Grading Rubric for Poster

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| |5 |4 |3 |2 |1 |

|Content |Content is accurate and |Content is accurate but |Content is accurate but |Content is either |Content is inaccurate. |

|Poster contains appropriate |all required information |some required information |some required |questionable or |Information is |

|items and information |is presented in a logical |is missing and/or not |information is missing |incomplete. |incomplete, inaccurate, |

|(information is appropriate to|order. |presented in a logical |and/or not presented in |Information is not |or not presented in a |

|assigned topic). | |order, but is still |a logical order, making |presented in a logical |logical order, making it|

| | |generally easy to follow. |it difficult to follow. |order, making it |difficult to follow. |

| | | | |difficult to follow. | |

|Presentation |Presentation is neat, |Presentation is mostly |Presentation flows well.|Presentation is |Presentation has no |

|Poster is clean, neat, and |clean, well- organized and|neat and clean. |Some tools are used to |unorganized. Tools are |flow. Insufficient |

|creative. The information is|presented in a creative |Information is organized |show acceptable |not used in a relevant |information and lacking |

|well organized, interesting, |way. |in a logical manner and |understanding. |manner. Lacking some of|some of the member’s |

|accurate, and reflects an |Presentation is colorful |shows some degree of |Each member’s |the members’ |information. |

|understanding of the topic. |and creative. Information|creativity. The overall |information is |information/ and or | |

| |is interesting and |presentation is |represented and |information is not | |

| |accurate. |interesting. |identified with their |identified | |

| | | |name. | | |

|Pictures,Clip Art and Artwork |Images, pictures, clip art|Images, pictures, and clip|Most images and/or |Images are |No images or artwork |

|Images, pictures, clip art and|and drawn artwork are |art and drawn artwork are |artwork is are colorful |inappropriate and |included. |

|drawn artwork are colorful and|colorful, and appropriate |mostly colorful and |and appropriate. The |artwork shows little, | |

|appropriate to the assigned |to the topic. Layout |appropriate. Layout may |layout shows little |if any, creativity. | |

|topic. The layout flows well |flows well, shows |show some degree of |creativity and/or is not|The layout is messy, | |

|and shows creativity. The |creativity, and is |creativity but is not |organized logically or |disorganized or | |

|overall result is pleasing to |pleasing to the eye. |organized logically and/or|cluttered. |cluttered. | |

|the eye. | |is cluttered. | | | |

|Mechanics |No spelling, grammar, or |A few (2-3) errors in |No more than 5 spelling,|No more than 7 |More than 7 spelling, |

|Spelling, grammar, and |punctuation errors in the |spelling, grammar or |grammar or punctuation |spelling, grammar or |grammar or punctuation |

|punctuation in any text on the|text. Text is in the |punctuation. Most text is|errors. Several |punctuation errors.. |errors. Text is copied |

|poster is accurate. |student’s own words. |in student’s own words. |instances where the text|Most of text is not in |or not included. |

| | | |is not in student’s own |authors’ own words | |

| | | |words. |and/or no text | |

| | | | |included. | |

|Overall Presentation |The poster fulfills all |The poster fulfills all | | | |

|The poster fulfills all |requirements of the |but one of the | | | |

|requirements of the assignment|assignment and represents |requirements of the | | | |

|and shows the student’s full |the student’s full |assignment and shows that | | | |

|potential. |potential. |the student put forth an | | | |

| | |honest effort to complete | | | |

| | |the assignment. | | | |

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