Exercise – Referencing & Citation

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Exercise – Referencing & Citation

1) Correct the following sentences for errors in grammar, style and referencing conventions. Use Harvard or MLA conventions.

a) According to Williams states displaced aggression is where aggressive action is taken against an innocent person or object and usually occurs when the cause of disappointment is unknown or too powerful to attack. Page 20, 1979

b) Hibbins G.M. 1983 says we should look carefully at your textbooks and research material. Have a browse through the bibliography and any footnotes.

c) Limiting an argument or possibilities to only two alternatives is simplistic leading to a view of everything as “cops and robbers terms, happy or sad, guilty or innocent, yes or no situations. (Jones, 1984, 56)

2) Correct the following short reference list for layout and style inconsistencies. Refer to the style guide in the workbook if you are unsure.


E.H. Emery (1988). Elements of Medical Genetics (7th edition) Livingstone Publishers, Britain

Walkman, J Feminism Confronts Technology Journal of Sociology (1994) Vol 3, (2) 27-38

Terry Mohan, Helen McGregor, Shirley Saunders, Ray Archee “Communicating! Theory and Practice” (4th edition) Harcourt Brace, Sydney

Edward. M. Hallowell The Human Moment at Work in Harvard Business Review 1999 Jan-Feb 58-66

Maddox Garry (2003) “Now for the good news on video games” Sydney Morning Herald September 2003 [online at ]

Australian Medical Association, Classification of Genetic Applications. Canberra, Australia: Government Publishing Service. (1992)


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