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Containing Alphabetical Lists of Business Firms and Private Citizens of the Towns of—

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Lists of Business Firms and Residents in the Towns and Villages of the Territories

And a Complete Business Directory of Alaska

and Yukon Territories


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Volume XII of R. L. Polk & Co.'s, Inc., Alaska-Yukon Gazetteer and Business Directory is herewith presented to its friends and patrons with the belief that it fully measures up to former editions in completeness of information in its various departments; the efforts of the publishers to that end have been very careful and painstaking and they have been unsparing of expense in producing a work that will prove a source of pride to the citizens as well as to themselves.

The Directory is one of the foremost enterprises of any community. It is generally referred to by the press of the whole country as a semi-public institution of great value. The Directory is more than a mere list of names of residents—giving their various occupations and addresses—it is an invaluable guide to the community for its people and for the stranger within its gates. It not only deals with the people, but with the government, public institutions and various other organizations. It is a recognized standard work of reference, and becomes the most reliable history of the community and its citizens. As there is no other publication which gives the information contained in the Directory, there is probably no other publication in which all of the people are so vitally interested.


A library of Directories of the principal cities of the United States and Canada is maintained by the publishers at 71 Columbia St., Seattle, Wash., for the free use of our patrons. As the latest Directories are issued they will be added to the library, thereby keeping it up to date from year to year. We extend a eordial invitation to each and every one of our subscribers to make use of this library and to consult the Directories on file here, either in person or by mail.

The publishers take this opportunity of thanking the citizens of Alaska and Yukon Territory for the valuable assistance rendered in the way of furnishing information concerning themselves and friends for this Directory and also the public spirited and progressive, professional and business men for the support given in the way of patronage.

This Directory is placed in the Directory Libraries throughout the United States and Canada and in many of the larger hotels in New York, Chicago and other large cities, where it serves the public as a valuable book of reference and the community it represents as a splendid standing advertisement, for no other publication can convey such an idea of the community, its business interests and all the various institutions and organizations.

R. L. POLK & CO., INC., Compilers and Publishers,

71 Columbia Street, Seattle, Wash.


Note: The more important places only, are included in this index.


Alaska Alphabetical List of Cities

and Towns 103

Alaska Classified Business Directory 535 Alaska Territorial Alphabetical List

of Names 441

Alaska Territorial Government 31

Anchorage 37

Classified Business Directory 535

Cordova - 115

Dawson, Y. T 473

Fairbanks - 147

Juneau 201

Ketchikan - 251

Mayo, Y. T 504

Nenana 329

Nome 346


Petersburg 366

Seattle Advertising Department 595

Seattle Classified Business Direc-

tory 653

Seward 379

Skagway 405

U. S. Officers in Alaska - 31

Valdez -~ 426

White Horse, Y. T 515

Wrangell .". 435

Yukon Alphabetical List of Cities

and Towns 469

Yukon Classified Business Directory 535

Yukon Territorial Alphabetical List

of Names 531

Yukon Territorial Government 469

Yukon Territory 467



Alaska Moving Picture Corp 55

Alaska Publishing Co 40

Alaska Railroad, The 460-461

Anchorage Daily Times.. 40

Anchorage Drug Co 54

Anchorage Hotel 47

Anchorage Supply Co. 41

Bank of Alaska 42

Bank of Anchorage 46

Bennett, H. C. 44

Bolte, Carl W. 45

Brown & Hawkins Corp 43

Cribb, Harry Inc 54

Healy River Coal Corp 55

Koda-Graph Shop 48

Lewis, R. E 49

Loussac's Drug Store 50

McGinnis, D. L 55

New Method Tailors-Cleaners, Inc. 56

Parish Cycle Co 51

Pioneer Sheet Metal Works 56

Romig, R. H 52

Shonbeck, A. A 53


Alaska Public Utilities 120

Bank of Alaska 118

Cordova Abstract & Realty Co 120


Cordova Sheet Metal Works 121

Jones Laundry Inc 121

Northern Drug Co 122

Northwestern Hardware Co 122

Osborne, Ben 123

Windsor Hotel 119


Arcade Cafe 478

Cribbs, W. M 479

Dawson News Publishing Co 478

Klondike Thawing Machine Co 476

McFarlane, John 479

Rochester Grill, The 480

Rochester Hotel 477

Spence, John N 480


Avakoff & Brown 155

Davis, H. C 156

Ellis, J. O. . 161

Fairbanks Clothing Co 156

Fairview Hotel 157

First National Bank of Fairbanks.. 150

Gilcher, W. H 157

Hotel Alaska 151

Independent Lumber Co . 158

International Hotel 158



Lavery & Bailey 159

Lewis, Fred Machine Shop 159

Mcintosh & Kubon.... 155

Mack, E. H. Co., The 160

Model Cafe , 160

Nordale Hotel 152

Pioneer Hotel 161

Pirate Ship 161

Red Cross Drug Store 102

Samson Hardware Co 153

Sheldon's Garage 162

Variety Store ~.~ 163

Wilbur, A. L .: 154


Alaska Electric Light & Power Co. 208

Behrends, B. M. Bank 214

Behrends, B. M. Co. Inc 214

Empire Printing Co 207

First National Bank of Juneau 206

George Bros. ..: 209

George Michael 209

Juneau Dairy 215

Juneau Lumber Mills 215

Nugget Shop, Inc., The 210

St. Ann's Hospital 210

Taku River Co .". 212

Twin Glacier Camp 212

Winter & Pond Co 216

Wright Shoppe 213


Beegle, Jno. R. & Co 268

Bon Marche, The 268

Citizens Light, Power & Water Co. 262

Electric Laundry . .*...-. 268

Fishermen's Store, The 264

Harris, Dick 259

Heckman, J. R. & Co 269

Howard, E. C 260

Ketchikan Alaska Chronicle 261

Ketchikan Cold Storage Co 262

Ketchikan Iron Works 271

Ketchikan Lumber & Shingle Co... 273

Ketchikan Marine Railway 270

Ketchikan Power Co 263

Ketchikan Spruce Mills, Inc 263

Krause & Bucey 269

Miners & Merchants Bank 258

New England Fish Co 265


Northern Machine Works 270

Ryus Drug Co. . 266

Stedman Hotel ~ 267

Sully Planing Mill & Cabinet Works 270

Talbot & Spaulding 273

Thompson, H. R. 271

Thwaites Photo Shop 272

Tongass Trading Co. 272


Coghill, W. A. 334

Cooney Hotel 332

Healy River Coal Corp. 333

Nenana Gardens 334

Rexall Store, The 335

Simson, Abe 335

Thompson, A. D 335


Alaska Shop 382

Bank of Seward 383

Brosius, Cal M. 388

Dougherty, Hugh 385

Orlander, C. E 388

Seward Daily Gateway 384

Seward Drug Co 389

Seward Machine Shop 389

Seward Steam Laundry 390

Sexton Hotel 387

Sexton, Sylvia - 387

Urbach, Leon , 385

Van Gilder Hotel 386


Ask, C. W. & Sons 410

Bank of Alaska 409

Golden North Hotel 410

Kirmse's Curio Shop 411

Pullen House, The 408

Ricbter, E. H 411

White Pass & Yukon Route 462-466


Puckett, Wm. A 518

Taylor & Drury, Ltd 519

White Horse Fharmacy: 521

White Horse Weekly Star 521

White Pass Hotel 520


Bank of Alaska



Alaska Steamship Co 458-459

Art Craft Engraving Co s 611

Bowles Co. 635"

Bradner Company, The 644

Brown, Edwin J 648-649

Castle, A. M. & Co 637

Centennial Mill Co. .. 643

Colby & Dickinson, Inc 606-607

Cragin & Co 636

Crowe, F. T. & Co 602-603

Ehrlich-Harrison Co 630-631

Emerson, H. S. Co 645

Fairbanks Morse & Co 634

Fuller, W. P. & Co 626

Galbraith & Co 600-601

Goodrich, B. F. Rubber Co 646

Hofius Steel & Equipment Co 612-613

Holt Manufacturing Co 605

Hood Tractor Co 652

Hotel Frye - 627

Hydraulic Supply Mfg. Co 622

Kristoferson, A. Inc : 640

Lang, F. S., Manufacturing Co 628-629


Link-Belt, Meese & Gottfried Co 616

Lowman & Hanford Co 614-615

Modern Appliance Co.. 620

Northern Bond & Mortgage Co 596

Northwest Testing Laboratories-632-633

Olympic Fur Co 647

Perine Machinery Co 621

Petkovits ^r Co 650

Post-Intelligencer Co. ; 609

Power Plant Engineering Co 604

Puget Sound Marble & Granite Co. 651

Richardson & Holland Inc ... 641

Roebling's, John A. Sons Co. of Cali-

fornia 639

Schwabacher Bros. & Co., Inc 623

Seattle Boiler Works 610

Seattle National Bank 598-599

Seattle Tent & Awning Co 597

Sherman Clay & Co 608

Sherman Printing & Binding Co 642

Simonds Saw & Steel Co 638

Trick & Murray 618-619

Williams, O. B. Co 624-625

Wright & Smith Machine Works.- 617

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The name "Alaska" is derived from the native word "Al-ay-ek-sa," thought to mean "The Great Land," or "Mainland."

This region was first visited in 1741 by two Russian officers, Bering and Chirikov. Following their visit came Russian traders and trappers, and in 1774 Spanish explorers came as far as the southeastern shore, and in 1778 an English expedition headed by Capt. James Cook made extensive coast surveys. Kadiak Island was the scene of the first settlement, made by the Russians in 1784, while they founded Sitka in 1804, and made it the capital in 18C5.

In 1867 Alaska was purchased by the United States for$7,200,000, but its development was limited until the discovery of gold in Yukon Territory in 1896 caused an influx of prospectors, and proved to the world that "Seward's Folly" had been a most intelligent purchase. -


Alaska lies between the meridians of 130° west longitude and 173° east longitude, and between the parallels of 51° and 72° north latitude. The Arctic Ocean is the northern boundary, while on the west are the Arctic Ocean, Bering Strait and Bering Sea. The southern boundary is the Gulf of Alaska and the Pacific Ocean, and Yukon Territory and British Columbia adjoin it on the east.

The total area of the territory is about 590,884 square miles, or approximately one-fifth of the area of the United States. The price paid to Russia was less than two cents per acre. Alaska's coast line is 26,000 miles Ion g. / ,860 miles greater than the Atlantic seaboard of the United States.

The physical features are many and varied. Mountain and plain, barren wastes and fertile valleys, fields of ice and grass covered reaches, great rivers and lakes and multitudes of small creeks all go to make up the surface configuration.

Alaska contains the highest mountain in North America, Mt. Mc-Kinlev, 20.400 feet high. Other high mountains are Mt. YYrangell, 19,000 feet: Mt. St. Elias, 16,000 feet, and Mt. Crillon, 15,000 feet/"

The Yukon, the largest Alaskan river, is the fifth river in size in North America.


Alaska's geographic position and extent give it physical conditions which show great contrasts in climate between the various parts of the Territory. Three-quarters of its area lies within the North Temperate Zone, and one-quarter north of the Arctic Circle.

The portion lying adjacent to the Pacific Ocean has a heavy precipitation (averaging about 90 inches per year), a rather high mean annual temperature (35° to 48° F.), cool summers (mean temperatures 50° to 55° P."), and mild winters (mean temperatures 20° to 35° P.). The inland province lying beyond the coastal ranges has a semi-arid climate, with rainfall of but 9 to 15 inches, summers with temperatures of from 50° to 58° F., and cold winters, the mean temperature ranging from zero to 15° below. The third division includes that portion tributary to the Arctic Ocean, which records the smallest rainfall in the Territory, from 6 to 8 inches a year. The average summer temperature is from 40° to 45° P., while the winters range from 10° to 16° F.


The government census of 1920 gave Alaska a population of 55,036. This shows an apparent decrease of 9,320 since 1910. These figures were taken as of January 1, the middle of winter, when only permanent residents could be enumerated, and the thousands who annually go to Alaska for employment in the summer, miners, cannery employees, and other workers are not included.

The growth of several of the cities since the last official census, the onenins: of The Alaska Railroad, with the new towns and settlements which follow transportation, and the increase shown in various industries warrant the statement that Alaska at present shows a substantial gain over the 1910 census figures.


|Minerals— |1922 |1867 to 1923 |

|Gold | $ 7,730,000 |$ 335,394,993 |

|Copper | 9,833,444 |144,733,810 |

|Silver | 730,000 |8.399,589 |

|lin | 4,650 |943,622 |

|Lead | 36,120 |746,438 |

|Antimonv | |237,500 |

|Coal | 450,000 |2,750,460 |

|Miscellaneous | 250,596 |3,221.540 |

|Total | $19,034,790 |$ 496,427,950 |

|Fish Products— | | |

|Salmon | $31,203,564 |$ 464,369,968 |

|Halibut | 746,758 |17,247,894 |

|Cod | 132,100 |10,226.703 |

|Herring | 2,448,726 |9,809,351 |

|Shellfish | 325,344 |1.211.982 |

|Trout | |115.990 |

|Whalebone | |1.104,832 |

|Fertilizer | 157,578 |1,566,825 |

|Oil | 292,140 |6,928,497 |

|Miscellaneous | 82,432 |4,442,437 |

|Total | $35,388.64? |$ 517,014,479 |

|Furs | 3,561,291 |97,382,359 |

|Miscellaneous | 231,529 |2,531,025 |

|Grand Total | $58,531,025 |$1,113,355,813 |


Although agriculture is something to which the ordinary person does not give much thought in connection with Alaska, it is nevertheless rapidly developing in several parts of the Territory.

The Department of Agricidture maintains five experiment stations, at Sitka (headquarters), Fairbanks, Rampart, Kodiak and Matanuska, where experiments to determine which species of grain, fruits or vegetables are best suited to the various localities, and to the different climatic conditions are being carried on. and this work is doing- a great deal t encourage agriculture in the Territory.

The principal areas where agriculture can successfully be conducted are the valleys of the Yukon and Tanana rivers in the interior, the Susitna and Matanuska valleys, extending from Cook Inlet toward the interior, some of the valleys along the Copper River, and on the west side of the Kenai Peninsula.

A hybrid strawberry, developed by the experiment station, has proven successful, while barley, winter rye and wheat have been grown in the interior wherever the snowfall is deep enough to protect the grain from the severe temperature. Spring wheat growing, with a species also produced by the experiment station, has been successfully undertaken in the Tanana and Matanuska valleys.

Native grasses for the most part provide the hay crops. The more common and hardier garden vegetables such as radishes, turnips, kale and lettuce can be grown nearly anywhere. Other vegetables grow along the coast and in the interior if care is used in selecting garden sites with reference to shelter and sun. So far, corn, beans, melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc., have not been grown under ordinary conditions. The Fairbanks region alone produces about 10,000 bushels of potatoes yearly, enough to supply the local demand. Currants, raspberries, loganberries and gooseberries grow well, especially along the coast region.

Stock raising as yet is on a small scale, but the various experiment stations are introducing blooded cattle and sheep, the Galloway and Milking Shorthorn cattle proving the best to withstand climatic conditions. Hog and sheep raising is also being successfully followed, especially in the Tanana and Yukon valleys, where native grass and hay are easilv produced.


By ERXEST P. WALKER Chief Fur Warden and U. S. Game Warden

Propagating land fur bearing animals in Alaska in captivity has developed an important industry in blue fox ranching on islands, a lesser industry in pen-raising of silver foxes, and an infant but promising industry in raising minks and martens in pens.

At the beginning of 1923 there were about 152 island blue fox farms, and during 1923 a number of others have been established. Islands of from 40 acres to 10 square miles along the southern coast are used for blue fox ranches. Here the animals run at liberty, choose their own mates, and make their own dens. One or more caretakers distribute feed to them daily. Fish—fresh, dried, smoked, or salted—constitutes the basic feed, supplemented in many instances with mushes of cereals and cracklings.

The raising of blue foxes in pens has not developed extensively, but is now being undertaken by a number of operators.

The blue fox babies sometimes number 14 to the litter and thev aver-age from 5 to 7. The animals are killed for their skins during November and December.

Two regions of Alaska have fox farmers associations, similar to the livestock associations of the states.

Silver foxes are raised in pens. In the summer of 1923 there were about 25 such ranches, with more starting. Selective breeding is improving the strain of the animals, and experience has been gained which bids fair to enable this to become an important industry.

Minks have been successfully raised in pens by two parties in Alaska. At the end of the 1923 summer there were four parties holding minks for propagating purposes and others are entering the business as soon as they can obtain stock.

The raising of martens in captivity has not been a marked success in Alaska, but at least four parties are engaging in the undertaking and others are entering as rapidly as breeding stock can be obtained.

Muskrat and beaver raising is being undertaken by some and contemplated by many.


Bv ERXEST V. WALKER Chief Fur Warden and U. S. Game Warden

There is no portion of Alaska that does not have one or more forms of game and fur. These resources have played an important part in the progress of the Territory and no little part with respect to the world at large. Much of the exploration and prospecting has been possible only by the fact that the presence of fur and game enabled the prospector, explorer and traveler to "live off the country.''

The natives originally lived largely by game and fur, and since the white man has opened a market to them they have profited even more bv the fur. Alaska annually produces land fur valued at about $2,OC0,-CCO.OO.

The value of the game is not so easily computed, as it is consumed locally and does not materially enter the markets. The meat is an important item of food to all but the larger communities, which have ready access to domestic meat supplies, and even in these the meat markets feel a decided loss in patronage during the game season.

The recreational value of wild life to Alaskans is not so stressed as game in other regions, but as an attraction to the "outsider'' for hunting, photographing, and studying it is unsurpassed.

For the purpose of describing the distribution of the wild life of the Territory and its accessibility to the visitor it is convenient to divide the region into seven divisions.

Southeastern Alaska comprises the Alexander Archipelago and the strip of mainland from Dixon Entrance to Yakutat. In this region are found the big brown, grizzly, and black bears, deer, mountain goats, beavers, minks, land otters, ermine, muskrats. foxes and wolves.

South Central Alaska is composed of the mainland for about 150 miles inland from Yakutat west to Cook Inlet, and adjacent islands. The same animals are found in this region as in Southeastern Alaska, and in addition moose, mountain sheep, and caribou occur in certain portions.

The Kodiak—Afognak Island group off the southern coast has the big brown bears, foxes, land otters and ermine.

The Alaska Peninsula has the brown and grizzly bears, caribou, foxes, land otters, minks and ermine.


(IMl'3-2-1) K. L. POLK & CO.'S. INC.

The Aleutian Islands have no game with the exception of Cnimak, which has the same animals as the Peninsula. The remainder of the chain has only red and blue foxes.

Interior Alaska embraces most of the Yukon and Kuskokwim River drainages. It has caribou, and moose in most portions, grizzly and brown bears, mountain sheep, foxes, land otters, beavers, minks, martens, muskrats and ermine.

Arctic Alaska as here used means the Arctic slope. Caribou, mountain sheep, grizzly and polar bears, red and Arctic foxes, wolverines and ermine occur in the region.

"Waterfowl nest throughout the Territory, particularly in the northern half, where there are important breeding grounds. At numerous points along the sea coast are large colonies of sea birds. Various forms of ptarmigan and grouse are found, practically throughout the Territory, often in great abundance.

The brief sketchy outline of distribution given herein does not pretend accurately to bound the ranges of the animals, but rather merely to indicate the general region in which they may be found. Often there are considerable tracts within the general outlined range where—because of local conditions— the animals do not occur.

Queries regarding wild life subjects may be addressed to the Biological Survey, Juneau, Alaska.



By COLOXEL JAMES GORDON STEESE, E. R. G. S. Chairman, The Alaska Railroad

The U. S. Government Railway Project in Alaska was originally reported upon by the Alaska Railroad Commission, appointed by President Taft in 1912, and headed by General Jay J. Morrow, now Governor of the Panama Canal. Upon receiving authority by the Act of March 12. 1914, to go ahead with location, construction, etc., the President placed supervision of the project under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior and designated the Alaskan Engineering Commission as the construction agency to be permanently resident in Alaska to handle the work. After additional surveys and investigations, the President selected the route in the spring of 1915. and active construction continued since that date except for greatly curtailed activity during the "World War. On the 15th of July, 1923, the late President Harding drove a golden spike at the north end of the Tanana River Bridge, Xenana. Alaska, thereby officially completing the construction of The Alaska Railroad.


The distance from Seward to Fairbanks, over the operated line, is 470.3 miles. Spurs to the Eska, Jonesville, and Chickaloon coal mines in the Matanuska District, and to the Healy River coal mines in the Xenana District, aggregate an additional 46 miles of standard gauge. A four and one-half mile narrow gauge spur to the Moose Creek coal mines and a 39-mile narrow gauge branch from Fairbanks to the gold creeks as far as Chatanika bring the total operated mileage up to 560 miles. The Alaska Railroad also operates a River Boat Service on the Tanana and Yukon Rivers between Xenana and Holy Cross, a distance of 750 miles, carrying passengers, mail, express, and freight.

It has through billing agreements covering freight service from Seattle or Tacoma to points on the Yukon River and its principal tributaries between the International Boundary at Eagle and Bering Sea at St. .Michael. It also has an agreement covering automobile service on the Richardson Highway from Fairbanks to Chitina and Yaldez, 410 miles. In addition, it operates telegraph and telephone lines, coal mines, docks, power plants, hospitals, hotels, and commissaries.

In 1915, Seward and Fairbanks were flourishing towns, each being the distributing center for an immense hinterland. Seward received its supplies all the year round by ocean service from Seattle. Fairbanks received all its supplies by river boat during the open season of navigation. The country between was an almost uninhabited wilderness. The onlv overland route then in existence was the Richardson Highway, some 200 miles to the eastward of the route selected for the railroad. It was necessary therefore to develop and carry various agencies along with the actual railroad construction. Ocean docks, towns, and camps, machine shops, hospitals, schools, etc., all had to be provided. Rolling-stock, construction equipment and supplies of all kinds had to be shipped in from Seattle. Such supplies were then carried inland by boat or pack-horse in summer and by horse-sled or dog-team in winter.

In the actual construction, clearing of right of way, grubbing, grading, excavation and other kinds of labor which could be standardized, were let out to station-men. All tools, powder, camp equipment, subsistence supplies, etc., wer.e rented or sold to the station-men by the railway supply department. Building of bridges, snowsheds, laying of track, etc., were performed on force account. Several large steel bridges were fabricated and erected by contract, the piers and approaches being built on force account.


The entire transportation situation in the Territory has been changed by the completion of The Alaska Railroad. Whereas, heretofore it had been necessary for all supplies for an entire year to be shipped up the Yukon River during the short summer season, with the attendant heavy charges for interest on investment, insurance, storage, deterioration, and depreciation, it is now possible to distribute the same shipments throughout the entire year. Frequently shipments missed the last boat, causing great inconvenience and even distress.

For example, in the fall of 1920 an important bridge was ordered for a stream crossing about 28 miles out of Fairbanks. This bridge was shipped from Seattle to St. Michael in the summer of 1921 soon after navigation opened. It caught the last boat up the river. An earlv freeze-up caught this boat 200 miles short of destination. As it would have cost $135 per thousand board feet for freighting over the snow, the bridge

as well as all other supplies lay there till the summer of 1922, when it

reached Fairbanks, was freighted overland and erected. Meanwhile,

about $1200 was spent on patching up the old bridge to carry the 1921

traffic. Last winter, a 250-foot highway bridge was taken down, using

the ice as false-work, freighted three miles by bob-sled to The Alaska


(1^23-24) 11. U POLK & CO.'S. IXC.

Railroad, hauled about 4C0 miles over the Alaska Range into the interior, freighted 12 miles again over the snow by bob-sled and re-erected over another river, again using the ice as false-work, and all in iess than 90 days.

In another case, a rush order of 200 tons of heavy mining equipment left Seattle in January of 1923. In sixty days, these supplies traveled 1600 miles by ocean freighter to Seward. 470 miles by rail to Fairbanks, and 86 miles by bob-sleds drawn by caterpillar tractors over the Richardson Highway and tributaries to final destination. Without The Alaska Railroad, that equipment would have landed in Fairbanks during the summer of 1923, where it would have lain till mid-winter of 1924 when snow conditions would permit it to be handled over the last 43 miles of sled-road tributary to the Richardson High wax*.


With the completion of The Alaska Railroad, a most remarkable circular tour through the interior of the Territory is now possible. This tour includes a 1600-mile ocean voyage from Seattle or Vancouver up the Inside Passage, then across the Gulf of Alaska, through Prince



William Sound, and up Resurrection Bay to Seward, touching at all Alaskan ports ; then 470 miles over The Alaska Railroad to Fairbanks: then 320 miles over The Richardson Highway to Chitina; then 130 miles over the Copper River & Northwestern Railway to Cordova; and then a 1400-mile return ocean voyage through Prince William Sound, the Gulf of Alaska, and the Inside Passage. This tour was formally inaugurated last summer by the Brooklyn Daily Eagle party of 70 people, over half of them being ladies. The entire tour requires three weeks from Seattle back to Seattle and costs about $350, all expenses included.

Leaving Seward, The Alaska Railroad crosses the Chugach Range through two passes amidst snow-covered mountains, glaciers, and lakes, then follows the shore of Turnagain Arm to Anchorage, Mile 114. It then follows Knik Arm, crosses the Matanuska Valley, and follows up the Susitna River to the summit of the Alaska Range through Broad

Pass. Mile 313, elevation 2337 feet. Several large glaciers are passed within a stone's throw of the track. There are tunnels, trestle spirals, and one complete loop where the track makes two reversed horse-shoe bends and then crosses under itself. The Susitna River is crossed upon a simple steel truss of 504-foot span. Hurricane Gulch is crossed upon a steel arch of 384-foot span, 300 feet above the creek.



After leaving Broad Pass. The Alaska Railroad follows down the north slope of the main Alaska Range, past Mt. McKinley National Park, through the Nenana and Healy River Canyons, and across the Tanana River bottom to Nenana. At Nenana the Tanana River is crossed on a 700-foot bridge, 45 feet above highest high water. The railroad then follows up the valley of Coldstream, across a low divide, and into Fairbanks.


The important work of furnishing food for the nation's stomach and mineral wealth for her pockets are two of the main industries in which Alaska is engaged. From the depths of the ocean she brings the food and from the depths of the earth the gold and silver, and each year the wealth of the ocean grows larger till now the value of her products annually outshaclows the value of the mineral production.

The largest center of the fishing industry in Alaska is Ketchikan on the Southeastern tip of the panhandle. To this growing port, year in and year out, a large fleet of fishing vessels, varying in size from the small one-man trolling boat to the large ocean-going schooners and steamers, bring their catches of delicious sea-food.

The hundreds of vessels which operate from Ketchikan all the year round are occupied mainly in the catching of halibut, but in the summer months many hundreds more go out in the search for the highly-prized salmon, millions of which are canned during the time they appear in the spawning season.

The halibut banks in Alaska are the most extensive in the world, covering as they do the territory from Cape Chacon, near Dixon's Entrance, to the Aleutian Islands on the westward. The smaller boats hover in the protection of the inside waters while the larger vessels venture far out from the protecting islands into the Alaskan Gulf and the Pacific Ocean.



In considerable contrast to the fishing fleets of other parts of the world, the Alaskan fishermen are almost wholly independent of sails for propulsion. All depend upon petroleum for the fuel to take them to the fishing grounds and return. For the purpose of economy and in order to extend their steaming radius the larger vessels are now installing the modern fuel-oil burning Diesel engines to replace the former gasoline and distillate motors.

The market at Ketchikan for halibut is a highly competitive one, with nearly all the prominent dealers represented. The fish, on arrival, are sold to the highest bidder by the auction system. There are two cold storage plants in Ketchikan. It is the Alaska home of the

New England Fish Company, which besides operating a large cold storage, handles many thousands of pounds of fish through its cannery, mild cure, and fresh fish plants. The cold storage, handling many millions of pounds of fish annually, is a source of interest and amazement to visitors.

The Ketchikan Cold Storage Company, owned by local capital, and catering to independent fish dealers and fishing vessels, operates another large plant in town. Besides their facilities for freezing and storing fish, the two companies have a large combined ice-freezing capacity. The ice is used by the fishing vessels to keep their fish in a fresh condition until they are sold and unloaded. In addition, the two cold storage plants freeze several million pounds of herring annually for bait.


The halibut in a fresh state is shipped to the Pacific Coast, the Middle West and Eastern markets and in a frozen state goes to many countries besides the L\ S. It is frozen in a most sanitary and careful manner in the summer months of plenty to provide for the times of decreased production during the winter.

Halibut fishing, at its height during the favorable weather of the warmer months, has been continued to a considerable extent during the winter spawning- months to the unmistakable detriment of the industry. Taking note of this, the Canadian and L\ S. governments have at last approved as have all persons engaged in the business, and taken steps to apply, a closed season on halibut fishing. This they hope, will materialize by 1924 and thus protect the future against depletion of the valuable resource.

Sablefish fishing is a growing branch of the fishing industry. This fishery is capable of great development. Heavy quantities can be produced, although at the present time the greater price brought by halibut has the effect of causing most of the fishermen to avoid the sablefish banks, which are located north and south off Cape Ommaney, in prefer-ence to the grounds where halibut abound. It is salted, kippered, smoked or shipped in the fresh or frozen state.

Almost incomprehensible is the amount of salmon canned in Alaska each year. There are seven canneries in the city of Ketchikan and twenty-five more in the district adjacent to it, and there are scores of others distributed over the territory. Each cannery annually puts up a pack of from twenty thousand to two hundred thousand cases of salmon during the three summer months the}' operate.

The majority of the salmon canned is caught by traps, gill nets, seines, and some by trollers. Ketchikan is essentially a Pink salmon district. Great schools of these fish go up Ketchikan Creek, which runs through the city, on their way to the spawning grounds. A government hatchery has just been built on this stream to assist in the propagation of the salmon.

The salmon fishing industry is also in fear of depletion and its followers are looking forward to the creation of a reserve to perpetuate the supply and stabilize the business through government regulation and limitation of packs and the improvement of the quality by careful governmental inspection during the canning" season.

About seven varieties of salmon are caught in Alaskan waters. Of these the King salmon is the most valuable commercially, bringing high prices in the Eastern markets in either a fresh or frozen state. The King salmon is the only variety that may be caught in any month of the year. In the Fall and Winter and early Spring they are found mainly in the inside passages and bays and in the late Spring and Summer in the open ocean off Baranoff and Prince of Wales Islands.

The mild curing of King salmon is carried on to a large extent during the summer months, when practically all of the largest and fattest Red King salmon are carefully salted in large tierces and shipped to the eastern United States. The King salmon is one of the gamiest fish that swim and the big ones, often weighing twenty-five to fifty pounds, put up merry battles with the trollers who seek to land them on the small lines with which they fish. Only a small percentage of King salmon are produced by traps.

The White King salmon, just as plentiful as the Red, and just as nutritious, bring a much lower price by reason of their lighter hue. This handicap of color also prevents their being mild-cured to any extent. The Alaskan mild-curers, though far from the eventual consumers of their product, are looking forward to the time when the large tonnage which is produced here, and the superiority of its quality will bring the jobbers to Ketchikan to inspect and purchase their requirements, thus bringing the article more directly to the eventual retail purchaser.

The herring industry is capable of enormous expansion. 'Csed mainly for bait by the salmon and halibut fishermen, the abundant supply is cured for food purposes only to a comparatively small extent.

In addition to the fish mentioned as of considerable commercial importance, the Alaskan waters abound with Ling, Gray and Red Cods, Black Bass, and Soles. There are some large proven fiat fish grounds near Ketchikan, at present practically untouched, but bound to be the basis of a business that will be of large proportions in future years.


The high rugged range of mountains paralleling the southern coast of Alaska as far north and west as Cook Inlet is the dividing line between two distinct types of forest growth. The region south of the range is one of excessive rainfall and moderate temperatures and here is found the "Coast Forest,v a dense growth of western hemlock. Sitka spruce and cedar of great commercial importance.




The region north of this range, which includes most of the Territory, has greater extremes of temperature and a moderate rainfall, and is only partially timbered. The forests consist of light stands of white spruce, black spruce, birch, cottonwood and larch, and are known as the "Interior Forests.7' The timber is small and will not come on to the general lumber markets in quantity, but will be used locally and to excellent advantage in connection with the development of the agricultural and mining resources of the broad regions over which it is found.


This type of forest growth occurs in Southeastern Alaska and the Prince William Sound region, a coastal strip of mainland and adjacent island groups about 1,000 miles long. The commercial-sized timber is found from tidewater to an average elevation of 2,000 feet and as the country is mountainous it forms narrow' strips and bands along the lower slopes of the mainland and hundreds of islands. The typical stand is a mixture of hemlock and Sitka spruce, together with small amounts of western red cedar or Alaska cedar, the hemlock forming 65 per cent and the spruce 20 per cent of the timber volume. The average merchantable volume per acre over wide areas is 20,000 board feet, but 50,000 board feet per acre for individual logging units is very common. Patches of pure Sitka spruce with volumes ranging to 100,000 board feet per acre are numerous and these supply the great bulk of the saw timber now being cut in Alaska.

Sitka spruce is the most valuable tree of Alaska and one of the best all-purpose woods of the United States. It has the best liber for paper pulp of any Pacific Coast wood and the lumber is in good demand for many uses ranging from packing boxes to airplane construction. The trees are very large, having at maturity a diameter of about 6 feet and a height of 200 feet.

The hemlock in Alaska is smaller and of somewhat poorer quality than that found in Oregon and Washington and this, together with a longer freight haul precludes it from competing in the general lumber markets. Western hemlock is a very satisfactory pulp wood, especially for newsprint paper and the vast quantity found in Alaska is principally valuable for this use. Trees at maturity reach an average diameter oi about 4 feet and a height of 150 feet.

The cedars are quite valuable for specialized forms of lumber, shingles and telephone poles. Alaska cedar or "yellow cedar" is little known in the lumber trade, but its qualities indicate it to be an excellent furniture and cabinet wood.

The timber of the coast forest is readily accessible, due to the hundreds of islands, the very sinuous coast lines and the network ot sheltered sea channels in the region where it is found. Seventy-five per cent of the commercial timber is estimated to be within 2)/i miles of navigable waters.

The estimated timber volume of the coast forest is as follows:

Species Board Feet Per Cent

Western hemlock . 55,250.000,000 65

Sitka spruce 17,000,000.000 20

Western red cedar 4,250.000,000 5

Alaska cedar - 4,250,000,000 5

Others 4.250,000,000 5

Total 85,000,000.000 100

Alaska has practically no patented timber lands. Most of the commercial forests of the coast region have been designated as Xational Forests, which are managed by the Federal Government on a basis o-continuous forest productivity.

The Chugach National Forest lies in the Prince William Sound region, contains 5,200,000 acres and has a total timber stand of 6 billion board feet. The total length of shore line of the two forests is 12,000 miles.


The National Forests are administered by the Forest Service, Department of Agriculture. The district forester stationed at Juneau, directs all forest service activities in the Territory. Forest supervisors stationed at Ketchikan and Cordova are in charge of the Tongass and Chugach forests, respectively, and forest rangers, who report to the supervisors, have headquarters in various coast towns where there is much forestry business with the public.

As all activities are immediately along the coast, eight sea-going launches are maintained by the forest service for the use of its personnel.


The timber and all other resources of the national forests are available for use. Timber can be purchased in practically any amount desired, water power can be developed under the general form of federal license, agricultural lands may be homesteaded and mineral lands prospected and patented, community centers can be alienated under the town-site laws, and lands can be occupied under permit for trade and industry with the provision that permanent industrial projects can secure title to lands so occupied.

The use made of National Forest resources and lands is indicated by the following:

550 million board feet of timber has been cut from the forests since 1909 for local use and for export as lumber from the Territory. The annual cut is constantly increasing and will exceed 45,000,000 board feet in 1923. Most of the commercial sawmills of Alaska secure their timber supply from the national forests.

20 permits and licenses for the development of water power for industrial use and public utility have been issued.

305 homesteads and numerous mining claims have been taken up.

137 small islands have been leased for the raising of blue foxes and other fur bearing animals.

89 canneries and other fishing establishments, the majority of which represent investments of $100,000 to $500,000, have been constructed on lauds held undei permit.

550 permits covering land occupancy for miscellaneous uses have been issued.

10 town sites and industrial sites have been patented.

The Federal Government, through the Department of Agriculture, has constructed to date 153 miles of roads and trails at a cost of $974,370.00, to assist in forest development. 600,000 acres of pulp timber has been cruised and mapped and 25 power sites surveyed to show the possibilities for the paper industry.


