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Watch: Benedict Cumberbatch sings Comfortably Numb with Pink Flyod’s David Gilmour

The Sherlock actor joined David Gilmour for a performance of Comfortably Numb at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Benedict Cumberbatch more, he goes ahead and sings one of the world’s cult rock songs with a legend like David Gilmour. And there you go falling in love with him all over again.Cumberbitches – as his female fans call themselves – eagerly awaiting the Sherlock actor in his next avatar as Doctor Strange, as well as the final season (*get the tissues out) of the popular detective TV series. But while they wait with bated breath, it seems the actor figured he’d give his fans something else to talk about, and no one’s really complaining.On September 28, Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour was performing at the Royal Albert Hall in London, and much to fans’ delight, he had Cumberbatch join him on stage to sing a couple of lines from ‘Comfortably Numb’, and boy was he good! Sure, there is no comparing the singing to the original by Roger Waters, Cumberbatch definitely did a splendid job.Though, the Sherlock actor hasn’t announced any plans to release an album soon, but he has sung before. We last heard him sing the beautiful ‘Can’t Keep It Inside’ for his 2003 film August: Osage County.Gilmour, in the meanwhile, is promoting his fourth solo album, Rattle That Lock, which released in September last year. According to reports, Gilmour – who is no stranger to working the crowd – has often invited celebrities on stage to lend their vocal stylings to Comfortably Numb, the most notable being David Bowie.



David Gilmour awaited by his fans to the Saline Royale!

They will be 19,000 this evening in the grounds of the Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans (Doubs) for a concert of the former member of Pink Floyd. On social networks, fans counting the minutes that separate the concert. Patience. Reportage tomorrow in 12/13.

A monster on stage in a dream setting. 70, founder of Pink Floyd Gilmour stopped tonight in the saline Doubs World Heritage Site by Unesco.

World Tour "Rattle That lock tower" David Gilmour leads this summer the former Pink Floyd, 70 a across Europe, the Royal Albert Hall in London to the Roman arena, Nimes via the château de Chantilly. The concert begins at 21 hours.



Watch David Gilmour Play “Great Gig in the Sky” Live in Pompeii

In 1971, Pink Floyd performed at the amphitheatre in Pompeii, a concert to which no one was invited but which was filmed and recorded for posterity.

Last week, on July 7 and 8, Floyd guitarist David Gilmour made a historic return to the venue, the oldest surviving Roman amphitheatre, performing for a mere 3,000 lucky concertgoers. Currently touring behind his 2015 album, Rattle That Lock, Gilmour has spurned arenas and stadiums for heritage sites, including Rome’s Circus Maximum, amphitheatres in Verona and Nîmes and London’s Royal Albert Hall, in an effort to give his audiences an unforgettable evening of music.

Video from Gilmour’s Pompeii performance has been difficult to come by. We recently shared a video of him performing “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and “Fat Old Sun,” but it was taken down.

We’re now sharing these newly posted videos of him and his group performing “The Great Gig in the Sky,” from The Dark Side of the Moon. Enjoy it while you can.



David Gilmour Won't Play Pink Floyd's Echoes without Richard Wright – Published on 07/14

(Prog) David Gilmour says he won't play Pink Floyd track Echoes without late keyboardist and composer Richard Wright, who died of lung cancer, aged 65, in 2008.

Founding member, keyboardist and composer Wright played a major role in the rise of Pink Floyd during the 60s and 70s. He drew back from songwriting in the late 70s, eventually becoming a session musician with the group until he went back full-time in 1994.

As singer and guitarist Gilmour prepared to play the first-ever rock show for an audience in Pompeii's amphitheatre in Italy since Pink Floyd's 1971 recorded show at the site, his lyricist wife Polly Sampson admits they felt Wright's absence keenly as "one of the ghosts" among the ancient runes.

Gilmour tells Rolling Stone: "It would be lovely to play Echoes here, but I wouldn't do that without Rick. There's something that's specifically so individual about the way that Rick and I play in that, that you can't get someone to learn it and do it just like that. That's not what music's about." Read more here.



Watch David Gilmour Play “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” Live in Pompeii-

In 1971, Pink Floyd performed at the amphitheatre in Pompeii, a concert to which no one was invited but which was filmed and recorded for posterity.

Last week, on July 7 and 8, Floyd guitarist David Gilmour made a historic return to the venue, the oldest surviving Roman amphitheatre, performing for a mere 3,000 lucky concertgoers. Currently touring behind his 2015 album, Rattle That Lock, Gilmour has spurned arenas and stadiums for heritage sites, including Rome’s Circus Maximum, amphitheatres in Verona and Nîmes and London’s Royal Albert Hall, in an effort to give his audiences an unforgettable evening of music.



