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Trinity College East

Address: #1 College Avenue, Trincity

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BOOK LIST FORM 4 / 2017- 2018

English Language

A Comprehensive English Course: CXC English A – Roy & Uriel Narinesingh

New Mastering CXC English A - Raydon Salick and Romeo Gunness

1 class notebook

1 legal size portfolio case

1 binder

1 pack of folder pages

1 letter size Manila folder

English Literature

To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

Ti-Jean and his Brothers - Derek Walcott

A World of Prose by Hazel Simmons-McDonald & Mark McWatt 

1 notebook


Mathematics for CSEC - Chandler et al (Provided by MOE)

STP Caribbean Mathematics Workbook 3 – S. Chandler, E, Smith (previously used in form 3)

CXC Past Papers

3 Graph Books, 3 Notebooks, Folder Pages

Scientific Calculator, Geometry Set, 30 cm clear ruler

Additional Mathematics

Additional Mathematics- A complete course for CSEC- Raymond Toolsie

3 Notebooks, Folder pages, Graph book

Scientific Calculator

Syllabus & past papers

30cm clear ruler


Qué Hay? Para CSEC libro de alumno – Christine Haylett, Jeffrey Britton, Margaret Leacock, Yorley Mendez, Ariola Pasos, Georgia Pinnock, Anji Ramnarine. (Provided by MOE)

Qué Hay? Para CSEC cuaderno – Christine Haylett, Jeffrey Britton, Margaret Leacock, Yorley Mendez, Ariola Pasos, Georgia Pinnock, Anji Ramnarine.

Vocabulos y Modismos – Beedoor Maharaj, Reginald Charran

3 subject notebook

Spanish Dictionary


French for CSEC: A Caribbean Examinations Council Study Guide- Heather Mascie- Taylor, Paul Blackman, Beverly-Anne Carter, John D’Auvergne – Nelson Thornes

Comprehensive CXC French- K.A. Simmonds & H. Simmonds – Charrans Publishing House.

Collins French Dictionary (Not a pocket Dictionary)

Information Technology

Information Technology for CSEC Examination by Howard Campbell & Alan Wood (MacMillian)

Technical Drawing – No Text


Social Studies

Modules in Social Studies with SBA Guide and Questions – R. Ramsawak & R.Umraw

1 Class notebook

1 Packet folder pages

3 Folders for presentation- manila or otherwise


Caribbean History for CSEC by Radica Mahase - (Provided by MOE)

1 Class notebook

1 Packet folder pages

3 Folders for presentation- manila or otherwise


The Caribbean Environment for CSEC Geography – Mark Wilson (Oxford) (Provided by MOE)

Geometry set, colored pencils, tracing paper

The Essential Guide to Map Reading – G.J Reardon Sheldon S. Bidaisee, Caribbean Exam

1 Class Notebook

1 Packet folder pages

3 Folders for presentation- manila or otherwise

1 Ream paper (letter size)

1 Graph book

Principles of Accounts

CSEC POA – Principles of Accounts – D Ragoonanan (text available at school)

Non programmable scientific calculator

Principles of Business

Principles of Business for CSEC Self Study and Distance Learning-CXC


Caribbean Examination Council Economics for CSEC for self-study and distance learning

Religious Education

Mastering World Religion – Ray Coolidge (available at the BATCE Media Centre)

1 class Notebook

1 Packet folder pages

3 folders for presentation- manila or otherwise


CXC Biology Syllabus (to be printed by students from the website)

Biology for CSEC- Linda Atwaroo- Ali; Edited by Mike Taylor

CXC Past Papers – (available for purchase at school in a bonded book)

CXC Skills for Excellence – Agard, Carrington and Sealey

Biology – A concise Revision Course – Anne Tindale

1 White board marker

1 SBA notebook

1 Folder to hold SBA

1 Class notebook/copybook

1 Pack folder pages

1 Presentation folder

Human & Social Biology

Longman Human and Social Biology for CSEC- Dalip Ragoobarsingh, Ann Fullick

GCE Past papers for HSB (latest edition)

1 class notebook/copybook

1 pack folder pages

1 presentation folder


CXC Chemistry Syllabus (to be printed by students from the website)

Heinemann Chemistry for cxc – N. Lambert, Mohammed (Heinemann Educational Pub)

CXC Past Papers – Chemistry General Proficiency (Most Recent)

Practical Chemistry for CXC - N. Lambert & M. Mohammed (Heinemann)