Timber is advertised for sale at its appraised value. The prices now being received are about as follows:


Spruce $1.50 to $2 per M

Cedar (either species) 1.50 per M

Hemlock '. 1.00 per M

Any species


Hemlock ....


lc to l^c per linear foot


60c per 100 cubic feet (1 cord)

30c per 100 cubic feet (1 cord)


The main features of the policies and regulations regarding the disposal of timber from the Xational Forests of Alaska are as follows :

The timber only is offered for sale, title to the land remaining in the United States to insure future timber growth.

Timber units exceeding $100 in stumpage value are advertised for sale by sealed bids as required by law.

The timber is paid for in small installments as cutting proceeds and on the basis of a measurement of the cut material by a forest officer.

Logging areas are clear cut of all merchantable material except that not more than 5 per cent may be reserved by the forest service for reseeding purposes.

Small quantities of timber for current use can be purchased as needed or larger quantities commensurate with the operator's milling capacity can be placed under contract for cutting throughout a period of years.

The form of contract being offered to paper manufacturers provides a 30-year supply of timber, not exceeding 2 billion board feet, for the size of plant contemplated and the reserve of an additional 15-year supply to be placed on the market at the end of the 30-year period. The stumpage prices are to be readjusted at 5-year intervals to make them conform with the then prevailing prices being received for similar timber in the region.

6. The number of plants dependent upon national forest timber will be limited to conform to the timber growing capacity of the milling region, thus insuring permanency of industries by guarding against timber depletion.


The great future timber industry of Alaska is the manufacture of pulp and paper. The extensive forests are primarily valuable for this use and the Territory has other resources and natural advantages for the industry.

The local national forests can produce about 2,000,000 cords of pulp wood annually in perpetuity. This is sufficient to make 1,330,000 tons of newsprint, which is over one-half of the total present requirements of the United States.


An abundance of cheap power is of great importance to the development of the newsprint industry and this is available on the southern



coast of Alaska in the form of water power. Investigations made to date of power resources indicate that the 450,000 horsepower necessary to mill the potential yearly supply of pulpwood is available and that


(102:5-24) R. L,. POLK & CO/S. INC.

the greater part of it can be developed at a low unit cost. It occurs in units of 5,000 to 35,000 horsepower, the power house sites are located at the edge of tidewater and high lakes at shor- distances inland provide excellent water storage space.


An example of the better sites is Cascade Creek at Thomas Bay on the Tongass Forest. A lake with an elevation of 1,487 feet is located two miles inland from navigable water. 22.000 continuous horsepower can be developed without the use of a storage dam by tapping the lake 200 feet below the surface with a tunnel. The estimated cost of development is $48 per horsepower.

In some cases power from two or more sites can be concentrated easily at one point. At the head of Speel River Arm of Port Snettisham, Tongass Forest, 4 large sites occur within a radius of 4 miles. Two of these sites with a capacity of 50,000 horsepower can be developed for $40 per horsepower.

A systematic study is being made of the water power resources by the forest service. Fifteen stream gaging stations are maintained on important power streams and actual surveys of twenty-five sites have been completed to date. The estimated costs of development of the sites surveyed range from $40 to $125 per horsepower.

All power sites are on publicly owned land and can be licensed for a 50-year period under the provisions of the Federal Water Power Act.

Other local features conducive to the development of the paper industry in Alaska are:

The mills will be located on tidewater with the advantage of cheap water transportation for log's to the plant and for the product to market. Prince Rupert, British Columbia, the western terminus of the transcontinental Grand Trunk Railroad, is only 45 miles by sheltered waterways from the south boundary of Southeastern Alaska. Seattle is only 600 miles distant by water.

The cost of losing is low. as much of the merchantable timber can be reached from tidewater without constructing expensive logging improvements.

The climate permits of logging for 8 to 9 months and of mill operation and shipping throughout the year.

The region is readily accessible to such large centers for mill and woods labor as Seattle, Tacoma and Portland.


The word "Alaska" has been synonymous with "gold"' for many years. However, in the mining developments of the past few years, gold has been overshadowed by copper.

The total production of gold in 1922 was $7,730,000, while that of copper was $9,833,444, these two metals making approximately 92 per cent of the total mineral production for the year.

At Juneau successful methods of treating low-grade gold ores have been worked out, and these are now handled in large quantities. The Chichagof mine on Chichasrof Island is maintaining: its normal outmit of high-grade gold ore. The opening of The Alaska Railroad has quickened interest in several districts adjacent to the road, and many properties are expected to develop rapidly from now on. This is especially true of the Willow Creek district.

Gold ore of high grade, free milling qualities has been found in the Hope district in the Turnagain Arm region.

A small production of gold is had in the Fairbanks region from some small quartz mines. As in other places, this district has been held back by lack of adequate transportation, and the opening of the Alaska Railroad will result in a revival of extensive operations here.

In some parts of the interior gold dredges are operating successfully, and extraction of the precious metal by this process is a growing feature of the industry.

The silver yield so far has come from ores whose chief value has been their gold or copper contents. In the Kantishna region, north of \It. McKinley, is a district which holds good prospects as soon as a means of adequate transportation is found.

Another important silver district is at Hyder, at the head of Portland Canal.

Small amounts of lead, platinum and quicksilver have been produced, incidental to operations in other metals.

Copper ore in very extensive reserves has been found at many points, and in the near future Alaska will rank second to none as a copper-producing land. The Kennecott mine at Kennecott is now ranked as one of the larger producing mines of America, while Latouche Island has been a proven field for several years.

The Seward Peninsula, of which Nome is the commercial and supply point, is a land rich in mineral resources, and one which has not yet nearly reached the maximum of production. Gold dredges are operating successfully on placer ground, and several hydraulic plants are also working

In the Port Clarence region are the largest known deposits of tin in America.

Coal is a new industry, which, like the others, is being aided by the new means of transportation. The Matanuska and Xenana fields, both located on The Alaska Railroad, are now producing high-grade coal in commercial quantities, and other fields will soon be developed.

Indications of oil are visible in many different districts, notably in the Cold Bay region, on the Alaska Peninsula, where several large companies are now drilling. Other promising fields are at Katalla, where several producing wells are in operation, and in the Yakataga field.

In the district surrounding Point Barrow, oil indications are very prevalent, but the great distance and lack of facilities for transportation are holding up development for the present time.


ARCTIC MIXING DISTRICT: Located across the divide from Cape York, and commencing at the mouth of the Arctic River. The principal creek on which gold has been found is Tuttle Creek.

BOXAXZA MINING DISTRICT: Commences at Nome and runs e 22 miles along Norton Sound. There are four rivers in this district, viz.. Flambeau, Eldorado, Bonanza and Solomon: all of these rivers.

including the many creeks tributary thereto, show gold deposits. Solomon is the p o and shipping point.

BRISTOL BAY MIXING DISTRICT: Located on a bay of same name, 700 miles se of Nome. Xushagak is the p o and shipping point of the district.

CAPE XOME MINING DISTRICT: Extends e and w of Nome, along the Bering Sea, and into the interior. The Nome, Sinrock and Snake are the rivers that run through the district; all of which, including their tributaries, have gold deposits. Among the noted creeks on which gold has been found are Anvil, Dexter, Lindbloom, Glacier, Sunset. Snowgulch and many others. Nome is the shipping point and p o of the district.

CHICHAGOF ISLAND: Here are located the Chichagof mines, one of the largest high-grade gold ore producers in the Territory. The development of other properties nearby is also anticipated.

COPPER RIVER MINING DISTRICT: Along the Copper River and n of Yaldez. the p o. Gold, copper and coal are found in considerable quantities, and petroleum springs have been located where the oil floats out in paying- amounts. The oil can be piped to shore, or even to ships. The coal is semi-anthracite in quality, and excellent for steaming purposes. Mail and steamer communications at Yaldez, with Alaska and States points.

COUNCIL: This mining district is the oldest on the Seward Peninsula, with the one exception of the Fish River mining district organized in 1881, which took in the whole of the Seward Peninsula. Ophir Creek, the principal creek in the district, is twenty-five miles long, with numerous tributaries. The principal tributaries are Crooked Creek, Dutch Creek, Oxide Creek, Sweetcake Creek and Guy Creek. The most notable of the other streams in this district are Melsing Creek, which empties into the Neukluk at Council City: the Casa-de-Paga, twenty-five miles long and tributary of the Neukluk, coming- in about eighteen miles above Council. Among the others are Gold Bottom Creek, Camp Creek, Mystery Creek, "Warren Creek. Elkhorn Creek, Richler Creek. All these creeks are producers or prospect well, but are mostly low grade and require machinery or the high line ditch to work. '

In addition to gold the Council district has galena, copper, talc and tin.

CRIPPLE MINING DISTRICT: Is located w of the Cape Nome district, extending along the Bering Sea and into the interior. The Cripple and Rodney Rivers flow through the district into the Bering-Sea. Nome is the p o and shipping point.

DUTCH HARBOR MINING DISTRICT: Includes Unalaska and other islands of the Alaska Peninsula. P O and shipping point of the district is Unalaska.

EAGLE: Is on American Creek and its tributary. Discovery Fork.

FAIRHAYKX MINING DISTRICT: Embodies the district of the north slope of the Arctic watershed of the Seward Peninsula, lying south of Good Flope Bay. The principal rivers are the Immachuck, Good Flope, Keewalik and Candle Creek.

FORTY MILE: The Forty Mile mining region is roughly described as 350 miles in length and 200 miles in width, extending as it does from the Yukon watershed to the Alaska range on the south, and for a long distance east and west. As considered in this article, it includes practically all of the Xebesna River region and the White River country. In those parts of the territory, however, the overshadowing prospect is not gold, but copper. The producing creeks are Chicken, lack Wade, Squaw Canyon, Steel and Franklin.

GOOD HOPE MIXING DISTRICT: Is located at the head waters of Good Hope River and includes several smaller tributaries which show rich gold deposits.

GOODPASTER MIXING DISTRICT: Comprises the district lving east of the headwaters of the Charley River and Forty Mile, and extending as far as the Tanana River. The principal creeks are Michigan, Grande, Bear, Solly, Monte Cristo, Wisconsin, Caribou, Capital and Big Swede, all tributaries of the south fork of the Good-paster River.

HOT SPRIXGS MIXING DISTRICT: Lies west of the Tanana district. The producing creeks are Eureka, Glen Gulch, Seattle Bar, Skookum, Sullivan, Thanksgiving, What Cheer Bar, Woodchopper, American and Big and Little Boulder, discovered in 1916. Hot Springs is the postoffice and distributing point.

HYDER: X'ew developments have placed this district, located at the head of Portland Canal, among the important silver districts of the Territory.

JLX'EAL': The Juneau mining district is distinctly quartz. Annually the properties within this portion of Alaska are becoming- greater producers.

Several famous properties are located in this district and exemplify instances of what can be done in the way of developing rich Alaska quartz properties with the proper capital and judicious management. They have demonstrated that low-grade ore propositions may, by judicious handling, be made to pay large profits. Day after day, operations continue unceasingly in these big mines and thousands of people are sharing indirectly in the big profits that are being- obtained.

KEXAI PEXIXSULA: Gold mining on Kenai Peninsula is at the present time still in its infancy, although since 1896 it has been producing, and even before that time the presence of gold was known to many prospectors.

The most important gold producing creeks within the district are: Resurrection Creek, Bear Creek, Sixmile Creek, Glacier Creek, Copper Creek and Falls Creek. At the head of Falls Creek there are some promising quartz prospects.

KEX"X'ECOTT: Many good copper properties are being developed near Kennecott and McCarthy, while the Kennecott mine bids fair to become the greatest American copper producer in a short time.

KETCFIIKAX': In the Ketchikan mining district copper is the mo«t important metal. Gold and silver values are the next. Both the latter are found separately and in connection with the copper ores. Other metals, such as lead, zinc and nickel, are found but will be mined, if at all, only as by-products.

On the south side of Hetta Inlet, the south slope of Copper Mountain, on the north slope of Copper Mountain and other points within the district there has been much development of copper properties.

Although gold is not extensively mined within the district it has been found in the vicinity of the town of Dolomi, thirty-six miles west of Ketchikan, at Hollis, Gravina Island, Dall Island, Revillagigedo Island and at other points in the vicinity of the town of Ketchikan.

KOUGAROK: Great future is in store for the Kougarok mining district, according to well posted mining men from Alaska.

The best gold-bearing creeks are: Arizona, Coffee. Canyon, Coarse Gold, Dahl, Discovery, Garfield, Iron, Kougarok, Macklin, North Fork. Ouart, Tavlor, Turner, Virginia, YYindv, Winter and Winona.

KOYUKUK MIXING DISTRICT: On river of same name and to the north of Tanana. Among the creeks on which the richest deposits have been found are Myrtle, Slate. Alder, Gold, Rosy, Hungarian and Twelve Mile, but many others show good results. The gold is found in gravel and on the bedrock, which is mostly slate. Tanana is the nearest postoffice and shipping point, on the Yukon River.

McKINLEY: McKinley Lake gold mining district is twenty-three miles from Cordova on the Copper River & Northwestern Railway. It is three miles from Alganik to the heart of the mining district. A good water route also offers from Cordova via Eyak Lake through connecting sloughs and rivers across a portion of the Copper River flats.

MANOOK MIXING DISTRICT: Lies between the Yukon and Tanana Rivers, 600 miles northwest of Dawson, Y. T. The creeks in the region along which gold has been found are Eureka, Big Manook. Little Manook Jr., Garnet and Hoosier. The postoffice and shipping point of the district is Rampart.

MATANUSKA: The opening of The Alaska Railroad is expected to greatly further the development of the Matanuska coal fields, which are already producing in commercial quantities. Anchorage is the supply and banking point for this district.

NENANA: The Nenana field, near Healy, is producing a good supply of coal, and the completion of The Alaska Railroad, which runs through the field will do much towards bringing this field to the front.

NOME AND SEWARD PENINSULA: Seward Peninsula embraces one of the best gold producing camps in Alaska. Very often we hear of Seward Peninsula and the Nome mining district spoken of as one, while in reality the Nome district covers a very small portion of Seward Peninsula.

NORTON BAY MINING DISTRICT: Is located on Norton Bay to the east of Nome. Some prospecting has been done, and in nearly every instance gold has been found. The country is heavily timbered and there is a sufficiency of water for sluicing purposes. The nearest postoffice is Golov.in.

PORT CLARENCE: The largest district in area on the Seward Peninsula is the Port Clarence. It has varied mineral resources, and considerable prospecting work is being done. The famed tin country is within the confines of this district, and beyond doubt producing tin mines will soon be operated there. Other mineral resources are cinnabar, galena and copper.

The most noted gold creeks of this district are: Alder, American, Bluestone, Dease, Gold Run and Sunset.

PRINCE WILLIAM SOUND: Prince William Sound and the country around Valdez is one of the coming copper bonanza fields of the world. On all of the sound shores and islands the metal outcrops, and each year's prospecting and development expand the extent of the known ore deposits. Latouche Island and Knight Island seem to be permeated with copper ore, and other islands, while they have been less explored, are known to be of similar formation and to carry copper lodes. The mainland on all sides of the sound is also streaked with copper deposits.

RAMPART: The Rampart region is in the central part of Alaska, near the intersection of the one hundred and fiftieth meridian and the sixty-fifth parallel. It is in the western part of the large area—embracing approximately 40,000 square miles—delimited by the Yukon and Tanana Rivers and by the international boundary, 300 miles to the east, and is located where the distance in a north and south direction between the two rivers is hardly 50 miles.

SINROCK MINING DISTRICT: Is located on the Bering Sea, west of the Cripple district, and extends along the sea from Cape Rodney to Cape Wolly. The Sinrock is the principal river flowing through the district. Nome is the postoffice and shipping point.

SITKA: The Baranof and Chichagof Islands, the two most westerly islands of the Alexander archipelago, form what is known as the Sitka mineral district. This is essentially a quartz district.

SUSITNA: Prospecting- in the upper Susitna region has produced visible results in several localities, but the territory is so vast that much of it is wholly untouched, although miners have explored it for a decade.

Yaldez Creek, an east tributary of the Susitna, above "The Forks," where the Chulitna from the west and the Talkeetna from the east unite with the main Susitna River, is the best creek so far found.

Near the source of the Chulitna, northeast of Mt. McKinley, apparently rich quartz deposits of gold and copper have been found, besides coal. No remarkable placer discoveries have been reported in that district, but it has been prospected very little.

On the Tokositna, south of Mt. McKinley, several promising discoveries have been made. The work done indicates that the deposits are very rich. This district lies just over a low, narrow divide from the creeks of the upper Kahiltna.

TANANA: The district is a rich one, offers ample scope for the operations of practical mining men, a good field for the capitalist, and many opportunities await thrifty business men there.

Fairbanks is the principal town in the district.

The creeks discovered in the early history of the camp are all panning out well, and among those which show up rich and extensive in placers are Dome Creek. Little Eldorado, Bear and Ester, near Fairbanks: the Delta, about 80 miles above Chena, and the Kantishna, a tributary of the Tanana River about 80 miles below Chena, indicating that the district is an extensive one.

The advent of the government railroad and consequent tapping of the Xenana coal fields makes it possible to develop many low grade propositions which could not be profitably worked under former conditions.

TOLOVAXA MIXING DISTRICT: Comprises the headwaters of the Tolovana River and its tributaries, of which the most promising are Livengood, Mike Hess and Olive creeks. Fay in this district was discovered in the fall of 1914.

TOPKUK MINING DISTRICT: Lies between Golovin Bay and Nome River, taking its name from the Topkuk River, on a branch of which., Daniels Creek, the discovery of gold was first made.

VALDEZ: The belt of slaty, gold-producing rocks in which the mines of this region occur is of great extension east and west, lying north of and more or less parallel to the coastal copper belt. From Valdez, where it is well exposed, it can be traced easterly to and across the Copper River Railway about mile 90, and up the valley of Bremner River; westerly it skirts the northern shores of Prince William Sound, with promising prospects at the Susitna and Willow Creek, a distance of 200 miles. It is a difficult region to prospect. The long rock slopes reach higli up the hillsides and are usually covered with a dense growth of brush, where not also timbered, so that rock exposures are often few and far between. As a usual thing the veins are of comparatively small size, but with high gold values. Promising locations have been made to the east and west of Valdez, which town boasts the Cliff Mine, which has paid dividends from the first run of the mine and has been self-sustaining from the start.

AYRANGELL: The Wrangell mining district extends from Cape Fanshaw to Bradfield Canal and includes Kuiu, Kupreanof, Mitkof. Zarembo, Etelin, Wrangell and several of the smaller islands. To the present time there has not been any general prospecting of this section, and for this reason little development work has been done with the exception of at the Olympic mine.

At the head of Duncan Canal are several copper prospects and gold-bearing ledges.

YEX'TX'A: Yentna is the name given to the placer mining district lying south of Mt. McKinley and embracing generally several thousand square miles. The name is taken from the chief river of the region which forms a direct route into the gold fields from Cook Inlet—by boat in summer, on snow-covered ice in winter.

Y'LTKOX: In this belt are many localities which are known to be gold-bearing. The general features of the occurrence of gold placer in the various camps of this field are similar, though the local variations are sufficient to bring about differences in mining values. Thus, in the Klondike, the high bench g'ravels, or "white channel" as they are called locally, have proved large producers. The high gravels in the Chicken Creek basin of Forty Mile have also yielded considerable gold, but those of the Rampart region, up to the present time, have not been found to carry mining values under the present conditions. Forty Mile probably has advantage over the Klondike in the water supply, but its placers have thus far proved not nearly so rich.


Capital at Juneau

Governor—Scott C Bone

Secretary to Governor—L L Harding

Surveyor General and Territorial Secretary—Karl Theile

Attorney General—John Rustgard

Treasurer—Walstein G Smith

Commissioner of Education—L D Henderson

United States Land Office

Field Division (headquarters, Anchorage) Chief—Geo. A. Parks Division 1. Frank A Boyle, register, Anchorage Division 2. John Sundback, ex-officio register, Xome Division 3. Included in Division 1

Dvision 4. Robert W Taylor, ex-officio register, Fairbanks

United States Bureau of Mines

Supervising Mining- Engineer for Alaska—B D Stewart, Anchorage

United States Bureau of Education

Commissioner of Education—J J Tigert, Washington, D. C.

Superintendent of Education for Alaska—W T Lopp, Alaska Bldg., Seattle, Wash.

Alaska Road Commission

President—Col. James G. Steese, Corps of Engineers, U. S. A., Juneau

Secretary and Disbursing Officer—Lieut Pierre Agnew, Corps of Engineers, U. S. A., Juneau

The Alaska Railroad

General Manager—Col Lee H Landis, Anchorage

Chief Engineer—Maj J C Gotwals, Corps of Engineers, U. S. A., Anchorage


Division No. 1

Judge—Thomas M Reed, Juneau

Clerk of Court—John H Dunn, Juneau

United States [Marshal—George D Beaumont, Juneau

United States Attorney—Arthur G Shoup, Juneau

United States Commissioners—V A Paine, Juneau: Felix Gray, Douglas; Edward G Morrissey, Ketchikan; Jos J F Ward, Skagway; Wm G Thomas, Wrangell; O W Granquist, Petersburg; Sol Ripinsky, Haines; R W DeArmond, Sitka; Chas F Sanford, Hyder; S A Plumley, Craig: C P Case, Tenakee; H H Delamater, Hoonah; E A Axelson, Yakutat: F A Hills, Chichag~of; Edward Marsden, Metlakatla; U S Rush, Kasaan.

Division No. 2

Judge—G J Lomen, Nome

Clerk of Court—John Sundback, Nome

United States Marshal—Morris W Griffith, Nome

United States Attorney—Fred Harrison

United States Commissioners—C W Thornton, Nome; C D Brower, Barrow; Duncan MacDonald, Candle; C O Steiner, Council; Geo L Stanley, Kiana; Geo F Marsh, Haycock; Wm H Thomas. Tigara; Capt Claude S Cochran, United States Revenue Cutter Bear, Nome

Division No. 3

Judge—E E Ritchie, Valdez

Clerk of Court—W N Cuddy, Valdez

United States Marshal—H P Sullivan, Valdez

United States Attorney—Sherman Duggan, Valdez

United States Commissioners—N E Bolshanin, Unalaska; James M Lathrop, Kodiak; P T Padden, Dillingham; R V Anderson, Seldovia; A J Adams, Cordova; H W Nagley, Talkee-tna; Fred Phillips, Illiamna; F C Friffield, Unga; Chas C Naughton, Katalla; Carl Almy, Valdez; W H Rager, Anchorage ; A F Nelson, Chisana; Curtis R Morford, Seward; C H Sundmacher, McCarthy; YYm Nielsen, Koggiung, O A Nelson, Chitina.

Division No. 4

Judge—Cecil H CI egg, Fairbanks Clerk of Court—Robert YY Taylor, Fairbanks United States Marshal—G B Stevens, Fairbanks United States Attorney—Guy B Erwin, Fairbanks United States Commissioners—L E Bonham, Bethel; John C Boyle, Circle; Chas M Browning, Hot Springs; M R Boyd, Fairbanks; -Andrew M Bainbridge, Livengood; Edgar Brooker, Kantishna: Thomas G Carter, Beaver; Chas E M Cole, Jack Wade, W J Cribbee, Napimute; A J Dayton, Ruby; John J Donovan, Healy Fork; Wm E Garrett, Rampart; A J Griffin, Richardson; Frank E Howard, Tanana; Geo \V Fluey, Wiseman; C D Leckie, Nenana; W E Green, McGrath; Wm Harber, Fort YTikon; Robert E Steele, Eagle; Christian Bolgen, Ophir; E J Stier, Flat


Asrent Alaska Fisheries—Dennis AYinn, Seattle, Wash Superintendent—Harry J Christoffers, Seattle, Wash. Assistant Agents—Edward M Ball Juneau; Shirley A Baker, Cordova; Lemuel G Wingard, Ikatan; C S Townsend, inspector, Fairbanks.

Steamboat Inspection Service

Local Inspector of Hulls—Geo H Whitney, Juneau Local Inspector of Boilers—John New-marker, Juneau Local Inspector of Hulls—Chas H White. St Michael Local Inspector of Boilers—Sabine L Craft, St Michael

Lighthouse Service—16th District

Superintendent—Walter C Dibrell, Ketchikan


Agronomist in Charge—C C Georgeson, Sitka Assistants—G W Gasser, Fairbanks; W T White, Kodiak; B L Schneider, Matanuska.

Biological Survey

In charge Reindeer grazing investigations and Fur Wardens— L F Palmer

Assistant in grazing investigations and Fur Warden—H W Johnston

Field Assistant Alaska Reindeer investigation—Elmer T Fors-ling, Nome

In charge investigations of Caribou Herds and Fur Warden—

O J Murie, Fairbanks Reservation Warden and Fur Warden—Donald Stevenson, Cn-


Chief Fur Warden and S Game Warden—Ernest P Walker, Juneau

Fur Warden— R C Steele. Seattle, Wash. Weather Bureau

Meteorologist in Charge—R C Mize, Juneau


District Forester—Chas H Flory, Juneau

Supervisor Tongass National Forest—C T Gardner, Ketchikan Supervisor Chugach National Forest—W J McDonald. Cordova


Assistant District Engineer—C W Cheatham, Juneau


Collector—John C McBride, Juneau U. S. Coast Guard

Coast Guard Cutter Unalga. Headquarters. Juneau, Lieut-Commander John Boedeker. commanding

DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Immigration Service

Inspector in Charge—Wm G Strench. Ketchikan Immigrant Inspectors—Wm J Armstrong. Ketchikan: Chas M LaRue, Skagway; Wm A Wade, Hyder


Board of Education

President—Gov. Scott C. Bone

Members—F J Hunt, Ketchikan; E E Chamberlin, Seward; C W Brown, Xome; M D Snodgrass,, Fairbanks

Banking Board

President—Gov. Scott C Bone Secretary—AValstein G Smith Member—Karl Theile

Board of Trustees, Alaska Pioneers' Home

Chairman—Gov. Scott C Bone Secretarv—Robert W DeArmond, Sitka Treasurer—Lockie McKinnon, Juneau Superintendent of Home—Theodore Kettleson, Sitka

Board of Medical Examiners

President—J H Romig, Nenana

Secretary-Treasurer— H C DeVighne, Juneau

Members—F L Goddard, Sitka Hot Springs; Curtis Welch, Xome; Wm Ramsay, Council; Frank R Dela Vergne, Fairbanks ; F B Gillespie, Kennecott; J B Beeson, Anchorage

Board of Dental Examiners

President—Dr E H Kaser, Juneau Secretary-Treasurer—Wallace E Peterson, Ketchikan [Members—H L Hedger, Fairbanks; J W Bayne, Nome; E F German, Anchorage

Board of Pharmacy

President—Wm E Britt, Juneau

Vice President—R T Kubon, Fairbanks

Secretarv-Treasurer—X R Walker, Ketchikan

[Members—W H_ Caswell, Cordova; C G Brinker, Xome; Russell Herman, Yaldez; F W Dunham, Fairbanks; Wm Ramsay, Council

Fish Commission

Chairman—Gov. Scott C Bone Secretary—P H Gildea, Juneau

Members—Calvin Flazelet, Cordova; John R Heckman, Ketchikan ; H E Ellsworth, Seward Superintendent—Edwin Wentworth, Juneau

Board of Regents, Agricultural College and School of Mines

[Members—Robert Lavery, Robert Bloom, P J Rickert, Mrs Luther C Hess, [Morton E Stevens, Milton D Snodgrass, Leopold David, J A Mcintosh

Board for Promotion of Uniform Laws

[Members—J C [Murphy, Anchorage; John A Clark, Fairbanks. \Y II Whittlesev, Seward

Board of Road Commissioners

Chairman—Gov. Scott C Bone Secretary—Karl Theile Member—Walstein G Smith

Divisional Boards of Road Commissioners

Division No. 1.—J C Hayes, Juneau; Joseph Ulmer, Ketchikan Division No. 2.—\Y J Rowe, Nome; J J Keenan, Nome Division No. 3—Anton Eide, chairman, Seward Division No. A—Mel Sabin, Fairbanks

Board of Relief of Destitution

Chairman—Gov. Scott C Bone

Advisory Members—First division, Arthur Shoup, Geo D Beaumont, Juneau; Second division, Fred Harrison, M Griffiths, Nome: Third division, Sherman Dusrsran, Harvev P Sul-livan, Yaldez; Fourth division, Guy B Erwin, G B Stevens, Fairbanks

Board of Children's Guardians

Division No. 1: Members—T M Reed, Geo Beaumont, Mrs

Martha Kashevaroff, Juneau Division No. 2: Members—G J Lomen, M Griffiths, Mrs Bella

Julian, Nome

Division No. 3: Members—E E Ritchie, Harvey P Sullivan,

Yaldez; Mrs T J Donohoe, Cordova Division No. 4: Members—Cecil H Clegg, G B Stevens, Mrs

L C Fless, Fairbanks

What We Can Do For You



We address envelopes and wrappers of every description, from your lists or our records.


We compile authentic mailing lists of trades, professions and every line of business. All are guaranteed as to accuracy and delivery.


We execute fac-simile typewritten letters promptly. A very superior grade of work.



Matching perfectly the body of the letter.

R. L. Polk & Co., Inc.

71 Columbia Street


Seattle, Wash.

City of Anchorage



ANCHORAGE is at the very center of things in Alaska. It is the center of shipping by water and rail; the center of rich mining districts; the center of ideal climatic conditions; the center of tourist travel; the center of the oil fields; the center of many industries, and the headquarters of the Alaska Railroad.

Starting as a wilderness in 1915, this little citv bv the sea has grown to a population of more than 2500 contented, prosperous people, with others coming constantly.

Anchorage has a location that has no peer. To the eastward some 14 miles the Chugach mountains stand as silent sentinels and 65 miles away toward the setting sun the Alaska range—the Fairy mountains—presents a view never to be erased from the memory. The monarch of North American mountains, crowned with the eternal snows, is plainlv visible to the north—Mount McKinley, 20,300 feet in height.

Situated at the head of ocean navigation on Cook's Inlet, Anchorage is back of the Alaska range, and therefore misses the excessive rains of the coastal section, is drier than Colorado, warmer than Montana, and as healthy as any spot in the world.

Anchorage is one of the newest towns in America, having been incorporated only two years ago, and having been begun and operated by the L'nited States government for rive vears. It is also one of the most progressive—electric light plant, water



works and telephone system operated by the city; sewer, concrete sidewalks, surfaced streets, as fine a fire department (paid) as any city in the world of its size, a public school of all grades, churches and beautiful homes.

Willow Creek quartz mining district is contiguous to Anchorage, with nine mills operating successfully, over $2,000,000


(1923-24) K. L. POLK & CO.'S. INC.

production since 1(J08, ore averaging $30 per ton and upwards. Electric power from the great Eklutna Power Project will soon be available. The veins are all fissures and are traced in some instances for two miles. Considering short working season, the production is remarkable. The past winter several deep tunnels were driven.

Cache Creek placer district is tributary to Anchorage, and in this promising field several outfits are at work. With roads to the properties a great impetus will be seen.

The Matanuska and Chickaloon coal fields with unlimited possibilities are at our very doors. Xear Anchorage is the only large stand of hardwood birch timber on the Pacific coast. An interest is being shown in these forests of fine timber for furniture, inside finishing, etc., and this will be a large industry here within the next few years.

Some Things You Will Find in Anchorage:

Hospitality of the old south. Solidity of the east. Progressiveness of the new west.

Enthusiasm and community spirit of a high order.

One daily newspaper—Anchorage Daily Times.

Three banks with deposits of a million and a half dollars.

Four churches with the welcoming hand.

One fish packing plant.

Two drug stores.

Two lumber yards.

Finest hospital in the territory.

Dozens of mercantile establishments.

Five apartment houses with all modern conveniences.

Eight hotels, electric lights, steam heat, etc.

Two laundries.

Three bakeries.

One hundred and twenty-five automobiles,, private and public.

Thirty miles of streets and roads.

Six fraternal organizations.

A live woman's club.

A Chamber of Commerce with a punch.

Ten restaurants.

Assessed valuation of Anchorage property $2,500,000, and yet a taxation rate of only 12 mills to the dollar—reduced last year.

A steady annual payroll of one and one-half millions.

A public library.

A baseball league (3 teams).

Skiing and skating clubs.

Tennis club and other outdoor sports.

One motion picture producing corporation.

Two moving picture theatres.

A bar association.

City Officials

Mayor—M J Conroy

Treasurer and Clerk—Wm A English

City Council—j j Longacre. A C Craig, A A Shonbeck. Chas Bush, Wm PI Pioward, R S Temme.


Buyers' Guide


Anchorage, Alaska



Representing the Business, Commercial and Manufacturing Interests of the City



(1923-24) K. L. POLK & CO.'S. INC.


Anchorage Daily


E. L. BEDELL, Editor-Manager



The Times has the largest circulation of any paper west of Juneau. Goes into practically every home in the Railroad Belt. The Times supports all civic movements and is a leader in town affairs. The Times is Republican in politics, Member of The Associated Press and features local news. The Times is an ardent supporter of The Alaska Railroad and a booster for all local business promotions of a legitimate nature.

Write the Anchorage Times for Particulars Regarding Anchorage and Vicinity

Anchorage Supply Company





P. O. Box 1646

Anchorage, Alaska

Our Policy Is Money Transferred to

"Absolute Safety" All Parts of the World


Alaska's Branch Banking System

Bank of Alaska

Largest Capitalized Bank In the Territory

Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits $225,000

Banks Operated at



Member American Bankers' Association U. S. Depositary For Postal Savings


H. D. WALBRIDGE, Chairman New York

E. A. RASMUSON, President Alaska

R. N. MOYER, Vice-President Anchorage

T. S. SCOTT, Vice-President Cordova

G. W. UPSHAW, Vice-President Wrangell

W. A. PRIES, Vice-President Skagway

We Pay 4 Per Cent We Rent

On Your Savings Safety Deposit Boxes



g; EST 1900) S

The Sourdough's patronage, coupled with sound business principles, is responsible for the modern, well-stocked stores we operate today. We study his problems as we do our own; know what he needs — and have it "on the job" when he wants it. He likes our service—and we can help you, too, Mr. Cheecako!





(1923-24) 14. L. POLK & CO-'S, INC.

H.C. Bennett

Sanitary Plumbing



Carl W. Bolte


Sporting Goods Guns and Ammunition

Crockery, Glassware and Cooking Utensils Hunters, Trappers and Prospectors Supplies



(1923-2 4) R. L. POLK & CO.S. INC

Bank of Anchorage



CHAS. E. BROWN, President

H. S. BALDERSTON, Vice-President

E. R. TARWATER, Cashier

J. L. McNAL.LY, Asst. Cashier



First National Bank Seattle National Bank Dexter Horton National Bank National Bank of Commerce Union National Bank


American National Bank


Chase National Bank Harriman National Bank


F. I. REED, Propr.



Leading Hotel




12x20 Contact Prints, $1.50 8x10 Contact Prints, 50c

Enlargements of The Famous Mt. McKinley 7x1 1 to 14x20, $1.00 to $2.50

Artistic Views Hand Colored at Reasonable Prices


GEO. Im. JOHNSON, Propr.




Builder of


Steel and Stone Construction Work




Z. J. LOUSSAC, Proprietor


Victor and Pathe Phonographs and Records Eastman Kodaks Likly's Leather Goods Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pens Eversharp Pencils Conklins Non-Leakable Fountain Pens Wearever Rubber Goods Pyralin and Parisian Ivory Imported and Domestic Perfumes Books and Stationery



Indian Motorcycles and Bicycles

■ ■ ■

Remington and Underwood Typewriters and Supplies

■ ■ ■

Typewriter, Motorcycle and Bicycle Repairing

■ ■ B



Robert H. Romig









fFire, Theft, Collision Public Liability Property Damage


MY MOTTO: Service and Satisfaction to Client and Insurance Company



707 4TH STREET P. O. BOX 1728

Telephone 152 Anchorage, Alaska









The Giant Powder Co., Consolidated

ANCHORAGE °utins wear

heney Neckwear

The Anchorage Drug Co.


Fresh Augustine & Kyer Candies

Just Received


Everything Usually Carried in a First Class Drug Store VICTROLAS—RECORDS

Send Us Your Mail Orders

The Store


Harry Cribb, Pres. and Gen'l Manager Francis M. Cribb, Secy.-Treas.




Sash, Doors, Plate Glass, Window Glass Builders' Hardware Building and Roofing Papers


Telephone 152

Alaska Moving Pictures


A. E. LATHROP, Pres. A. H. McDONALD, Treas.

R. L. DeGRAFF, Sec.




A. E. LATHROP, President Anchorage

R. D. DONALDSON, Secretary Healy Forks

A. H. McDONALD, Treasurer Anchorage

GEO. PRESTON Fairbanks


Mines at Healy Forks Offices at Anchorage and Fairbanks



Society Brand Clothes


Sport, Fishermen's, Hunting and Outing Wear Stetson Hats, O'Donnell Shoes, Cheney Neckwear

Indestructo Luggage

New Method Tailors-Cleaners, he.





