Put the adjectives in the correct order:

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Each sentence below contains one or more adjectives. Read each sentence carefully and underline the adjectives. The first four sentences have been done for you.

1.[pic] I’m not going to keep these empty plastic bottles.

2.[pic] Nancy was angry when Fred compared her cookies to old mud pies.

3.[pic] Pretty yellow birds decorated the ancient walls.

4.[pic] A simple explanation will prevent a terrible punishment.

5.[pic] My best friend has an exciting new idea!

6.[pic] Mary gazed into the cracked mirror and said, “I really believe that green teeth are attractive.”

7.[pic] Jason placed the leather boots in that small closet.

8.[pic] Ryan gave me two useful gifts.

9.[pic] There is nothing like a good book on a comfortable couch.

10. I told them that frozen pizza would make a fine dessert.

11. Eighty awful alligators ate eighteen aimless acrobats.

12. Herman became confused when he read the secret map.

From the choices provided after each sentence select a word or phrase that would correctly complete the sentence. Submit the form using the SUBMIT APPLICATION button at the end of the exercise. Your score will be returned to you in a few seconds.

1.  Those are probably the ___________ curtains in the store.



[pic]most fanciest

2.  Uncle Carl is really ______________________ man.

[pic]an old sweet

[pic]a sweet, old

[pic]a sweet old

3.  The Karmen-Ghia used to be _________________ sportscar.

[pic]a fine German

[pic]a German, fine

[pic]a fine, German

4.  Everyone was home for the holidays. What could make for ___________ Christmas than that?

[pic]a merryer

[pic]the merriest

[pic]a merrier

5.  They grew up in ___________________ house in Mexico City.

[pic]a comfortable, little

[pic]a little, comfortable

[pic]a comfortable little

6.  Diehard is the ____________ movie I've ever seen.

[pic]most excited

[pic]most exciting

[pic]most exciteable

7.  Tashonda wanted to take a course with _____________________ professor.

[pic]that interesting new Japanese economics

[pic]that Japanese interesting, new economics

[pic]that interesting, new, Japanese, economics

8.  Of all the mechanics in the shop, Jerzy is surely ______________ .

[pic]the less competent.

[pic]the least competent.

[pic]the competentest.

9.  In the fall, the valleys tend to be ___________ than the hilltops.


[pic]more foggier


10.  My cold is definitely _________ this morning.




Put the adjectives into the correct form.

1. Los Angeles is (large) [pic]than Chicago.

2. But New York is the (large) [pic]city of the United States.

3. The weather in Hollywood is (good) [pic]than in New York or New Jersey.

4. Nestor Studios is the (old) [pic]movie company in Hollywood.

5. Disneyland is (interesting) [pic]than any other amusement park.

Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets (comparative or superlative).

1. My house is (big) ……………..than yours.

2. This flower is (beautiful) [pic]than that one.

3. This is the (interesting) [pic]book I have ever read.

4. Non-smokers usually live (long) [pic]than smokers.

5. Which is the (dangerous) [pic]animal in the world?

6. A holiday by the sea is (good) [pic]than a holiday in the mountains.

7. It is strange but often a coke is (expensive) [pic]than a beer.

8. Who is the (rich) [pic]woman on earth?

9. The weather this summer is even (bad) [pic]than last summer.

10. He was the (clever) [pic]thief of all.

Fill in the correct form of the following adjectives.

1. London is the (large) [pic]city in Great Britain.

2. No other British city has as (many) [pic]inhabitants as London.

3. The London underground, the tube, is the (old) [pic]underground in the world.

4. The Tower of London is one of the (famous) [pic]London sights.

5. Another sight is the London Eye. With its 135 metres, it is (tall) [pic]than any other big wheel in the world.

Exercise on Comparison of Adjectives (as ... as)

Fill in the comparison with as ... as.

1. John is (tall) Glen.

2. Janet is (beautiful) ……………Jeniffer.

3. You are (crazy) …………………..my sister.

4. We can run (fast) ………………….they can.

5. My mom is (not / strict) ………………….your mum.

6. Your mobile phone is (not / trendy) …………….mine.

7. Matrix II was (not / interesting) ………………….Matrix I.

8. This yoghurt (not / taste / good) ………………the one I bought yesterday.

9. I can do (many / press-ups) ………………..you.

10. I (not / earn / much / money) ………………you do.

Put the adjectives in the correct order:

