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I’m Qualified, Now What?

o Most of the training you’ll see on this site is geared to help get all members “up and running;” to help get you qualified to receive CA$H. It’s really important for you go get into that “Positive CA$H” position as soon as possible. The faster you do that, the better “Story” you’ll create that you can share with prospects, and successful “Getting Started” stories are always really exciting for prospects to hear.

o This training is a little different. Many of our members tell us, “OK, I’m qualified, now what? So this module focuses on the things you need to do when you reach qualified status; you’re responsibilities to your new members who join with you; we’ll review some of the “mechanical” things on how to confirm pledges etc.; and we’ll share a strategic plan on how to work with your new members to help them become productive so they can get into a positive CA$H position as soon as possible. That strategy also ensures you’ll begin benefiting from those wonderful “1-ups” that we’ve all come to love so much.

o First, you’re qualified. That means that you can now receive CA$H from new members you invite at any level or levels of participation you have become qualified at. For a complete training on how you get qualified at the different levels, please refer to the “Qualification 101” Training Module found under this same menu. That’s always the very first “Qualification” training, so if you haven’t reviewed that one, please do so now, as it covers all of the elements of getting qualified, who received the pledges, etc.

o The very first thing you need to learn is the proper method of having prospects join to be “connected” to you. Most of you should already know this since you have your first person already, but the Support Team still receives far too many “incorrect” registrations where a prospect has joined with the wrong “link” and is placed on the incorrect receiving line, so let’s review that first.

o Your member needs to join CTS at your unique “Joining” website (you can find that URL in your back office just under your Member ID#), or they can go back to “Step 7” of your “Presentation Center” and click the “Join Now” link. Either of those actions will take them to exactly the same place. When joining using either of these two methods, your new members will AUTOMATICALLY be placed on YOUR receiving lines at the levels they joined at, providing that you’re qualified at those levels. If they join at any level that you are NOT qualified at, the new member will be placed on your INVITERS receiving lines for that level or levels.

o You will receive an automatic email notification from the system that you’re new member has joined, and you need to ensure they have all the correct information on where and how to send their pledge. You should have provided very specific instructions to your prospect with ALL of that important information in your last conversation with them, and you need to email those instructions as well. We have attached an email Template as a “Download” for you entitled “Welcome Aboard” that outlines for our prospect all the steps they need to take to join CTS and be “attached” to you.

o OK, so your prospect joins with you, and now you need to confirm their pledge. Here’s the “process and timing” on how to do that. Let’s take the “timing” first. Remember, you’re new member cannot begin accessing the Training Center, nor can they invite any prospects to join CTS until you confirm their pledge, so this needs to be done right away. You should be confirming that pledge the moment you receive a “scannable” tracking number from the Overnight Courier the prospect used to send the pledge. Remember, we ONLY use PRIVATE overnight couriers here for pledges. You can use a direct bank transfer if you wish, that’s up to you. And also, it’s CERTIFIED FUNDS ONLY for pledges. CA$H or Cashiers Checks if sending by courier.

o A few minutes ago, we used the term “scannable” tracking number. When you get the tracking number of the pledge, let’s say they’re using “Fedex” or “UPS,” you need to go directly to the courier website ( or ) and enter the Tracking Number so you can confirm that the package has been picked up. If you’re using an electronic wire transfer, you confirm the pledge as soon as you receive a notification from your financial institution that you have the funds.

o Now here’s something important. If the new member has gone to a Fedex drop box, such as the ones at Staples or a UPS Store, that package may not be actually picked up and scanned by the courier until 5:00 pm or so LOCAL time. So if there is no record of the package being picked up when you initially input the tracking number at the Courier’s Website, that is likely the reason. Try again after 5:00 pm local time. By “Local” time, we mean the time zone that your NEW MEMBER is in. As soon as you confirm on that website that the package has been sent, you must immediately confirm that pledge in the back office. Here’s how you do that.