AFL 07-07-2016

David Gilmour plays historic rock concerts in ancient Roman city of Pompeii-

Gilmour previously played at the Pompeii Ampitheatre with Pink Floyd in 1971

David Gilmour has played the first ever rock concerts in front of an audience at the historic Pompeii Ampitheatre.

Gilmour's gigs at the stone Roman amphitheatre, which was famously buried in ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79, and only uncovered after the Second World War, marked his return to Pompeii after a 45-year gap.

Gilmour previously played at the Pompeii Ampitheatre with Pink Floyd in 1971 for the concert film 'Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii', but on that occasion there was no audience present.

Gilmour, who has now been made an honorary citizen of Pompeii, said of the gigs: "It's a magical place and coming back and seeing the stage and the arena was quite overwhelming. It's a place of a friendly way."

David Gilmour played the following songs at Pompeii over two separate sets.

1st Set:


'Rattle That Lock'

'Faces Of Stone'

'What Do You Want From Me'

'The Blue'

'Great Gig In The Sky'

'A Boat Lies Waiting'

'Wish You Were Here'


'In Any Tongue'

'High Hopes'

2nd Set:

'One Of These Days'

'Shine On You Crazy Diamond'

'Fat Old Sun'

'Coming Back To Life'

'On An Island '

'The Girl In The Yellow Dress'



'Run Like Hell'

'Time / Breathe' (reprise)

'Comfortably Numb'

Currently on his 'Rattle That Lock World Tour 2016', David Gilmour will return to the UK for a five-night run of shows at London's Royal Albert Hall in September.

This week David Gilmour performed two spectacular shows at the legendary Pompeii Amphitheatre in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, marking the first time he has played there in 45 years.

The performances were the first-ever rock concerts for an audience in the stone Roman amphitheatre which was built in 90 BC and entombed in ash when Vesuvius erupted in AD 79.

The amphitheatre was only uncovered after the Second World War and David Gilmour’s concerts are the first time that there has been an audience present in the arena in almost 2000 years.

In 1971 when Pink Floyd played at the amphitheatre for the film ‘Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii’ there was famously no audience present, but this time the 2600 strong crowd stood exactly where gladiators would have fought in the first century AD.

The crowd was treated to an audio visual spectacle featuring lasers, pyrotechnics and a set list featuring songs from throughout David's career. Tracks performed over the two nights ranged from his latest album 'Rattle That Lock' to the Pink Floyd classic 'One of These Days', the only song that was also performed at the 1971 show.

Both concerts also saw very special performances of 'The Great Gig in the Sky' from 'Dark Side of the Moon' which David rarely plays as a solo artist. The full set lists for both shows are below.

David, now officially an honorary citizen of Pompeii, said of the shows ‘It's a magical place and coming back and seeing the stage and the arena was quite overwhelming. It's a place of a friendly way’.

A special guest at the second show was the world renowned classicist Mary Beard, an expert on Ancient Rome as well as a lifelong Pink Floyd fan, who treated David and his wife Polly Samson to a guided tour of the amphitheatre.

The Rattle That Lock World Tour 2016 will continue in Verona, Stuttgart, Paris, Weisbaden, Nimes, Besancon and Tienen in Belgium before ending up with a five night stand at the Royal Albert Hall in London.-(Read More Here)



David Gilmour Returns to Pompeii with Refigured Pink Floyd Classics

Singer digs deep for first-ever rock concert before an audience at historic venue.

It's hard to imagine what the ancient Pompeiians who built an amphitheater in their region of Italy around 80 B.C. would have thought of David Gilmour's concert there on Thursday. The perimeter atop the structure was lined with light, fire pots and pyrotechnics that shot flames into the air, much like the volcano that wiped out the city in 79 A.D. The majority of the spectators were gathered on the field where gladiators once squared off against their adversaries. And one end of the structure housed a stage that, in addition to giving the former Pink Floyd singer a platform, also held a mammoth circular projector screen with enough lights and lasers to approximate the alien touchdown scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

It was a concert that was virtually centuries in the making – the first-ever rock show to take place in front of an audience in the structure there – and it was a milestone, too, for Gilmour, age 70, as it was the first time he'd played there since he and his Pink Floyd bandmates shot the 1972 cult-hit concert film Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii, what director Adrian Maben once described as an "anti-Woodstock" picture.

