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Competitive Advantage Exercise

Choosing one of the three companies listed below; explain why you believe the company experiences a competitive advantage. Competitive advantage represents the collective characteristics or traits that a firm possesses that enable it to attract demand for its products or services. Competitive advantage also explains why you as a consumer purchase that firm’s products and/or services. You should explore why you would choose to purchase a product(s) and/or services from the company you have selected. Namely, what criteria do you use as a consumer to make a purchase decision? This may be a criterion such as low cost. One criterion is not sufficient however. You should explore several criteria. Furthermore, you’ll probably want to explain the advantages the firm’s products, processes, and people represent. However, just these few examples by themselves are insufficient.

• If relevant to your analysis, you should explain the “5 W’s, 2 H’s.”

Your analysis should consist of a type-written, 1 page report.

Company 1: Dell

Company 2: Toyota

Company 3: Wal-Mart


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