o Remember, the CTS Software knows that you’re qualified, so when that member joins, he is automatically placed on YOUR receiving lines that you’re qualified at, and that your new member joined at. You simply log into your “Back Office” at and click on your “$500 Receiving Line” link. There you’ll see your prospect showing in RED on that receiving line, and you’ll see a yellow “smiley face” beside that prospect. Clicking that yellow “Smiley Face” will open a “dialogue box” that displays all of the Receiving Lines that your new member has been placed on. You simply click on the boxes next to the Receiving Lines that your prospect has pledged, then click the “Confirm Gift Received” button. If the pledge is split between one or more receiving lines, you will only be able to click in the boxes next to the amount that YOU are eligible to receive. The other boxes will be grayed out. Those pledges will be confirmed by the recipient in the very same manner that you are doing.

o The next dialogue box that opens confirms that the pledge has been confirmed at the levels specified. Your new member will automatically receive a confirmation from the system that his pledge has been confirmed, and that he/she can now begin inviting people into the program and that he/she has access to the CTS Training Center. It really is quite a simple process; just a few clicks of your mouse.

o Now let’s talk about your responsibilities to this new member. Here’s the real fundamental condition of being a part of CTS that all members need to accept. EVERY member at CTS is obligated to provide “any and all REASONABLE support” to ALL members from whom they receive a pledge. This means everyone that you personally invite into the program, and any “1-ups” you receive as qualifiers. First, let’s talk about what we mean when we say “any and all REASONABLE support.”

o This means that you are obligated to assist this new member in getting started; we’ll outline a plan to show you how to do that a little later. But it’s imperative you first let them know about the resources they’ll need to access to help them to be successful at CTS, such as the CTS Landing Page and the New Member “Getting Started” checklist. You also need to make yourself available to work with them, particularly in the beginning, to ensure they know what to do and in what order, so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

o It’s a “no brainer” that you need to do this for every member that you personally invite into the program. It’s a little different for the “1-ups” you receive. For that new member, their Inviter should be their main contact for assistance, but again you are obligated to provide that support to ALL members from whom you accept a pledge. So by accepting that pledge, you are by default, accepting that responsibility. Remember, you’ll receive the “1-ups” from the first person they invite, so there’s a responsibility attached to that. You definitely should work a little along side your inviter in the beginning and lend some expertise in getting this new member started, and ensuring there is a “plan” in place to help them get started. This will require some co-ordination between you, the Inviting Member and the New Member, and it’s really up to you to make that happen.

o Look, I know this seems like a lot of work, but there’s really a “method to the madness.” Remember, even though these new members are 1-ups, they’ve been placed on YOUR Receiving Lines, and YOU will receive the pledge from the first person they invite. And most of the work associated with that pledge will be done by the INVITER, so this is an AMAZINGLY productive use of your time.

o OK, now you know basically what you need to do and why, so let’s get to the specific plan that I use for all of the new members that join CTS with me. I teach this plan to ALL of my new members, so that they have the same professional training at their disposal for the new members THEY invite. That ensures everyone has the same “training playbook” if you will, and it sure saves me a lot of work and invaluable time. Let’s take a look at the plan you need to develop.

o Here’s a “checklist” you can use to ensure that you cover all the bases. Use this same format for every new member you enroll in the program. We’ll review each of these items in detail in a few minutes.

Step 1, you need to set a training agenda for your new member.

Step 2, they need to set some goals

Step 3, they need some direction getting leads

Step 4, they need to develop their own scripts

And Step 5, they need to get out making calls.

o Now, lets spend some time on each of these items.

o Step 1. The very first thing they need to do is to review the Training Center. Which means, they must have ACCESS to the Training Center. Make SURE you explain the process to them. First, they can’t have access to the Training Center until their pledge is confirmed, so this provides a “sense of urgency” for them to get that pledge off to you, and it’s YOUR responsibility to confirm that pledge as soon as you (or your inviter) receives that tracking number. As we described earlier, simply go to the courier’s website, confirm that the tracking number has been scanned, and immediately confirm their pledge. Access to the Training Center and the “Members Tools” link in the Back Office is automatically granted once that pledge has been confirmed.