He acknowledged that fact by incorporating a couple of favorite songs from that era into the set list: the galloping bass face-off "One of These Days" – a highlight from the film that Gilmour's been playing on this tour for the first time since the Nineties – and Dark Side of the Moon's soaring "The Great Gig in the Sky," which isn't in the film but still evokes the era. It was the first time he'd performed the latter since 2006. (The night's one disappointment, however, was a total absence of "Echoes," the cornerstone of Live at Pompeii. Gilmour tells Rolling Stone it's too difficult to perform that song without the late Rick Wright.

"Grazie mille," Gilmour told the crowd after "The Great Gig in the Sky." "It's lovely to be back here in this beautiful place after all these years, amongst all you people and all these ghosts, ancient and recent." It was a nod to Wright, who co-wrote the song.

The evening – the first concert of a two-night stand – was conceived as a special event and, "Echoes" notwithstanding, it was extraordinary. The air smelled of ancient dust. The night sky slowly faded from azure to dark green to pitch black by the end of the concert. And the amphitheater itself – which once could hold around 18,000 revelers but tonight hosted only a couple thousand who were willing to pay at least €300 each for the intimate gig – was grown over with grass and looked exactly as it did in the film. There was even an in-depth exhibit of Floyd photos and memorabilia on site from their four-day stint in 1971 filming the picture. All Gilmour had to do was to divine stinging, soaring notes from his guitar and sing in his typically husky voice.

Other than the special additions, the set list closely resembled what Gilmour played on his recent trek across the U.S., supporting his recent Rattle That Lock album. A third or so of the songs came from that LP and Gilmour's 2006 solo outing, On an Island, the highlights of which included stunning, fluid, lyrical guitar solos in "The Blue," "In Any Tongue" and "The Girl in the Yellow Dress." The other two thirds consisted of Pink Floyd staples and deep cuts that dated back to 1970's Atom Heart Mother album.

What was different, however, was the backing band and its interpretations of the songs. "Wish You Were Here" now sported a funky, honky-tonk solo courtesy of journeyman keyboardist Chuck Leavell. The arrangement on "Money" now afforded Gilmour the space to experiment with a jazzy blues solo. Backing vocalists Louise Marshall, Lucy Jules and Bryan Chambers sang "Great Gig" in three-part harmony, with Jules' soprano taking a central role. And keyboardist Greg Phillinganes filled in faithfully for Wright's vocals on "Time" at the end, while Leavell intonated his voice in a way far creepier than anything Roger Waters could have imagined for his part of the stellar finale "Comfortably Numb," which contained a brilliant, soaring, extended guitar solo at the end, studded by a ceiling of lasers and lights that danced across smoke hovering above the amphitheater.

Throughout the concert, which spanned nearly three hours (including an intermission), the audience – which seemed to come from all corners of the Earth – remained mostly reverent, applauding at the end of songs and keeping quiet during the performances themselves. The crowd's only moment of dissent came toward the end, after Gilmour & Co.'s literally fiery "Run Like Hell" when the fans called out for "Echoes" and stomped their feet on the ground to no avail. If anything, the most apparent through-line between tonight's concert and the one filmed for Live at Pompeii was the number of cameras on Gilmour, as concertgoers documented most every note with their smartphones. (This, even though the show was filmed for an eventual video release.)

When the night was done, Gilmour spent much of his time saying good night, and clapping for his bandmates and the audience. From the look on his face, plastered across the giant, lit-up orb, he was as moved by the experience of returning to Pompeii as his fans were to see him. After all, it's the sort of event that only comes around once every couple of millennia.

David Gilmour set list:

Set One

"5 A.M."

"Rattle That Lock"

"Faces of Stone"

"What Do You Want From Me"

"The Blue"

"Great Gig in the Sky"

"A Boat Lies Waiting"

"Wish You Were Here"


"In Any Tongue"

"High Hopes"

Set Two

"One of These Days"

"Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)"

"Fat Old Sun"

"Coming Back to Life"

"On an Island"

"The Girl in the Yellow Dress"



"Run Like Hell"


"Time"/"Breathe (Reprise)"

"Comfortably Numb



Watch David Gilmour’s Return to Pompeii-

In 1971, Pink Floyd used Pompeii’s amphitheater as the site of their landmark concert film. Last night, David Gilmour came back to the venue as a solo artist.