Chemistry – A Concise Revision Course

2 Class notebooks / copybooks

1 Pack folder pages

Scientific Calculator

1 Lab coat- long sleeves

1 Graph book

1 White board marker

1 Chemistry Lab Book


CXC Physics Syllabus 2014 (to be printed by students from the website)

Physics for CXC-Lambert, Lewis dos Santos, Samuel OR

Physics for the Caribbean -Tom Duncan

Practical Physics for CXC with SBA Guides – Gillian Blackman Herbert

Physics: A Concise Revision Course (latest edition)

1 Graph book or 1 pack graph pages

Scientific Calculator

2, 9V batteries

5 White board markers

1 Pack folder pages

3 Presentation folders – manila or otherwise

1 Clear ruler (30 cm)

16 GB Gig pen drive

1 Ream of letter size paper (to be brought in by 1st week September)

1 Digital multimeter (specs to be advised by teacher)

Students MUST collect a Physics vacation package at the end of the term.


CXC Electronics Syllabus (to be printed by students from the website)

Electricity and Electronics (volume 1) M. Halls

1 Soldering Iron with stand

1 Digital multi meter

5 White board marker

1 Wire striper

1 Pair bird beak pliers

1 Phillip screw driver

1 Flat head screw driver

Scientific calculator

1 pair coveralls (long sleeves)

Agricultural Science

CXC Agricultural Science Syllabus (to be printed by students from the website)

CXC Agricultural Science – Ragoonan

Caribbean Agricultural Science Books 1 & 2 – A.I. Henry

Agriculture Science for CSEC Examinations-Ramharacksingh

CXC past papers – Agricultural Science

Agricultural Science SBA lab book

1 Class Notebook

1 pk folder pages

1 Presentation folder

MANDATORY: 1 pair coveralls (long sleeve) or 1 long sleeve shirt / old pair of jeans, 1 pair garden boots, 1 pair garden gloves

Physical Education

CXC P.E. Syllabus (to be printed by students from the website)


The World of Sport Examined (2nd Ed.) – P. Beashel, A. Sibson, J. Taylor (Nelson Thornes) (Provided by MOE)

Physical Education and Sport for Caribbean CSEC students- Kenny Kitsingh

1 Pack folder pages

1 Medium scrapbook (for newspaper articles)

P.E. uniform must include suitable footwear

Visual Arts

Textbook: Longman Visual Arts for Secondary School by Allan Sieupersad (Provided by MOE)

Notes and Handouts collected in Form 1 to 3


• 1 Hard cover Notebook (from Form 1 to 3) +

• 8 ½ x 11 inch - Spiral bound Art Journal (no lines)

• Artist pencils – H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B

• Knead able eraser

• White eraser (large)

• Acrylic Paints set of 12 (Sargent paints are not acceptable)

• Watercolour brushes (Forms 1 to 3)

• Coloured pencils set of 24

• Felt tip Permanent Markers set of 24

• 1 2 inch roll of masking tape

• 1750 ml bottle of Elmer’s White Glue

• 1 Elmer’s / UHU Glue stick

• 1 Sharpener

• 1 30cm metal ruler

• 1 geometry set

• 1 Art box or Large pencil case (to hold small art items)

• 1 Portfolio Bag to hold Large sketch pad and other flat work

• 1 Apron / Old T-shirt

• 1 pair of disposable gloves

+ If this item is finished please purchase a new one and attach to the Form 1 to 3 books.

Other materials not listed on the booklist will be required to produce work. Parents will be informed two weeks in advance of such.

Graphic Design

1 Large three ring Binder Folder

1 8 ½” x 11” Spiral bound Drawing Pad (no lines)

1 pack of folder pages

Artist Pencils - HB, 2B, and 4B

White eraser

30cm long ruler


1 pack of Coloured Pencils (set of 24)

1 pack of Felt Tip Markers (set of 24)

1 Elmer’s School Glue Stick

1 Flash drive (5GB – 10GB)


1 AB Guide to Music Theory – part 1-Eric

1 Manuscript book

1 Hard cover note book (from form 1)

3 Ring Binder with 20 transparent sleeves

5 blank CDs

2 Manila folders (legal size)

1 ream of printing paper (legal size)

1 2GB Flash Drive

Theatre Arts

Carlong Theartre Arts for CSEC with SBA, Study Guide and Exercise –Keith Noel,Cheryl Ryman and Alafia Noel

2 Hard Cover Notebooks

Theatre Art kit

1 black V-neck jersey

1 black polo jersey

1 pair black jeans

1 pair black dress pants

1 pair black dress shoes

1 4GB Flash Drive


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