o Make SURE you tell them to watch for that confirming email from the Support Center Team that will let them know when their access to the Training Center is granted. And you need to guide them here. I log in with them to the Training Center, and I review the menu’s and the contents so they get a good “feel” for how it’s designed. Then, I give them the “order” of what I want them to watch in the next 48 hours. How quickly they’ll receive CA$H will be determined by the “Sense of Urgency” they apply to this task. First, I want them to watch the video on the Home Page, then all the modules under the “Getting Started” Menu and the “Qualifying Training” menu. Remember, some of the Training Center content has been updated since the video on the “Home Page” was created, so it’s important that you detail this for them.

o Step 2 is to have them set some goals, and here’s the format I use.

o First, what would they like to accomplish in their first 30 days? Make sure THEY tell YOU what they want, don’t suggest anything. These must be THEIR goals. If they just don’t know, simply ask, “What do you feel would be a reasonable accomplishment for you in your first 30 days here with us?”

o Make SURE they write it down, and have them send it to you.

o Next, ask them where they see themselves in the next 3 months. What would be their ideal result 90 days from now? Make SURE their expectations are realistic. If they only can work the program 6 hours a week, they won’t be receiving $100K in 90 days. I always like to suggest these should be very attainable goals, but they should make them stretch a bit. Have them send this to you as well.

o Next, have your new member write down some long-term goals. These goals should really define their “why.” Why did they join CTS in the first place? Where is it they want to get to?” What is their dream? If nothing were impossible, what would they really like to have? They need to create a very real vision of this, and write it down. This BIG goal, their “Why,” will be the one big thing that will keep them on track in the midst of rejection and disappointments.

o For me, I wanted to live the lifestyle that I now enjoy so much I could taste it. That vision allowed me to persevere through all roadblocks and setbacks, and if THEIR vision is strong enough and important enough to them, they can use that as fuel to carry them through to success.

o Eventually, you want them to go through the Goal Training module in the Training Center, and when they do, they certainly will refine their goals. But right now, you just want to get them focused on talking to people and making those goals a reality. That only comes from getting down to “Cash Generating Activities.”

o Step 3 is Lead Generation

o Make SURE they review EACH of the Training Modules under the “Prospecting” menu of the Training Center, and review what they’ve learned and see what resonates with them. Try and get a feel for what they think will work for them.

o Much of this will be determined by the budget they have available to get started. If they will be doing Voice Broadcasting or purchasing leads lists, this will cost them some money initially.

o I encourage members to contact their “Circle of Influence,” because it’s far and away the fastest way to get started, and it’s free. They should have been through that training module, so see how they feel about that. It doesn’t need to be their “inner circle,” but everyone knows some people that are entrepreneurial in nature, that they’d like to work with. That’s a great starting point. I don’t try to CONVINCE them to do this, but I DO make sure they review the Training Module before they decide, and also the Live Training Webinar we did on June 11th, 2013 will provide them some great ideas as well. They can access that under the “Live Training Webinars” menu in the Training Center.

o The bottom line is that they just need to pick one or two lead generation methods, and just get started. That’s the main thing at this point. Don’t let them get stalled here, or they’ll always be getting ready to get ready. It’s time for action.

o Step 4: Now, they need to get their scripts ready. Ensure they have downloaded the interview script from “Interview Techniques” module the Training Center, which can be found under the “Prospecting” menu. They need to LEARN that script and become comfortable using it. Encourage them to Practice, Drill and Rehearse that script to make it their own. They can personalize it to their liking, but make sure they know it backwards and forwards, and that they can SAY it, not READ it. The main goal for right now is to get them comfortable with what they will say on that initial contact with prospects, and to get going and begin speaking with prospects.

o Step 5: Now is the time they need to get out making some calls. First, they need to schedule their working time, and actually record that in a calendar. They need to actually WRITE DOWN their work schedule. If they’ll be spending 10 hours a week working CTS, they need to block that time off in their calendar as to how many hours and on what days they will be working. This must be done EVERY WEEK, and whatever they write in that planner, they must stick to, no exceptions. Al new members must really learn to “plan their work and work their plan.” That’s the only sure way to success in anything.