1-round small reading lamp

2-German old yellow car

3-wooden huge sailing ship

4-physics boring old teacher

5-slim Canadian handsome snowboarder

6-sugar blue round bowl

|1. Which is the correct order? |

| |a small Canadian thin lady |

| |a Canadian small thin lady |

| |a small thin Canadian lady |

| |a thin small Canadian lady |

| |

|2. Which is the correct order? |

| |a carving steel new knife |

| |a new steel carving knife |

| |a steel new carving knife |

| |a new carving steel knife |

| |

|3. Which is the correct order? |

| |a beautiful blue sailing boat |

| |a blue beautiful sailing boat |

| |a sailing beautiful blue boat |

| |a blue sailing beautiful boat |

| |

|4. Which is the correct order? |

| |an old wooden square table |

| |a square wooden old table |

| |an old square wooden table |

| |a wooden old square table |

| |

|5. Which is the correct order? |

| |an new French exciting band |

| |a French new exciting band |

| |an exciting French new band |

| |an exciting new French band |

| |

|6. Which is the correct order? |

| |a red big plastic hat |

| |a big red plastic hat |

| |a plastic big red hat |

| |a bit plastic red hat |

| |

|7. Which is the correct order? |

| |a small Japanese serving bowl |

| |a Japanese small serving bowl |

| |a small serving Japanese bowl |

| |a serving small Japanese bowl |

| |

|8. Which is the correct order? |

| |a cotton dirty old tie |

| |a dirty cotton old tie |

| |an old cotton dirty tie |

| |a dirty old cotton tie |

|Are these adjectives in the natural order? Put true or false |

|  |

|a big red book |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|a red big book |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|a French green book |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|a beautiful green Italian scarf |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|a little green man |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|the first three days |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|the three first days |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|a funny little man |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|a brown leather jacket |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|a German small town |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|the three last weeks |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|a portable expensive computer |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|an army Swiss knife |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|a green old sweater |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|an Italian gentle man |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|a new terrible movie |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|an old lovely house |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|a tea yellow cup |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|the three last people |

| |

|[pic] |

| |

|green big eyes |

| |

| |

| |

|أ |

Fill in the blanks:

|Positive |Comparative |Superlative |

|large | | |

|dark | | |

|happy | | |

|dirty | | |

|nice | | |

|flat | | |

|many or | | |

|much | | |

|big | | |

|new | | |

|important | | |

Exercise “The three little pigs” – Part 1

Fill in the correct form of the adjective or adverb.

1. Once upon a time there were three little pigs who wanted to see the world. When the they left home, their mum gave them some advice: Whatever you do, do it the (good) [pic]you can.

2. So the three pigs wandered through the world and were the (happy) [pic]pigs you've ever seen.

3. They were playing (funny) [pic]games all summer long, but then came autumn and each pig wanted to build a house.

4. The first pig was not only the (small) [pic]but also the (lazy) [pic]of the pigs.

5. He (quick) [pic]built a house out of straw.

6. The second pig made his house out of wood which was a bit (difficult) [pic]than building a straw house.

7. The third pig followed his mum's advice and built a strong house out of bricks, which was the (difficult) [pic]house to build.

8. The pig worked very (hard) [pic], but finally got his house ready before winter.

9. During the cold winter months, the three little pigs lived (extreme) [pic](good) [pic]in their houses.

10. They (regular) [pic]visited one another and had the (wonderful) [pic]time of their lives.

Exercise “The three little pigs” – Part 2

Fill in the correct form of the adjective or adverb.

1. One night, however, a wolf came to the place where the three little pigs lived. It was the (horrible) [pic]wolf in the whole wide world.

2. Being (terrible) [pic]hungry, he went straight to the straw house.

3. "Let me in, little pig," the wolf shouted out (angry) [pic], "or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!"

4. The pig didn't let him in, but as the house was made out of straw, the wolf blew it down (easy) [pic].

5. The little pig ran to his brother's house as (fast) [pic]as he could. But the wolf followed him to the wooden house.

6. "Open up, little pigs," he shouted even (angry) [pic].

7. Then he huffed and puffed and it didn't take him much (long) [pic]to blow the house down.

8. The two pigs (nervous) [pic]ran to their brother who lived in the brick house.

9. The wolf followed them (grim) [pic].

10. "Open the door," he shouted (furious) [pic].

11. As the pigs didn't open, the wolf huffed and puffed (heavy) [pic]. But the stone house didn't fall down.

12. From all the huffing and puffing the wolf became even (hungry) [pic].

13. With his last power he (slow) [pic]climbed up the house to get in through the chimney.

14. The pigs saw this and (hasty) [pic]lit a fire.

15. When the wolf climbed down the chimney, he fell into the fire which was (awful) [pic]hot.

16. He burnt his bum (bad) [pic]and ran away.

17. From that day on, the pigs had no more trouble with the wolf and they lived (happy) [pic]ever after.

Find the adjective in the first sentence and fill the gap with the adverb.

1. Joanne is happy. She smiles ……….

2. The boy is loud. He shouts [pic].

3. Her English is fluent. She speaks English [pic].

4. Our mum was angry. She spoke to us [pic].

5. My neighbour is a careless driver. He drives [pic].

6. The painter is awful. He paints [pic].

7. Jim is a wonderful piano player. He plays the piano [pic].

8. This girl is very quiet. She often sneaks out of the house [pic].

9. She is a good dancer. She dances really [pic].

10. This exercise is simple. You [pic]have to put one word in each space.


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