As previously reported, Gilmour’s Pompeii return started off a two-night stand in the city — and included an audience, unlike Pink Floyd’s filmed 1971 performance. As with his other recent shows, Gilmour’s set list spanned Floyd favorites and solo songs, including some culled from his recent Rattle That Lock LP.

“It’s an extraordinary place to be because it was preserved exactly as it was,” Gilmour told Rolling Stone.

“There are many other sites. If you visit any other antiquity-type sites throughout the world, they’re very damaged with what’s gone on over the centuries since they were abandoned. But this one was just, like, sealed, so you’re looking at rock surfaces and the carving of letters and names in the stones looks like it was done yesterday.”

It isn’t just ancient history that Gilmour felt when he returned to the venue. “I was slightly overwhelmed yesterday when we came here for the first time,” he admitted. “We came back here about 10 years ago, with our kids, to show them around the arena. And they were rocking around in there. But coming back yesterday and seeing the stage and everything, it was quite overwhelming really. It’s a place of ghosts … in a friendly way.”

Check out fan-shot footage from the performance above, and take a look at the complete set list below is the same as above.



Trash-chic, special pocketed the concert of David Gilmour in Pompeii-

I sit in the ancient courtyard of Castel Capuano to enjoy a resounding " Last Judgment " by Vittorio De Sica when I receive a text from Mark's bottles ro, a ferret communication: "A friend of a friend makes us sneak backstage. Come out now. " It refers to ' Pompeii Amphitheatre where they are setting up the most anticipated concert of the year and more armored, to David Gilmour . Mollo the film at the climax. In the car there is also Antonio Onorato , champion of jazz. He was 6 years old when Pink Floyd launched the world's Live at Pompeii . The year was 1971 and the music after this concert was heard with different ears and eyes.

For two days a task force of 300 porters downloading, mountain, nailed, glued, imbullono and hammering. The security measures like those anti-terrorism: the documents have all been passed the scrutiny of the police. The Amphitheatre shoulders have set up a small village: showers, bathrooms, beds, kitchens and production offices, all at full capacity 24 hours a 24. Behind the event there are 14 months of preparation since Mimmo D'Alessandro , promoter and organizer of concerts only at the top, the proposed municipal administration. They looked like saying ' chist' and pazz ' and yet here it is, a veil of tan and Zen-like calm. "Until we go on stage, I'm afraid that someone you think back to the last ...," he says. Instead he also had the blessing of the Minister of Culture Franceschini who will present tonight with long after honored with ticket (which for mere mortals would cost 350 Euros).

They will take place in the arena in front of the stage where a circular screen that looks like a giant gong is mounted. Now a bit 'of figures: three concerts, two dates for Gilmour and one for Elton John have cost 9 million Euros , 3,000 tickets for each concert roughly, all sold out. Very close to the entourage voices whisper that the same Gilmour we remit a million euro . It is hard to believe but true.

Meanwhile, we pitted we are a bit 'like the booty that sheet and pass the hand to the manager's number one security. And 'thanks to him that the amphitheater has not become all a small pizza-beer-cola. It also shows us, beyond the old city walls, a lounge with sofas and a deejay for super VIPs after the concert.

Two little things to Lady CNN. Dear, Angela Constance Turner . We are also co-workers, doing the same job. You are a woman 'up to date' (as you say in America, oh yes), updated on the facts, you will certainly not escape the images of Gomorrah which, unfortunately, have been around the world. Even if I continue to explain that Naples is not Gomorrah , come to our Porsche Cayenne, hair in the wind from ' schiantosa' and 'orologione' wrist, it was a risky move. You just a little 'tried, or not? Demand an apology from the mayor, a prima donna move. Okay, you're the daughter of Ted Turner, owner of CNN .

If I were the Patek Philippe , of super-luxury brand watches (Rolex has compared the poor), I ingaggerei for the spot: hands off from my Patek. You have defended punched, You just held tight and you put in the bag snatchers escape. Be content that you have gone well. You would have been the perfect testimonial as well, two days after the crime, the car celebratory evening Patek to Riccio in Anacapri, with a sunset in the glass, notes of a jazz pianist straight out from the set of Around Midnight , scialatielli squid and fireworks 'fireworks fired in the sea. You'd scialato you too.



David Gilmour Busts Out Pink Floyd Classic After 22 Years In Poland

On Saturday night renowned guitarist David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame kicked off the latest leg of his Rattle That Lock Tour with a band including Allman Brothers Band/Pink Floyd keyboardist Chuck Leavell. Gilmour began his tour at Plac Wolności in Wrocław, Poland with the help of the NFM Filharmonia Wrocławska Orchestra. The show featured a huge surprise as Gilmour & Co. busted out a Pink Floyd classic for the first time since the legendary act’s final tour in 1994.