Pioneer Sheet Metal Works

Airtight Heaters Iron Pipe and Fittings

Yukon Stoves Stoves and Ranges


ANCHORAGE AGENTS Lang Stoves and Ranges Estate Stove Co.'s Heatrola Heaters

Corner Fifth Avenue and C Street Post Office Box 1714



acct ~ accountant

add addition

adv - advertisement

aero mech airplane mechanic

agt _ - - agent

agrl imps agricultural implements

al alley

apts apartments

appr - - apprentice

archt architect

assn - association

asst assistant

attndt - - attendant

auto mech auto mechanic

av avenue

bgemn .— - baggageman

bet between

bkbndr _ bookbinder

bkpr - _ bookkeeper

bldg — building

blk block

blksmith blacksmith

blvd boulevard

brkmn brakeman

Bway Broadway

cabtmkr cabinetmaker

car repr car repairer

carp carpenter

cashr _ cashier

chauf - - chauffeur

ehkr - checker

elk - clerk

coir — collector

com commission

comnr commissioner

cond _ conductor

confr confectioner

contr _ contractor

cor _ corner

corres correspondent

ct _ court

ctr cutter

dep deputy

dept department

dispr dispatcher

dist _ _ district

dom _ domestic

dr drive

dftsmn _ draftsman

drsmkr _ dressmaker

e , east

electn electrician

elev elevator

eng „ _ _. engineer

engr _ engraver

exp messr „. express messenger

fnshr finisher

A _ floor

frt freight

ft foot

gard gardener

Eds goods

sen _ general

Sto grocer


h - — house

lns insurance

msP' inspector

int rev internal revenue

mv investments

ij - junior

Kpr keeper

[a - - lane

■ab laborer

|ndrs _ laundress

lino opr -. linotype operator

"thog lithographer

mach — — machinist

mach hd machine hand

mtrsmkr mattress maker

mdse _ _ merchandise

ciecn - mechanic

Biessr - messenger

mkr .._ maker

minr , milliner

mfg ... * manufacturing

mfr _ manufacturer

mgr — manager

mkt market

mldr _ molder

mtrmn _ motorman

n north

ne - northeast

nr _ near

ns _ „ north side

nw northwest

opr operator

opp opposite

pkr packer

pntr peinter

pk _ park

p'trnmkr patternmaker

pdlr „ peddler

pharm pharmacist

photog _ photographer

phys ~ physician

pi _ place

plstr _ plasterer

pimbr plumber

P O post office

pres president

p'resmn pressman

prin _ principal

propr _ , proprietor

P S public school

publr publisher

RMS ~ railway mail service

r _ , rooms or boards

rpr repairer

rep „ representative

restr _ restaurant


Rev _ _ - _ reverend


R D rural delivery

s south

se southeast

sec secretary

ship elk _ shipping clerk

slsmn salesman

slswn _ saleswoman

smstrs „ „ seamstress

solr solicitor

ss _ south side

sw _ southwest

spl special

sta _ _ _ station

stmftr steam fitter

sten stenographer

stero - stereotyper

supt superintendent

surv surveyor

tlr _ tailor

tlrs _ tailoress

tchr teacher

tel opr telephone operator

telg opr _ telegraph operator

tmstr teamster

tndr tender

ter terrace

tkt _ ticket

trnmn trainman

trav traveling agent

treas _ treasurer

undtkr _ undertaker

uphlr ._ upholsterer

vet surg veterinary surgeon

v-pres vice president

vulc vulcanizer

whsemn warehouseman

whse _ warehouse

w _ west

ws west side

whol wholesale

wid widow

wkr worker

wks ^ works

the word "street" is always understood


Abbott Wm A elk The ARR Abbott W M

Abercrombie Harry G steward The ARR Hosp Abramson Gus labThe ARR Abrashin Morris carp The ARR

Adams Archie eng

Adams Arthur messr The' ARR

Adams A O acct The ARR

Adams Carlotta S lndrs Pioneer Steam Lndy

Adams D R aud The ARR

Adams John S lab

Adams M L eng The ARR

Adams R R miner

Adams T N lab The ARR

Adams Wm mach The ARR

Adams Wm A lab

Agbaba Michl M lab The ARR Aker J F lab The ARR

ALASKA MOVING PICTURE CORPORATION, A E Lathrop Pres, A H McDonald Treas, R L De Graff Sec (See P 55)

ALASKA PUBLISHING CO, E L Bedell Mgr, Publishers Anchorage Daily Times (See p 40)

Alaska Railroad Hospital The J B Beeson chf surg

ALASKA RAILROAD THE, Lee H Landis Gen Mgr (See adv at end Alaska Territorial List of Names)

Alaska Steamship Co A H McDonald agt Alaska Transfer Co (Alfred Benson) Albee L C lab The ARR Albritson Karl lab The ARR Albritton R O elk The ARR Alexander Merle H tchr

All Saints Episcopal Church Rev Burdette Landsdowne pastor Allegrini Saml driller The ARR Allen Bernice L elk John Wachowitz Allen E F

Allen Hugh P expmn Allen Jerry T (USA)

Allen Transfer (Jas Pierce Erick Olsen) expmn

Allenbaugh Edna lndrs Pioneer Steam Lndy

Allison Amos S

Almv Carl lawyer

Alton Thos lab The ARR

American Hotel (C R Booth)

American Legion Jack Henry Post No 1 meets 2d and 4th Wednesday at Royal Cafe 8pm Arthur E House adj Anastasios Pekatur lab The ARR Anchorage Bakery (I T Losey)

ANCHORAGE BOTTLING WORKS (H C Hall), Soda Water Manufacturers and Bottlers of Cereal and Carbonated Beverages

ANCHORAGE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, E M Spalding Pres, A H McDonald V-Pres, E F Jesson Sec-Treas, Members National Chamber of Commerce Bureau

Anchorage Co-Operative Stores Co Frank Bayer pres Chas Bal-hiser sec gro

ANCHORAGE DAILY TIMES, E L Bedell Editor-Manager (See p 40)

Anchorage Drug Co (A H McDonald) Anchorage Fire Department Ray T Larson chief

ANCHORAGE HOTEL, F I Reed Propr, The Leading Hotel of Anchorage, Steam Heat, Electric Lights and Every Modern Convenience, Rooms En Suite and Single With Baths (See p

Anchorage Packing Co W H James mgr fish canners Anchorage Public School

Anchorage Shrine Club meets 1st Monday R S Temme pres R H Romig sec

ANCHORAGE SUPPLY CO (Ray C Larson), Lumber, Sash, Doors and Glass, Plaster, Lime, Cement and Building Supplies (See p 41)

Anderson Andw T carp Anderson Chas lab The ARR Anderson Chas A ship elk Anderson C F lab The ARR Anderson Emil nshermn Anderson Ernest lab The ARR Anderson Fred J miner The ARR Anderson Geo E elk Anderson Jacob cook The ARR Anderson Jos carp The ARR Anderson Laurence O lab The ARR Anderson Oscar (Ship Creek Market) Anderson Oscar W carp The ARR Anderson Sophus lab The ARR Anderson Victor C elk The ARR Anderson Walter L boilermkr The ARR Andresen Clark D elk

Andrews John D Andrich John lab The ARR Angeli John miner The ARR Angelo B lab The ARR Angelos Thos caretkr The ARR Annable G C cook The ARR Apostoles Tony barber J D Lander Apostolos Spiros foremn The ARR Archer Wm lab The ARR Arenberg Herman F blksmith Armstrong Thos F mach The ARR Arnason John lab The ARR Arnold C C eng The ARR Ashton Anna E Mrs dry gds Aster W lab The ARR Austin Edw whsemn The ARR Austin Wm mariner


AVAKOFF & BROWN (Harry Avakoff, Jas V Brown), Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Cut Glass, Silverware, Manufacturers of Nugget and Ivory Jewelry, Beads and Souvenirs (See adv in Buyers' Guide beginning of Fairbanks)

Aveno Jas foremn The ARR Avram Jas lab The ARR Axe Leslie brkmn The ARR Bades Chas lab The ARR Bacon C G (Lauritz & Bacon) Bagoy John firemn The ARR Bagoy Peter lab The ARR Bailey Geo E foremn The ARR Bailey Ira S pntr Bailey J S eng The ARR Bailey Lulu V elk The ARR Baker Geo A lab The ARR Baker Geo F (Ship Hotel) Baker H L lab The ARR Baker Jos L firemn Baker W A lab The ARR Balabanoff Nick lab The ARR Balch Henry A lab The ARR Balderston A D foremn The ARR

BALDERSTON HENRY S, V-Pres Bank of Anchorage

Balderston Inez cook The ARR Baldwin Alice cook The ARR Baldwin W AC gro

Balhiser Chas sec Anchorage Co-Operative Store Co Balios Jas lab The ARR Ball Park

Balls Alfred G paymaster The ARR Balton J K Mrs elk F S Gordon

BANK OF ALASKA, E A Rasmuson Pres, R N Moyer V-Pres,

J Nieminen Asst Cashr (See p 42) BANK OF ANCHORAGE, Established 1916, Chas E Brown

Pres, H S Balderston V-Pres, E R Tarwater Cashr, J L Mc-

Nally Asst Cashr (See p 46) Banon Edw M lab The ARR Barber Guy B rprmn The ARR Barclay John lab The ARR Bardsley A A mech The ARR Barndollar B H acct The ARR Barnell Beal lab Barnell Beal jr Barnes A M miner Barnett Earl W firemn The ARR Barnhart Carl Barrett Edw lab The ARR Barrington J lab The ARR Barry Belletta hair drsr Barthoff J H lab The ARR Bartholf Harvey

Bartholf R Lee nurse The ARR Hosp

Bartholf Sara M

Bartley Geo lab The ARR

Bartholomew Frank carp The ARR

Bassanto Geo lab The ARR

Bassett R O jr

Bauer E F civ eng The ARR

Baugh Clarence wtr The ARR

Baumberger A firemn The ARR

Baunton Charlotte cook The ARR

Baxter Henry newsdlr

Baxter Nill

Baxter Victor driver

Bayer Carol

Bayer Frank pres Anchorage Co-Operative Store Co

Bayles Isadore clothing

Bazinet Edw lab The ARR

Beal Geo W electn The ARR

Beck Chris miner

Beck Wm lab The ARR

Beckwith Anna cook The ARR

Beckwith E A lab The ARR

BEDELL EDGAR L, Editor-Manager Anchorage Daily Times

Beebe Herbt eng The ARR

Beeson John B phys chf surgeon The ARR Hosp

Beet Wm A (White House Hotel)

Beggs Robt lab The ARR

Belanger Chas miner The ARR

Belanger Ludger foremn The ARR

Belarski Emil J miner The ARR

Bell Annie (wid Wm)

Bell Jos H foremn

Bellano Michl A lab The ARR

Bellemore A lab The ARR

Belmont Edw miner

Beman Raymond A caro

Bender J A whsemn The ARR

Bender J M lab The ARR

Bendick John P lab The ARR

BENNETT H C, Sanitary Plumbing, Gas and Steam Fitting, Pipe and Fittings, Plumbing Supplies and Plumbing Contractor (See p 44)

Benson Alfred (Alaska Transfer Co)

Benson Margaret

Benson Marius expmn

Beran Paul elk The ARR

Beran Ruth Mrs confr

Berg Edw C mach The ARR

Bergdol Edw carp

Berger Valentine lab The ARR

Berggren Ernest firemn The ARR

Bernhardt Carl taxicabs

Berrisford M V tel opr The ARR

Berry B E electn The ARR

Berry E B lab The ARR


Berry Frank O city electn Berutto Edw soft drinks Berven J O

Bete Wm lab The ARR

Beten Michl lab The ARR

Bevers Thos S eng Anchorage Fire Dept

Bibber G A tmstr The ARR

Bieri Saml carp The ARR

Bigelow John Y carp The ARR

Bigelow Wm miner

Bigoff Danl lab The ARR

Bilger G W watchmn The ARR

Bisel Chas L eng The ARR

Bittner Edw bgemn The ARR

Black Chas C blksmth

Black Sidney miner

Black Wm lab The ARR

Blankenship C E lab The ARR


Bleier Alfonse lab The ARR Bliss Harold L carp Block John lab Blodgett Victor V miner Bloom M L brkmn The ARR Bloom Nicholas lab The ARR Bloomer Paul fire chief The ARR Bloomquist Isaac ptrnmkr The ARR Bly Evelyn timekpr The ARR Blyth Homer A dentist Bodin Albt lab The ARR Bodin Even lab The ARR Bogue Roy A mach Bolans Fred lab TheARR Bolmer Edmund J porter

BOLTE CARL W, Hardware, Sporting Goods, Guns and Am-munitionj Crockery, Glassware and Cooking Utensils, Stoves and Ranges (See p 45)

Bolton Jas lab The ARR

Bonnett Wm supplymn The ARR

Bonni Alex lab The ARR

Booth Chas R (American Hotel; Booth & Lynch)

BOOTH & LYNCH (C R Booth, M H Lynch) Real Estate and Rentals

Borand Bert greenhouse Borell Arthur miner TheARR Borg John lab TheARR Borg Peter carp The ARR Bostrom O miner TheARR Botts Edw (Northern Hotel) Botts Edw G foremn TheARR Boudreau Wm J whol gro Bovaird Jas carp TheARR

Bower Bert lab TheARR

Bowker Jennie (wid Wm)

Bowman Anna Mrs dry gds

Bowman Fred E blksmith

Boyanchek J B mach TheARR

Boyle Frank A register U S Land Office

Boyle M A metal wkr TheARR

Brabazon Wm lab TheARR

Brady John G forest ranger U S Forest Service

Bragaw Robt S cigars

Bragaw Robt S jr acct TheARR

Brailey Bertha Mrs furn rms

Brakke A T bgemn TheARR

Brandon Hazel mlnr

Bray Geo lab

Brayford Fredk W eng TheARR Breeze Wm lab TheARR Brennan Jas rd master TheARR Brennan J J brkmn TheARR Brewington W L lab TheARR Brewster Ephraim lab TheARR Brewster Mayme tchr Bridge Louis miner TheARR Briggs E G lab TheARR Brink John driller TheARR Brison Jas carp TheARR


Brock Thos miner

Bronsky T J cranemn TheARR

Brooks Henry A lab TheARR

Brooks J Wallace mach TheARR

Brooks Nevie R Mrs nurse TheARR Hosp

Broomer Fred lab TheARR

Brouillard Arthur J mach TheARR

Brown Albt lab TheARR

Brown A H

BROWN CHARLES E, Pres Brown & Hawkins Corp, Pres Bank of Seward, Pres Bank of Anchorage

Brown Felix clothing Brown Jesse cook TheARR Brown J M firemn TheARR Brown Richd

Brown Thos A lab TheARR Brown Wilferd D lab

BROWN & HAWKINS CORP, Chas E Brown Pres, T W Hawkins (Seward) Treas, General Merchandise (See p 43)

Brusilias Gust lab TheARR Buckley Walter lab TheARR Buckner J E lab TheARR Buckner P wtr TheARR Budich Geo lab TheARR Bunos Steven foremn TheARR Bunton J D lab TheARR


Burge Henry lab TheARR Burke Alfred W lab TheARR Burke Estelle M Mrs elk Burke Martin lab TheARR Burke M A lab TheARR Burnett G N asst aud TheARR Burns Jas pumpmn TheARR Butin Josephine sten Butler E D eng TheARR Butler Wm insp TheARR Butterfield Frank W timekpr TheARR Buttery Arthur lab TheARR Byrne Jas lab TheARR Byrne L P elk TheARR Bystedt Gust lab TheARR Cadwallader Chas L taxicabs Cain Thos lab TheARR


Callaghan Jerry barber

Callahan Thos W eng TheARR

Callas Andw lab TheARR

Callbreath J K pumpmn TheARR

Callely Thos lab TheARR

Callin Jack taxicabs

Camalieson P lab TheARR

Cameron M O Mrs tel opr U S Tel & Tel Co

Camp Frank P journalist

Campbell F P mldr TheARR

Campbell J R foremn TheARR

Campbell M D foremn TheARR

Campbell Richd lab TheARR

Campbell Saml lab TheARR

Cann Chas photog

Cannon Edw lab TheARR

Caper Matthew lab TheARR

Caplitt C S wtr TheARR

Capp Henry insp TheARR

Cappers S N lab TheARR

Caraway Frank D surv TheARR

Carey J C cranemn TheARR

Carey Roland R lab TheARR

Carey Thos lab TheARR

Carland Michl firemn TheARR

Carlson Albt lab TheARR

Carlson Aug lab TheARR

Carlson A B carp TheARR

Carlson Chas blksmith TheARR

Carlson Edw (Inlet Hotel)

Carlson Henning firemn TheARR

Carlson John lab TheARR

Carlson Robt

Carlson Sigrid wtrs TheARR Hosp

Carlson S J firemn TheARR

Carlson Victor dairy

Carlquist Frank J ins agt

Carlquist Fred E jeweler

Carmody John A (Madden & Carmody)

Carnegie J H lab TheARR

Carolan D L pumpmn TheARR

Carpenter Hazel Mrs tel opr U S Tel & Tel Co

Carpenter Josephine Mrs

Carr B E lab TheARR

Carroll Chas S lab TheARR

Carruthers David lab TheARR

Carstens Packing Co meats

Carver J H cranemn TheARR

Casey C lab TheARR

Cash Saml lab TheARR

Caspar Wm J mach TheARR

Cavall John driller TheARR

Cavanaugh John Q firemn TheARR Hosp

Cavanaugh Peter J powdermn TheARR

Cavanaugh Thos lab TheARR

Cay Ernest cranemn TheARR

Cedar Carl WT mach TheARR

Celestine F lab TheARR

Cesare T powdermn TheARR

Chalk Julius lab

Chalman Fred lab TheARR

Chalmers C A lab TheARR

Chapin Franklin H eng TheARR

Chapman Geo H lab TheARR

Chappell G M lab TheARR

Chase R D disbursing agt TheARR

Chatriand Leon brkmn TheARR

Chectisaw Andw miner TheARR

Cheesrnan W M lab TheARR

CHENEY NECKWEAR, Donald L McGinnis Distributor

Cheney Ruby Mrs lndrs Pioneer Steam Lndy

Chernaeff S P foremn TheARR

Chessey Freeman lab TheARR

Chesterman H driver TheARR

Chicaloon Real Estate Co Inc Dick Rinehart mgr

Chilegan Harry lab TheARR

Chiolerio A miner TheARR

Chisholm John slsmn

Chisholm J A linemn TheARR

Chovin J E (Chovin Supply Co)

CHOVIN SUPPLY CO (J E Chovin, F A Martin), Electric Apparatus and Supplies, Electricians

Christensen Chris

Christensen Oscar lab TheARR

Christensen W S eng TheARR

Christenson Leslie lab TheARR


Christian Science Society meets Sunday 11 A M Sunday school 12:15 and Wednesday evening at 8 P M in Christian Science Society Church

Christianson G lab TheARR Christopherson John lab TheARR


City Hotel (Mike Zakula) Clark Chas C carp TheARR Clark D R lab TheARR Clark Ella

Clark G A lab TheARR

Clark H H carp TheARR

Clark John J lab TheARR

Clark Jos T chf eng TheARR

Clark L R lab TheARR

Clark Ora Mrs

Clark W F eng TheARR

Clarke J M mldr TheARR

Clarkston U S lab TheARR

Clausen Chris carp TheARR

Claveau Fred pntr

Claveau P F foremn TheARR

Clayson Wm mens furngs

Clayton C M mach TheARR

Clayton Mabel Z Mrs elk TheARR

Cleghorn Walter elk TheARR

Cleveland Josephine

Coates Chas A lab TheARR

Cobb Jas lab TheARR

Cochrane H L lab TheARR

Coffey John lab TheARR

Cohen P W carp TheARR

Cola.gross! Jesse L foremn TheARR.

Cole Minard lab TheARR

Cole Ross R dispr TheARR

Coleman Wm lab TheARR

Coll Jas blksmith TheARR

Collier Clare elk P O

Collings Albt Y elk The ARR

Collins Archibald boilermkr TheARR

Collins Jerome J lab TheARR

Collins John M (Crescent Hotel^

Collins W H blksmith TheARR '

Colwick Wm C agt TheARR

Connolly Michl wtr TheARR

Connor Jas miner TheARR

Connors E C foremn TheARR

Connors Thos

Connors W H mach TheARR

Conroy John lab TheARR

Conroy Michl J mayor of Anchorage lawyer

Conroy Thos J miner

Considine Lee lab TheARR

Conway Jos H 2d hd gds

Conway Richd carp TheARR

Cook Chas S lab TheARR

Cook John lab TheARR

Cook John M elk P O

Cook Michl wtr TheARR

Cook Peter A mgr U S Tel & Tel Co

Cooper Frank (Cooper & Vogt)

Cooper & Vogt (Frank Cooper R C Vogt) barbers

Cope Fred cook Wright & Olsen

Corbett Thos A firemn The ARR

Corcoran Peter lab The ARR

Corliss Lester P elk The ARR

Cornelius J M lab TheARR

Cornelius Roy timbermn TheARR

Corrigan Thos lab TheARR

Cotty A J lab The ARR

Coughlin J E rodmn TheARR

Courser Elsie M elk A E Ashton

Courtney J J eng TheARR

Couture Delpphis expmn

Covich A driller TheARR

Cox Frank D lab TheARR

Cox Limer lab TheARR

Cox Richd lab TheARR

Coyne Michl lab TheARR

Craig A C foremn TheARR

Craig Emily H Mrs nurse TheARR Hosp

Crane D W lab TheARR

Craven Delia

Crawford Ivan expmn

Crawford John H eng TheARR

Crescent Hotel (J M Collins)

Crest Apartments (Jos A Lawton)

CRIBB HARRY, Pres-Gen-Mgr Harry Cribb Inc

CRIBB HARRY INC, Harry Cribb Pres-Gen Mgr, Building Material, Sash, Doors, Mouldings and Millwork, Plate and Window Glass Builders Hardware, Building and Roofing Paper (See p 54)

CROCKER U G, Dry Goods and Clothing, Women's Furnishing Goods, Shoes and Hosiery

Cronin M J Mrs Crough F S eng TheARR Crova Jesse lab TheARR Crowley Michl foremn TheARR Crowley P H eng TheARR Cruikshank Wm lab TheARR Crukovich Eli lab TheARR Crutcher Jesse B sten TheARR Culbertson Delia M (wid Russell) Culbertson Edw R foremn Culbertson E M trucker TheARR


Cullen John H lab TheARR Culver Alvin mach TheARR Culver Edw carp TheARR Cunningham Daniel carp TheARR Cunningham Frank B brkmn TheARR Cunningham John T trainmaster TheARR Cunningham Wm C agt TheARR Currier Ellen cook TheARR Currier H A foremn TheARR Curtan Thos lab TheARR Cusel Peter lab TheARR

Dagen John P lab TheARR

Dahl John M dental mech

Dahl Oliver carp

Dahl Robt lab TheARR

Dahle Otto lab TheARR

Dale H A lab TheARR

Dalz Bernard lab TheARR

Dammert Helen wtrs Wright & Olsen

Dancer Ray lab TheARR

Daniels F foremn TheARR

Darien Manuel lab TheARR

Darling J Elmer carp

David Leopold (Ray & David)

Davidson Wm lab TheARR

Davies Purly O brkmn TheARR

Davies Wm lab TheARR

Davis Grace Mrs

Davis I N

Davis Jas timbermn TheARR

Davis J M lab TheARR

Davis Thos firemn TheARR

Davis Wm W lab TheARR

Daxon Danl S eng The ARR

Dean F F lab The ARR

Dean Wm B carp

DeCourcy M H plmbr The ARR

Deegan M eng The ARR

Dehon Eli (Pioneer Steam Laundry)

Deigh Vida elk F S Gordon

Deigman Frank carp The ARR

Delahide John L first aid miner U S Bureau of Mines

Delaney J J acct The ARR

Delaney Mary C elk The ARR

Dellasega Baptiste wtr The ARR

Dellitt C A lab The ARR

DeLon Eli

DeLong J S foremn The ARR DeMoore Lon

Demos John cook G Pappadis Denny Wm C lab The ARR Densmore C A firemn The ARR

DENTAL CLINIC INC THE (Dr C A Pollard, Dr G V Gregory) McKinley Block

Denton Claude G Rev pastor First Presbyterian Church

Dessery V D lab The ARR

Devlin Edw lab The ARR

Diamond Chas firemn The ARR

Diamond Jos; B janitor The ARR

Dick Howard C lab The ARR

Dies G Mrs cook The ARR

Dill Chas lab The ARR

Dillon Florence Mrs lndrs Pioneer Steam Lndy

Dillon Rolla M mach The ARR

Dingle Wm P capt U S Medical Corps

Dis Chas bricklyr

Divyak Mich

Dlouhy Jos

Dohrmann Henry C elk Felix Brown Dolan Jas lab The ARR Donald C L wtr The ARR

DONALDSON ROBERT S, Sec Healy River Coal Corporation

Donaldson Wm C firemn

Donovan John J foremn The ARR

Doohan Patk lab The ARR

Dool Burt A foremn Pioneer Steam Lndy

Dorwin Wm T rodmn The ARR

Dorwin W J pumpmn The ARR

Dougherty Hugh caretkr The ARR

Dougherty Wm mach The ARR

Doumakis Thos foremn The ARR

Dout H L mach The ARR

Downer Arthur J agt The ARR

Downey D W brkmn The ARR

Downing J W lab The ARR

Doyle Thos D lab The ARR

Dragisch Jos miner

Driscoll Jas carp The ARR

Driscoll Ray J lab The ARR

Dujmovich Geo lab The ARR

Dumas Geo wtr The ARR

Dunbar A V tmstr The ARR

Duncan Geo carp The ARR

Duncklee E A lab The ARR

Dunn M R firemn The ARR

Dunn Robt firemn

Dunnean John lab The ARR

Durham W L elk The ARR

Duryea Elbert lab The ARR

Eagle Hotel (Mrs Madge Elliott)

Eagles John D lab The ARR

Eamond Gerald firemn The ARR

Earhart L B linemn The ARR

Ebbert Roy O eng

Eburn Ernest cook The ARR


Eckmann C M furn Edelmann John lab The ARR Edmunds Fred miner The ARR Edmunson Julius B carp Edmunson Marion G miner Edwards Robt F rodmn The ARR Edwards Wm carp Edwardsen Hank lab The ARR Eggen Edw Eggen Jos

Eggen O O lab The ARR Eggersgluess Ernest A gard The ARR Eggerue Ole lab The ARR Egoroff Michl lab The ARR Eichhorn Julius lab The ARR Ek Oscar pntr The ARR Elkins T A lab The ARR

ELKS LODGE NO 1351, J J Delaney E R, F A Martin Sec

Ellingsen E lab The ARR

Elliott Madge Mrs (Eagle Hotel)

Elliott Myrton lab The ARR

Elmes Byron C eng The ARR

Elmslie Al lab The ARR

Elzay Merle lab The ARR



Enatti Wm miner The ARR

Enette Jos V janitor The ARR

English John lab The ARR

English Wm A City Clerk and Treasurer

Engstrom Adolph lab The ARR

Engstrom A Mrs cook The ARR

Ensley H M mach The ARR


Ericksen Chas lab The ARR Ericksen Saml foremn The ARR Erickson Albt lab The ARR Erickson Alex lab The ARR Erickson Anthony lab The ARR Erickson Carl firemn The ARR Erickson Chas pumpmn The ARR Erickson Elmer janitor Erickson John H linemn The ARR Erickson N A pntr The ARR Erickson Sidney lab The ARR Eriksson John lab The ARR Ervin E Wells bkpr First National Bank Ervin Martha H elk

Ervin Winfield cashr First National Bank Esden Herbert G master mariner Eubanks W R lab The ARR

Evans Edwin E firemn The ARR Evans H N paints Evans John firemn The ARR Evans Robt lab The ARR Everett Fred cook The ARR Everson Carl lab The ARR Ezi Wm lab The ARR Fairman Wm lab The ARR Farsky John lab The ARR Feakes Fred D lab The ARR Felder Herman lab The ARR Felix J C pumpmn The ARR Fels Hugo carp

Ferlekas Michl G lab The ARR Ferraris Lawrence lab The ARR Ferrell Fred C mech The ARR Ferrell Jacob W electn The ARR Ferry Danl lab The ARR Fey Clarence driver Pioneer Steam Lndy Fields Robt miner The ARR Figurelli Saml lab Filppula Herman pntr The ARR Fink Herbert S miner The ARR Finley Jas H barber Finley S B insp The ARR


First National Bank Winfield Ervin cashr

First Presbyterian Church Rev C G Denton pastor

Fisher D J lab The ARR

Fitzgerald Paul H foremn The ARR

Fitzgerald P carp The ARR

Fitzwilliams Basil mach The ARR

Flanagan W J lab The ARR

Flanigan Thos J carp The ARR

Fleckenstein F J miner The ARR

Fleckenstein J B carp The ARR

Fleckenstein Lawrence miner The ARR

Fleckenstein S lab The ARR

Flynn F lab The ARR

Foasberg Carl slsmn

Fonck Jesse foremn The ARR

Fondahu.Edmund lab The ARR

Foran Robt M carp The ARR

Ford John W pntr The ARR

FORD SALES AND SERVICE, A A Shonbeck, Authorized Sales and Service

Forgerson L lab The ARR Forker Frank S miner Fosnes Martin lab The ARR Foss Geo lab The ARR Francis R A carp The ARR Fraser J W miner The ARR


Freeman Marie

Frisco Cafe (F C Wilson R S Timme)

Frodenberg Arthur

Fross J W opr The ARR

Frost T J eng The ARR

Funaro D lab The ARR

Furniotu Jas lab The ARR

Gabin Nellie housekpr Crescent Hotel

Gabrielsen Gunnar lab The ARR

Gagnon Geo V lab The ARR

Gagula Danl L lab The ARR

Gaines Ray lab The ARR

Gale J W lab The ARR

Gallagher Jas lab The ARR

Gallagher John lab The ARR

Gallegly John H lab The ARR

Gardner S E lab The ARR

Garofalos Peter lab The ARR

Garvin Dorothy lndrs Pioneer Steam Lndy

Gaskill Burt E eng The ARR

Gegold Max barber

Gelles Gus broker

George Christ lab The ARR

George Gus shoemkr

George Michl lab The ARR

George Wm lab The ARR

Germain Armand firemn

Germain Frank lab The ARR

Gerow J A lab The ARR

Gezovich Raso (Gezovich & Glomazich)

Gezovich & Glomazich (Raso Gezovich Steve Glomazich) restr Giacchero Carlo lab The ARR

. ... T» i i_n :j.U TM ADD

uidsuii raui uus-anum i tie AiClC

Gicas John cook The ARR

Giffin Chas H lab The ARR

Giles Ernest lab The ARR

Gill Oscar S mach The ARR

Gill Victor firemn The ARR

Gillman G A pntr The ARR

Gillespie Emma cook The ARR

Gitas Gust lab The ARR

Gitchell Fred (Gitchell Hotel)

Gitchell Hotel (Fred Gitchell)

Glasgo John lab The ARR

Gleason Frank carp The ARR

Gleason Jas lab The ARR

Glenn Frank lab The ARR

Glomazich Steve (Gezovich & Glomazich)

Glossop H F slsmn

Golden Henry lab The ARR

Goldman B wtr The ARR

Goodart Henry K miner The ARR

Goodell Huie miner Goodin Jos tmstr The ARR Goodlataw John lab The ARR Goodrich Marian E cook The ARR Gordon Frank S gen mdse Gordon Stuart H electn The ARR Gordon Wm C lab The ARR Gosser J S watchmn The ARR Gottstein J B whol gro

GOTWALS JOHN C MAJOR, Chief Engineer The Alaska Railroad

Grahm R R lab The ARR Grandin Edw lab The ARR Granfors Otto

Grant Frank electn The ARR

Grant Orvel H lab The ARR

Grapsos Gust lab The ARR

Gray Arthur B foremn The ARR

Gray Chas W mach The ARR

Gray Thos L pntr The ARR

Green Geo lab The ARR

Green J Lindley lawyer

Greenberger Anna cook The ARR

Greenberger L wtr The ARR

Greenfield Florence elk The ARR

Greer Albt lab The ARR

Greer Jas lab The ARR

Gregory G V (Dental Clinic Inc)

Gregson Henry lab The ARR

Grenfell W P brkmn The ARR

Gresti Vittorrio lab The ARR

Griffin Bessie N elk The ARR

Grisham Robt foremn The ARR

Grover Ilona M sten U S Bureau of Mines

Grover Ralph J pntr The ARR

Grubach Alex elk

Grubl Adam lab

Gudmund Wm lab The ARR

Gush Fred cook The ARR

Gustavsen H driller The ARR

Guthrie Archie W brkmn The ARR

Haag A elk The ARR

Hackman Saml pntr The ARR

Hadfield A K driver

Hagen Alex boilermkr The ARR

Hagstrom Carl lab The ARR

Hague Louise Mrs elk

Hague Wm E metal wkr The ARR

Haigono Jas lab The ARR

HAINES T W, Mgr Anchorage Supply Co

Halastis John lab The ARR

Haldane Wm caulker The ARR

Hale Earl lab The ARR


Haley L A barber

Hall E S tmstr The ARR

Hall Frank cook

Hall Henry C (Anchorage Bottling Works) Hall O A

Halmas Jas lab The ARR Hals Arnold lab The ARR Halvorsen Chris lab The ARR Hamilton Effie V Mrs nurse The ARR Hamilton F L pntr The ARR Hamilton Mary attndt

Hammel Harry M asst cashr First National Bank

Hammer Wm bgemn The ARR

Hammontree C O garage

Hanan Abdul restr

Hanratty Peter lab The ARR

Hansen F A eng

Hansen Jas lab The ARR

Hansen John lab The ARR

Hansen Peter lab The ARR

Hanson Henry miner The ARR

Hanson John lab The ARR

Hanson Thos lab The ARR

Harden P L pumpmn The ARR

Harding E G chainmn The ARR

Harding Fanny M elk The ARR

Harding Gordon

Hardy Allan H lab The ARR

Hardy Allen H fur warden Bureau of Biological Survey

Hardy Edw lab The ARR

Hardy L B boilermkr The ARR

Harger Wm C cook

Harlan Tas lab The ARR

Harmon Louis foremn The ARR

Harp David lab The ARR

Harper Chas lab The ARR

Harpole Claude G lab The ARR

Harpp Danl tmstr

Harrington C W guard U S jail

Harrington Otis E firemn The ARR

Harris E lab The ARR

Harris Fred

Harris Mary sten H A Tucker

Harris Wm lab The ARR

Harrison E firemn The ARR

Harrison Maybelle Mrs beauty parlors

Harrison Pearl Mrs hairdrsr Mrs M Harrison

Hart Wm F lab The ARR

Hartback Chas pntr The ARR

Hartley Kirk P guard U S jail

Hartley Leon W (Hartley & Wanamaker)

HARTLEY & WANAMAKER (L W Hartley, Neil Wana-maker), Hardware, Furniture and Sporting Goods, Agents for Hudson and Essex Automobiles

Harvard C S surv The ARR Haug Knute miner The ARR Hauge Richd L miner Haun W Henry lab The ARR

HAWKINS THOS W, Treas Brown & Hawkins Corp, res Seward

Haycock John lab The ARR Hayes Edw mach The ARR Hayes Harry lab The ARR Haynes E W lab The ARR Heacock Jas L carp The ARR Head Chauncey lab The ARR Head Fred lab The ARR

HEALY RIVER COAL CORPORATION, A E Lathrop Pres, R D Donaldson Sec, A H McDonald Treas (See p 55)

Heaney Glen R

Heath C N lab The ARR

Heerman Emma J nurse The ARR Hosp

Hegberg Emil firemn The ARR

Hegelstad T O lab The ARR

Hegg Louise Mrs elk F S Gordon

Heilman E F mach The ARR

Heino Henry miner

Heldman Geo M lab The ARR

Hemen Howard F electn The ARR

Henning Edw elk The ARR

Henry Edw J

Henry Peter brkmn The ARR

Hensen F A eng The ARR

Hermann Russell R pharm

Hermanson Tohn lab The ARR

Hermen Dell blksmith The ARR

Heron Chas E mach The ARR

Heron J L mach The ARR

Heron T J foremn The ARR

Herrick Robt lab The ARR

Hewitt Arthur J acct The ARR

Hewitt Dennie E mach The ARR

Hickey David lab

Hickey N E cook The ARR

Higgins H U Max estimator The ARR

Higgins Smith watchmn The ARR

Higgins Thos lab The ARR

Hill Carl wtr The ARR

Hill John E lab The ARR

Hill J Harry timekpr The ARR

Hill Wm lab The ARR

Hill W P T spl coal mining eng U S Bureau of Mines Hines Martin J carp The ARR Hines Thos lab The ARR


