournament was held next to the District Council of Pamplemousses office with the participation of 18 villages on a triplet system and the Village of Plaine des Papayes won.

17. Football Tournament– 6th Edition Jeux des Villages

The kick off was played on 05 November 2017, followed by the preliminaries, quarterly and semi final matches. The final match was played on 17 December 2017 between Terre Rouge and Triolet at Fond du Sac Football Ground.

18. Volleyball Tournament– 6th Edition Jeux des Villages

The kick off was played on 28 November 2017, followed by the preliminaries, quarterly and semi final matches. The final match was played on 12 December 2017 between Ville Bague and Pointe Aux Piments and Ville Bague won the match.

19. Distribution of Toys at Ward 1 -4 , SSRN Hospital

It remains an annual feature of the Council to distribute toys and refreshments to admitted kids of the SSRN Hospital in the context of Christmas Celebration. The distribution was made on 21 December 2017 to some 40 children.

20. Sports Gala Nite – 6th Edition Jeux des Villages

The District Council of Pamplemousses hosted a Sports Gala Nite and Prize Giving Ceremony in the context of the completion of the 6th Edition of “Jeux des Villages” on Friday 26 January 2018 at the Conference Room, Le Meridien Hotel, and Pointe Aux Piments to reward sportsmen for their success. The Function started by a cultural programme, followed by protocols, an award ceremony and ended with a dinner.

21. Distribution of cash grants to Socio- Cultural Organisations

The Council annually distributes cash grants and supplies assistance in kinds such as banners, bins, tents, chairs and etc to all registered Kovils, Chinese associations, mandirs, shivalas, churches, mosques, mandiram, Marathi associations in the jurisdiction of the district of Pamplemousses in connection with Cavadee, spring festival, Maha Shivratree, Ougadi, and Easter festival .

22. Wreath Laying Ceremony -183rd Anniversary of Abolition of Slavery

The District Council of Pamplemousses organised a wreath laying ceremony on Sunday 04 February 2018 at the historical site at Pamplemousses Cemetry, Bassin des Esclaves -CAB Office and at Marché des Esclaves, ended by a refreshments.

23. Flag Raising Ceremony

In the context of the National Day Celebration, a flag raising ceremony was carried out on Friday 09 March 2018 at the Council in presence of staffs, District Councillors and chairpersons Village Councils, followed by a lunch.

24. National Day Celebration icw 50th Anniversary of Independence of Mauritius

In the context of the 50th Anniversary of Independence of Mauritius, the Council organise several social, cultural and sports activities at Pamplemousses, Notre Dame and Fond Du Sac and ended by a live grand concert by local famous artists in collaboration with the District Council of Rivière du Rempart at Mont Choisy Mall, Grand Baie on Saturday 10 March 2018.

In this connection, the Council also received a delegation from “La Commune de Salazie“and rewarded the five laureates within the District of Pamplemousses with a crystal shields, bouquets and cash prizes.

25. Lunch to inmates of Hospice Pamplemousses

A Lunch was offered to inmates of Hospice Pamplemousses & Ashram at Calebasses icw International Day for Senior Citizens on May 2018.

26. Inauguration of Ville Bague Village Hall

The District Council of Pamplemousses, in collaboration with the Village Council of Ville Bague inaugurates the new Village Hall of Ville Bague on Sunday 24 June 2018, where the Honourable vice Prime Minister attend the function as “Chief Guest” and deliver an address to some 500 persons, amidst eminent personalities of the region.



Local Governments for Sustainability, founded in 1990 as the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, is an international organization of local governments and national and regional local government organizations that have made a commitment to sustainable development.

The international association was established when more than 200 local governments from 43 countries convened at its inaugural conference, the World Congress of Local Governments for a Sustainable Future, at the United Nations in New York in September 1990. Today, more than 1200 cities, towns, countries and their associates in 84 countries comprise ICLEI’s growing membership. ICLEI works with these and hundreds of other local governments through international performance-based, results-oriented campaigns and programs. It provides technical consulting, training, and information services to build capacity, share knowledge, and support local government in the implementation of sustainable development at the local level. ICLEI’s basic premises is that locally designed initiatives can provide an effective and cost-efficient way to achieve local, national, and global sustainability objectives.

Council is a member of the ICLEI since year 2014.
























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