“One Of These Days” is the opening track from Pink Floyd’s 1971 album Meddle. While the song was a staple of early ’70s Pink Floyd tours and both of the band’s final tours in 1987 and 1994, Gilmour had never performed “One Of These Days” on any of his solo runs. Saturday finally saw David perform the tune and he played it once again last night in Vienna. David Gilmour’s opening show in Poland was broadcast on Polish television. Watch the incredible pro-shot footage of “One Of These Days”:

((Video overloaded but Keep Talking)) {Available for download mp3 -Here}

The tour opener also included the live debut of “Dancing Right In Front Of Me” from Rattle That Lock with the rest of the setlist similar to other 2015 – 2016 David Gilmour performances. Check out more pro-shot video from Poland:

Jun 25, 2016 Wrocław, Rattle That Lock

SET 1-

5 A.M.

Rattle That Lock

Faces of Stone

Wish You Were Here

What Do You Want From Me

A Boat Lies Waiting

The Blue


Us and Them

In Any Tongue

High Hopes

SET 2-

One of These Days

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)

Dancing Right in Front of Me

Coming Back to Life

On an Island

The Girl in the Yellow Dress



Run Like Hell



Breathe (Reprise)

Comfortably Numb



David Gilmour will perform this evening in Wroclaw-

David Gilmour, guitarist of the legendary rock band Pink Floyd will play tonight at the pl. Freedom in Wroclaw. The concert is part of the artistic program of the European Capital of Culture, and Wroclaw performance Gilmour will be the first part of the tour promoting the album "Rattle That Lock".

Saturday's concert is one of the most important musical events in the artistic program of Wroclaw as European Capital of Culture 2016. The stage was set to pl. Freedom between the chambers of the Wrocław Opera and the National Forum of Music. The concert is to listen to more than 20 thousand. enthusiasts of Gilmour.

Pink Floyd guitarist to play along with the 30-piece orchestra of the National Music Forum, which will lead Zbigniew Preisner.

The special guest of the concert will be composer and jazz pianist Leszek Możdżer.

The concert, in addition to songs from the album "Rattle That Lock", will also feature the greatest hits of Pink Floyd as well as songs from his solo album guitarist "On an Island".

Gilmour joined Pink Floyd in 1967. Replacing Syd Barrett. His distinctive guitar style was one of the sources of the success of Pink Floyd in the 70s of the twentieth century.

David Gilmour was also a team leader after the resumption of activities of Pink Floyd. British musician and composer, among others, also he collaborated with artists such as Grace Jones, Tom Jones, Elton John, BB King, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Sam Brown, Bob Dylan, Pete Townshend, The Who and bands Supertramp.

He has recorded four solo albums: "David Gilmour" (1978), "About Face" (1984), "On an Island" (2006, for which the orchestration to the tracks developed by Zbigniew Preisner, and recordings he participated Leszek Możdżer), and the last "Rattle That Lock" (2015). March 6 this year, David Gilmour celebrated his 70th birthday.



Gilmour Adds Extra London Date-

There will be an extra show at the Royal Albert Hall on Friday 23rd September.

Tickets go on sale a week from today – that’s Thursday 30th June at 10am (UK), so be ready – as usual available from the Royal Albert Hall (Telephone 0845 401 5045 or +44 20 7589 8212 if outside the UK) as well as Stargreen (Telephone 020 7734 8932).

There will be no presale but a strict limit of four tickets per person will apply, as previously.

Furthermore, choir seats for the other four Royal Albert Hall


-A note from Guy Pratt-

It's been really annoying the amount of people who keep asking or telling me we should have played Echoes at Pompeii. David summed it up perfectly last night on stage when he said "Echoes is a conversation between 2 people, and Rick's dead, so we can't play it." All those who don't understand this are showing an incredible lack of respect to Rick.

David Gilmour

2016 Tour Dates:


25 Wroclaw Poland

27th Vienna Austria

28th Vienna Austria


2nd Rome Italy

3rd Rome Italy

7th Pompeii Italy

8th Pompeii Italy

10th Verona Italy

11th Verona Italy

14th Stuttgart Germany

16th Paris France

18th Wiesbaden Germany

20th Nimes France

21st Nimes France

23rd Besancon France

27th Tienen Belgium

28th Tienen Belgium


23 London England

25 London England

28 London England

29 London England

30 London England


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