Hjelm Olaf carp The ARR Hoesk Theo miner The ARR Hoff Fred (Hoff & McDannel)

Hoff & McDannel (Fred Hoff Abner J McDannel) stationers

Hogen M K lab The ARR

Hoheisel Jos firemn The ARR

Holden Paul firemn The ARR

Holmberg Ole driller The ARR

Holmes Clyde A lab The ARR

Holmes John lab The ARR

Holmes J E foremn The ARR

Holmes Michl cook The ARR

Holoff Aleck lab The ARR

Holoff Nick lab The ARR

Holt E B lab The ARR


Hook Edith L osteopath Horning Wm S miner Horton H S lab The ARR Horton L B trucker The ARR Hosking Morton lab The ARR

HOTEL ANCHORAGE, F I Reed Prop, The Leading Hotel of Anchorage, Steam Heat, Electric Lights and Every Modern Convenience, Rooms En Suite and Single With Baths (See p 47)

HOUSE ARTHUR E, Advertising, Art Service, Direct Mail Advertising, Window Display Advertising, Window Display Cards, Advertising Posters

Houle E J lab The ARR

Houle W H lab The ARR

Howard Bertley supt B & B The ARR

Howard Brice H agt Pacific Steamship Co

Howard Henry eng The ARR

Howard John lab The ARR

Howard Mary J Mrs

Howard Robt Z lab The ARR

Howard W H acct The ARR

Howe Ellen cook The ARR

Howe Fred W foremn The ARR

Howe Geo A miner

Howe Geo A jr cook The ARR

Howe John lab The ARR

Howie J I mach The ARR

Hubbard Elizabeth nurse The ARR Hosp

Huff Chas cook

Huff C M lab The ARR

Huffman J L lab The ARR

Hugg H L disp The ARR

Hugh Herman miner The ARR

Hughes Erba elk

Hughes Waitesel firemn The ARR

Hull Anna M sten The ARR

Hummel Edw lab The ARR

Hummell Celia E sten The ARR

Hummell Mae O bkpr Alaska Publishing Co

Hunt Martin E lab The ARR

Hurley Julian asst U S atty

Hurley Robt C elk The ARR

Huslik Bruno foremn The ARR

Hussey P J asst fire chief The ARR

Hutchinson Minnie tel opr U S Tel & Tel Co

Hutoff Harry cranemn The ARR

Hutt Wm C

Illsley F F eng The ARR

Ince J A whsemn The ARR

I O O F Anchorage Lodge No 8

INDESTRUCTO LUGGAGE, Donald L McGinnis Distributor

INDIAN MOTORCYCLES, Parish Cycle Co Agents

Ingalls Ralph C lab The ARR

Ingram Floyd E brkmn The ARR

Inlet Hotel (Edw Carlson)

Irenberg Herman blksmith

Irwin B E carp The ARR

Isaac Chas W lab The ARR

Isaacson Harvey lab The ARR

Jackson Elmer miner The ARR

Jackson Irene wtrs Robt Kavara

Jackson John lndv

Jacobs Michl A lab The ARR

Jacobsen Martha cook The ARR

Jacobsen Wm T carp

Jacobson Ingwold lab The ARR

Jacobson Philip lab The ARR

Jahn Wm lab The ARR

Takeman Wm lab The ARR

James Thos foremn The ARR

James W H mgr Anchorage Packing Co

Janich Chas cigars

Jarvi Axel

Jasperson Peter lab The ARR

Jeffries Jos eng The ARR

Jeffries M Mrs

Jeknich Danl lab The ARR

Jenkins Geo L cond The ARR

Jensen Antone carp The ARR

Jepson Peter carp The ARR

JESSEN E F, Cartoonist Alaska Publishing Co

Joaquin Frank miner

Johansen Clarence lab The ARR

John A M nurse

Johns H J miner The ARR

Johnson Albt miner

Johnson Alex lab The ARR

Johnson A B car foremn The ARR


Johnson Brent lab The ARR Johnson Carl lab The ARR Johnson Carl I lab The ARR Johnson Chas lab The ARR Johnson C B trucker The ARR Johnson Edw cook The ARR Johnson Emil lab The ARR Johnson Eric miner Johnson Eug baker Johnson Flory elk Johnson Frank G lab The ARR Johnson Geo cook

JOHNSON GEORGE L (The Koda-Graph Shop)

Johnson Harry lab The ARR Johnson Helmer lab The ARR Johnson Hjalmer brkmn The ARR Johnson Howard firemn The ARR Johnson H W lab The ARR Johnson John lab The ARR Johnson John G lab The ARR Johnson John S carp The ARR Johnson Jos foremn The ARR Johnson J W wtr The ARR Johnson N E lab The ARR Johnson Oscar lab The ARR Johnson Peter lab The ARR Johnson S S lab The ARR Johnson T E lab The ARR Johnson Victor lab Johnson Vincent

Johnston Archibald lab The ARR Johnston A F eng The ARR

j uinio i*\j±x j v-»mi iau i nv. x ii.v±v

Johnston W firemn The ARR

Johnstone Jas agt

Jones Al S janitor The ARR Hosp


Jones E G brkmn The ARR Jones Fred driller The ARR Jones Harry wtr The ARR Jones Harry T lab The ARR Jones H G lab The ARR Jones John miner The ARR Jones J H eng The ARR Jones Oliver cond The ARR Jones Thos pntr The ARR Jones W S timekpr The ARR Jordan Remi cook the ARR Jose Wm L barber J H Finley Jurovich Danl lab The ARR Jurovich Michl lab The ARR Jussa Nellie M Mrs

Kacer Louis lab The ARR

Kacerosky John lab The ARR

Kail Geo lab The ARR

Kaliman Geo pumpmn The ARR

Kamada K lndy

Kanaley Michl lab The ARR

Kanter Andw driller The ARR

Kappler L H brkmn The ARR

Karaiscos Angelis J lab The ARR

Karonfsky Jos elk Harry Sidenberg

Kartak Chas G firemn The ARR

Kast Henry lab The ARR

Kavanaugh Harry C chief of police

Kavara Robt restr

Keehn Jos lab The ARR

Keeley Patk J carp

Keever Frank lab The ARR

Kegler E F lab The ARR

Keist Sam

Kelley J F lab The ARR Kellogg Harry lab The ARR

Kelly Chas lab The ARR Kelly Frank

Kelly Frank M elk The ARR

Kelly F D lab The ARR

Kelly Hugh foremn The ARR

Kelly John foremn The ARR

Kelly Milo eng

Kelly Wm P lab The ARR

Kemp Chas L asst City Clk

Kennedy Bros (J F and D O) men's furngs

Kennedy D O (Kennedy Bros)

Kennedy Forest foremn The ARR

Kennedy Geo whsemn The ARR

Kennedy Guy E firemn The ARR

Kennedy Jas F (Kennedy Bros)

Kennedy John lab The ARR

Kennedy Katherine Mrs

Kennedy M S foremn The ARR

Kenney B lab The ARR

Kenyon Ida F Mrs

Keogh Edw carp The ARR

Keok Herman tmstr The ARR

Kerr Susie lndrs Pioneer Steam Lndy

Kettler W lab The ARR

Kieffer Jos miner The ARR

Kiel F Mrs cook The ARR

Kierstine C E lab The ARR

Kilgore S C carp The ARR

Kilgour Geo lab The ARR

Kilkenny Emma Mrs

Kilkenny P F lab The ARR

Kimball Vera F elk The ARR


Kimura Harry clnr Kimura Katsuyo lndywkr K Kamada King A G Mrs cook The ARR King Jos lab The ARR King Jos H optician Kinney Harry A elk KinofT Wm eng The ARR Kinsella John F lab The ARR Kirby W P wtr The ARR Kirkpatrick M H lab The ARR Kitos Jas lab The ARR Knapp Jacob C blksmith The ARR Knight Frank L cond The ARR Knoell W V insp The ARR Knutson John lab The ARR Knzevich Michl lab The ARR Kobuchi Ray

Koch Geo foremn The ARR Kocoff Peter lab The ARR

KODA-GRAPH SHOP, Geo L Johnson Prop, Photographer, Artistic Views Hand Colored, Alaska Pictures, Amateur Work Developed and Printed (See p 48)

Kolaris Nicholas lab The ARR Konieczny Anton lab The ARR Kopelio John wtr The ARR Koppi Leo lab The ARR Koppitz Geo H chkr The ARR Koski Anton miner The ARR Koslosky Isaac furs Kosoff WTm lab The ARR Koss Louis miner The ARR Kosto Peter lab The ARR Kovac Thos powdermn The ARR Kovacevich Eli lab The ARR Krantz Amos lab The ARR Krasevich Saml lab The ARR Krassnitzer Michl lab The ARR Krause Oscar E cook Robt Kavara Krefting Chas firemn The ARR Kribsosija Eli billiards Krintila Matthew shoemkr Krober Jacob L lab The ARR Kroger John lab Krogh Estelle E elk PO Krolofr John lab The ARR Krtinich Geo lab The ARR Krueger E F lab The ARR Kruger J lab The ARR Kucil Jas lab

Kukalis John lab The ARR Kulel John B lab The ARR Kunzman Henry lab The ARR

Kuoil Jas lab The ARR Kupoff Chas lab The ARR Kurfman Jas lab The ARR Kvas Anton elk Labana John lab The ARR LaBelle A P boilermkr The ARR Lachevich Buto driller The ARR Lamb Albt

Lamb C M carp The ARR Lambert Chas E lab The ARR Lampi Eno driller The ARR Land Henry lab The ARR Lande Magnus lab The ARR Lander J D barber

LANDIS LEE H, Gen Mgr The Alaska Railroad

Landsdowne Burdette Rev pastor All Saints Episcopal Church

Landstrom Andw J car repr The ARR

Lane John lab

Lane W H lab The ARR

LANG STOVES AND RANGES, Pioneer Sheet Metal Works Distributors

Lange Carl J eng The ARR

Langeland Saml lab The ARR

Laning R G lab The ARR

LaPorte J D lab The ARR

Larsen C N brkmn The ARR

Larsen Lyle W

Larsen T O carp The ARR

Larson C A lab The ARR

Larson C W lab The ARR

Larson E W lab The ARR

Larson Ida M Mrs gro

Larson Tos B storekpr The ARR

Larson Otto lab The ARR

LARSON RAY C (Anchorage Supply Co)

LARSON RAY T, Transfer, Storage, Coal and WTood, Chief Anchorage Fire Dept

LaRue F E mach The ARR Lasky Harry tlr

LATHROP AUSTIN E (The Empress Theatre), Pres Alaska Moving Pictures Corp, Pres Healy River Coal Corporation

Lauritz Lee (Lauritz & Bacon)

Lauritz & Bacon (Lee Lauritz C G Bacon) pntrs

LaVerne Frank cook Robt Kavara

Lavrnich Michl lab The ARR

Lawrence Sidney

Lawrence W D blksmith The ARR

Lawton Jos A (Crest Apartments)

Lay Oscar lab The ARR

Leach Danl J mach The ARR

Leakos Steven foremn The ARR

Learv Noal A

Lee Geo C lab The ARR


Lee Geo S carp The ARR Lee Walter lab The ARR Lefever Geo C insp The ARR LeFevre J S lab The ARR Legault U A firemn The ARR Lehmann Paul E linemn The ARR Leonard Peter lab The ARR LeRouge J S lab The ARR Level Claude linemn The ARR Levin Ernest miner Lewis Archie A cond The ARR Lewis Geo lab The ARR Lewis Robt B firemn The ARR

LEWIS R E, General Contractor (See p 49)

Lien Henry L eng Lillij strand Arthur elk Limbarger Norman L contr Lind John tlr Harry Nelson Lindberg Edw stmftr The ARR Lindquist Henry brkmn The ARR Lindsay Jack

Lindsey Edw insp The ARR Lindskog Robt lab The ARR Linger Albt lab The ARR Link Adam lab The ARR Links Lila L student Links Wm T (Matson & Links) Linn Matthew lab The ARR Linnsfan Lars lab The ARR Lippert P D foremn The ARR Liska Alexander miner The ARR Liston Amon mach The ARR Livingstone C A lab The ARR Loberg John lab The ARR Lockead R C lab The ARR Lockhart G L

Lockwold Martin janitor The ARR Loew Walter lab The ARR Lof Oscar cook The ARR Lofquist Carl A stmftr The ARR Logan E D cook The ARR Logan John foremn The ARR Lohnes J K cranemn The ARR Loken Hennie cook The ARR


Long Harry A cond The ARR Longacre John linemn Longsore John L eng The ARR Longworth R D lab The ARR Losey Ira T (Anchorage Bakery) Lothrop Robt tel opr U S Tel & Tel Co

Lottsfeldt Carl elk ARC Loudermilch Robt C undtkr Lounsbury Fredk K aud The ARR

LOUSSAC Z J (Loussac's Drug Store), Sec Evan Jones Coal Co

LOUSSAC'S DRUG STORE (Z J Loussac), Prescription Specialists, Kodaks and Supplies, Stationery, Phonographs and Records, Likly Luggage (See p 50)

Love Frank lab The ARR Lowe H C timekpr The ARR Lowell L W cook The ARR Lubbe Fred R miner The ARR Luckow R C jr autos Lund Chas

Lund J E lab The ARR Lundh Albt mach The ARR Lundstedt John carp The ARR Luoma S R lab The ARR Lycette Edw lab The ARR Lyle Annie smstrs Lynch John wtr Robt Kavara Lynch M H (Booth & Lynch) Lyons S I eng The ARR Lystad Lile Mrs wtr The ARR

McAllan J L

McAtee T F agt The ARR McAuley A St J timekpr The ARR McAvoy Thos carp The ARR McCafTerty Patk firemn The ARR McCall A W lab The ARR McCallie John H dentist McCambridge Merle D trucker The ARR McCann J lab The ARR McCann Robt T rodmn The ARR McCannert E G carp The ARR McCarthy Jas L blksmith The ARR McCarthy Jerry lab The ARR McCarthy P W Mrs cook The ARR McCarty J L driller The ARR McCay A Danl lab The ARR McClain E elk The ARR McClain John lab The ARR McClellan G B brkmn The ARR McClure Jos brkmn The ARR McConhey Thos guard U S jail McCormack Patk lab The ARR McCrimmon Alex carp The ARR McCulgon Geo lab The ARR McCullough Geo

McCutcheon C J foremn The ARR McDannel Abner J (Hoff & McDannel) McDannell Casey McDaniels Eug porter The ARR McDonald Al carp The ARR


McDonald Alex H (Anchorage Drug Co) agt Alaska S S Co

McDonald Barbara Mrs matron The ARR Hosp

McDonald Danl pntr The ARR

McDonald D P foremn The ARR

McDonald G F janitor The ARR

McDonald Jas cook The ARR

McDonald John lab The ARR

McDonald P J eng The ARR

McDonnell N restr

McFadden A S Mrs

McFarland Wm lab The ARR

McGee T D foremn The ARR

McGibney Frank

McGill Jas foremn The ARR

McGillivray John foremn The ARR

McGINNIS DONALD L, Clothing, Haberdashery, Hats and Shoes (See p 55)

McGlothern Leonard lab The ARR McGrath John lab The ARR McHugh Edw foremn The ARR Mclsaacs J J (Seattle Hotel) Mclvor A lab The ARR McKechnie Neil lab The ARR McKenery J carp The ARR McKenzie D A cook The ARR McKenzie D J cond The ARR McKenzie John mach The ARR McKenzie Mary G cook The ARR McKeown Peter lab The ARR McKinney W D lab The ARR McKinnon Danl lab The ARR McKnight C lab The ARR McLaughlin Leo driller The ARR. McLaughlin P J linemn The ARR McLeod John lab The ARR McLeod M C lab The ARR McMahill Edw V McMahill Pinkney M McMahon Catherine E McMahon Harry lab The ARR McMahon John lab The ARR McMahon Peter brkmn The ARR McManiman Patk foremn The ARR McManus Amyel lab The ARR McMasters George McMetre W J lab The ARR McMichael Fred carp The ARR McMullen G B lab The ARR McMullen John lab The ARR McMullen M E lab The ARR

McNALLY J L, Asst Cashr Bank of Anchorage

McNamara W J lab The ARR

McNeil J W lab The ARR

McNeill Catherine Mrs wtrs The ARR

McNeish Saml sec foremn

McNiece Saml foremn The ARR

McNulty Louis lab The ARR

McNutt John M

McPhail Angus lab The ARR

McRae Christene cook The ARR

McVeifty Edw M expmn

MacDonald Donald chf drftsman The ARR

MacDonald John wtr The ARR

MacDonald Malcolm J acct The ARR

MacDonald Wallace P electn U S Tel & Tel Co

Maclean Richd carp The ARR Macomb H N lab The ARR Macwiz John lab The ARR Madden D E (Madden & Carmody) Madden Patk H lab The ARR

Madden & Carmody (D E Madden J A Carmody) cigars Maddos Al lab

Madnick John lab The ARR Madsen Albert lab The ARR Madsen Anna cook The ARR Madsen Arne lab The ARR Madsen A N foremn The ARR Madsen Nels brkmn The ARR Maehl Chas watchmn The ARR Magill Jos A fishermn Magnesales Geo lab The ARR Maher Thos lab Mahle Edw lab Mahle Paul C lab The ARR Mailloux Jos miner Maki John lab The ARR Makris T G foremn The ARR Mangum Eugene wtr The ARR Manning W M lab The ARR March C F boilermkr The ARR Margetis Thos

Marinoff Steven lab The ARR Marion J A driver The ARR Markle Geo E mach The ARR Markstrom Carl lab The ARR Marley Alice

Marr Wm miner The ARR

Marsch Paul A elk The ARR

Marsdon H J mach The ARR

Marsh Arthur H elk

Marshall Louis bootblk

Marten Asa T carp The ARR

Martin Carl E supt Street and Water Dept

Martin D K pumpmn The ARR

Martin Frank H janitor The ARR

Martin Fred miner The ARR


Martin Fredk A (Chovin Supply Co) Martin F E plmbr The ARR Martin F R brkmn The ARR Martin John cook The ARR Martin John E lab The ARR Martin N W lab The ARR Martin Sue Mrs drsmkr Martini Roy lab The ARR Martinovich Tony firemn The ARR Martinsen Hans cannerywkr


Mason Chas L chf elk The ARR

Masonic—Anchorage Commandery No 2, regular conclaves 1st and 3d Tues, D B Rose em com, R O Scott rec

Masonic—Anchorage Chapter No 3,RAM, regular convocations 2d and 4th Tues, J J Longacre H P, Ray O Scott sec

Masonic—Anchorage Chapter No 8 O E S, regular meetings 1st and 3d Mon, Louise Eckmann W M, Eva Cunningham sec

Masonic—Anchorage Lodge No 221 F & A M, stated communications 2d and 4th Thurs 8 p m, R D Chase W M, Sol Silverman sec

Matheson Chas A eng^The ARR Mathewson Ray A elecn The ARR Mathewson Wm R elk The ARR Matich Geo

Matson B O cook The ARR

Matson John lab The ARR

Matson Victor (Matson & Links)

Matson & Links (V Matson W T Links) restr

Mattie C A

Mattson A B lab The ARR Mauros Gus lab The ARR Maxwel Fred B mach The ARR Mayne John whsemn The ARR Meehan J H blksmith The ARR Meehan Robert J janitor Melickian A H lab The ARR Mendes Minna

Meredith Edward lab The ARR Merenda Jos soft drinks Merkuris G A lab The ARR Merino Nick

Merrill Jacob lab The ARR Metzdorf C R foremn The ARR Metsdorf Dewey W whsemn The ARR

MEYER A H L, Sec-Treas Brown & Hawkins Corp

Meyer John J (North Pole Bakery) Meyer Mabel J elk The ARR Meyers August lab The ARR Mezzacappa Tony lab The ARR Michick Steven lab The ARR Middleton Earl E lab The ARR Mihoky Chas boilermkr The ARR

Mikami Geo janitor The ARR Miljevich John lab The ARR Mill W E

Miller Benj lab The ARR

Miller Burgon foremn The ARR

Miller Edw lab The ARR

Miller H A carp The ARR

Miller H C lab The ARR

Miller H K agt The ARR

Miller Ira S carp

Miller J E tmstr The ARR

Miller Ketch carp

Miller M G cook The ARR

Miller Oscar

Miller Peter lab The ARR Miller Philip lab The ARR Mills Henry A carp

Minnis John mach The ARR

Mitchell Hiram W janitor

Mitchell Isabelle N wtrs Robt Kavara

Moe Gust lab The ARR

Moehring Albt T slsmn

Moline Ernest lab The ARR

Moller A K foremn The ARR

Monahan P J lab The ARR

Monan Edw J mach The ARR

Mondor Emmett

Montgomery J D lab The ARR

Montijo Danl lab The ARR

Moor Danl H lab The ARR

Moore Andre Mrs Moore Edw G lab The ARR Moore E M lab The ARR Moore Geo lab The ARR Moore Geo R eng The ARR Moore G V baker The ARR Moore Jerry E porter The ARR Moore John lab The ARR Moore John J C cond The ARR Moore J K firemn The ARR Moore Marion C tchr Moreland John lab The ARR Morgan Thos carp The ARR Morgan W J foremn The ARR Morris Abe mach The ARR Morrisey Patk lab The ARR Morrison Frank lab The ARR Morrison Geo A Mrs cook The ARR Morrison Hotel (Mrs Mary Morrison) Morrison John tinsmith Morrison Mary Mrs (Morrison Hotel) Morsendo Jos

Mortimer Chas W foremn The ARR Mosher Eve (Mosher & Smith)


Mosher & Smith (Eve Mosher Marie Smith) hairdrsrs Motschman R A lab The ARR Mourens G

MOYER RALPH N, V-Pres Bank of Anchorage

Moynihan Patk lab The ARR Mozee Benj B supt Native Schools Mucha F W lab The ARR Mulcahy Neal lab The ARR Mulcahy Wm F asst aud The ARR Mullins Nathan O mach The ARR Mumford Geo F elk The ARR Murphy Frank lab The ARR Murphy John J lab The ARR Murphy J C

Murphy Katie wtrs The ARR Murphy Michl D brkmn The ARR Murphy Patk J lawyer Murphy R D foremn The ARR Murray J J car insp The ARR Murray Patk lab The ARR Murray Wm carp The ARR

MURRY T V, Sec-Treas New Method Tailors-Cleaners Inc MURRY WM T, Pres New Method Tailors-Cleaners Inc

Myers John

Myers W lab The ARR Myhrberg Rex E carp The ARR Myhre A D carp The ARR Nadon J R lab The ARR Nagorski Jas lab The ARR Nakkio Robt lab The ARR Namur Brun eng The ARR Namuro Harry lab Nancheff P V lab The ARR Nash Jos janitor The ARR


Naughton Peter lab The ARR Naugle Ralph B lab The ARR Neal G F lab The ARR Needham N S foremn The ARR Nehf H L

Neilsen Axel lab The ARR Neilsen Einar lab The ARR Neilson Oscar C blksmith The ARR Nelson Albt firemn The ARR Nelson Anthony E driller The ARR Nelson Anton miner The ARR Nelson Axel lab The ARR Nelson Carl M lab The ARR Nelson Chas driller The ARR Nelson Chas O foremn The ARR Nelson Emerick T wtr The ARR Nelson E K lab The ARR Nelson Fred mach The ARR

Nelson Geo P cook The ARR Nelson Harry tlr Nelson Helmer lab The ARR Nelson John powdermn The ARR Nelson John carp The ARR Nelson J V elk The ARR Nelson Mollie cook The ARR Nelson M janitor The ARR Nelson Nels M carp The ARR Nelson Nels W lab The ARR Nelson N P foremn The ARR Nelson Peter lab The ARR Nelson T W eng The ARR Nelson W R dftsmn The ARR Ness Harry lab The ARR Nestor Michl lab The ARR

NEW METHOD TAILORS-CLEANERS INC, W T Murry Pres, H F Stoy V-Pres, T V Murry Sec-Treas, Tailors and Cleaners (See p 56)

Newberg Emil lab The ARR Newman John lab The ARR


Nichols R H agt The ARR Nichols W A lab The ARR Nicholson Jas M foremn ARC Nickey Robt

Niemi Aug stmftr The ARR NIEMINEN J, Asst Cashr, Bank of Alaska

Noble Harry J firemn The ARR Noble Jas lab The ARR Nolan S J wtr The ARR Noonan John lab The ARR Norby J A cranemn The ARR Nord John powdermn The ARR Nord Oscar lab The ARR Nordgren Geo carp Norris Ralph B electn The ARR North Pole Bakery (J J Meyer)


Romig Agt

Northern Hotel (Edw Botts) Nottveit Iver Brkmn The ARR Novachek J F carp The ARR Nugent Thos lab The ARR Nyberg S O insp The ARR Nyblom John lab The ARR Nylen Geo miner The ARR Nylund John lab The ARR O'Brien Amalie Mrs O'Brien Bert miner The ARR O'Brien Jos lab The ARR O'Brien Patk lab The ARR O^Brien Thos lab The ARR O'Bryan Jessie dry gds


O'Bryan Mary Mrs O'Connell Hank firemn The ARR O'Dale Thos M wharfinger The ARR O'Donnell Frank mach The ARR O'Donnell Hugh lab The ARR O'Donnell Jas lab The ARR Officer Asa lab The ARR O'Hagen Michl lab The ARR Ohls Werner lab The ARR Ohnhauser Leo lab The ARR Ohrbeck Mantor lab The ARR Ohrem Chas lab The ARR O'Langan P H lab The ARR Olansson Torgel lab The ARR Oldfin E C elk The ARR Olin H P

Oliver Arthur E lab The ARR Oliver T Scott storekpr The ARR Oliver W H firemn The ARR Olsan Chas E supt of schools Olsen Edw E watchmkr Olsen Erich (Allen Transfer) Olsen Peter (Wright & Olsen) Olsen Simon P carp The ARR Olson D S lab The ARR Olson Edw lab The ARR Olson Emil driller The ARR Olson Geo cook Olson John W lab The ARR Olson Peter J carp The ARR Olson Saml

Olsson G Carl lab The ARR O'Neill Arthur C mach The ARR O'Neill Fred M mach The ARR O'Neill John eng The ARR Onofrio J Marino Orr Jessie

Orr Thos K cook The ARR Hosp Ortman Aug F lab The ARR Osborn Harold elk The ARR Osborn J N lab The ARR O'Shaughnessy Chris lab The ARR O'Shea Frank cond The ARR Oskolkoff Steve P eng Pioneer Steam Lndy Ostrander Stephen W lab The ARR Owen John lab The ARR

Pacific Coast Steamship Co Brice H Howard agt Packebush Robt firemn The ARR Pafelis Thos lab The ARR Pagonis Jas lab The ARR Palmer C W elk The ARR

Palmer Halvert O asst ens: Anchorage Fire Dept Palmer H C brkmn The ARR

Palmer P A lab The ARR

Pannon J F lab The ARR

Panucina Michl restr wkr Robt Kavara

Pappadis Geo restr

PARISH CYCLE CO (T N Parish), Indian Motorcycles and Bicycles, Remington and Underwood Typewriters and Supplies, Typewriter, Motorcycle and Bicycle Repairing (See P 51)

PARISH TRUMAN N (Parish Cycle Co)

Pariso John pumpmn The ARR Parker Chas L mach The ARR Parker Frank E gro Parker Glen

Parks Geo A chief of field div U S Land Office

Parmenter Albt F miner

Parnattoni Saml cook

Parrish Jos lab The ARR

Parsons Fred (Parsons Hotel)

Parsons Hotel (Fred and Jack Parsons)

Parsons Jack (Parsons Hotel)

Patten Jonn lab The ARR

Patterson David L

Patterson Geraldine wtrs G Pappadis

Pavich John lab The ARR

Peabody L J lab The ARR

Pearson A R lab The ARR

Pearson Edw lab The ARR

Pearson Swan firemn The ARR

Pedersen Chas expmn

Pedersen Jas lab The ARR

Feirce Vincent H elk The ARR

Pelcher Chas

Peltier W M agt The ARR

Peltzer Chas H lab The ARR

Fennel! f rank lab The ARR

Pennington John W miner

Pennoyer Henry lab The ARR

Pererell Edw orderly The ARR Hosp

Peretti John lab The ARR

Perlman Chiam lab The ARR

Perry Al lab The ARR

Perry A F elk The ARR

Perry Wm V pumpmn The ARR

Peterkin Thos eng The ARR

Peters A E lab The ARR

Peters M F foremn The ARR

Petersen Walter lab The ARR

Peterson Andw lab The ARR

Peterson Constance J elk The ARR

Peterson C Fredk dairy

Peterson Gus M lab The ARR

Peterson J H presmn Alaska Publishing Co

Peterson Peter lab The ARR

Peterson Roy electn


Peterson Thora Mrs Peterson Thoralf Petri Frank lab The ARR Petroff Marion lab The ARR Petrosso Emilio lab The ARR Petrovich Chris lab The ARR Petty M A dispr The ARR Peyser Maud Mrs dry gds Pevser Max tlr

Pfeil Emil blksmith The ARR Phillip S E lab The ARR Phillips Chas miner The ARR Picotte Jos eng The ARR Pierce Jas (Allen Transfer) Pike Gertrude cook The ARR Pilcher I W foremn The ARR Pioneer Hall

PIONEER SHEET METAL WORKS (Henry Pope, Henry Wolf), Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Workers, Stoves and Ranges, Furnaces and Iron Pipe and Fittings (See p 56)

Pioneer Steam Laundry (Eli Dehon)

Pioneers of Alaska Anchorage Igloo No 15 meets every Friday

night Henry Sogn pres C R Booth sec I Bayles treas Pisa Jos lab The ARR Pisacic Helen wtrs Gezovich & Glomazich Plechash Louis lab The ARR Poscgas Geo lab The ARR Polasek Jos lab The ARR Poletto Santo driller The ARR Pollard C A (Dental Clinic Inc) Pollock Carl D eng The ARR Pomeroy E D lab The ARR POPE HENRY (Pioneer Sheet Metal Works) Popiduk Michl driller The ARR Poppoff Vassil lab The ARR Porter Edwin P lab The ARR Porter E E timekpr The ARR Porter Frank J tmstr Porter Harry H mldr The ARR Porter John carp The ARR Posth F lab The ARR Potter Geo E chkr The ARR Potter Harvey lab The ARR Powell Geo A cook The ARR Powless L A carp The ARR Pradella Jos elk Jos Merenda Prather A N elk The ARR Presley J C lab The ARR Prew Fred E cranemn The ARR Price Amanda Mrs restr Price Chas lab The ARR Price David lab The ARR Price John S plmbr The ARR

Price Lois E elk The ARR

Price Michl carp The ARR

Price Thos C lawyer

Price Wm lab The ARR

Prpich Jos lab The ARR

Prpich Michl lab The ARR

Puggo Jas lab The ARR

Quinn David A lab The ARR

Quinn John F lab The ARR

Quinn Robt whsemn The ARR

Quinton C E barber L A Haley

Race Walter M

Radich Saml foremn The ARR

Radovich Eli powdermn The ARR

Raganovich Milo lab The ARR

Rager Wm H lawyer U S Commissioner

Raich Matt billiards

Raivo Frank cigars

Rasmussen A P mach The ARR

RASMUSON E A, Pres Bank of Alaska

Rathbun Walter R wire chief U S Tel & Tel Co

Ratliffe Jas R lab The ARR

Rawson John gro

Ray Geo driller The ARR

Ray L V (Ray & David) res Seward

RAY & DAVID (L V Ray, Leopold David) Lawyers

Raymond Bessie C Mrs

Raymond Beulah smstrs

Raynor F Edna elk The ARR

Raynor Sidney film opr

Reane Thos lab The ARR

Receor Stephen lab The ARR

Reddy John foremn The ARR

Redwood Frank pumpmn The ARR

Redwood Harriett Mrs

Reece Carrie A elk The ARR Hosp

Reece Leila sten

Reed Earl G caretkr The ARR

REED FRANK I (Hotel Anchorage)

Reed Grant agt The ARR

Regan Matt pumpmn The ARR

Reiter J M mech The ARR

Remcke Annette music tchr

Remi Jordan cook The ARR


Renault Philip lab The ARR

Rendell Loris smstrs

Renner John carp The ARR

Reno Floyd lab The ARR

Rentfro Jonn L plmbr

Rentscheler G W lab The ARR

Rex Harvey E lab The ARR

Rhinehart J H lab The ARR

Rhodes Steven R (Rhodes & Willard)


Rhodes & Willard (S R Rhodes A W Willard) 2d hd gds

Richards Henry lab The ARR

Richardson D F brkmn The ARR

Richardson Geo E lab The ARR

Richie Robt lab The ARR

Richmond C E confr

Richter Bath House (Geo Valaer)

Richter Ernest miner

Riley Harry foremn The ARR

Riley Thos lab The ARR

Rinaldi Josephine Mrs (Washington Hotel)

Rinehart Dick mgr Chicaloon Real Estate Co Inc

Ringstad Peter H bkpr

Rivers Carl eng The ARR

Rivers Victor E eng The ARR

Roach L D elk Alaska Steamship Co

Robarts J E soft drinks

Roberts Chas miner

Roberts C B lab The ARR

Roberts Jean

Robinson Enos lab The ARR Robinson R B pntr The ARR Rodenberg A F gro Roderick John brkmn The ARR Rodgers V S firemn The ARR Rogers Henry lab The ARR Rohde A C caulker The ARR Rolakes Efine N lab The ARR Rolfs H J watchmn The ARR

ROMIG ROBERT H, Specializing in Insurance Service, Accident, Health, Life, Fire, Automobile, Workmen's Compensation, Bonds and Liability Insurance Adjustor, 707 4th, Tel 152, Res Tel 170 (See p 52)

T) ur... ... : TM_ . a t->t->

.rvouney vv m imiici j. ne y-Yxvxv.