o Here’s something I do that you may want to incorporate.

o I take new people with me whenever I’m making new prospect calls. They just listen in, and when the Interview (or voicemail) is completed, we talk a little about what happened. This is very good training, but you have to be very careful. This is fun for them and they have no fear of being rejected. The more they do this with you, the less they want to go out on their own. So just limit this to “GETTING STARTED” training. I use MY leads in this process, since this is my work; I’m just taking them with me. I find this strategy is HUGELY successful, since they can see me “succeed and fail” in a “Real Time” environment, and that’s a great experience for them. This really helps to diffuse that “fear” of getting out there and calling prospects.

o Here’s another strategy I use all the time now to get my new people calling and generate some 1-ups for me. This is particularly helpful for those new members that are on a very limited budget. When I do a Voice Broadcast, I download the list of all the people that pressed “1” for more information. Personally, I only call the ones that listened for more than 45 seconds, so I put those into a separate file that I will keep. But that still leaves me with all the rest of those prospects that “pressed 1” that I will never get around to calling. I download all of those contacts into a separate file so I can give those to my new people, ONLY if they make the unwavering commitment to actually CALL EACH AND EVERY one of those prospects right away.

o This gets them calling prospects at absolutely ZERO cost to them, so you’ve now removed all their excuses to getting started. They just need to begin calling. I really like this strategy, since my cost is Zero (remember, I would never have been able to follow up with all those prospects anyway), and it really helps new people get started. Again, that’s really a win/win. Another benefit and something I really like about Voice Broadcasting.

o OK, now you have the “5 Step Plan” I use to get all of my new people started. The important things are to ensure you stay in touch with ALL new members at least every other day during their first two weeks or so. If they feel “abandoned” in the slightest they likely won’t succeed. So keeping in touch is very important. Also, I make my new people take responsibility and be accountable to do what they said they would do. That’s an absolute condition in working with me; they MUST do what they commit to do all the time, without exception.

o Also, it’s really important to help your new members monitor their activity levels and their goals, and I do this weekly. I try and get together with my new members every Friday if possible and review their progress for that week. Are they moving towards their goals that they set in the beginning? Are they doing enough Cash Generating Activity, meaning speaking with prospects and moving them forward through the process, to be able to attain those goals?

o This really needs to be monitored on a weekly basis to ensure they stay on track and make any necessary adjustments. That’s a very important role. If I have several new members I’m working with at one time, I try and do my weekly review with them together on a Conferencing line, and that usually works out great. They love the “teamwork” idea and they can bounce ideas off each other, since they are all typically at similar levels of development. This is really a productive way to work with your people, but it does require some organizing on your part to get a conference line at , and to organize everyone being on every call and being on time. It’s really worth the effort though, because it does create a lot of synergy in the group.

o Many new members really get bogged down with this Training Process, and it really should never be that way. They try and do way too much for their people, instead of working WITH their people. The beauty of this program is that the system that’s in place here should really automate over 90% of the required training for all of your new members. That’s why we put this together in this fashion. If you become “joined at the hip” with your new members, you’ll drive yourself crazy, because you’ll never have enough time to work the program yourself and invite new people.

o Now, there’s a “fine line” between not providing your new members with what they need to be successful and doing too much for them. There’s an old adage, “The more you do for people, the less they’ll do for themselves,” and that’s certainly true. Every new member must understand and accept that their success will depend primarily on their own efforts. So how much is too much? This is really relative, and every new member is different, but here’s what I’ve found. If you ever feel like you’re doing most of the work FOR them, you’re too involved. People learn by DOING, and that’s what you need to get them to do. Let them DO, and you coach. That’s a very big distinction.

o OK, you’re qualified, and you should no longer be asking the question, “Now What?” This training module should have given you all the tools you need to get your new members started quickly and efficiently.

o Thanks for watching, and make sure you access all the other Training Modules on this site. Bye for now.


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