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1. This 1946 film was directed by Frank Capra and features an angel named Clarence Odbody. SIT A LFENWURDO EILF _________________________________________ (4 words)

2. This 1983 comedy is based on a short story from Jean Shepherd's book In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash. A MISTRASCH TORYS ___________________________________________ (3 words)

3. In this 1988 comedy, Bill Murray puts his spin on a classic character created by Charles Dickens. DEGROCSO _____________________________________________________ (1 word)

4. Starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, this 1942 musical takes place at an inn that is only open on holidays. DOLIHAY NIN ___________________________________________________ (2 words)

5. The Griswold family is back for more hilarious misadventures in this 1989 film starring Chevy Chase. SAMRISTCH NOTIVACA _________________________________________ (2 words)

6. This 1954 musical features a popular song-and-dance team belting out tunes by Irving Berlin. EHWTI SIRMASTCH ______________________________________________ (2 words)

7. Set in London and released in 2003, this romantic comedy chronicles the love lives of eight very different couples. EOLV YALTUACL _________________________________________________ (2 words)

8. This film, based on a book by Doctor Seuss, has been released in both live action and animated formats. WOH EHT CHINRG EOTSL SMATRISCH __________________________ (5 words)

9. In this 1990 film, a young boy is inadvertently left behind while his family takes a trip to Paris and must protect his home against intruders. MOHE NOELA ___________________________________________________ (2 words)

10. Buddy, a human who was raised as one of Santa's elves, is the hero of this 2003 comedy.

LEF ______________________________________________________________ (1 word)

Answers 1. It's a Wonderful Life 2. A Christmas Story 3. Scrooged 4. Holiday Inn 5. Christmas Vacation 6. White Christmas 7. Love Actually 8. How the Grinch Stole Christmas 9. Home Alone 10. Elf


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