Rose David S asst trainmaster The ARR

Rose Geo H elk The ARR

Rose Louis baker The ARR

Rosenbauer Jay D lab The ARR

Roseta Danl lab The ARR

Rosness J eng The ARR

Ross Ernest A carp The ARR

Ross H W contr

Ross John lab

Ross John T janitor

Ross Louise sten

Ross Scott lab The ARR

Rouse C C cook The ARR

Royal Cafe (John and Nick Sultan)

Ruane Austin lab The ARR

Rudyk Saml lab The ARR

Rupert Jonn P lab The ARR

Russell Oueenie elk The ARR

Russell Norman brkmn The ARR

Rust Geo lab The ARR Rutback Edw lab The ARR Ryan Geo cook Ryan Jas lab The ARR Ryan John firernn The ARR Ryan J F lab The ARR Rystad I carp The ARR

St Clair Jas foremn The ARR Saare Kal lab The ARR Saarela Hj aimer carp Sagen Geo lab The ARR Sager Chas brkmn The ARR Samas Thos lab The ARR Sampson Edw lab The ARR Samson Oscar cook The ARR Sanders C W firemn The ARR Sapp Jas R acct The ARR Saunders Otis lab The ARR Savola Emil carp The ARR Schafer Jean

Schechter Wm lab The ARR Scheiber C G lab The ARR Schell Layton elk U S Tel & Tel Co Schiek John R cond The ARR Schiffer C H lab The ARR Schiro Herman pntr The ARR Schmidt Carl acct The ARR Schmitbauer Jos soft drinks Schodde Fred H cigars Schou Fred lab The ARR Schuber John miner The ARR Schultz Catherine elk A E Ashton Schultz Harry E Schultz L lab The ARR

kJVllUklllV^ J X X XX WXXXv^WX

Schwarz Geo F lab The ARR

SCOTT RAY O, Foreman Alaska Publishing Co

Seaburg Aug carp The ARR Seattle Hotel (J J Mclsaacs) Seeley Lawlor lab The ARR Seelman Ted lab The ARR Seely Jos C chf acct The ARR Sellander C J lab The ARR Seller Harry G lab The ARR Seprovich Tony lab The ARR Serrick Wm miner The ARR Sessions A Richard elk Settle Carl pntr The ARR Settle Geo lab The ARR Settle Jos lab The ARR Severns Olive Mrs Severson Geo driller The ARR Seymour Rex S lab The ARR Shackleton J lab The ARR


Shader Harry W mach The ARR Shank Frank brkmn The ARR Shanklin R E cook The ARR

Sharp Maurice L coal analyst U S Bureau of Mines

Sharp Ray lab The ARR

Sharpless Seth K asst trainmaster The ARR

Sheehan Thos M foremn The ARR

Sheehan Thos S brkmn

Shetfabarger Maxwell M lab The ARR

Sherlock Jas J miner

Sherman W A barber L A Haley

Sherrell Lee R lab The ARR

Sherwin W R carp The ARR

Shibley A L lab The ARR

Shinn Moses mech The ARR

Ship Creek Market (Oscar Anderson) meats

Ship Hotel (Geo Baker)

SHONBECK ARTHUR A, Agent For Giant Powder Co Consolidated, Dealer in Hay and Grain, Gasoline, Kerosene, Oils and Greases, Authorized Ford Dealer (See p 53)

Sidenberg Harry men's furngs Siebenthaler F A wtr The ARR Siebenthaler John M carp The ARR Silverman Sol asst storekpr The ARR Simmons Fred J lab The ARR Simmons W S carp The ARR Simms Chas J reprmn The ARR Simms John

Simons Adam eng The ARR

Simonson Hans lab The ARR

Simonson Ingebrigt S plmbr The ARR

Simonson Rasmus I lab

Simonson Solomon wtr The ARR

bimonton J L foremn The ARR

Sims John lab The ARR

Simson Lipmen gen mdse

Sinclair M W carp

Skarstad David carp The ARR

Skidiff Geo lab The ARR

Skogman Carl lab The ARR

Skyhock Cloyd F firemn The ARR

Slater John B lab The ARR

Slavin Lawrence lab The ARR

Sluder Jesse D tmstr

Small Alice Mrs cook The ARR

Small Geo D mach The ARR

Smick J L lab The ARR

Smith A G carp The ARR

Smith Babe

Smith C E trucker The ARR Smith E L lab The ARR Smith Frank H insp The ARR Smith Geo C lab The ARR

Smith Jas janitor The ARR Smith J K lab The ARR Smith J Roy lab The ARR Smith L F timekpr The ARR Smith Marie (Mosher & Smith) Smith Mary M wtrs Smith T J lab The ARR Smith Wm lab The ARR Smith W A firemn The ARR Snider Alice cook The ARR Snider Gerritt foremn The ARR Snyder Barbara wtrs Snyder Harry M lab The ARR Soderberg Alvin lab The ARR Soderquist Edw lab The ARR Socha Stanley car repr The ARR

SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES, Donald L McGinnis Distributor

Sodoma Leo lab The ARR

Sofoulis J A cook The ARR

Sogn Harold E elk

Sogn Henry S asst post master

Sohler Wm lab The ARR

Solberg Jonas lab The ARR

Solomon Jacob tlr

Spacek Chas lab The ARR

Spach Fred J dftsmn The ARR

Spadaro Frank foremn The ARR

Spalding Chas S miner

SPALDING E M, Physician and Surgeon, Masonic Temple

Spath Karl lab The ARR Spencer Wm G blksmith The ARR Sperstad Edw K miner The ARR Speybrook Leo pntr The ARR

Q_:..1_ T 1„U T"U ~ ADD

OpiIlK J VV 1mM—


Davis John boatbldr Metlakatla Davis L M gen mdse Dolomi Dawson Wm N Kenai Day Jos Tenakee

Dayton A J (Red Cross Drug Co) U

S Comnr Ruby DeArmond R W U S Comnr Sitka Debien Chas trapper Beaver deBlondeau J H strawberry grower


Deep Sea Salmon Co fish canners

Hoonah DeGrande S rancher Haines Deitsch Geo F lab The ARR Meta-


Delamater H H U S Comnr Hoonah Delon Philip I postmaster Holy Cross DeMar Fred Fort Yukon Demeree E J postmaster Tyee DeMichale Michaele Fort Yukon Demmert Bros gen mdse Shakan Demmert Geo postmaster Bayview Dempsey Michl lab The ARR Mata-nuska

Demytt Leo J Douglas

Denek Christ lab K C Corp Kennecott

Denhart Paul (Stewart & Denhart)

Richardson Dennis Peter lab K C Corp Kennecott Denny L D eng The ARR Healy Depue R dep U S Marshal St Michael Deschamps J lab K C Corp Kennecott Desormier Jas trapper Beaver DeVane Thos J Ruby DeVane Willis gen mdse Ruby deWeiss Henri janitor K C Corp La-


DeWitt Lawrence miner Gulkana Diederick Theo postmaster Tanana Diggs Robt postmaster Jonesville Dillon J S cond The ARR Curry Dimidoff T F Sitka Dineen John storekpr K C Corp Kennecott Dodd John Nolan Dodge Wm Hoonah

Doherty John miner K C Corp Kennecott

Dolan Peter lab The ARR Matanuska Dome Creek Mining Co Eagle Dcminque Frank Douglas Donaldson Carl lab K C Corp La-touche

Donnelly Harry gen mdse Iditarod Donovan John JUS Comnr Healy


Doogan Theo J Douglas Dorey Fred Hyder

Dorwin W J pumpmn The ARR Montana

Dot^on Theresa Mrs postmaster Am-alga

Doty & Linton gen mdse Baranof Douglas Dairy Douglas Douglas Frank lab K C Corp Kennecott

Douglas Steam Laundry Douglas Douglas Wm C shift boss K C Corp Kennecott

Dove Theo miner Eagle

Dew Peter miner Wiseman

Downer A J agt The ARR Girdwood

Drager Karl A logger Kodiak

Drain Fredk in chg St Luke's Indian

Mission Salchaket Dreher Andw gro Haines Driffield F C postmaster Unsra Drossis Agelos lab The ARR Matanuska

Duban Saml (English Feger & Du-

ban) gen mdse Hughes Dudney Clarence dep U S Marshal


Dugan R H Hot Springs Dugdell W H fox breeder Katalla

Duggin Edwin J miner K C Corp La-

touche Dull John A Eek Island Duncan John miner Rampart Dunklee Marie T postmaster Sitka Dunn John W lawyer Ruby Durkin Harry Ruby Duvall J Wm logger The ARR Indian Dwyer J J dep U S Marshal Brooks Dwyer V L postmaster gen mdse


Eagan Danl F (Eagan & Griffin)

Eagan & Griffin (D F Eagan E F Griffin) gen mdse Meehan

Eagle-Dawson Stage Line (John B Powers) Eagle

Eagle Trading Co (Clyde A Thompson) Eagle

Eagles Hall Ruby

Early O N gen mdse Yakutat

Eaton Geo miner Wiseman

Eaton Perry Kodiak

Eberly & Arnold lbr mfrs Katalla

Edwards Albt E gen mdse Fortuna Ledge

Edwards A dockmn AGMCo Thane Edwards Bros gen mdse Cripple Eggert W C mach K C Corp Kennecott

Elden John dep coir in chg TJ S Customs Fortymiie Ellamar Mining Co gen mdse Ellamar Ellingson Knute miner Wiseman Elliott W D agt The ARR Matanuska Ellis Jesse H mech K C Corp Kennecott

Emard M gen mdse Richardson Emerson Oscar miner Tanana Engberg Victor carp K C Corp La-touche

Enge John (Treadwell Bakery) Tread-well

Englar D R gen mdse Chitina English Feger & Duban (W D English Los Freger Sam Duban) gen mdse Bettles English Wm D (English Feger & Duban) postmaster Bettles Envall Gus eng The ARR Indian Episcopal Church Rev Geo E Howard

pastor Sitka Estabrook Harvey Hot Springs Evans Jas postmaster Metlakatla Evans John W Koyukuk Evans Thos miner Rampart Everman B J lab The ARR Matanuska Erickson Aaron firemn K C Corp Kennecott

Erickson A F postmaster Latouche Erickson Eva wtrs The ARR Curry Erickson John B miner K C Corp

Kennecott Erickson Victor miner Eureka Er^ey Michl miner Bonnifield Erskin Alvin C Kodiak Erskin E Hildred Mrs tchr Kodiak Erskin W J Co gen mdse Kodiak Eureka Trading & Saw Mill Co lbr


Everson Emil (Olson & Everson) Eureka

Faddis W R gen mdse McCarthy

Faherty Jas Douglas

Fairbanks Richardson Stage (Roy Lund) Richardson

Falsted John J Afognak

Farley Michl Wiseman

Farrell Jas H gen mdse Iditarod

Feger & Duban (Los Feger Saml Duban) gen mdse Koyukuk

Feger Los (English Feger & Duban) Bettles

Felder & Gale gen mdse Akiak Felder John W (Felder & Gale) postmaster Bethel Fenton Warren GUS Mineral surv


Ferguson Frank R postmaster Shung-

XI Elk

Ferrin Al (Pratt & Ferrin) Hope

Ferris Jas miner Beaver

Ferry Hugh lab The ARR Matnuska

Fese Leo miner K C Corp Latouche

Feusi John furn Douglas

Fidalgo Island Packing Co fish can-

ners Herendeen Bay Fields G H Klawock Filson Thos Sitka

Fince Steve miner K C Corp Kenne-cott

Fink Andw A trapper Hot Springs Finley S B car insp The ARR Healy Finnan Carol T emp K C Corp Kenne-cott

First Presbyterian Church Rev R A

Buchanan pastor Sitka First Territorial Bank of Alaska P

R Bradley (Juneau) pres Douglas

Fish Al trapper Eagle

Fish Frank trapper Eagle

Fish Hatchery (Territorial) F R

Lucas supt Afognak Fisher D J lab The ARR Healy Fitt John Stephens Village Fitzpatrick John lab K C Corp Latouche Flat City Hotel Flat Fleming Geo A fox breeder Latouche Foley Harry miner Wiseman Foord Jas C postmaster Myers Chuck Footmen John trapper Hot Springs Ford W roadhouse Hot Springs Forrest Earle M postmaster Akiak Forsell C A timekpr K C Corp Kenne-cott

Fort Egbert Post J P O'Callaghan caretkr Eagle

Foss Harold postmaster Iliamna

Foster Frank Fort Yukon

Foster Wm trapper Hot Springs

Fox Walter C phys Eagle

Foy Geo miner Beaver

Frame Grover Hyder

Frame John W U S Comnr Hyder

Frame J Wm Chitina

Frank Carl Wiseman

Frank Jas R Eureka

Franklin Packing Co fish canners Latouche

Fransen G Wiseman

Freeburn Jas L postmaster Chichagof

French Carl Haines

Friffield F C U S Comnr Unga

Fri?k Peter trapper Circle

Fritsch Aug miner Eagle

Froelich Arthur (Froelich & Kohmer) Eagle

Froelich & Kohmer (A Froelich H

Kohmer) mining Eagle Fujita Thos M restr Wrangell Fullerton Jas E gen mdse Iditarod Gaither B W missionarv (Episcopal)


Gale J W pumpmn The ARR Canyon Galen Jas Chitina

Gallagher H P agt The ARR Gilmore

Gallivas F A J gen mdse Douglas

Gamble John E Sitka

Garhom Henry rancher Haines

Garland M firemn The ARR Curry

Gam Adolph W Douglas

Garn Mary Douglas

Garrett Wm E U S Comnr Rampart

Garrison D J whsemn K C Corp Latouche

Garwood Chas Chitina

Gastonguav Emil M mgr AGMCo Thane

Gebich Eli miner K C Corp Kennecott Gelineau J Richd (Sealey & Gelineau) Latouche

Georgeson C C in chg U S Experimental Station Sitka

Georgeson Margaret T weather observer Sitka

Gerald Knute Ruby Gerhart C B gen mdse Pymute Gestner Mack A tlr Haines Getchell Geo dep U S Marshal Douglas

Gibbon Frank firemn K C Corp Latouche

Gibbs Austin lab The ARR Mata-

Gibbs Bertha cook The ARR Mata-


Gibson Jas Mrs lndrs Haines Gilbert Wm miner Nolan Gilkey Norman F postmaster Tread-well

Gill John L postmaster Cape Fan-shaw

Gill M S miner Eureka Gill W T elk The ARR Curry Gillespie F B phys Kennecott Gillespie G E assayer K C Corp Latouche

Gillis M (Mahan & GiHis) Livengood Gillman M A foremn The ARR Mata-


Gilmore T J foremn The ARR Mata-nuska

Giroux Al Hot Springs

Gish Victor S postmaster Mile Seven

Glacier Creek Gold Mining Co H G Knight mgr Haines

Glacier Mining Co Haines

Glad Harold mach K C Corp Kennecott

Goddard A C rancher Haines Goddard Fred L sanitarium Sanitarium Goetz John Rampart Gold Bullion Mining Co Wasilla Goodwiek S W cook The ARR Broad Pass

Grahn Carl emp K C Corp Kennecott Grammer L E U S mineral surv Ko-diak

Grand The (Geo Mutchler) soft drinks Flat

Grant Frank lab The ARR Indian

Graves F H reprmn K C Corp Latouche

Graves H A Treadwell

Grav Arthur B foremn The ARR Healy

Gray Felix U S Comnr Douglas

Gray Nocholas Kodiak

Green Butte Mine McCarthy

Green Danl (Hot Springs Roadhouse) Hot Springs

Green Geo (Alaska River Navigation Co) McGrath

Green Jas R miner Eureka

Green V O dep U S Marshal Wiseman

Green W E U S Comnr McGrath Greene B A Mrs opr The ARR Broad


Greene W H agt The ARR Broad


Greenfield R A reprmn K C Corp Latouche

Gregorioff Sanafont carp Afognak Griffin A J postmaster Richardson Griffin Edw F (Eagan & Griffin) Meehan

Griffin Geo W U S Comnr Richardson

Griffith Elizabeth postmaster Gul-kana

Griffith E Mrs (Chitina Hotel) Chitina

Grosvold Andw postmaster Sand Point

Gruber Frank miner K C Corp Latouche

Grubich Michl miner K C Corp Latouche Grundler Gus Douglas Guerin J R Douglas Gularthe Manuel Flat

Alaska Territorial List of Names— Continued

Gulkana Trading Co gen mdse Gul-kana

Gullufsen Geo lab K C Corp Latouche Gunz Emma nurse Fort Tukon Gurtler E O gen mdse Montevideo Guy Job shift boss K C Corp Latouche

Guy's Drug Store (Guy L Smith) Douglas

Haarvie Arnulf gen mdse Poorman Hackmeister E Douglas Hadley J P postmaster Kotzebue Hagan Jas dep U S Marshal Nenana Haggerty Valentine Haines Haines Hotel (Stephen Sheldon) Haines

Haines Packing Co fish canners Let-inkoff

Haines Telephone Co Haines Haldane B A gen mdse Metlakatla Haley Chas tmstr Sitka Haley Jas (Haley & Strum) Fort

Tukon Haley Julia curios Sitka Haley Thos Sitka

Haley & Strum (Jas Haley & Chas

Strum) gen mdse Fort Yukon Halferty Z T postmaster Kodiak Hall J A Hyder Halvorsen L K gen mdse Craig Hamilton Doc miner Eagle Hamilton O J electn Sitka Hana Geo fox breeder Latouche Handley Chas M miner Porcupine Handy M E bakery Tenakee Handy & Sharik mining Haines Hansen E elk U S Experimental Station Sitka Hanson N G postmaster hdw Haines Harber Wm L postmaster U S Comnr

Fort Yukon Harden P L pumpmn The ARR Willow

Hardmann E E Wasilla Harlor Donald M phys K C Corp Latouche

Harman W A agt The ARR Wasilla Harries Eug T postmaster Toft3r Hart Frank asst cashr K C Corp Latouche

Hartwig Wm dep IT S Marshal Hot Springs

Harvey Saml miner Circle Haslam Peter miner Wiseman Hately Alexander game warden Mc-Grath

Hawkesworth Chas W postmaster

Hydaburg Hawley F L miner Rampart Haycock John carp The ARR Curry Headquarters The cigars Tanana Healy Harry freighter Fort Yukon Hearn Edw miner Richardson Heckman H E & Co gen mdse Loring Hegberg Emil firemn The ARR


Heimbach Edw R Wasilla Heins A B postmaster Snettisham Heinman Roy No Grub Creek Heitman Aug lab Kodiak Hellenthal T A Treadwell Henrickson Arthur hlpr K C Corp Latouche

Henry T J gen mdse Sitka Hensley Roy miner Salchaket Herbert John (Oberg & Herbert) Candle

Herbst John trapper Hot Springs Herm Willis rancher Haines Herning M A Wasilla Herning O G mining Knik Heron J L dep U S Marshal Bethel Herrick Robert lab The ARR Healy Hesn Louis miner K C Corp Latouche Hewitt Fearn eng K C Corp Kenne-cott

Hewson Moses A gen mdse Metlakatla

Hibbs C E (C E Hibbs & Co) postmaster Craig

Hibbs C E & Co (C E Hibbs) gen mdse Craig

Higgins Geo blksmith K C Corp Latouche

Higgins Harry carp Haines Higgins Jos lab The ARR Matanuska Hill C G fox breeder Sanitarium Hill Earl G storekpr K C Corp Latouche

Hill E Coke lawyer Ruby

Hill Jas E dep U S Marshal Seldovia

Hill John miner K C Corp Kennecott

Hill M nurse Aletna

Hill Oren F postmaster Hyder

Hillar Geo (Munson's Roadhouse & Trading Post) Salchaket

Hilliard J J dep coir in chg U S Customs Eagle

Hillman Henry Ruby

Hillman O G (Kane & Hillman) Hoonah

Hills F A U S Comnr Chichagof Hinchman Geo W gen mdse Haines Hirst Bernard gen mdse Sitka Hirst-Chichagof Mining Co mining

Chichagof Hjort Peter reprmn K C Corp Latouche

Hodgson T W foremn K C Mines Latouche

Hoffman A Frank dep U S Marshal

Matanuska Hoffman Fred H trapper Hot Springs Hoffman Geo gen mdse Bethel Hoffman Geo roadhouse Natamute Hoffman M T Mrs women's furng gds


Hofstad Birgitte Mrs postmaster Doyhof

Hogan Harry Hyder

Hogan Ole foremn The ARR Matanuska

Hogan Thos lab K C Corp Kennecott Holden Paul lab The ARR Curry Holgate Wm farmer Haines Hollander Genidal lab K C Corp Latouche

Holland Geo lab K C Corp Latouche Holm Oscar tlr Sitka Holmberg Mary C postmaster Sanitarium

Holstrom John (Holstrom & Rosenberg) Circle

Holstrom & Rosenberg (John Holstrom Frank Rosenberg) mining Circle

Hoizer John miner Nolan Holy Cross Mission Holy Cross Hood John Nolan

Hoonah Fox Co fox breeders Hoonah Hoonah Packing Co fish canners

Hoonah Horton Henry Port Moller Horton Truman A (Horton & Moore)

Fort Yukon Horton & Moore (Truman A Horton)

gen mdse Fort Yukon Hoskins Wm shoemkr Haines Hotch Danl Haines Hotch & Son gen mdse Klukwan Hot Springs Roadhouse (Danl Green)

Hot Springs Hot Springs Telegraph Co Hot Springs Houts Abbie Mrs sanitarium Bell

Island Hot Springs Howard David fishermn Sitka Howard Frank E U S Comnr Tanana Howard Geo E Rev pastor Episcopal

Ch Sitka Howard Jas fishermn Sitka Howard John pumpmn The ARR

Broad Pass Howell Sylvester Hot Springs Huddleston Frank Hot Springs

Huey Geo W U S Comnr Wiseman Humphries A H acct K C Corp Ken-necott

Humple Harry wtr The ARR Curry Hunter Hotel (Emil Uberti) Doug-las Hunter H Roy postmaster Fortuna

Ledge Hunter S C Haines Huntington Jas gen mdse Hughes Huntington Jas trader Alatna Hurlburt Milo postmaster Seldovia Hurley John miner Wiseman Hydaburg Trading Co gen mdse

Hydaburg Hyder Commercial Co gen mdse


Hyder Lumber Co Hyder

Hyland M brkmn The ARR Broad


Iback & Ross fox breeder Hoonah Tditarod Telephone Co Flat Illicman Chas Goose Creek Independent Lumber Co Fuby Irish Chas miner Bettles Irvine Harry W Douglas Israelson Ernest miner K C Corp La-touche

Italio T M gen mdse Yakutat Ivenoff Stephen reindeer breeder

Shaktolik Iverson Louis miner Rampart Jackson Effie postmaster Salchaket Jackson Frank trapper Fort Yukon Jackson N E lab K C Corp Kennecott Jackson Robt farmer Hot Springs Jacobsen E M ranger U S Forest

Service Katalla Jacobsen Peter lab K C Corp Kennecott

Jacobsen T J fishermn Sitka Jacobsgaard Nettie S postmaster Kiviguk

Jakeman Wm lab The ARR Matanuska

Jarman Wm Mrs Douglas Jensen Chris carp K C Corp Kennecott

Jensen Goodman miner Windham Jensen John H Flat Jerue Alex gen mdse Anvik Jesse's Grocery Ruby Jetlund Matt miner K C Corp La-touche

Jette Julius Rev pastor St Aloysius

Catholic Church Tanana Johansen Anton saw mill Seldovia Johansen Bros gen mdse Chicken Johnson Alvin B reprmn K C Corp

Latouche Johnson Andw trapper Fort Yukon Johnson Axel miner Eagle Johnson A logger The ARR Indian Johnson Carl foremn ARC Talkeetna Johnson C A lab The ARR Matanuska Johnson Edw miner Circle Johnson Edw L eng K C Corp Kennecott

Johnson Eric dep U S Marshal Council

Johnson Ernest miner Bettles Johnson Frank miner Ruby Johnson Fred fishermn Sitka Johnson G A mill wkr K C Corp

Kennecott Johnson Henry reprmn K C Corp Latouche

Johnson Louis Wood River Johnson Mary Mrs Sitka Johnson Michl Gulkana Johnson N E logger The ARR Indian Johnson Otto miner K C Corp Latouche

Johnson Peter C fishermn Sitka Johnson P O lab K C Corp Kennecott Johnson Sandy miner Circle Johnson & Olson fox breeders Sitka Johnston E C storekpr U S Bureau of Fisheries St Paul Island

Johnston Jas W phys Sitka Jones B miner Rampart Jones Chas Ruby-Jones Harry Haines Jones M W lab K C Corp Kennecott Jones Robt miner Wiseman Jones W W Ruby

Jorgensen Einar lab K C Corp Latouche

Jorovich Michl min^r K C Corp Kennecott

Josephson Martin miner Bettles Joule Tony postmaster Tf.gara Jualin Alaska Mines Co mining Jualin Junz Henry Sleetmute Kadiak Fisheries Co gen mdse Kodiak Kalb E J lab K C Corp Kennecott Kaliman Geo pumpmn The ARR Curry

Kandal Wm miner Wiseman

Kane Louise H Mrs postmaster (Kane & Hillman) Hoonah

Kane L saw mill Hoonah

Kane & Hillman (L H Kane O G Hill-man) Hoonah

Kansby Jos lab K C Corp Kennecott Karadelnikoff Frank lab K C Corp Latouche

Karadich Jerry miner K C Corp Kennecott

Kashaveroff N P Rev (Russian Orthodox

Kaska Jas logger Haines

Katich Geo S miner K C Corp Latouche

Katoff Thos miner K C Corp Latouche Kauch Vincent lab K C Corp Kennecott

Kavanaugh H C dep U S Marshal

McCarthy Kay Geo Flat Kay Jas Flat

Kaznakoff John miner Sitka Kearney J E lab K C Corp Kennecott Kechergin Gregory weather observer

St Paul Island Keith R W Hyder Kelderhouse Chas lab Eagle Kelleher P J miner Wiseman Keller & Dunning lbr mfrs Seldovia Kelley J M lab The ARR Matanuska Kelley W H Treadwell Kelly Dennis lab K C Corp Latouche Kelly Frank M postmaster Eska Kelly Ira W postmaster Chomly Kellv Jas miner Wiseman Kelly J F lab The ARR Windy Kelly J F postmaster gen mdse

Miller House Kelly Mines Co Wasilla Kemp John A (J A Kemp & Co) postmaster Steel Creek Kemp J A & Co (John A Kemp) gen

mdse Steel Creek Kennedy E P postmaster Speel River Kennedy Jas F Teller Kennedy Peter (Commercial Hotel)

Chitina Kennedy Wm Tanana Kennedy W L cook The ARR Matanuska

Kennecott Copper Corporation mining Latouche

Kepper Michl emp K C Corp Kennecott

Keppler Geo cook The ARR Matanuska

Keritis Gus lab K C Corp Kennecott Kern Frank gen mdse Holy Cross Kettelson Theo supt Alaska Pioneers

Home Sitka Khalio A carp AGMCo Thane Kilburn L W agt Alaska Steamship

Co Douglas Kilgore A M Flat Kincaid Saml T miner Ruby King C R Rev Kodiak King Ernest (King & King) Bettles

Alaska Territorial Xdot of Name*—-Continued

King Jas Haines

King Jas jr fishermn Haines

King Jos Haines

King Matthew lab The ARR Mata-

nuska King Nick Douglas King Roy (King & King) Bettles King Thos gen mdse Charlie Creek King & Katz fox breeders Craig King & King (Ernest and Roy King)

fox breeders Bettles Kinoff Jas lab K C Corp Latouche Kingston John Fort Yukon Kinne A B postmaster Council Kirberger Ernest postmaster and

gen mdse Kake Kircheiner Chas Sitka Kirkham Jas O carp Douglas Klaich Vuko repr K C Corp Latouche Klawock Commercial Co gen mdse

Klawock Kleffen John miner Wiseman Klerck Alfred steward K C Corp Latouche

Klimesch & Watson gen mdse Anvik Klontech Chas game warden Sitka Klukwan Mercantile Co gen mdse Klukwan

Knezedich Michl lab K C Corp Kennecott

Knight H G mgr Glacier Creek Gold

Mining Co Haines Knoell W V insp The ARR Curry Knudsen Saml expmn Sitka Knudtson T G lab The ARR Mata-


Koch Danl mech K C Corp Kennecott Kodiak Hotel (Paul Morrison) Kodiak

Koen Chas JUS Comnr St Michael Kohmer Herman (Froelich & Koh-

mer) Eagle Komedal Alfred gen mdse Unga Kostrometinoff Peter gen mdse Sitka Kostrometinoff Peter jr Sitka Kotzau John miner Beaver Kotzebue Fur Trading Co gen mdse

Kotzebue Kovich Thos miner Wiseman Kozachuk David lab K C Corp Latouche

Kraft Benj (Otto Kraft & Son) Kodiak

Kraft Emil Kodiak

Kraft Otto (Otto Kraft & Son) Kodiak

Kraft Otto & Son (Otto and Benj)

gen mdse Kodiak" Kraft Pauline Kodiak Kreger Henry eng Aletna Kreiger Herman miner Beaver Krober Jos L phys Eska Krogh Oliver O postmaster Mata-


Kronquist Axel fire chf Douglas Kuettner A H postmaster Killisnoo Kufer Henry barber Douglas Kulper Baker & Moldenhauer fox

breeders Latouche Kuskokwim Dredging Co mining McGrath

Kuskokwim Mining & Dredging Co

Kuskokwim Kuskokwim Times newspaper To-


La Belle Fred Ruby Lahey T D Haines Lahr Jas M bkpr Latouche Laitila J Mrs Douglas Lamson F A Chitina Landberg Hans lab The ARR Mata-nuska

Lane Andw H miner Eureka Lane Travis P asst eng K C Corp Latouche

Landsberg Robt miner K C Corp Kennecott

Lanke Peter gen mdse Dome Lanterman Hilman fox breeder

Chatham La Porte Thos miner Rampart Larchelt Robt L Wrangell Larimore Louis miner Bettles Larson Fred B firemn K C Corp Kennecott

Lashley Barney Salchaket Lathrop Jas M U S Comnr Kodiak Laurie Bros (John and Saml) clothing

McCarthy Laurie John (Laurie Bros) McCarthy Laurie Saml (Laurie Bros) McCarthy Laverty Arthur A Chitina Laviosa Arthur B fox breeder Latouche

Laviosa & Nielsen fox breeders Ellamar

Lawlor John lab The ARR Mata-nuska

Lawson Capp miner Wiseman Lawson Frank Mrs Wiseman Lawson Gus trapper Beaver Layer E deaconess Aletna Leach Frank (Circle Hot Springs) Circle

Learn Geo A Rev pastor Baptist Ch Kodiak

Leckie C D U S Comnr Nenana LeCoump A M watchmn The ARR

Chicaloon Lee Edw Y restr Tanana Lee O E (Powers & Lee) Circle Legg Louis Hyder Leibes H & Co gen mdse Barrow Lenvick H R wtr The ARR Curry Lersten J S bakery Sitka Levy W S gen mdse Kiana Lewis David M gen mdse Ruby Libby McNeill & Libby fish canners


Lidstrom J wtr The ARR Curry Lindberg H asst U S Experimental

Station Sitka Lindenberger Packing Co fish cannery

Craig Lindsay Geo Tanana Lindsay J P postmaster Klawock Lingo Archie watchmn The ARR

Chicaloon Link Adam lab The ARR Indian Linklater Archie trapper Fort Yukon Linton Ethel postmaster Baranof Linwall Ludvig K miner K C Corp

Kennecott Littlepage J D Hyder Livie John Treadwell Lloyd C W elk K C Corp Kennecott Lloyd Ernest Rampart Loeser M Mrs miner Rampart Lom'mel Walter assayer K C Corp


Long Arthur cond The ARR Curry Loof A T warden U S Bureau of Fisheries Nushagak Lord Victor Hot Springs Lorenson Fred fox breeder Afognak Lottsfeldt Carl disbursing elk Alaska

Road Com Chitina Lou Ingevald fox breeder Afognak Love J C postmaster Dillingham LOOM Tanana Lodge No 1426 Al Nobbs sec Tanana

Lucas Ford R supt U S Bureau of

Fisheries Afognak Lukens W W asst supt Alaska Road

Comn Takotna Lund Olof miner Eureka Lyden Anthony A postmaster Healy


Lynch Oscar foremn ARC Wasilla Lyons Frank postmaster Nulato Lyseli Geo carrier P O Eagle McAlpine W W Homer McCahey Patk Ruby

McCalgon Walter T miner K C Corp Latouche

McCann John lab K C Corp Kennecott McCarthy Mercantile Co J B O'Neill

mgr McCarthy McCarthy Paul W agt The ARR Tal-


McCartney Si miner Circle McCauly Wm miner Beaver McClane Donald mach Ruby McCormick E miner Beaver McCoy L B fox breeder Sitka McCracken Andrew watchmn The

ARR Chicaloon McCraky John Copper Center McCrary & Ibach Trading Co gen

•mdse Copper Center McCutcheon H E cond The ARR Bird McDaniel R B hlpr K C Corp Kennecott

McDonald D dep U S Marshal For-

tuna Ledge McDonald John lab The ARR Bird McDonald John Hyder McDonald J A postmaster gen mdse


McDonald T W dep U S Marshal Hyder

McGavock Jas mech K C Corp Kennecott

McGee Bert freighter Ruby McGinley Howard G tchr Kodiak McGinley Laura Mrs tchr Kodiak McGlashan Hugh gen mdse postmaster Akutan McGrath Chas M gen mdse Sitka McGrath Wm foremn The ARR Mata-nuska

JVxcGraw Jas rancher Haines Mclnnis Danl cond The ARR Curry Mcintosh Geo mech K C Corp Latouche

Mclntyre Robt miner Wiseman McKechnie Neil lab The ARR Mata-nuska

McKinnon Abe asst supt Alaska Road

Com Chatanika McLain Thos P dep U S Marshal


McLaughlin Wm miner Circle McLaughlin W D mining Richardson McLean Alben F Haines McLean Arthur master mariner U S

Bureau of Fisheries Sitka McMahon John lab The ARR Mata-


McMullen Peter dep U S Marshal McGrath

McNulty Jos postmaster Sitka

McPhail Angus lab The ARR Curry

McPherson J A fox breeder Ellamar

McRoberts Richd Sitka

McWilliam-Bourke John miner Eagle

Mabry Harry Sitka

MacCreary C P reprmn K C Carp Latouche

MacDonald Duncan dep U S Marshal

Candle Mackivitz Oscar R Cleary Madsen Chas postmaster Kanatak Magids Boris postmaster Deering Magids Saml gen mdse Kotzebue Magnusen Chris master mariner Kodiak

Magnuson Swan P Dome Mahan Thos (Mahan & Gillis) Liven-good

Mahan & Gillis) (Thos Mahan M Gillis) gen mdse Livengood

Mahle Otto miner Kodiak

Maki John C miner K C Corp Kennecott

Makino Saml baker K C Corp Kennecott

Malcolm Hiram Strelna Malleahy Thos miner Beaver Malm Anna Mrs Eagle Malm Marie Eagle

Malmi Herman lab The ARR Mata-nuska

Manning Jake Douglas

Markikis Chris miner K C Corp Latouche

Marsan Edw miner Bettles Marsden Edw U S Comnr Metlakatla Marsh Geo F U S Comnr Fortuna Ledge

Marshall Robt meats McCarthy

Martin Andw farmer Douglas

Martin Ernest miner Wiseman

Martin Henry Treadwell

Martin Henry E miner Fort Yukon

Martin John fishermn Sitka

Martin dale J C dep coir in chg U S

Customs Craig Martinson Martin lab The ARR Mata-


Marzan Arthur mail carrier Mason Reuben trapper Fort Yukon Mason Willoughby trapper Fort Yukon

Mather Archie trapper Eagle Mather Ervin trapper Eagle Matheson Wm fishermn Ft Yukon Mathison R L postmaster Hope Matlock Geo mining Eagle Matthews Jos miner Bettles Mauer Peter Hot Springs May John Goose Creek Mayerhofer Jacob logger The ARR Indian

Mayo Alfred H miner Rampart Mayo Benj trapper Rampart Mayo Chas ■miner Rampart Mehas Theros lab The ARR Mata-nuska

Meier C J gen mdse Gulkana Mellick A H master mariner U S

Bureau of Fisheries Unalaska Mellin John postmaster Kiana Mello Manuel miner Beaver Mercier Ralph lab K C Corp Latouche Merril M E eng K C Corp Kennecott Merrill E W photog Sitka Metlakatla Commercial Co gen mdse

Metschler E A eng K C Corp Kennecott

Mettenperg Jos miner Bettles Metzger John (John Metzger & Co)

postmaster Fox Metzger John & Co (John Metzger)

gen mdse Fox Meyer Otto Circle

Meyers Cyril L opr K C Corp Kennecott

Michell Gordon C supt of schools Douglas

Miller Antone trapper Rampart

Miller A A miner Wiseman

Miller Burgon foremn The ARR Curry

Miller Frank fuel Eagle

Miller Geo L miner Tanana

Miller H R agt The ARR Birchwood

Miller John postmaster Dempsey

Miller Robt lab K C Corp Kennecott

Miller Saml miner Eagle

Miller Stanley miner K C Corp Latouche

Milligaa Fred Ruby

Millmore House (Sam Sing) turn rms Sitka.

Mills C Jay fishermn Sitka

Mills L Mae Sitka

Mills Waldo C Sitka

Mills Wm P pres Wm P Mills & Co

Ino Sitka Mills Wm P Co Inc W P Mills pres

gen mdse Sitka Missapowitz Henry Wiseman Mitchell G W miner Rampart Mitich John lab K C Corp Latouche Mittendorff Aug H postmaster Nusha-


Mogen Geo L lab K C Corp Kennecott

Alaska Territorial List of Names— Continued

Mohr Esther J Mrs sten K C Corp Kennecott

Mooney Albt E lab K C Corp Kennecott

Mooney R elk K C Corp Kennecott Moore E C agt The ARR Clear Moquawkie Commercial Co gen mdse

Moquawkie Morian Patk lab The ARR Matanuska Morey A G postmaster Chitina Morgan Geo gen mdse Oghagemute Morgando Steve lab K C Corp Kennecott

Morris Annie emp K C Corp Latouche Morris Caldwell lab K C Corp Kennecott

Morris J D emp K C Corp Kennecott Morris Paul jr lab K C Corp Latouche Morris Richd trapper Beaver Morris Thos lab K C Corp Kennecott Morris Wilbur emp K C Corp Kennecott

Morrison John G hotel Haines Morrison John G jr Haines Morrison Paul (Kodiak Hotel) Kodiak Morrison Robt carp Kodiak Morrison Robt roadhouse Hope Morrison Wm lab K C Corp Kennecott Mortimer Geo miner Circle Mosier Albt G postmaster Gypsum Muller A gen mdse Kake Muller Peter Kodiak Murphy D A U S Comr Beaver Murphy Frank lab The ARR Curry Murphy Frank miner Salchaket Murphy W P Hot Springs Murphy W P phys U S Bureau of

Fisheries St George Island Murray Michl Hot Springs Murray Robt miner Eagle Mutchler Geo Flat Myers ADS postmaster Ellamar Myers Chas wharfinger Kodiak Myers Geo T postmaster Chatham Myers Geo lab The ARR Matanuska Myers G W sanitarium Circle Mygatt Henry asst agt U S Bureau of

Fisheries St Paul Island

Nafsted J M Tonsina

Nagel Carl trapper Hot Springs

Nagle F R Hyder

Nagley Horace W U S comnr postmaster and gen mdse Susitna Nagozruk A postmaster Wales Naughton Chas C U S comnr Katalla Naumann Wm postmaster Taku Harbor

Nelson Alfred miner Rampart Nelson A F U S comnr Chisana Nelson Bert lab K C Corp Latouche Nelson Danl gen mdse Kasaan Nelson Edith J postmaster Kasaan Nelson Emerick lab The ARR Matanuska Nelson Fred Wasilla Nelson Gus Eagle

Nelson Ingeval lab K C Corp Kennecott

Nelson John S M mgr Chitina Cash Store Chitina

Nelson Louis lab The ARR Matanuska Nelson N (Beaton & Nelson) Circle Nelson O A U S comnr Chitina Nelson Peter trapper Fort Yukon Nelson & Smith gen mdse Koyukuk Nevada Andw lab K C Corp Kennecott Nevans John paints Ruby Newell Richd lab The ARR Matanuska

Newton Arthur L miner Beaver Nicholls Fred Chitina Nichols Elworth trapper Beaver Nichols Herman miner Hot Springs Nichols Jas A postmaster Barrow Nichols Wm miner Eureka Nicholson Danl freighter Circle

Nicholson O J miner Beaver Nicklett Nick McGrath Nicley W J foremn The ARR Matanuska

Nieding B B mgr K C Corp Kennecott Nielsen Wm U S comnr Koggiung Nielson Anna Ruby Nielson John B lab K C Corp Latouche

Niemi Andw trapper Hot Springs Ninnis Melville electn The ARR Curry Nixon Fork Sawmill McGrath Nizina Mines Co Nizina Nohle Norman Kodiak Nolan Thos B eng K C Corp Kennecott

Nollner O R gen mdse Loudon Nordlind Andw Candle Nordstrom Al mech K C Corp Latouche

Norman Albt lab K C Corp Latouche

Norton John Kodiak

North Pacific Trading & Packing Co fish canners Klawock

Northern Commercial Co Chas Jones mgr gen mdse Ruby

Northwestern Fisheries Co fish canners Kenai

Notilla Toiva Flat

Noyes Island Packing Co fish cannery Craig

Nyman A F mach Kodiak Oakes Glen wharfinger Treadwell Oars Austin lab The ARR Matanuska Oberg Chas (Oberg & Herbert) Oberg N W logger The ARR Indian Oberg & Herbert (Chas Oberg John

Herbert) gen mdse Candle Oborne Eli lab The ARR Matanuska O'Brien Dennis Fort Yukon O'Brien Wm trapper Fort Yukon Obrubki Michl miner K C Corp Latouche

O'Callaghan John P caretkr Fort Egbert Post Eagle

O'Connor Michl J warden U S Bureau Fisheries Haines

Odell Risden M gen mdse Haines

O'DonnelJ Michl lab K C Corp Kennecott

Okrayt & Son Kodiak Olin Fred Ruby

Oliver D lab K C Corp Kennecott Olsen Bessie Mrs lndy Circle Olsen C E cond The ARR Curry Olsen Hagen miner Rampart Olsen Henry McCarthy Olsen Martin sawmill Baranof Olsen O S Hot Springs Olsen Victor foremn K C Corp Kennecott

Olson Aug Douglas Olson Benj (Olson & Everman) Eureka

Olson Edw trapper Eagle

Olson John miner Eagle

Olson Nels lab The ARR Matanuska

Olson Victor trapper Beaver

Olson & Everman (B Olson E Everman) mining Eureka

Omo F E lab Eagle

O'Neil C M electn K C Corp Latouche

O'Neil Steve miner Susitna

O'Neill J B mgr McCarthy Mercantile Co McCarthy

Ongstad Peter H postmaster Port-lock

Orchard John tchr U S Bureau of Fisheries St George Island

Osborne C E acct K C Corp Kennecott

Oshima Geo trapper Beaver

Oslund Erik expmn Haines

Ott A miner Rampart

Ott Chas (Ott & Scheele) Eagle

Ott & Scheele (Chas Ott J W Scheele) gen mdse Eagle

Otterson Oscar miner Beaver

Ottosen John fox breeders Sitka

Overgaard I lab K C Corp Kennecott

Owens Edw Fort Yukon

Owens Edw miner Salchaket

Owl Restaurant Douglas

Pacific American Fisheries Co fish

canners King Cove Pacific Steamship Co G L Smith agt


Pacific Steam Whaling Co fish canners Hunter Bay Padden P T U S comnr Dillingham Padgett J H electn K C Corp K^fine-cott

Page T D carp Haines Pajoman Chas W gen mdse Afognak Palackas Loukas lab K C Corp Kennecott

Palm John mail carrier Circle Parker N E lab K C Corp Latouche Parks E W gen mdse Park Partridge F H Hoonah Pasno Mabel Mrs Bettles Patten & Abbes fox breeders Fan-shaw

Patterson E gen mdse Shungnak Patterson N F lab The ARR Matanuska

Patton Frank prospector Beaver Paul Gabe Treadwell Paulson John Gulkana Paykull K R farmer Haines Pavkull Wm farmer Haines Peck Chas R gen mdse Flat Pedersen Sander postmaster Shakan Pedro Mary E wtrs The ARR Curry Pentalieff A Rev pastor Russian Orthodox Ch Sitka

Peratovitch Robt J gen mdse Klawack Perkins Wm S postmaster Yentna Perry Alfred Ruby Pestrikoff Elka carp Kodiak Pestrikoff Harlempi carp Kodiak Petellin Emelian P postmaster gen

mdse Afognak Petellin Zoa E tchr Afognak Petersen Chris postmaster Tokotna Peterson Anton blksmith K C Corp

Kennecott Peterson Carl miner Wiseman Peterson Chas fox breeder Afognak Peterson C J gen mdse Gilmore Peterson Geo H dep supvr U S Forest

Service Sitka

Peterson H C asst U S Bureau of

Fisheries St Paul Island Peterson John A fox breeder Craig Peterson John H gen mdse Sitka Peterson L T fox breeder Sitka Peterson Martin Tanana Peterson Neils Fort Yukon Petry Chas warden U S Bureau of

Fisheries Chignik Pfaffle Edw H (Pfaffle & Co) Council Pfaffle & Co (Edw H Pfaffle) gen

mdse Council Phillips C B watchmn The ARR Chic-


Phillips Florence K cook The ARR Matanuska

Phillips Fred U S comnr Iliamna

Phillips Jos Hot Springs

Phillips Morton P lab The ARR Matanuska

Pierson John fuel Eagle Pillar Bav Fox Co fox breeders Pillar Bay

Pincidas Saml lab K C Corp Latouche Pingle Henry Nolan Pinkham J E lab The ARR Matanuska

Pinta Bay Mining Co sawmill mining Chichagof

Pioneers of Alaska Igloo No 5 D W Lewis pres W W Jones sec Ruby

Pioneers of Alaska Igloo No 13 C L Vawter pres J C Dahn sec Tanana

Pitka Harry Ruby

Pitsenberger J N fox breeder Hyda-burg

Pitsenberger T D fox breeder Hyda-burg

Plem Louis lab K C Corp Latouche Plumley S A S comnr Craig Polley Wm E meats Haines Pompalf Jos M miner Circle Popovich John miner Wiseman Porcupine Gold Mining Co Haines Porter Edwin lab The ARR Matanuska

Porter Howard H gen mdse Iditarod Porter Wallace postmaster Haycock Powers Geo (Powers & Lee) Circle Powers John B dep U S marshal Eagle

Powers & Lee (Geo Powers O E Lee) mining Circle

Pratt H M (Pratt & Ferrin) Hope

Pratt & Ferrin (H M Pratt Al Ferrin) gen mdse Hope

Premier Gold Mining Co Ltd Hyder

Presbyterian Church Rev Geo J Beck pastor Hoonah

Presbyterian Church Ruby

Presbyterian Mission Church (for natives) Haines

Presley BeVan supt K C Corp Latouche

Price F gen foremn Alaska Road Com Eagle

Pride Geo miner Rampart

Prim A J lab K C Corp Kennecott

Proctor A H supt Pribilof Islands U

S Bureau Fisheries St Paul Island Proctor Lois L tchr U S Bureau of

Fisheries St Paul Island Pryde Harry A dep U S marshal


Pugh Claude F agt CR&NWRy McCarthy

Pukosh Wm miner K C Corp Kennecott

Queen O K gen mdse Unalaska Quinn Edw miner Susitna Quinn E B wtr The ARR Curry Radovich Peter miner Wiseman Radovick Weija trapper Hot Springs Rafferty John Wiseman Rahmstorf Julius postmaster gen

mdse Rampart Rampa Louis lab K C Corp Kennecott Ramsey Jas Douglas Randall Geo hotel Eagle Randle Almond Eagle Ranson Gus cook The ARR Broad


Rapich Eli miner K C Corp Kennecott Rarovich Andw M bakery Valdez Ray Chas W lab The ARR Matanuska Read R L miner K C Corp Kennecott Red Cross Drug Co (A J Dayton) Ruby

Redwood Frank pumpmn The ARR Cantwell

Reed W N dep U S marshal Dillingham

Reeth W H miner Akiak Reid John carp K C Corp Latouche Renisch Chas tinsmith Circle Renner Clyde Bird Creek Reno Jos gen mdse Girwood Richards Richd miner K C Corp Latouche

Richards John W eng K C Corp Latouche

Richardson C D gen mdse Poorman Richardson Edw miner Windham Richert Geo lab K C Corp Kennecott Ringseth Paul gen mdse Livengood Ringstad O H lab K C Corp Kennecott

Rinocky Frank trapper Beaver Ripinsky Sol gen mdse U S comnr Haines

Ritchie Marie E nurse K C Corp Latouche

Alaska Territorial list of Name*—-


Rivers Florence M postmaster Flat Road H Mrs soft drinks Wiseman Roberts John postmaster Franklin Roberts Jos F trapper Beaver Roberts R G gen mdse Candle Roberts T W miner K C Corp Kennecott

Roberts Wm miner Rampart Roberts & Co gen mdse Klawock Robertson E A mining Eagle Robertson Wm expmn Douglas Robinson Hilkey mgr Robinson &

Greenberg postmaster Candle Robinson S E Mrs Eagle Robinson & Greenberg H Robinson

mgr gen mdse Candle Robson Henry H Tanana Roe Edw Bell Island Hot Springs Roe Geo Est of gen mdse Bell Island

Hot Springs

Roe Wm Bell Island Hot Springs Roehl & Neilson gen mdse Ikatan Roell R W electn K C Corp Kennecott Rogers R L fox breeders Latouche Rogers Thos M prospector Afognak Roi Geo gen mdse Sunrise Roll Ferdinand gen mdse Sitka Roll Geo gen mdse Hope Rooney John Wiseman Roosevelt Teddy miner Beaver Rose Antone S trapper Fort Yukon Rosenberg Frank (Holstrom & Rosenberg) Circle Rosenblatt Leah tchr Eagle Ross Danl dep U S marshal Unalaska Ross Harry mining Eagle Ross W E gen mdse Howkan Ross W E Mrs fox breeder Sitka Rossbach Frank Woodchopper Creek Rossi C miner K C Corp Latouche Roth John farmer Haines Rothacher Bessie R postmaster Iditarod

Rothe Ralph emp K S Corp Kennecott Rowe Alden postmaster Hot Springs Roy Horace bakery Sitka Rozenstein Yael gen mdse Hyder Ruby Lumber Co Ruby Rush U S U S comnr Kasaan Russell Jas lab The ARR Matanuska Russell O P gen mdse Stephens Village

Russell Wm mining Eagle

Russian Orthodox Church Rev N P Kashaveroff pastor Kodiak

Ruthschow Wm gen mdse Cold Bay

Rutzebeck Hans farmer Haines

St Aloyslus Church Rev Julius Jette S J pastor Tanana

St Clair Jas Wasilla

St James Mission (Episcopal) Tanana

St Luke's Indian Mission Fredrick

Drain in chg Salchaket St Stephen's Episcopal Church Fort


St Stephen's Hospital (St Stephen's Episcopal Church) Fort Yukon

Sabin Martin farmer Hot Springs

Sadler Chas lab AGMCo Thane

Sadlier J W Thane

Salmon River Trading; Co gen mdse Hyder

Samovich Steve lab K C Corp Kennecott

Sampson Alfred lab K C Corp Kennecott

Sampson Benj lab K C Corp Kennecott

Sarauelson Oscar C Bethel Sanborn Cutting Co fish canners Kake Sandman John ftshercnn Sitka ganford Chas PUS comnr Hyder Sara Peter reindeer breeder Akiak Sargent Fred Kodiak Sarvela John Sitka

Savage John miner Eureka Scanland Louis W radio opr Fort Yukon

Schaefer Gus (Schaefer & Brown) Bethel

Schaefer & Brown (Gus Schaefer Jas

Brown) gen mdse Bethel Scheele John W (Ott & Scheele) Eagle Scheneck Jas postmaster Hollis Schmaltz Gerasim Rev pastor Greek

Orthodox Ch Afognak

Schneider Bert L asst in chg U S Experimental Sta Matanuska Schneider O L Matanuska Schotter Frank Hoonah Schroeder Fred Fort Yukon Schultz Chas W postmaster Beaver Schultz Paul gen mdse Beaver Schulz Herman miner K C Corp Latouche

Schwenn Fred lab K C Corp Kennecott

Scott A R miner Windham

Scott Robt fox breeder Craig

Scott W E jr lab K C Corp Kennecott

Scudder Henry C storekpr U S Bureau

of Fisheries St George Island Seaholm Alex Hot Springs Sealey Chas (Sealey & Gelineau) Latouche

Sealey & Gelineau (Chas Sealey J R

Gelineau) gen mdse Latouche Seguin Wm Fox

Sellander C J lab The ARR Curry Senor Andw trapper Stephens Village Seppi Frank Hyder Seteroporolis Vasilios lab K C Corp Kennecott

Sevewright Rex farmer Hot Springs Seward Thos opr K C Corp Latouche Sey Martha Douglas Seyler Louis Flat Shade Orie elk Tanana Shanks John Hot Springs Sharatine Tschon Afognak Sharkey Tony lab K C Corp Latouche Shaughnessy Thos postmaster gen

mdse Solomon Shaver Fay R tchr Haines Sheldon Jackson Museum Sitka Sheldon Jackson School (native)


Sheldon Stephen (Haines Hotel) Haines

Shelp Archie fox breeder Tokeen Shepard R J farmer Haines Sheppard N D postmaster Andreafsky Sheratine Nicholas carp Afognak Sheridan Fredk C barber Sitka Sherman E H dep U S marshal Tena-kee

Shipp Frank supt Alaska Road Com Chitina

Sholin Edwin E fox breeder Chichagof

Sholl B J lab K C Corp Latouche Short Lynn roadhouse Fort Yukon Shortley M E bakery Seldovia Shotter Geo R fox breeder Hoonah Shrey Fred meatctr Sitka Shudshift Arnie Douglas Shumaker F A fox breeder Latouche Shuraveloff Simeon carp Kodiak Shuraveloff Walter Kodiak Simel Max gen mdse Cripple Simmons C A postmaster gen mdse

Chisana Simon Henry tmstr Eagle Simonds H L fox breeder Katalla Simonds & Shotter fox breeders Hoonah

Simpson Benj confr Metlakatla Simpson Peter boatbldr Sitka Sing Lee gen mdse Chichagof Sing Sam (Millmore House) Sitka Singer H G postmaster and guide Kenai

Singleton John A postmaster St Timothys

Siranson Oscar Candle Sirr Benj miner Bettles Sitka Hospital Sitka Sitka Public School Sitka Sitka Water & Light Co Sitka Sitka Wharf & Power Co Sitka Sizeland Jas lab The ARR Matanuska Skof Agnes postmaster Cleary Slade Carl steward K C Corp Latouche

Slate Creek Mining Co Chitina Slaven Frank Woodchopper Slavin Frank mgr Slavin & Co Circle Slavin & Co Frank Slavin mgr gen mdse Circle

Slayter Saml chef The ARR Curry Slisco John miner Wiseman Slisco Martin miner Wiseman Slovarp John cook The ARR Curry Smart John trapper Salchaket Smart S J lab The ARR Matanuska Smeaton John gen mdse Sleetmute Smith A C Haines Smith Chas Eagle

Smith Chas R fox breeder Hydaburg

Smith E E.Douglas

Smith Frank M gen mdse Bettles

Smith Fred miner Beaver

Smith Geo Akiak

Smith Guy L (Guy's Drug Store)

postmaster Douglas Smith Jas A drugs Sitka Smith John gro Hoonah Smith John lab K C Corp Kennecott Smith Jos A farmer Haines Smith J E prospector Haines Smith Lynn dep U S Marshal Flat Smith Martin lab K C Corp Latouche Smith Mary S nurse K C Corp Latouche Smith Michl Fort Yukon Smith Sumner S postmaster Chicka-loon

Smith W R Haines

Snider Gerrit Wasilla

Snook W C dep U S Marshal Unga

Snow Frank Haines

Snyder Edw (Tenakee Hot Springs)

postmaster gen mdse Tenakee Snyder Roy F McCarthy Soboleff Vincent gen mdse Kootzen-


Solvic Olaf trapper Beaver Sorrels Jas F Haines Soucier Frank contr Haines Spain Wm R Douglas Spargles Geo jr eng Kanatak Spein Peter reindeer breeder Akiak Spencer J postmaster and gen mdse

Berry Landing Spies Michl lab The ARR Matanuska Spinks Isaac gen mdse Bettles Spraner Adel M lndrymn The ARR


Springer Margaret wtrs The ARR Curry

Stabler Howard D lawyer Sitka Stade Henry A (Central Roadhouse) Circle

Staklo R H lab K C Corp Kennecott Stanfield Helgar Haines Stanich O'Brian miner Wiseman Stanich Saml miner Wiseman Stankus Julius pilot Circle Stanley Geo L U S Comnr Kiana Stanley Louis V miner Circle Stanyar Edw foremn AGMCo Thane Stark P cook The ARR Curry Startsoff A farmer Sitka Stecker G A postmaster Quinhagak Stedman C F fox breeder Kake Steel Robt E postmaster U S Comnr Eagle

Steele Nels cook The ARR Curry Steffanson Thos roadhouse Eureka Steiner C O U S Comnr Council

Stephen Walter M eng K C Corp Kennecott

Sterick A electn AGMCo Thane Stevens Frank miner Eureka Stevenson Donald H fur warden Bu

of Biological Surv Unalaska Stevenson Jas roadhouse Bettles Stewart Claude Chitina Stewart Jas (Stewart & Denhart)

Richardson Stewart & Denhart (Jas Stewart Paul

Denhart) mining Richardson Stewart & McDonald fox breeders El-


Stier EJUS Comnr Flat

Stivers E R dep coir in chg U S Customs St Michael

Stokes Alfred mech K C Corp Latouche

Stone Floyd agt The ARR Windy Strauss Louis postmaster Unalaska Strelic J gen mdse Richardson Stribu Geo lab K C Corp Kennecott Stride Sidney farmer Haines Strite Ruth Mrs gen mdse Long Strong Peter lab The ARR Indian Strum Chas (Haley & Strum) Fort Yukon

Stubbs Duke E fox breeder Nancy Sturrock Thos P prospector Beaver Subartee Manuel Flat Sullivan Michl J miner Eureka Sulzer Chas A gen mdse Sulzer Summerville Peter trapper Eagle Sundmacher Chas H U S comnr McCarthy

Sunny Point Packing Co fish canners Chomly

Sutphen Edw miner Wiseman Sutter Edna nurse K C Corp Kennecott

Swanson Chas miner Rampart Swanson Ernest O fox breeder Port

Alexander Swanson E E Rampart Swanson Fred gen mdse Unalakleet Swanson T E emp K C Corp Kennecott

Swartzenberger W Mrs Douglas

Swarva Geo Douglas

Sweasey Enos prospector Beaver

Swift Fred miner Wiseman

Taggert Chas C postmaster Deadwood

Talroff Saml lab K C Corp Kennecott

Tanana Commercial Co (Peter and A G Vachon) Tanana

Tanner Harry Hyder

Tanninos Chris miner K C Corp Latouche

Tate Agnes Mrs gen mdse Cleary Tattran Herbt reindeer breeder Shak-tolik

Taylor C E postmaster Uyak Tenakee Hot Springs (Edw Snyder) Tenakee

Thayer John A forest ranger Craig Theehy Marcel miner Wiseman Thlinket Packing Co fish canners Funter

Thomas Jos E lab K C Corp Kennecott

Thomas R C blksmith K C Corp Kennecott

Thomas S G dep U S Marshal Sitka Thomas Wm emp K C Corp Kennecott

Thomas Wm H U S Comnr Tigara Thompson Clyde A (Eagle Trading

Co) Eagle Thompson John L gen mdse Hadley Thompson J C lab The ARR Matanuska

Thompson Martin bakery Sitka Thompson Wm S postmaster and gen

mdse Kokrines Tierney G M foremn The ARR Eska Tilson Alfred fishermn Sitka Tilson Thos fishermn Sitka

Alaska Territorial List of Names— Continued

Tilson Thos jr Sitka Tirpin Thos blksmith K C Corp La touche

Tives Gene lab The ARR Matanuska Tjosevig Nils McCarthy Tobin Wm Hyder

Tolonen.A W eng K C Corp Kennecott

Tolovana Mill & Tram Co sawmill Livengood

Tolovana Trading Co gen mdse Tolovana

Tomlinson P W gen mdse Franklin Torras Saml emp K C Corp Kennecott Torvin Getrox miner K C Corp Latouche

Tower House (Jos Anicich) hotel Tanana

Townsend F R (Carson & Townsend) Hoonah

Traeger Chas A gen mdse postmaster

Unalakleet Traub C G postmaster Chicken Tread well Bakery (John Enge) Tread-well

Trefzger Hardy fox breeder Yakutat Tregoning K A fox breeder Latouche TreiScheldt John carp Sitka Treischeldt Nicholas eng Sitka Treischeldt Peter Sitka Trosper Homer D lab The ARR Broad Pass

Truax Elva housekpr The ARR Curry

Turnbull A H miner Eagle

Turnbull Eliza M Mrs weather observer Eagle

Turner Geo gen mdse Anvik

U S Cable Office Douglas

U S Cable Office Sitka

U S Customs J J Hilliard coir Eagle

U S Experimental Station Terry White supt Kodiak

U S Experimental Station Rampart

LT S Experimental Station C C George-son in chg Sitka

U S Naval Radio Station Kodiak U S Navel Radio Station Sitka Vachon A G (Tanana Commercial Co) Tanana

Vachon Louise postmaster Tolovana Vachon Peter (Tanana Commercial

Co) Tanana Valdez Creek Placer Mining Co Gul-


Valier Louis farmer Hot Springs VanAtta C H supt U S Bureau of

Fisheries Yes Bay VanHoivels H postmaster Sumdum Vandenweyer H

Vasalis John lab K C Corp Kennecott

Vaughn F B Teikell Vawter C L Tanana Veach Chas lab K C Corp Kennecott Veidt CK&Co gen mdse Katalla Verhonick Albt freighter Ruby Vicery Chas W elk K C Corp Kennecott

Vick Theo asst IT S Bureau of Fisheries St Paul Island

Viken Paul carp K C Corp Kennecott

Voelkl Jos Haines .Vogel Geo Haines

Vogel Ida M Haines

Vogel Timothy Haines

VonScheele Herman gen mdse Afog-nak

Wacker Eug postmaster Wacker Wade Wm A dep coir U S Customs Hyder

Wade W W agt The ARR Moose Creek

Wagner Louis logger Tenakee Waiczumas Benj farmer Haines Walker Jas A gen mdse Holy Cross

Wallace Langley (Alaska Rivers Navigation Co) McGrath

Wallen Ivor postmaster Chignik

Walsh John miner Eureka

Walsh Jos hoistmn K C Corp Latouche

Walsh Patk miner Eureka Walton H H rancher Haines Walton Jos Matanuska Walton Rudolph Sitka Wanamaker H S miner Wiseman Ward Chas lab K C Corp Latouche Ward C lab The ARR Indian Ward John A postmaster Klukwan Ward Jos trapper Fort Yukon Warne Edwin farmer Haines Warsing F M dep U S Marshal Candle

Warwick Jack W fur warden Bu of

Biological Surv Flat Washington-Alaska Military Cable &

Telegraph System Geo Barnett in

chg Circle Washington-Alaska Military Cable &

Telegraph System Fort Yukon Washington-Alaska Military Cable &

Telegraph System Gulkana "Washington-Alaska Military Cable &

Telegraph System Haines Washington-Alaska Military Cable &

Telegraph System Hot Springs

Washington-Alaska Military Cable &

Telegraph System Tanana Watson M Kotzebue Watters Wr L janitor The ARR Curry Watts Vernon miner Wiseman Wavell Arthur Windham Weatherell T P postmaster Takeetna Webbenfurst Chas miner Beaver Webster Andw B dep U S Marshal


Webster Danl postmaster Nolan Webster Edw miner Eagle W7eeks Jas lab The ARR Matanuska Wehren Jos sawmill Douglas Weiss A J gen mdse Iditarod Weiss R lab The ARR Matanuska Welch Fred F gen mdse Chatanika Welch Richd lab K C Corp Kennecott

Wells Curtis trapper Fort Yukon Welsh Jos miner Rampart Weltzin J A gen mdse Little Eldorado

Werline John trapper Fort Yukon Weschenfelder Eug mgr Treadwell

Grocery Treadwell West Coast Trading Co gen mdse


Westerlund Joel trapper Hot Springs Wettach Shelton gen mdse Ruby Whelpley F E fox breeder Myers Chuck

Whipple Chas H postmaster Thane Whitaker Saml G roadhouse Haines White Chas H U S insp of hulls St Michael

White David H postmaster Katalla White Frank C Fort Yukon White G O postmaster Palmer White Harry O asst U S Experimental Station Kodiak

White Jas clothing Cripple White John freighter Nolan White John L postmaster Dome White J A gen mdse Dahl White W T asst in chg U S Experimental Station Kodiak Wick L emp K C Corp Kennecott Wickersham L S postmaster McKin-ley

Widman W S sawmill Takotna Wiehl John miner Rampart Wilcox A D farmer Wiseman Wiley Robt W Haines Wilkes Jos miner Beaver Willett Geo dep U S Marshal Craig

Williams Frank P gen mdse postmaster St Michael Willis Anna D Mrs gen mdse Ruby-Willis A V Kokrines Willis Edw C billiards Long Wiloughby Chas L gen mdse Katalla Willow Creek Mines Wasilla Wilmoth Howard E postmaster gen

mdse Wasilla Wilson C H postmaster Kantishna Wilson Edw gen mdse Unga Wilson Jas miner Wiseman Wilson John logger The ARR Indian Wilson J R lab K C Corp Kennecott Wilson L P & Co gen mdse Klawock Windsor Hal electn AGMCo Thane Winer Chas miner Nolan Winfield Edwin A postmaster gen

mdse Teller Wingard Lemuel G asst agt U S Bureau of Fisheries Bethel Wold Clara wtrs K C Corp Latouche Wolfe L H dentist Latouche Woll J E miner Wiseman Wood Cyril P Flat Wood Riley J carp Shungnak Wood John C dep U S Marshal Ruby Woodman Isaac W lab K C Corp Kennecott

Woodman Wm trapper Circle Woods Ira agt The ARR Iditarod Woolard E H Hot Springs

Workman Harper miner Nolan Worthington John lab K C Corp Latouche Wortman Chas E Sitka Yager N Mrs roadhouse Chitina Yamada M wtr K C Corp Kennecott Yanette Herman trapper Beaver Yanette Wm trapper Beaver Yantiss S A miner Rampart. Yasuda Frank gen mdse Beaver Yates D W Windham Yates Sylvia S Mrs postmaster Windham

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keetna York Jas Sumdum York John miner Windham Yost C F miner Eagle Yurioff Kuzman dairy Afognak Zander Carl miner Hot Springs

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Transportation Department


Representing the Various Modes of Transportation to and through Alaska and Yukon Territory

4a S

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When You Think Alaska— Think Alaska Steamship Company

Summer Cruises That Are Different


The *'Inside Passage*' Cruise, ten to twelve days—

The Prince William Sound Cruise, sixteen to eighteen days—

The New Golden Belt Line Tour, twenty-three to twenty-five days—


Alaska Steamship Company

For Sailings, Fares and Descriptive Map Folder, Write to


JOHN H. BUNCH, Traffic Manager



When You Think Alaska— Think Alaska Steamship Company

If It's Transportation To or From




Alaska Steamship Company

With its Fleet of 1 2 Modern Steamers IS PREPARED TO SATISFACTORILY SERVE YOU

For Full Information, Rates, Sailing Dates, Etc., Write to


JOHN H. BUNCH, Traffic Manager


"Come to the Top of the World"

Southwestern Alaska, traversed by THE ALASKA RAILROAD, offers great inducements to those on pleasure bent. Best game and fish districts in the western hemisphere— moose, goat, sheep, caribou, brown and black bear; ducks, geese, ptarmigan and grouse; trout, grayling and white fish.

Peer of scenic attractions, Mount McKinley, monarch of North American mountains, visible for 300 miles along the railroad, towering 20,300 feet over a National Park of 2,600 square miles—an unexplored wilderness of wild life. Then there are Spencer Glacier, Nenana river canyon, and miles and miles of wild and magnificent scenery.

For those seeking a location there are gold, silver, copper, and coal in abundance; or wide valleys of agricultural lands, producing grain and vegetable crops; or trapping, fox farming, reindeer grazing, and many other industries. Look over the map below—a domain one-fifth the size of all the states.

Deeartmrnt Of The Interior

Hubert V%*k,Seererai>y




t0 mzm&s*



MadeByOMacft AporovedP^^ " chairman


Trains northbound leave Seward and Anchorage every Monday and Thursday at 8 o'clock; and southbound leave Fairbanks and Nenana every Tuesday and Friday at 7 o'clock. THE ALASKA RAILROAD also operates river steamers between Nenana and Holy Cross, leving Nenana every Wednesday.

THE GOLDEN BELT TOUR—in over the railroad and out over the Richardson Highway—affords the tourist a diversity of travel and scenery and really enables the seeing of Alaska, 750 miles in 5 days.

For illustrated folder, or any other information, write THE ALASKA RAILROAD at any of the addresses given below:

Anchorage, Alaska. 422 Bell St. Terminal, Seattle, Wash.

6127 Interior Bldg., Washington, D. C.

The People's Railroad "At the Top of the World"

You Can Take The Trip The President

Took In Alaska

During the summer of 1923 the way has been blazed by the President of the United States and Mrs. Harding with party of 70; by 30 Congressmen and their wives; by the Brooklyn Eagle party of 40 men and 40 women; and by scores of other parties numbering from 2 to 25.

From the steamer's gang plank at Seward the traveler is now taken in safety and comfort by the United States Government over a standard gauge railroad through unexcelled scenery to the very heart of this last frontier of our nation at Fairbanks, away up near the Arctic Circle.

THE ALASKA RAILROAD, now completed, makes all this possible, with coaches, sleeping, dining, and observation cars, also a fine hotel at night stop-over at Curry, for the convenience of travelers.


Here in this northern wonderland during the summer the days practically have no ending. On the longest day a ball game is played in Fairbanks at midnight! Think of the opportunities thus afforded for long and delightful days of fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and sightseeing.

During the winter months the air is invigorating and conducive to the outdoor sports of skating, dog-sledding, skiing, etc.. and the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) are worth going far to behold. Trips on THE ALASKA RAILROAD may be made with comfort any month of the year. The central portion of the railroad belt, for instance, boasts a climate drier than Colorado, warmer in winter than Montana, and as healthy as any place in the world.

Mountain and rushing torrent, tunda and glacier, and the vast silences of this wild wonderland are now opened to the enjoyment of mankind oy means of THE ALASKA RAILROAD.

The Mount McKinley Route


ALASKA, ATLIX and the YUKON are to our generation what California and the days of '49 were to the then generation. But the trail of ?49 is but a memory, whilst in traveling to Dawson or Atlin one sees not alone many evidences of the memorable rush to the Klondike and here and there the old trail, but the very route followed is that taken by these mad seekers for gold.

"Men from the sands of Sunland;

Men from the woods of the West; Men from the farms and the cities,

Into the Northland we pressed. Gray beards and striplings and women.

Good men and bad men and bold. Leaving our home and our loved ones.

CrvinQ- exultingrlv—Gold !"

o o ••••

—Robert W. Service.

river steamers of the most modern type traverse the mighty Yukon and its tributaries for over three thousand miles: lake steamers, whose speed and comforts equal those of the ocean vessels, sail the waters of Lake Atlin. the beauty spot of the world/'

There is probably no trip in the world so unusual—so interesting— so intensely worth while as that to Alaska, Atlin and the Yukon. Every mile is of vivid interest.


The ride by rail over the coast range is thus interestingly described bv John J. Underwood in his book—"Alaska—An Empire in the Making :"

"This road * * * is one of the greatest engineering feats in the world. A trip over it is one to be remembered. It is full of thrills from the time the train enters the Skaguay River Valley till the top of the summit is reached. The austere mountains above, the flower-bestrewn valley below, make the journey a most captivating one. The train at times glides along the side of a sheer wall, with a cliff of rock hundreds of feet high on one side and the dark depths of an abyss on the other. The rocks jut out at sharp angles from the precipitous wall on the side of the roadbed and it appears as though the speeding cars must dash over the cliffs, but they swing around a curve and the train continues on its sinuous ascent. Water that is hungry green and later white with foam is seen here and there all along the route, and in one place, just beyond a dark tunnel, a very high bridge has been thrown across a chasm at the bottom of which rages the Skaguay River crashing over the boulders to the sea."

Along" the shores of sun-kissed lakes and mountain streams, banked bv great masses of fireweed, larkspur, asters, marguerites and other wild rlowers, the train continues on its way until the upper end of Lake Bennett is reached—and here is the now deserted town, also named Bennett.




For twenty-seven miles the railway follows the ever-winding shores of this Ir.ke, the rose-colored mountains on the opposite side rising" sheer out of the water to a height of 5,000 feet or more. The ride along the shores of this beautiful Northland lake is one long remembered. En route the 60° of north latitude is crossed—the boundary between British Co-llumbia and the Yukon Territorv.


At the foot of Lake Bennett is Carcross—called by the Indians, "the place where the Caribou cross." Here the train crosses the most northerly swing- bridge on the American continent. Carcross is the transfer point for the Atlin Lake region.


The prospector's ceaseless quest for gold and his finding it has resulted in much of the scenic grandeur on this continent being made known. And the discovery of gold in the Atlin district has added a new wonderland—a lake country of incomparable beauty and grandeur. ''The Beaut}- Spot of the World," several travelers have called it, and, indeed, it is—and more, too.



Continuing the trip by rail from Carcross, following more rivers and passing little lakes, the train stops at Miles Canyon. From here the passenger is given a view of this intensely interesting and historic gorge. About five miles beyond, and the trip by rail comes to end at White Horse, 111 miles from Skaguay, on the Lewes or Fifty Mile River—the headwaters of the Yukon. Connection is made here with the steamers of the White Pass & Yukon Route for Dawson.


From White Horse to Dawson is a sail of 461 miles and takes about forty hours. But it is a voyage that is unique—different from any you may have taken before. To begin with, it is on one of the world's great rivers, and, too, it is farther northward than any river trip on this continent, if not in the world.

There are many points of interest on the voyage. Lake LeBarge, made famous by Robert Service's ballad, "The Cremation of Sam Mc-Gee;" the tortuous Thirty-Mile River, where navigation in this Northland is seen at its best; Cassiar bar, where gold placer mining was first done in the Yukon country in the early 80's and up on the mountain side near by lies buried one of the discoverers; Tantalus Butte—now to the left, now to the right, sometimes ahead and again astern; Five Finger Rapids, Rink Rapids, Fort Selkirk, near the site of the old Hudson's Bay Post, destroyed by the Indians in 1851 ; Victoria Rock, so named on account of resembling" the profile of Queen Victoria; the Pelly Ramparts and other interesting points.

The Five Finger Rapids are of more than ordinary interest. Here the river narrows. Five huge hulks of rock rise sheer. The river rushes between them. The steamer is headed for the middle "finger/' To the passengers it appears the boat is surely going to hit one of the rocks, but to their great relief the boat, guided by the hand of the skillful pilot, "straightens out" and the Five Finger Rapids are astern. Shooting these rapids is a thrilling experience.




Executive and Accounting Departments

F. C. Elliott, President Conway Building, Chicago, 111.

H. Wheeler, General Manager Alaska Building, Seattle, Wash.

G. H. Miller, General Auditor Skaguay, Alaska

Traffic Department

J. L. Burnside, General Agent 509 Alaska Building, Seattle, Wash.

G. B. Edwards, General Agent Dawson, Y. T.

J. G. Blanchard, District Passenger Agent Skaguay, Alaska

Miss L. Zwergel, Tourist Agent 1729 Conway Building, Chicago, 111.

J. H. Rogers, Agent Skaguay, Alaska

J. A. Fairborn, Agent ....Mayo. Y. T.

E. J. Farr, Agent 211 Winch Building, Vancouver. B. C.

J. Lipscombe, Agent Atlin, B. C.

Booklets, folders and other literature, also information as to rates, service, sailings, etc., promptly furnished upon application to any of the above mentioned officials of the Traffic Department.





Yukon Territory is the official name for what is called by some the Canadian Yukon. Alaska is the western boundary, and on the south it adjoins British Columbia. On the north lies the Arctic Ocean, and on the east the district of Mackenzie, with the Rocky Mountains as the dividing line. Th)PL.area4s207,076 square miles.


The Yukon Basin has been the scene of prospecting operations since the late seventies, principally on the bars of the Stewart River. In 1896, when George Carmack made his wonderful discovery on Bonanza Creek, near what is now Dawson, the real rush started. During 1897 and 1898 thousands flocked here, drawn by the lure of gold, and the Royal Northwest Mounted Police estimated the population of the Territory at not less than 50,000.

After the great rush this population dwindled until now the Territory contains about 5,000 people. This is a permanent population, however, composed of people who are working hard to further the growth of the Territory.

The Territory is now steadily progressing in mining, the methods of the early prospectors have given way to more scientific and economical practices. Several large companies are now engaged in mining by hydraulic processes and by dredges, working over the early diggings. The gold yield for the year ending March 1, 1922, the latest available official figures, was $1,231,000, while about $700,000 in other minerals was produced. The total quantity of gold produced in Yukon Territory now reaches the enormous sum of over $200,000,000.

Besides gold, copper is found in many places, notably near White Horse Rapids. Small amounts of nickel, chromium and antimony have also been found.

The forest trees consist of the white and black spruces, the aspen and balsam poplars and a species of birch. No pine or fir trees were noticed. The lower ridges and the slopes of the higher ones up to a height of 3,500 feet above the sea, are generally wooded, and stunted spruces occur sparingly on the highest points in the district. The valley flats are only partly wooded. Groves of spruce and poplar occur at intervals, but alternate with bare swamps and marshes too soft to support a forest growth.

The white spruce is the most important for general purposes in the district. It is usually small on the ridges, seldom exceeding a foot in diameter, but in the valley flats occasional specimens attain a diameter of over twro feet and a large proportion of the logs cut for lumber measure from nine to fifteen inches across. The supply for the mills at Dawson is obtained mostly from the flats and islands along the upper Yukon, and from the Klondike Valley, and is ample for all purposes for many years to come. The Klondike is bordered at intervals all the way from its mouth to the mountains by groves and small tracts of spruce forests of surprising size and quality considering the latitude, and supplies of well grown spruce timber are also available from all the larger tributaries of the Upper Yukon as well as from the main valley and can be easily and cheaply floated down to Dawson.

The supply of large timber on the producing creeks themselves is limited, but the bordering ridges are nearly everywhere, except on the higher points, clothed with an open forest of small spruce, birch and poplar ranging from a few inches to a foot or more in diameter. A portion has been destroyed by forest fires, but sufficient remains to furnish all the firewood and most of the lumber required for mining purposes for a considerable time.

The rapid inroads made by miners and prospectors on the timber of all the hills along the creeks tributary to the Klondike threatened at one time to create a famine in the matter of fuel. These fears, however, were soon dispelled by the discovery of a good quality of bituminous coal in several sections of the country, up as well as down the Yukon from Dawson. These several mines proved themselves to be more valuable than any gold mine, and with the advent of capital and machinery were soon opened up and made productive. The result is that today Dawson has a number of large coal yards with supplies on hand that should carry the community through the severest possible winter if snowed up and unable to get out for wood. The price of coal at Dawson is low when compared with the cost of other commodities in the country, as well as the cost of production.

There is no fear of a shortage of wood for fuel, as the upper river sections of the Yukon is known to be filled with dense forests of fine timber, good for lumber as well as fuel, and which will take several generations to exhaust.

Agriculture is rapidly coming to the fore. While the more tender vegetables cannot be raised, extensive quantities of oats, flax, barley, rye and turnips are grown, while sufficient potatoes are raised to take care of the domestic demand. Over 30,000 square miles are available for agricultural purposes.

The climate of Yukon Territory is one of the most healthful to be found anywhere. While the winters are long and cold, they are not severe, due to the absence of high winds and storms, and to the fact that it is a dry climate, the precipitation being only 15 inches annually. Spring and summer are delightful. From the middle of May to the first week in August it is "The Land of the Midnight Sun," with no darkness, warm pleasant days, and delightfully cool nights.

The Yukon, the largest river of the North, and the fifth largest in North America, is the principal means of transportation.

The White Pass & Yukon Railway makes connection with tidewater at Skagway, Alaska, and runs to White Horse, 111 miles north. From here steamers run down the Yukon to Dawson, 461 miles, through some of the most diverse and interesting scenery in the world. Many other rivers are navigable, and afford a cheap means of transportation to many outlying communities.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Commander Yukon Territory—E Telford Inspector Dawson—Richard Field Inspector White Horse—Wm J Moorhead

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police force of the Yukon Territory consists of fifty officers and men with outposts at the following places—Carcross, Forty Mile, Granville, Keno Hill, Mayo,. Summit and White Horse

Territorial Court

Court sits every day except Saturday and Sunday between 1st and 25th of each month at Dawson

Members Yukon Council

White Horse—Robert Lowe (speaker)

Mayo—J E Ferrell

Klondike—W E Currie

Clerk of Council—J A H M Maltby

Mine Recorders and Recording Officers

Dawson—P M Kelly, R L Gillespie Selkirk—Wm Schofield

Duncan (Mayo)—D R McLennan, F J Berton White Horse—Wm James

Yukon Territorial Government Officials

Commissioner—Hon Geo P MacKenzie Territorial Treasurer—J A H M Maltby Territorial Secretary—J A H M Maltby Supt Works and Buildings—Jas McNeill Medical Health Officer—W E Thompson Chief Preventative Officer—E S Ironside License Inspector—J A H M Maltby

Federal Government Officials

Commissioner—Hon Geo P MacKenzie Comptroller—G A Jeckell

Legal Advisor and Public Administrator—John Black

Collector of Customs—Alexander Forrest

Crown Prosecutor—Chas E McLeod

Clerk of the Territorial Court—John Black

Asst Clerk of the Territorial Court—H G Blankman

Sheriff—Geo Brimston

Crown Timber and Land Agent—Hon Geo P MacKenzie Indian Agent—John Hawksley


AISHIHIK VILLAGE. A native settlement on the Dalton trail and Aishihik Lake, 90 m s of Pelly, the nearest trading post, and 70 nw of Champagne, the nearest p o.

ALBERTA. A roadhouse and stage station on the Stewart River and on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail, 103 m se of the latter, banking point, and 73 nw of Pelly, nearest p o

ALKI CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, 20 m se of Dawson, the banking point. Hunker is the p o.

ARLINGTON ROADHOUSE. A roadhouse 7 m e of Dawson, the banking point and p o, on the Granville road.

BAKER. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name near Dawson, the banking point and p o.

BARKER CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, a tributary of the Stewart River, 20 m from its mouth, 90 s of Dawson, the nearest banking point, and 2 below Scroggie Creek, the p o.

BARLOW. A roadhouse on the Stewart River, 85 m above its mouth, at its confluence with the McQuesten River, 95 cross country se of Dawson, the banking point, and 40 ne of Black Hills, its nearest p o.

BEAR CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, a tributary of the Klondike River and on the Granville road, 6 m e of Dawson, the banking point and p o. Telephone connections and daily stage to Dawson. Mail semi-weekly.

BEAR CREEK. A roadhouse on a creek of the same name near its confluence with the Dezadeash River,"and on the White Horse-Kluane trail, 110 m w of White Horse, the banking point, 50 w of Champagne, the nearest p o.

BIG SALMON. A trading post and telegraph station on the Yukon River at the mouth of the Big Salmon River, 100 m n of White Horse, the nearest banking point, and 50 se of Car-macks, the nearest p o. The center of a district which includes the north and south forks of the Big Salmon River, Moose, May, Fish, and Bear creeks and numerous other tributaries, all of which show rich gold deposits.

BISHOP CREEK. A station on a creek of the same name and on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail, 32 m s of the latter, the banking point, and 7 s of Radford, the nearest p o.

BLACK HILLS. (For names see Tentorial Alphabetical List.) A p o and mining settlement on a creek of the same name, a tributary of the Stewart River, and on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail, 56 m (air line) se of the latter, the nearest banking point. Wells Fargo & Co express. Dominion Telegraph Service. Stage communication weekly to Dawson and White Horse during open season of navigation and semi-weekly during closed season.

BONANZA. Pop 100. A disc p o and mining settlement, also known as Grand Forks, first settled in 1897, at the junction of Bonanza and Eldorado creeks, and on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail, 14 m s of the latter, the p o, banking and shipping point. The town is lighted by electricity from the Dawson Electric Light & Power Co's plant at Dawson. Yukon Telephone Syndicate connections with Dawson.

BRAEBURN. A roadhouse on Klusha Creek and stage stop on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail, 85 m nw of the former, its nearest banking point, and 45 se of Carmacks, the nearest p o.

BRITTANIA CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, a tributary of the Yukon River, 3 m above the mouth of Thistle Creek. The nearest p o is Stewart River.

BURWASH CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, a tributary of the Kluane River, 10 m w of Lake Kluane. 190 nw of White Horse, banking point and nearest p o.

BUXTON MISSION. A settlement on the Yukon River, 52 m nw of Dawson, the banking point. Forty Mile is the p o name.

CALCITE. Pop 20. A steamboat landing on the Yukon River, 55 m s of Dawson, the banking point, and 15 nw of Stewart River, the nearest p o. Quartz mining is the principal industry.

CANYON. A flag station on the W P & Y Route, 106 m n of Skagway, Alaska, 5 m s of White Horse, nearest banking point and p o.

CANYON. A roadhouse on the Aishihik River at its confluence with the Dezadeash River, and on the White Horse-Kluane trail, 80 m w of Wrhite Horse, the banking point, and 20 w of Champagne, the nearest p o.

CANYON CITY. A mining settlement on the White River near the mouth of the Generic River, 225 m s of Dawson, the banking point, and 45 s of Stewart River, the nearest p o.

CARCROSS. (For names see Territorial Alphabetical List.) Called Caribou by the White Pass & Yukon Route; name changed to Carcross by p o in 1904. A station on the W P & Y R, 42 m s of White Horse and 67 n of Skagway, Alaska, both banking points. A number of very rich quartz mines are being operated within a few miles of here. Carcross is the transfer point for the Atlin mining district and is fast becoming known among tourists and sight-seeing parties as presenting some of the most beautiful scenery on the continent. Has an Anglican church, good general store and one of the finest hotels in the North. Telg, W P & Y R and Dominion Telegraph Service.

CARIBOU. A mining settlement, also known as Dominion, on Dominion Creek, a tributary of the Indian River, and on the Dawson-Granville road, 30 m se of Dawson, the nearest banking point.

CARIBOU. A station, also known as Caribou Crossing, on W P & Y Route, 67 m n of Skagway, Alaska, and 44 s of White Horse, the banking point. Carcross is the p o name.

CARIBOU CROSSING. Known also as Caribou. P o name is Carcross.

CARMACKS. (For names see Territorial Alphabetical List.) Pop 75. A p o, also called Tantalus, first settled in 1885, on the Yukon River at the mouth of the Nordenskiold River, and on the White Horse-Dawson Winter trail, 131 m s of Dawson, banking and supply point. W F & Co Exp. Dominion Telegraph Service.

CARR GLYNN. A telegraphone flag station on the Macrae

*->±J U.1 KJX 111V V V J. \JC J- XVUUIC) \J XXX yj *- J- U^UlVy K/ lltl v_/ a ^juuviuv

and 13 sw of White Horse, the nearest banking point and p o.

CHAMPAGNE, (For names see Territorial Alphabetical List.) A p o and trading station on the White Horse-Kluane trail, 60 m w of W^hite Horse, the banking and supply point. Has an Anglican church. Mining and trapping are the principal industries. Stage semi-monthly to White Horse, and monthly to Kluane.

CHECHACO HILL. A mining settlement on Bonanza Creek near Dawson, the banking point and p o.

CHICO. A station on the winter trail from Lower Labarge to Carmacks. its nearest p o, 30 m n of the former.

CLEAR CREEK. A mining settlement on Clear Creek, near its confluence with the Stewart River, 110 m above its mouth, 150 se of Dawson, banking point, and 35 ne of Black Hills, its nearest p o.

COAL CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, a tributary of the Yukon River, 50 m nw of Dawson, the banking point, 11 e of the Yukon River and 6 n of Forty Mile, the nearest p o. The coal mines of the Northern Light, Power & Coal Co are located here.

COFFEE CREEK. A steamboat landing, telegraph station and wood camp on a creek of the same name at its confluence with the Yukon River, 110 m s of Dawson, the banking point, and 40 s of Stewart River, the nearest p o.

COMMERCIAL CENTER. A settlement on the south fork of the Big Salmon River, 50 m n of White Horse, the nearest banking point and p o, and 10 e of Eureka Landing, the shipping point on the Hootalinqua River. It is the commercial point for the Big Salmon mining district.

CONRAD. A mining settlement on Windy Arm, 54 ra s of White Horse, the banking point, and 12 se of Carcross, the nearest p o.

COWLEY. A telegraph flag station on the W P & Y Route, 95 m n of Skagway, Alaska, 16 s of White Horse, nearest p o and banking point.

DALTON HOUSE. A settlement, also known as Dalton Post, on the Krotahini River and the Dalton Trail, 75 m nw of Skagway, Alaska, the nearest banking and shipping point and p o.

City of Dawson

DAWSON. Pop estimated 1000, is the capital and the largest city of the Yukon Territory, and is in the center of the famous Klondike placer district, which today has, together with other nearby tributary placer districts, almost as many people engaged actively in mining and trading.

Dawson has a fine large public school with kindergarten, intermediate and high school branches. Many graduates from the Dawson high school have entered Toronto, and other universities, and have been most highly commended for the splendid ground work received here. Dawson also has St. Mary's Catholic school. More than 200 children attend the two schools. The



Administration building, Carnegie Library, Postoffice, and other public buildings would be a credit to any city. Most of the buildings are heated with steam or hot water. The city has many hotels with first class accommodations, and with running water, flush toilets and baths and other services the year round. The city has modern electric light, water and other public utilities. Telegraphic communication is had the year round by Dominion land Avires, American government radio and cable service, and the White Pass Railway Company's land lines, giving communication with all points of the world, including chief portions of Alaska and the Yukon Territory. The city has fine wharves, splendid steamer service the full length of the Yukon, connecting on the south with rail line to Pacific tidewater. Modern sawmills, telephone system, ship yards, machine shops, boiler works

and a large brewery are among the facilities. Six fine modern dredges, including the largest in the world, work within a few miles of Dawson. Some are at the very edge of the city, and have a capacity of 15,000 cubic yards of auriferous gravel daily. Numerous hydraulic works also are carried on. The city has four churches, including those of the Presbyterian, Catholic and Anglican. The city enjoys a large tourist business every season, and is the commercial and outfitting centre for extensive mining, fur trading and other operations. The fox raising industry has developed in the country recently, and many large fox farms with numerous fine animals are in full operation near the city. Greyling, salmon and other fishing, duck, grouse and other hunting, including that for moose, caribou, bear and mountain sheep afford splendid diversion summer and winter. Numerous large farms are under cultivation within a few miles of Dawson, and hundreds of tons of hay, potatoes, turnips and other root crops are raised and marketed in Dawson and on the steamers and at roadhouses. Wild and cultivated flowers grow in profusion. Dawson's gardens are the surprise of the many visitors. Lettuce, radishes, peas, cauliflower, cabbage and celery are particularly thrifty, and cannot be excelled for crispness and tenderness. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and other berries grow successfully, and the last two mentioned are gathered near here annually from wild vines in abundance. The gold shipments from Dawson annually aggregate approximately five million dollars. The city has many fine fraternal halls and homes, including those of the Masons, the Eagles, the Moose, the Odd Fellows and the Arctic Brotherhood. A modern, steam-heated picture theatre affords ample accommodations for the amusement loving public.

City Officials

Police Magistrate—Hon C D Macaulay Clerk—John Black

Firm Abbreviations

B & B Ltd—Burrall & Baird Ltd

R C M P—Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The N N W Corp Ltd—The New Northwest Corporation Ltd


Buyers' Guide


Dawson, Y. T.



Representing the Business, Commercial and Manufacturing Interests of the City

The Holt Caterpillar Tractor, which has revolutionized the hauling system at the Silver Camp at Keno Hill, Mayo, in the Yukon Territory, by cutting hauling costs much below half that of any other methods.

Only Authorized Holt Dealers in Yukon Territory and Tributary Territory of Alaska

Klondike Thawing Machine Co.

The Store That Sells Most Everything



We are Authorized Ford Dealers and Distributors for all territory in Yukon, north of 30 miles south of 63 degrees latitude.







The Famous Rochester Grill Run in Connection



The Feasting Place of Cheechakos and Sourdoughs, Merchants, Miners, Tourists and All


And Complete a la Carte Service, Including Everything to Be Found in the Most Modern City at Less Than Metropolitan Prices, and

Especially for Its


Obtainable in Few Places in the World, and Served the Year Round, including:


Comprised Entirely of Yukon Grown Products

Native Game and Meats Are Served at the Same Prices as Other Meat Orders— No Advance Charge to Transients— Service Unexcelled. Meals, 75 cents up, including Soup, Tea, Coffee, Cocoa and Dessert without extra charge


HARRY GLEAVES, Propr. First Avenue, DAWSON, Y. T.


A four-page paper and is the oldest established newspaper in the world's most famous placer gold field, and is the only daily newspaper published in the Yukon Territory. It reaches every camp and cabin in the vast North, and has the confidence of a people who are noted as being among the world's most

liberal buyers.

Sty? Imtramt Hwttifl

A 1 2 to 24-page paper, 90 per cent reading matter, is the Official Gazette of the Yukon Territory and is read by practically every miner, prospector and trapper in Yukon, the Forty-Mile, Eagle and Circle Districts of Alaska

The Best Medium for Advertisers, They Cover the Field Thoroughly

Advertising Rates on Application DAWSON, Y. T.



City Water Contractor

Express, Dray and Transferman

Teaming and Grading Contractor


The Rexall Store

W. M. CBIBBS, Owner


















Third Avenue, DAWSON, Y. T. Phone 70


Adams Hugh M eng

Albert Solomon miner

Albini D miner THE NNW Corp Ltd

Aldercroft Wm garage

Allen Emma bkpr Northern Commercial Co Ltd

Allen Irene J

Allen Robt L tmbr insp

Anderson Andw T lab Yukon Gold Co

Anderson Edw

Anderson Emily Mrs cigars

Anderson Fred

Anderson J A fishermn

Ansett Wm J gard

ARCADE CAFE (Harry Gleaves) Noted For Its Dinners and Big Game Meats (See p 478)

Archibald Jas foremn Yuyon Gold Co

Ardern L lab Yukon Gold Co

Arnold Alfred F miner

Ashlund J lab Yukon Gold Co

Atkins Clarence

Atkinson C T miner

Aurora House (Mrs Addie Skelton)

B & F STORE (Joseph D Gadoua) Edward B Houghtaling Mgr, Cigars and Tobacco, Stationery, Periodicals, Magazines, Soda Fountain and Lunch Room, Confectionery

Bain W C constable RCMP

Baird Andw pres Dawson Elec Light Co and Dawson City Water & Power Co Ltd sec-treas Burrall & Baird Ltd asst treas The New Northwest Corp Ltd

Bakke Thos lab

Ballentine Elizabeth Mrs

Ballentine Martha wtrs

Baltas Elizabeth Mrs nurse

Bancroft E L winchmn Yukon Gold Co


Banks Frank miner

Baptist John miner The NNW Corp Ltd

BARBER HERBERT, Garage, Cars for Hire, Mgr Rochester Grill

Barnes C Stuart elk Barnes George H

Barrette F miner The NNW Corp Ltd Beaulieu Michl miner The NNW Corp Ltd Beckwith Richd trapper

Bell Wm librarian Dawson Free Public Library Benton M W lab Berry Jas

Berton Francis G mining recorder

Best Jas miner

Best Tremaine tlr

Betts Henry W chf elk customs

Betzner S B lab Yukon Gold Co


Bigg Walter

Biggs A A

Biggs Wm blksmith

Bird Thos lab Yukon Gold Co

Birely Louis D boat bldr

Birmingham Claude

Bishop Fredk W watchmn Yukon Gold Co Bittancourt J A foremn Yukon Gold Co Bizyak J lab Yukon Gold Co Black Chas B lawyer

BLACK GEORGE, Member of Parliament

BLACK JOHN, Legal Advisor and Public Administrator Yukon

Territory, Clerk Yukon Territorial Court BLANKMAN HAROLD G, Asst Clerk of the Territorial Court

Bloomer Oscar lab Yukon Gold Co

Blouin Arsene miner

Blouin E Mrs cook Yukon Gold Co

Blouin L A foremn Yukon Gold Co

Bogen May Mrs elk

Boich Michael lab Yukon Gold Co

Bolder M miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Bolduc J Edmund miner

Booth Chas lab B&BLtd

Bossuyt Chas meats

Bossuyt Eva

Boulay Antone

Boullion A lab Yukon Gold Co Boutillier Chas F farmer Boutillier Wm Boyce Nina Mrs bakery Boyle Chas Mrs

Bradshaw W R lab Yukon Gold Co

Braga Dominick miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Brennan Wm oiler The NNW Corp Ltd

BRIMSTON. GEORGE, Sheriff Yukon Territory

Brindamour Mitchell

Brine L H constable RCMP

Brock Frank timber agt

Broggio L welder The NNW Corp Ltd

Broom Chas miner

Brophe Chas

Broughton Saml

Brown Garnet watchmn B&BLtd

Brown Geo L miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Brown Jas miner

Brown Jas miner

Brown John lab Yukon Gold Co

Brown Lucille

Brown Mary E Mrs

Brown Peter lab B&BLtd

Bruce Wm miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Bruhalski John caretkr

Buchanan J lab Yukon Gold Co

Buhro H lab Yukon Gold Co

Bundy Nellie (wid Dell)

Bunting Saml miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Burdick Edw C barber

Burich Philip lab B&BLtd

Burke John Mrs

Burkhard Chas F bakery

Burrall & Baird Ltd WHS McFarland mgr Andw Baird sec-treas mining

Bussell Henry miner

Buteau Peter lab Yukon Gold Co

Byers Thos lab Yukon Gold Co

Cadieux Birdie (wid Jos)

Cale Geo T carp

Cameron Angus J miner

Cameron Chas driller Yukon Gold Co

Campbell Felix winchmn B&BLtd

Campbell Jas lab Yukon Gold Co


Carlson C H foremn Yukon Gold Co

Carlson Emma C cook

Carlson Louis miner

Carlton Luke miner

Carr Fredk miner

Carroll Jas S

Carroll John M eng

Carruthers H B C pay elk RCMP

Carson Anna housekpr

Cascade Steam Laundry Gus Johnson mgr

Case John miner

Cedar Geo lab B&BLtd

Chapman Ernest driver Cascade Steam Lndy

Chapman H lab Yukon Gold Co

Chapman O lab Yukon Gold Co

Charlton Thos miner

Chevrette Eug lab

Chisholm Alex

Christian Science Hall

Church Ella Mrs hsekpr Royal Alexander Hotel

Clark Adelia Mrs

Clark-Hendra May Mrs

Clarke Fred W lab Yukon Gold Co

Clewley R H constable RCMP

Coates D H (Coates & Kastner)

Coates & Kastner (D H Coates O F Kastner) mail carriers

Cobb Margaret M lndy

Coffey Geo T res mgr Yukon Gold Co

Collette J B lab Yukon Gold Co

Colley Harry wldr B&BLtd

Collier Harry miner

Collins John A mining

Collins W F lab



Conlin Isabelle (wid T P) Coombs H W cook Yukon Gold Co Cooper Frank cook Yukon Gold Co Corbeil Canille janitor Corps E J miner

Corriveau H L lab Yukon Gold Co

Cosgrove Frank

Cowden Harry D miner

Craig Benj F elk P O

Craig Clarence W

Craig Geo D shoemkr

Craig John A

Craig Robt

Cramer Steve lab

Creamer Philip S elk Northern Commercial Co Ltd Creamer Richd C

Creamer Richd W elk The NNW Corp Ltd

CRIBBS W M, "The Rexall Store", Drugs, Kodaks and Supplies, Stationery, "Liggett's Chocolates" and All of Service's Works (See p 479)

Cronin Daniel J carp Cross Alice F Mrs

Cunningham Betsy Mrs lndrs Cascade Steam Laundry Cunningham Peter opr The NNW Corp Ltd Currie Daniel lab Currie Wm K lab B&BLtd

Currie W E member from Klondike Yukon Council

Curtis Chas S elk

Cushman Hank trapper

Cuthbert Wm J gro

Cutting Mary H Mrs

Dahl John miner

Daly Jeremiah sergt in chg RCMP Daoust Felix farmer Davies Maggie Davin Thos E chkr

Dawson Amateur Athletic Association F H Elliott mgr Dawson Curling Club

Dawson City Water & Power Co Andw Baird pres A E Lee mgr

DAWSON DAILY NEWS, Dawson News Publishing Co Publrs (See p 478)

Dawson Electric Light & Power Co Ltd, Andw Baird pres A E Lee mgr

Dawson Fire Department R C McLaren chief Dawson Free Public Library Wm Bell librarian Dawson Hardware Co (M H Jones)

DAWSON NEWS PUBLISHING CO, C R Settlemier Editor, O F Kastner Mgr, Publishers Dawson Daily News (See p 478)

Dawson Public School Dawson Thos miner

Dav Michl miner

DeLage J miner The NNW Corp Ltd DeLage Wm opr The NNW Corp Ltd DeLagrave Dolor tlr Deroches J miner The NNW Corp Ltd DesBrisay John lab Yukon Gold Co DesBrisay Paul miner The NNW Corp Ltd DesLeuriers John B elk

DEVER ARTHUR H, V-Pres Dawson News Publisher Co

Devig Nick lab Yukon Gold Co

Devine Alice Mrs

DeWolfe Percy C mail carrier

Dickson H G (Dickson & Dickson)

Dickson T A (Dickson & Dickson)

Dickson & Dickson (H G and T A Dickson) surv

Dieo Peter cook Yukon Gold Co

Dillon Jas tmstr

Dines John musician

Diven Alice M Mrs cook Yukon Gold Co

Dixon Harry

Dixon John H mach

Dixon Thos

Dogue H wldr The NNW Corp Ltd

Dominion Telegraph Service

Donald J A mgr Northern Commercial Co Ltd

Donohue Nicholas J

Donovan Timothy carp

Doran Edw F foremn Yukon Gold Co

Dorr S M citv circulator Dawson News Publishino- Co

Douglas Alex

Douglas Walter miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Doyle Thos

Drabeson J lab

Drugan Chas lab

Drugan Thos lab Yukon Gold Co

Drugan Wm lab Yukon Gold Co

Dubois A dredgemaster B&BLtd

Dubois Dona Mrs (Occidental Hotel)

Duckworth Robt lab Yukon Gold Co

Duffy Edw miner

Dugoff Thos miner

Dunlap Ambrose foremn Yukon Gold Co

Duroche Saml miner

Dzugaeff Thos mech Herbt Barber

Earsman Geo M miner Eckersley John C fishermn Edwards E J (Edwards & Winaut) Edwards Geo B agt

Edwards & Winaut (E J Edwards Herbt Winaut) furn Egan Jerry miner The NNW Corp Ltd Ellengsen Earl A photog

Elliott Fred H mgr Dawson Amateur Athletic Assn Elliott Wm


Elliott Wm H lab Elliott Wm J miner Ellis J E sergt RCMP Elwell Edw miner

England Edw miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Erickson H lab Yukon Gold Co

Etzel Frank

Evanglista Chas miner

Farr Jas R flour and feed

Farr Philip wood dlr

Farrer Geo


Faulkner Victoria

Feltchner John cook Yukon Gold Co Fende Frank lab B&BLtd Fenning H miner The NNW Corp Ltd Fenton F M supt Yukon Gold Co Ferguson Wm N driver

Ferrell J E member from Mayo Yukon Council Field Richd insp Filion Arthur farmer

Fillmore Leland oiler The NNW Corp Ltd

Findley Geo H Rev pastor St Andrews Presbyterian Church

Finlaison E O mgr Bank of Montreal

Finley Wm lab Yukon Gold Co

Finnie John miner

Firth Thos A real est

Flammand Felix miner The NNW Corp Ltd Fletcher John

Fontain David wood chopper Forbes David

Fordal G lab Yukon Gold Co Forest W trapper

FORREST ALEXANDER, Collector of Customs Yukon Territory

Forrest Emil eng

Forrest Thos miner

Fortier Ovid lab Yukon Gold Co

Forward Dorman winchmn B&BLtd

Foss Fred miner

Fotheringham David H Steamer Klondike

Fournier Archie dairy

Fournier Jos (Summit Roadhouse)

Fowlie Gavin carp

Fox Richd A carp

Francis Harry A wood dlr

Francis Saml lab

Franich Bros (Peter and Michl) restr

Franich Michl (Franich Bros)

Franich Peter (Franich Bros)

Fransen Peter W winchmn The NNW Corp Ltd

Fraser Earl lab

Fraser John R

Fraser Rodney E pntr

Fraternal Order of Eagles Hall

Frates F lab Yukon Gold Co

Frazer Jas miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Freeman Hotel (Mrs Minnie Whitmore)

FRENCH MODEL STORE (Mme Emilie Tremblay) Dry Goods, Millinery and Notions, Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Goods King se cor 3d Av

Frooks Andw miner

Frooks Belle Mrs

Frooks Fred miner

Fulton Geo E foremn

Furgeson W miner The NNW Corp Ltd

G W V A Hall

Gadoua Jos D (B & F Store) bakery Gage Chas driver

Gagne Phileas Rev pastor St Marys Church Gagnon H miner The NNW Corp Ltd Gaudet Paul nurse St Marys Hosp Gavenlock W miner The NNW Corp Ltd Geek L foremn B&BLtd Gibson David lab Gilker J R carp

Gillespie Archie A elk Canadian Bank of Commerce

Gillespie Laura tchr

Gillespie Margaret student

Gillespie Richd L mining recorder

Gillis Alex J dentist

Gladwin B W foremn B&BLtd


Glendenning H B constable RCMP Gloslie Chris supt The NNW Corp Ltd Godin David

Golden Jas lab Yukon Gold Co

Gordon A A (Occidental Hotel)

Government Ferry

Graham Frank miner

Granger J P gard St Marys Hospital

Grant Chris

Grant John H elk Northern Commercial Co Ltd Grant Mary Mrs wall paper Gravelle Alec lab Yukon Gold Co Greenaway Thos miner The NNW Corp Ltd Greenaway Walter

Gremie Geo miner The NNW Corp Ltd Guder Fred oiler B&BLtd Guillemette E miner The NNW Corp Ltd Guilmette Donne baker J D Gadoua Guite J P (Royal Alexandra Hotel) Gulliford Dora (wid John) Hagstrom Helmar miner Hall Marj one M tel opr


Halliday Milfred R foremn Yukon Gold Co Hamilton Hugh

Hamilton Thos lab Yukon Gold Co

Hammer Conrad

Hand Arthur mach B&BLtd

Hanna Jos mens furngs

Hansen Odin

Hansen John winchmn The NNW Corp Ltd Harding C miner The NNW Corp Ltd Hardy R lab Yukon Gold Co Harkins Geo

Harold Mary F asst mgr Cascade Steam Laundry Harramura Fred cook B&BLtd Harrington John miner Haughton Bruce R

HAWKSLEY JOHN, Indian Agent Yukon Territory

Hawn Edw lab Yukon Gold Co

Heggem Hans oiler The NNW Corp Ltd

Hegstrom Hilmer opr Yukon Gold Co

Henderson Grant miner

Henderson H C assayer Yukon Gold Co

Hendrickson G firemn Yukon Gold Co

Herbster F J lab Yukon Gold Co

Hickey Edw E lab B&BLtd

Hickling Fred carp

HIGHLAND MARY MINE, John McFarland Pres-Mgr

Hoggan Dorothy tchr

Hoggan John master mariner

Hoggan John W miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Holbrook S C farmer

Hollenbeck John roadhouse

HOLT TRACTORS, Klondike Thawing Machine Co Distributors

Hooker Jas E oiler B&BLtd

Hooker Robt oiler The NNW Corp Ltd

Horsfall Ada wtrs

Horsfall Rose lndrs Cascade Steam Lndry

Hoskings A J lab Yukon Gold Co

Houghtaling Edw B mgr B&F Store

Houghton Bruce miner

Howes Geo foremn B&BLtd

Huff Jerry billiards

Hughes Jas guide

Hughes Thos lab Yukon Gold Co

Hull F lab Yukon Gold Co

Hunter C F lab Yukon Gold Co

Hutchinson Jas foremn B&BLtd

Inkster Wm carp

Irvin Saml miner

Irving J G foremn Yukon Gold Co

Iseman Harry B

Jacobs A C lab Yukon Gold Co

Jackson Elmer miner

Jeanneret Chas pres-mgr Jeanneret Jewelry Co Ltd

JEANNERET JEWELRY CO LTD THE, Chas Jeanneret Pres-Mgr, Jeweler, Diamonds, Watches, Native and Outside Jewelry, Silverware, Cut Glass and Novelties, Engraving and Jewelry Manufacturing

JECKELL GEORGE A, Comptroller Yukon Territory

Jensen Peter oiler The NNW Corp Ltd Johnson Chas driller Yukon Gold Co Johnson Eric lab B&BLtd Johnson Fred piper Yukon Gold Co

JOHNSON GEORGE F (Klondike Thawing Machine Co)

Johnson Gus mgr Cascade Steam Laundry

Johnson Swan lab B&BLtd

Johnston Robt J barber

Jolicoeur Godfroid farmer

Jones Matthew H (Dawson Hardware Co)

Jorgensen Morten tlr

Joswold Ole blksmith B&BLtd

Joy J B staff sergt RCMP


Juneau Edw winchmn B&BLtd

Kaiser Chas hdw

Kannabek Jos miner

Karpunen P miner The NNW Corp Ltd

KASTNER O F (Coates & Kastner) Mgr Dawson News Publishing Co

Kaulback Chas lab B&BLtd

Kawahara S cook The NNW Corp Ltd

Kawakami Shuzaburo notions

Kazinsky John P winchmn Yukon Gold Co

Kazinsky John P jr lab Yukon Gold Co

Kazinsky Louis lab Yukon Gold Co

Keating Josephine smstrs

Keeling Celia I Mrs baths

Kellerman A linemn B&BLtd

Kelly K G elk Bank of Montreal

Kelly Philip M mine recorder

Kemp Ernest miner

Kennedy Duncan lab Yukon Gold Co

Kennedy Jas lab B&BLtd

Ker Marguerite Mrs lndrs Cascade Steam Lndy Kerr Geo linemn B&BLtd Kilbride Fred winchmn The NNW Corp Ltd King Walter lab

Kinney Margaret nurse St Marys Hospital

Kinsey Olive A student

Kirby C miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Kirk Alexandra Mrs

Kirk John lab B&BLtd

Kline John


KLONDIKE THAWING MACHINE CO (Geo F Johnson) "The Store That Sells Most Everything", Sole Agents in Yukon and Alaska for Holt Caterpillar Tractors, Ford Dealers and Authorized Service (See p 476)

Knaus Fred lab B&BLtd

Knudson P A (Royal Alexandra Hotel)

Kondroski A lab B&BLtd

Korbo C Mrs cook Yukon Gold Co

Korbo John mach B&BLtd

Korbo Martin tmstr Yukon Gold Co

Korbo Mildred sten Yukon Gold Co

Koslosky Jos lab

Kotilainen W lab Yukon Gold Co

Kuback Wm

Kunze Bertha Mrs cook

Kunze Bonnar electn

Kunze Edw opr Yukon Gold Co

Kunze J B lab Yukon Gold Co

Kunze W E Mrs cook Yukon Gold Co

Kviten Jos piper Yukon Gold Co

Labbe Jean L

Lachappelle J O phys pres-mgr Northern Fox Ranch Co Ltd

Lamore U miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Lamotte Francois

Lamotte Jos wood chopper

Langevin J B lab

Langley Jas lab

Lanoff Jas lab B&BLtd

Larsen Emil lab Yukon Gold Co

Larsen G miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Lawson Thos cook RCMP

Lean David sergt major RCMP

Learmont Jack (Principal Hotel)

LeBlanc W miner The NNW Corp Ltd

LeBlond G miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Leblond Stanley tmstr Yukon Gold Co

LaBrosse J miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Lee Alfred E mgr Dawson Electric Light & Power Co Ltd and Dawson City Water & Power Co Ltd

Lee Allan E welder The NNW Corp Ltd Lee Geo miner The NNW Corp Ltd Lemieux Jos tmstr B&BLtd Lemoine Adlard driver J D Gadoua Lenez Peter lab

Lennon John miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Lennon R lab Yukon Gold Co

Lepine Henry wood chopper

Leroux T J lab B&BLtd

Leroux Z lab B&BLtd

Leslie Geo H miner

Lindahl Lillian wtrs

Lister Harry B foremn Yukon Gold Co

Lister Theo electn

Little Harry S trapper

Lloyd Jas C miner

Lnoff Jas mech Herbt Barber

Lord Gilbert lab Yukon Gold Co

Loveridge Wm E foremn Yukon Gold Co

Lowden Wm C lab The NNW Corp Ltd

Lowe Edw lab Yukon Gold Co

LOWE ROBERT, Speaker, Member from White Horse Yukon Council

Lowe Rufus C miner Lowry Geo constable RCMP Lowry Henry

Loyal Order of Moose Hall

Lude John mach Yukon Gold Co

Lund J miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Luyckens Louis miner

Lynch Thos miner The NNW Corp Ltd

McAndrew Patk trapper

McCain C H Mrs cook Yukon Gold Co

McCarter Alex Post Master

McCormick Saml livery stable

McCown Jean Mrs

McCoy Hattie Mrs baths

McCrimmon J miner The NNW Corp Ltd

McCroal Jas miner

McCuish Murdoch miner

McCutcheon John foremn Yukon Gold Co

McDonald Alex B supt The NNW Corp Ltd

McDonald Daniel H tmstr B&BLtd

McDonald Jas C lab Yukon Gold Co

McDonald Roderick winchmn B&BLtd

McDonnell C M foremn Yukon Gold Co

McDonnell Harry M dredgemaster The NNW Corp Ltd

McEdwards J miner The NNW Corp Ltd

McElfish Thos S

McFarland Warren H S mgr New North West Corporation Ltd mgr Burrall & Baird Ltd

McFARLANE JOHN, Pres-Mgr Highland Mary Mine, City Water Contractor, City Garbage Contractor, Teaming and Grading Contractor, Express, Dray and Transferman (See p 479)

McGillivary John miner

Mclver Murdoch J acct

McKay D J driller Yukon Gold Co

McKean A D lab B&BLtd

McKee J T dredgemaster Yukon Gold Co

McKenzie A lab B&BLtd

McKenzie Wm F elk P O

McKim S C liquor vender

McKinnon Malcolm oiler B&BLtd

McKinnon M J miner The NNW Corp Ltd

McLaren Elizabeth


McLaren Robt C chief Dawson Fire Department

McLean Alex carp

McLean D L lab Yukon Gold Co

McLean J W 2d hd gds

McLean R lab Yukon Gold Co

McLellan Saml dredgemaster B&B Ltd

McLennan John tmstr B&B Ltd

McLennan M miner The NNW Corp Ltd

McLeod Agnes M (wid Chas R)

McLEOD CHARLES E, Crown Prosecutor

McLeod David W miner

McLeod Donald C acct B&BLtd

McLeod H Gordon acct Bank of Montreal

McMillan Daniel miner The NNW Corp Ltd

McNeill F A lab B&BLtd

McNeill Jas H supt works and buildings Yukon Territory

McRae D M foremn Yukon Gold Co

McRae M Mrs cook Yukon Gold Co

MACAULEY CHARLES D, Judge Territorial Court

MacDougall Jas keeper Northern Fox Ranch Co Ltd

Mack John tlr

MacKeen Alex D miner

MacKeen A P teller Canadian Bank of Commerce MacKENZIE GEO P, Commissioner of the Yukon Territory

Maclennan Alex M miner Maclennan John F drugs

MacMillan W A A gen supt The NNW Corp Ltd Maddocks Edw dept mgr Northern Commercial Co Ltd Magnuson J L foremn Yukon Gold Co Magretta John miner Mahon Henry

Majenpaa M miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Malstrom Harold lino opr Dawson News Publishing Co

MALTBY JOHN A M H, Territorial Sec and Treas Yukon Territory, Clerk of Yukon Council

Manchester Donald lab Yukon Gold Co

MANCHESTER M D, Electrical Supt Yukon Gold Co

Manuel Teddy miner Marcoux Jos driver

Marcoux Napoleon tmstr Yukon Gold Co Marcus Frank lab The NNW Corp Ltd Marsh Chas L mining

Marshall Wm miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Martin L G nurse St Marys Hospital

Martineau J miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Masonic Temple

Matheson Saml miner

Mayer H W foremn Yukon Gold Co

Mellish John lab Yukon Gold Co

Mellish John M lab

Mellon O lab Yukon Gold Co

Melville Wm R


Mercier A miner The NNW Corp Ltd Merrill F lab Yukon Gold Co Meyer C H foremn Yukon Gold Co Miller H L meat ctr Waechter Bros Co Mills Chas W eng

Moffat Geo blksmith Yukon Gold Co Moll Paul miner The NNW Corp Ltd Moon Geo L lab Yukon Gold Co Moore Chas F lab

Moore Nora Mrs cook Yukon Gold Co

Moore Wm A dredgemaster The NNW Corp Ltd

Moore Wm H lab Yukon Gold Co

Moquin Victor supt The NNW Corp Ltd

Morgan J W

Morgan Margaretta Mrs

Morishige Frank cook B&BLtd

Morlock Geo W barber

Morrah Frank lab B&BLtd

Morse Harry

Morse R A watchmkr Jeanneret Jewelry Co Ltd

Moskeland J E moat bldr

Munro Daniel foremn Yukon Gold Co

Murphy J C piper Yukon Gold Co

Murphy Walter mech Yukon Gold Co

Murray J R messr Canadian Bank of Commerce

Murray Wm J firemn Northern Commercial Co Ltd

Nacke H jeweler Jeanneret Jewerly Co Ltd

Nadeau Fredk lab

Naskedoff Geo lab Yukon Gold Co

Nee Jos M

Nelson Geo oiler The NNW Corp Ltd Nelson J M lab Yukon Gold Co


Newman Thos winchmn The NNW Corp Ltd

Nordling Hannah (wid Otto)

Nordling Oscar lab Yukon Gold Co

Nordling Paul lab Yukon Gold Co

Nordstrom A J lab B&BLtd

Norman C J harness mkr

Norman Henry lab Yukon Gold Co

Northern Commercial Co Ltd J A Donald mgr

Northern Fox Ranch Co Ltd J O Lachapelle pres-mgr

Oakden Wm blksmith ,

O'Brien F miner The NNW Corp Ltd

O'Brien J winchmn The NNW Corp Ltd

Occidental Hotel (A A Gordon Mrs D Dubois)

Odegard Carrie Mrs cook Yukon Gold Co

Odegard O lab B&BLtd

Odell Odin lab B&BLtd

Odon Hans lab B&BLtd

Ogburn Robt H supt Yukon Gold Co


Oglow Jas cigars and tobacco O'Keefe Michl wtr B&BLtd Oleson Anna P Mrs music tchr Oleson Ole driller Yukon Gold Co Oleson Richd A jeweler Olsen A oiler The NNW Corp Ltd Osborn Frank lab B&BLtd

OSBORN FRANKLIN H, Asst Territorial Sec and Treas Yukon Territory

Osborn Franklin H jr lab

Osborn Owen

Paddock Chas H

Paddock Geo A

Paddock Wm S greenhouse

Pasquin Christopher N lab Yukon Gold Co

Pastor Frank lab Yukon Gold Co

Patton Jas miner

Payson C C miner

Peek Henry M miner

Peltonen Frank shoemkr

Penny Patrick

Peter H E jeweler

Peterson John miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Peterson Michl firemn Yukon Gold Co

Peterson P H firemn Yukon Gold Co

Philip Chas S dry gds

Pickering Thos miner

Pierce Henry lab

Pigeon S oiler Yukon Gold Co

Pluth John tmstr B&BLtd

Pohl Geo whse foremn B&BLtd

Pontaletta P miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Pool Jas A oiler B&BLtd

Popovich Michl oiler Yukon Gold Co

Poulin G oiler The NNW Corp Ltd

Poulin Romeo lab

Powell D E mach B&BLtd

Powell Frank C acct Yukon Gold Co

Price Eug lab Yukon Gold Co

Price Louis


Ransley Alfred janitor P O

Ray Harry lab Yukon Gold Co

Razee Nellie

Rea Frank lab B&BLtd

Reardon David miner

Reardon Stephen carp Yukon Gold Co

Redmond Chas lab

Redmond Ernest J lab

Redmond Margaret M

Redmond Wm H lab Yukon Gold Co

Rendell Wm J v-pres The NNW Corp Ltd

REXALL STORE THE (W M Cribbs) Drugs (Sec p 479)

Reynolds Geo C rancher

Rice Fredk lab Yukon Gold Co

Richardson W lab Yukon Gold Co

Rickard Edw C gen mdse

Risberg C A miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Risco J miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Ritzman Peter

Rivers Chas

Robertson Duncan C miner Robinson R C opr Yukon Gold Co

ROCHESTER GRILL THE, Herbert Barber Mgr, Headquarters for Big Game, Mountain Sheep, Moose, Caribou and Cub Bear (See p 480)

ROCHESTER HOTEL (Andrew Rystogi), Dawson's Leading Tourist's Resort, Headquarters for Big Game Hunters and Mining Men, Touring Cars and Automobiles for Hire (See P 477)

Rogers Leland O mech Dawson Fire Dept

Rosman John T

Rossan Jos opr Yukon Gold Co

Rosseau Amie oiler B&BLtd

Rousseau Peter miner

Roy Paul dredgemaster B&BLtd

Royal Alexandra Hotel (J P Guite P A Knudson)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police E Telford Commander Yukon

Territory Ruiter Chas N Runacres E lab B&BLtd Rupe Margaret nurse St Marys Hospital Ryan David miner Rystogi Adam bakery RYSTOGI ANDREW (Rochester Hotel) Rystogi Frances

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church Rev G H Findley pastor St Laurent Peter miner

St Mary's Church (Roman Catholic) Rev Phileas Gagne pastor

ST MARY'S HOSPITAL, Sisters of St Anne in Charge

St Mary's School Sisters of St Anne in chg

St Paul's Anglican Church

Sampson Wm

Samuelson Martin lab

Samuelson S M elk Bank of Montreal

Sando J miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Sauer Geo lab The NNW Corp Ltd

Sauer Jos wtr B&BLtd

Saunders Danl tmstr B&BLtd

Schemer Birdie W .bkpr Waechter Bros Co

Schemer Henry J mgr Waechter Bros Co

Schink C E timekpr Yukon Gold Co

Schofield Fanny

Schubert Christopher lab Yukon Gold Co Schwartz J P carp RCMP


Scott Jane A Mrs nurse Scott Jos W tmstr Scougale Jas A dry gds Scougale John Seargent J cook Searle Edgar H

Seeley Alex elk Northern Commercial Co Ltd Segbers Hiram B elec supt The NNW Corp Ltd Segbers J A (Yukonia Hotel)

Seguin Alarie J dept mgr Northern Commercial Co Ltd

Seguin John eng

Semple Robt miner

Sence L lab Yukon Gold Co

SETTLEMIER C R, Editor Dawson Daily News

Sharkey Owen foremn Yukon Gold Co

Sharp Harry broker

Shaw Wm miner

Sibbald Geo lab Yukon Gold Co

Sim Robt miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Simmons Geo lab Yukon Gold Co

Simons Louisa Mrs bakery

Sinclair H miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Sipkus John wood dlr

Skelton Addie Mrs (Aurora House)

Skelton Harry H driver Dawson Fire Dept

Skistad Nels lab B&BLtd

Skoropata Steve winchmn B&BLtd

Sloane Sarah tchr

Smith C miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Smith Jonas lab Yukon Gold Co

Smith Spurgeon W electn

Smith Thos miner

Solvig G (Westminster Hotel)

Sorenson Wm lab B&BLtd

Span Tony driller Yukon Gold Co

SPENCE JOHN N, Wholesale and Retail Grocer, Teas, Coffees and Spices, Smoked, Cured and Salt Meats, Canned Goods, Flour and Feed, Fruit and Vegetables (See p 480)

Starvis T wtr The NNW Corp Ltd

Steers E E cook Yukon Gold Co

Stephens Chas corporal RCMP

Stepp Joshua E slsmn

Stevens Geo lab

Stevens John tmstr B&BLtd

Stevenson Geo

Stevenson John prospector

Stingle Jos W eng Northern Commercial Co Ltd Stone Chas T Stone Michl lab

Strathie Wm H (Yukon Sheet Metal Works)

Stringer Isaac O Rt Rev bishop Yukon Anglican Church

Sugyana Jas cook The NNW Corp Ltd

Sullivan A miner The NNW Corp Ltd Sullivan Chas

Summit Roadhouse (Jos Fournier) Sundeen Alex trapper Sundlin J lab Yukon Gold Co Svendson S foremn B&BLtd

Tani Geo cook Yukon Gold Co

Tarailom Nick oiler Yukon Gold Co

Tate Jas lab Yukon Gold Co

Taylor Albt B miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Telford Edw commander Yukon Territory RCMP

Tennant Chas I

Thomas Theo miner

Thompson Geo lab Yukon Gold Co

Thompson W E phys medical health officer Yukon Territory

Thomson D C mgr Canadian Bank of Commerce

Thornback Margaret Mrs

Thorne F lab Yukon Gold Co

Thurgood Ernest corp RCMP

Tilling Rose E

Totty Ada

Totty Benj missionary Totty Chas student Totty Martha

Townsend Alfred mach B&BLtd

Towrnsend H Emma

Townsend Turner N E florist

Townsend Wm miner

Trana Edw linemn B&BLtd

Tremblay Emilie (French Model Store)

Tretault Alfred h Front nr Albert

Tretsiak Josephine nurse St Mary's Hospital

Troberg Erick A mining

Troberg Ralph E student

Troberg Walter elk

Turcotte Geo miner The NNW Corp Ltd Turnbull Archie miner Turnbull John mining Twirdall O lab B&B Ltd

Union Bakery (Conrad Hammer) Upp D C auto repr Vagliano Max wtr B&BLtd Vale Anna housekpr

Vananzio Cicero blksmith Yukon Gold Co Vernon Geo

Vesco J P (V Vesco & Son) Vesco Vincent (V Vesco & Son)

VESCO VINCENT & SON (Successors to Frank & Vesco), Diamond Merchants and Manufacturers of Klondike Jewrfry, P O Box 435

Vetterich Otto miner The NNW Corp Ltd Vifquain Chas F elk Vilbrun Henry miner


Waechter Brothers Co Henry J Schemer mgr meats Walters J B electn

Warner Geo dredgemaster The NNW Corp Ltd

Watch Theo piper Yukon Gold Co

Watson Fred W lab Yukon Gold Co

Watson Geo constable RCMP

Watson G lab Yukon Gold Co

Waugh Elizabeth (wid Aaron)

Way Frank T

Welch B G foremn Yukon Gold Co

West J A boilermkr

Westerbrook Geo lab

Westminster Hotel (G Solvig)

White Jack lab B&BLtd

White Vincent P lab

Whiting A A lab B&BLtd

Whitmore Minnie Mrs (Freeman Hotel)

Wickman E M lab B&BLtd

Wickman Len foremn B&BLtd

Williams Alice M

Williams Geo N mining

Williams Jas miner

Williams Lyman lab Yukon Gold Co

Williams Wm winchmn The NNW Corp Ltd

Wilson Elizabeth Mrs

Wilson Emma L (Yukon Hotel)

Wilson Jas F mining

Wilson Thomas miner

Winaut Herbt (Edwards & Winaut)

Winklebeck Elsie lndrs Cascade Steam Laundry

Winram T J miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Wolfe Chas

Woodburn Edw A

Wright E L lab Yukon Gold Co

Wynen Jos miner The NNW Corp Ltd

Wynen Louise C Mrs dressmkr

Wyness Gladys tel opr

Wyness John

Yokada Y mach

Young C J constable RCMP

Yukon Gold Co Geo T Coffey res mgr

Yukon Hotel (E L Wilson)

Yukon Sheet Metal Works (Wm Strathie)

Yukon Telephone Syndicate Ltd Andrew Baird pres A E Lee mgr

Yukonia Hotel (J A Segbers) Zenier Chas lab

Zukoff Thos miner The NNW Corp Ltd

DAWSON DOME. See Moosehide Mountain.

DE WETTE. A flag station on the W P & Y Route, 84 m n of Skagway, Alaska, 27 s of White Horse, the nearest banking point, 17 n of Carcross, its nearest p o, and 5 s of Robinson Station.

DOME, THE. Elevation 4,250 ft. The nearest mountain in Klondike mining district. Noted for its midnight parties during the latter part of June to view the midnight sun, one of the many attractions sought by tourists.

DOMINION. A mining settlement and disc p o on a creek of the same name, a tributary of the Indian River, and on the Dawson-Granville road, 30 m se of Dawson, the nearest banking point and p o.

DONJEK. A roadhouse and trading post on a river of the same name at its confluence with the White River, the head of navigation on the latter, and on the Dawson-Chisana trail 162 m s of Dawson, the nearest banking point, and 60 s of Stewart River, its nearest p o.

DUBLIN GULCH. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, 200 m e of the mouth of the Stewart River and 250 e of Dawson, the nearest banking point. Mayo is the nearest p o.

DUGDALE. A flag station on the W P & Y Route, 99 m n of Skagway, Alaska, 12 s of White Horse, the nearest banking point and p o, and 10 n of Robinson Station.

DUNCAN CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, at its confluence with the Mayo River, a tributary of the Stewart River, 200 m e of the mouth of the latter, 250 e of Dawson, the nearest banking point, and 40 ne of Mayo, its nearest p o.

EAR LAKE. A flag station on the W P & Y Route, 107 m n of Skagway, Alaska, 4 s of White Horse, nearest banking point and p o.

ECLIPSE ROADHOUSE. A roadhouse JA m above the mouth of Hunker Creek, on the Dawson-Granville road, 10 m se of Dawson, the nearest banking point and p o.

ELDORADO CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, 10 m s of Dawson, the banking point and p o.

ENSLEY CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name near Dawson, the banking, commercial point and p o.

EUREKA CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, a tributary of the Indian River, 46 m s of The Forks and 4 m off the White Horse-Dawson trail. Mail weekly.

EUREKA LANDING. A station on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail and a steamboat landing at the head of navigation on the Hootalinqua River, 52 m n of White Horse, the nearest banking point and p o, 28 s of Hootalinqua and 10 w of Commercial Center.

FIVE FINGER RAPIDS. On the White Horse-Dawson River route on the Yukon River, 10 m s of Yukon Crossing.

FORKS, THE. A mining settlement at the junction of the right and left forks of Eureka Creek, a tributary of the Indian River, and on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail.

FORT CONSTANTINE. A fort on the Yukon River, 52 m sw of Dawson, the nearest banking point, and across the river from Forty Mile, the nearest p o.

FORT CUDAHY. See Forty Mile.

FORT RELIANCE. An abandoned fort on the Yukon River, 10 m n of Dawson, the nearest banking, commercial point and p o.

FORT SELKIRK. A telegraph station and trading post, also known as Selkirk, formerly an outpost of the R C M Police, on the Yukon River, 176 m se of Dawson, the nearest banking point, and across the river from Pelly, its p o.

FORTY MILE. (For names see Territorial Alphabetical List.) Pop 22. A p o and mining settlement, first settled in 1884, on a river of the same name at its confluence with the Yukon River, 52 m nw of Dawson, the banking point. Gold mining is the principal industry. Some very rich placer diggings are located on Chickenv Falls, Gate, Glacier, Herbert, Log Cabin, Miller and Wade creeksv all tributaries of Forty Mile River. It is a government telegraph station and has a blacksmith shop, general store, 2 hotels, roadhouse and Anglican Church. A Canadian customs office and a corps of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are also located here. Wells Fargo & Co express. Do-minrott Telegraph Service. Stage weekly in winter to Eagle, Alaska and Dawson, Y T.

FORTY MILE. A mining settlement and district on a river of the same name, which Res both in the Yukon Territory and the Territory of Alaska. This was one of the first placer camps in the North and considerable mining is still carried on. The principal creeks are Chicken, Jack Wade, Squaw and Canyon. A village by the same name at the confluence of the Forty Mile and Yukon rivers is the nearest p o and shipping point, which is also 52 m nw of Dawson, the nearest banking and supply point.

FORTY-ONE MILE ROADHOUSE. A roadhouse on the Dawson-Glacier Creek trail, 41 m sw of Dawson, the banking point, and 19 ne of Glacier Crereky the nearest p o.

FOURTH OF JULY CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name in the Kluane mining district, 150 m w of White Horse, the nearest banking point and p o.

FRASER FALLS. A trading post at Fraser Falls on the Stewart River, 200 m e of its mouth, 270 e of Dawson, the nearest banking point, and 30 e of Mayo, the nearest p o.

GALENA CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, one of the principal creeks in the Duncan mining district, 200 m e of the mouth of the Stewart River and 250 e of Dawson, the nearest banking point. Mayo is its p o.

GLACIER CREEK. (For names see Territorial Alphabetical List.) Pop 90. A p o and mining settlement on a creek of the same name, a tributary of the Sixty Mile River, 60 m via summer trail and 75 via winter trail, sw of Dawson, the banking point. Mining is the principal industry, gold having been found on Glacier, Miller and Big and Little Gold creeks in the vicinity. Mail stage to Dawson semi-monthly.

GLENBOYLE. A disc p o, logging and mining settlement on the north fork of the Klondike River, 26 m ne of Dawson, the p o, banking and commercial point. The hydro-electric generating plant of the Canadian Klondike Power Co is located here.

GOLD BOTTOM. See Hunker.

GOLD RUN. Pop 100. A mining camp, first settled in 1898, on Gold Run Creek, 55 m se of Dawson, the banking point. Placer mining is the only industry. Granville is the nearest p o.

GRAND FORKS. See Bonanza.

GRANVILLE. (For names see Territorial Alphabetical List.) Pop 150. A p o and mining settlement on Dominion Creek at the mouth of Gold Run Creek, 55 m se of Dawson, the banking and shipping point. It has a general store and 2 road-houses. Telephone connections with Dawson and the Klondike mining district. Mail stage semi-weekly to Dawson.

GRAVEL LAKE. A mining settlement on a lake of the same name near Clear Creek, a tributary of the Stewart River, 75 m above its mouth, 85 m cross country, se of Dawson, the banking point, and 35 ne of Black Hills, its nearest p o.

HAGGART CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, 200 m e of the mouth of the Stewart River and 250 e of Dawson, the nearest banking point. Mayo is the nearest p o.

HALFWAY ROADHOUSE. On the Dawson-Forty Mile winter trail, 25 m nw of the former.

HENDERSON CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, a tributary of the Yukon River, 4 m n of Stewart River, the p o, at the mouth of a river of the same name.

HIGHET CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, a tributary of the Stewart River, 200 m e of its mouth, 250 e of Dawson, the nearest banking point, and 40 nw of Mayo, its nearest p o.

HOOTALINQUA. A steamboat landing and telegraph station on the White Horse-Dawson River route at the confluence of the Hootalinqua, Teslin, Thirty Mile and Yukon Rivers, 80 m n of White Horse, the nearest banking point and p o.

HOOTCHI. See Hutshi Village.

HUMES. A station on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail, 112 m se of the latter, the banking point. Black Hills is the nearest p o.

HUNKER. (For names see Territorial Alphabetical List.) Pop 50. A p o and mining settlement, also known as Gold Bottom, first settled in 1898, at the confluence of Hunker and Gold Bottom creeks, and on the Dawson-Granville road, 35 m nw of Granville and 20 se of Dawson, the banking point. Has a public school, general store and hotel. Mining is the principal industry. The Yukon Gold Co has a dredge working 2]/2 m belo\v, and the Canadian Klondike Mining Co's dredge is about 4 m up Hunker Creek. Yukon Telephone Syndicate, connections with Dawson and the Klondike mining district. Semi-weekly mail stage to Granville and Dawson.

HUTSHI VILLAGE. An Indian village, also known as Hootchi, on the Dalton trail, which runs from Chilkat to Pelly, and on Hutshi Lake, 210 m s of Pelly, 70 nw of White Horse, the banking point, 12 n of Champagne, the nearest p o.

INDIAN RIVER. A mining settlement, roadhouse and stage station on a river of the same name, and on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail, 28 m se of the latter, the banking point, and 3 se of Radford, the nearest p o.

ISAAC CREEK. A steamboat landing, wood camp and telegraph station on the Yukon River 47 m below Pelly, the nearest p o.

ISHIITH. A native settlement on the Dalton trail and on Ishiith Lake, 75 m s of Pelly, the nearest trading post, and 85 nw of Champagne, the nearest p o.

JENSON ROADHOUSE. A roadhouse on Dominion Creek, at the mouth of Jenson Creek, 30 m se of Dawson, the banking point and nearest p o.

KENO HILL. Pop 600. (For names see Territorial Alphabetical List). A p o and silver mining camp 160 m e of Dawson, banking point, and 40 n of Mayo, shipping point. Here are located the mines of the Treadwell Yukon Co and Keno Hill Ltd, both of which are producing high-grade ore, averaging 250 ounces of silver to the ton. Keno Hill Ltd shipped out 3500 tons in

1922 and will aggregate 9800 tons in 1923, while the body of ore in sight in both properties indicates a doubling of this in 1924. Automobile stage to Mayo. Wireless telephone connections with Dawson and Mayo.


KIRKMAN CREEK. Pop 40. A disc p o and mining settlement on a creek of the same name, a tributary, right limit, of the Yukon River, 97 m s of Dawson, the banking point, and 25 s of Stewart River, nearest p o.

KLONDIKE CITY. A suburb of Dawson, lying s of same across the Klondike River. For names see Dawson.

KLONDIKE MINING DISTRICT. Is one of the richest placer mining district in the world. Commences at Dawson, runs s along the Yukon River to Indian River and e from Dawson along the Klondike River, including many smaller tributaries. Hunker, Bonanza, Sulphur, Dominion, Gold Run, Bear and many other smaller creeks are included in the district. Dawson is the banking, commercial point and p o.

KLUANE. A disc p o and mining settlement, also known as Silver City, first settled in 1904, on Lake Kluane at the mouth of Silver Creek, 150 m w of White Horse, the nearest banking and shipping point, and 90 w of Champagne, nearest p o. Monthly stage to Champagne and White Horse.

LANSDOWNE. A flag station on the W P & Y Route, 75 m n of Skagway, Alaska, 36 s of White Horse, the nearest banking point, and 8 n of Carcross, the nearest p o.

LAPIERRE HOUSE. A settlement at the confluence of the Waters and Bell rivers, the latter a tributary of the Porcupine River, and on the winter portage trail from the Porcupine to the Peel and Mackenzie rivers, 250 m ne of Dawson, the banking point, and 60 w of Fort McPherson, N W T, the nearest p o.

LAST CHANCE. A mining settlement and disc p o on Hunker Creek at the mouth of Last Chance Creek, and on the Dawson-Granville road, 10 m se of Dawson, the p o and banking point.

LEWIS. A telegraph and flag station on the W P & Y Route, 81 m n of Skagway, Alaska, 30 s of White Horse, the nearest banking point, and 14 n of Carcross, its nearest p o.

LITTLE RIVER. A roadhouse and stage station on a river of the same name and on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail, 41 m n of White Horse, the nearest banking point and p o.

LITTLE SALMON. A trading post on the Yukon River at the mouth of the Little Salmon River, 120 m n of WThite Horse, banking point, and 20 e of Carmacks, the nearest p o.

LIVINGSTON CREEK. A mining settlement and disc p o on a creek of the same name, a tributary of the Big Salmon River, 70 m ne of White Horse, the nearest banking and supply point and p o.

LORNE. A flag station on the W P & Y Route, 79 m n of Skagway, Alaska, 32 s of White Horse, the nearest banking point, and 12 n of Carcross, its nearest p o.

LOVETT GULCH. Pop 30. A mining district on a gulch of the same name, a tributary of Bonanza Creek, 4 m s of Dawson, the nearest banking point and p o.

LOWER BONANZA. That part of the Bonanza Creek mining district which is below Bonanza.

LOWER DOMINION. Pop 135. A disc p o and mining settlement, first settled in 1898, on Dominion Creek, at the mouth of Australia Creek, 36 m se of Dawson, the p o and banking point, and 6 below Dominion. Presbyterian Church. Yukon Telephone Syndicate, connections with Granville, Hunker, Dawson and the Klondike mining district.

LOWER LABARGE. A steamboat landing and telegraph station at the northern end of Lake Labarge, 375 m se of Dawson, the capital, and 50 n of W7hite Horse, the nearest banking point and p o.

LUTE RIVER ROADHOUSE. The second relay station on the WThite Horse-Dawson winter trail, 44 m n of White Horse, the nearest banking point and p o.

MAYO. Pop 600. A p o (p o name Mayo Landing), trading post and mining settlement, also known as Mayo River Crossing, situated at the confluence of the Mayo and Stewart Rivers, 170 miles above the mouth of the latter in Eastern Yukon, 240 miles by river from Dawson, the nearest banking point.

Mayo is the shipping point for the rich Keno Hill silver mining camp, which from present indications promises in course of development to rival the famous Cobalt mine, as some ore shipped from here the past year has run as high as 1000 oz. of silver to the ton and the average of all shipments has been over $200 to the ton. In 1921 a few tons were shipped. In 1922 there were 2300 tons shipped, in 1923, 9800 tons, and 1924 the estimate of the present operators is in excess of 25000 tons.

At present there are upwards of five hundred silver locations taken up and new discoveries are constantly being made.

Mayo has three general stores, a drug store, two hotels, two restaurants, a saw mill in course of construction, electric lights and telephone service. A station of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is located here.

Regular steamboat service is maintained by the White Pass & Yukon Route during the period of open navigation, and during the winter months a mail service is in operation by dog teams.


Abbott Nathan miner

Abbott Wm

Adair John miner

Alguire Daniel tmstr

Alverson John miner

Anam Olaf shoemkr

Anderson Emil

Anderson Jas A prospector

Anglican Church Rev F H Buck pastor

Arbitinor Steve

Arnold Alfred F miner

Ballentine David W chief Mayo Fire Dept

Barker Edw H master mech Treadwell Yukon Co Ltd

Beaupre Jos elk J E Benet

Bellerby John foremn

Benet J E gen mdse

Benet & LeFebre Fred LeFebre mgr saw mill Berton F J mine recorder Biseak Jos miner Bisner Ferdinand miner Bisner Geo

Blackmore Saml tmstr

Boerner C A elk Northern Commercial Co Ltd Bond Jack bar tender J E Benet Bouvette Louis miner

Bradley F W pres Treadwell Yukon Co Ltd

Bramlev Wm miner

Broadway Hotel (Saml Tunnicliffe)

Buck Frank H Rev pastor Anglican Church

Burns B miner

Burrett A miner

Butijer Matthew miner

Cameron Benj Cantin Frank miner Cantin Jos lab Carscallen Frank miner Chipman Wm W phys Churchward Guy S sheet metal wks Churchward Philip E Clemont Floyd

Clifton Jos W elk Taylor & Drury Ltd Cody Jas agt Northern Commercial Co Ltd Collins Thos carp Combs Lee carp Cooley John S Cordery Geo

DeChamplein Ernest eng

Dempster John staff sergt RCMP

Desjardin Alsed carp

Dorbolo John miner

Douglas Frank P elk J E Benet

Douglas Hannah Mrs


Douglas Wm L govt vender

Doyea Frank greenhouse

Dube Fortuna orderly Mayo General Hosp

DuBois Jos barber

Dynen Jeff

Elwell Edgar H

Erickson A miner

Faulkner John T lab

Fawcett John prospector

Ferrell J Emmett member Yukon Council real est Fisher Robt miner Fluhman Fredk Flynn Michl

Forbes Kenneth A millwkr Forrey Geo miner Foss Fred

Galbraith Findley lab Gammon Albt lab Gauvin Wilfred W miner Genert O carp Gill Fred R mining Gillespie Richd L mining recorder Godbout Gervias P miner Goulet Octave

Greenfield Jas (Greenfield & Pickering)

Greenfield & Pickering (Jas Greenfield J E Pickering) freighters Grugan Frank elk J E Benet Hardy Thos Hare W S photog

Hargreaves W B eng Treadwell Yukon Co Ltd Hayden Raymond miner

HIGHLAND MARY MINE, John McFarland Pres-Mgr

Hoder Jas lab Hoder Jos

Hoffman Grant miner

Hoggan Dorothy E tchr Mayo Public Sch

Holle Dora elk J E Benet

Hollenbach Anthon A

HOTEL ROYAL ALEXANDRA (Oscar Letourneau), The Leading Hotel of the Mayo and Famous Keno Hill Mining Districts

Hoyne Martin J

Ives E G (Silver King Mine)

Jackson Thos

Jahnke Albt mining

Johanson Jos

Johnson Andw

Johnson Fred miner

Johnson Hans R miner

Johnson Ole


Jones Nora Mrs nurse Mayo General Hosp

Jones Richd W Joyal Eli

Keating Thos miner

KENO HILL LTD, Col O B Perry (N Y City) Pres-Gen Mgr, F R Short Resident Mgr, Mining

Kimbel Edw carp

Kinsey Agnes J Mrs bakery

Ladd Thos H

Leiveillier Louis miner

Lerebre Fred saw mill

Lesperance N A welder

LeToureau Gideon carp

Letourneau Oscar (Hotel Royal Alexandra)

Levace Raoul

Lindahl Augusta Mrs

Lindquist Magnus mining

Longton Jos

McCoffery Jos F prospector McCown Malcolm driver McDonald John porter J E Benet

McDougall Elizabeth nurse in chg Mayo General Hosp

Mclvor Patk lab

McKay Thos prospector

McKinnon Jas lab

McKinnon Peter T prospector

McLaren Malcolm farmer

McMaster John D miner

McVicar Archie

Maclennan D R drugs

Maelisch M miner

Mallette Isaac miner

Martin Archibald A miner

Matheny C D millwright

Matheson Adolphine sec-treas Mayo Utilities Co Ltd Matheson D A pres-mgr Mayo Utilities Co Ltd Maynard John miner

Mayo Fire Department D W Ballentine chief

Mayo General Hospital Elizabeth McDougall nurse in chg

Mayo Public School

Mayo Utilities Co Ltd D A Matheson pres-mgr Adolphine Matheson sec-treas

Merriman Chas E miner

Middlecoff Elmer mining

Miller Geo H mining

Mitchell Fanny (wid Fred) bakery

Morgan Jos

Morneau David miner

Morris Chas

Morrison Hector miner

Mowatt Alexander

Negreau Clara Mrs

Nicol Alexander J miner

Niddery Norman miner


Noble Hugh

Northern Commercial Co Ltd James Cody agt O'LOANE RICHAED M, Mgr Taylor & Drury Ltd

s~- :

Painter Isaac

Parker John F lab

Peterson Chris miner

Phillips Jas E mining

Pickering J E (Greenfield & Pickering)

Portlock Wm miner

Powers Thos

Profeit Alec A firemn

Rasmuson Rudolph mining

Ray Irvin F elk Northern Commercial Co Ltd

Reddy Alfred

Reinhardt Harry W acct

Rich Cora Mrs

Rich Gilbert R miner

Ringle Stephen

Rivet L H Rev pastor St Joseph's Church

Roar Harry

Rockney Chas

Ross John A prospector

Royal Canadian Mounted Police John Dempster staff sergt in chg

St Joseph's Church Rev L H Rivet pastor

Scott R J constable RCMP

Schellinger A K eng

Shasta Massa cook Mayo General Hosp

Short F R res mgr Keno Hill Ltd

Silver King Mine (EG Ives)

Smith John V prospector

Smith Jonas miner

Snell Coleman L sawmill

Spence John miner

Spence Robt

Steeves Rupert S carp

Stewart Alexander mining

Sturgeon Chas farmer

Sunderland Floyd E wtr

Taylor Isaac managing dir Taylor & Drury Ltd

TAYLOR & DRURY LTD, Isaac Taylor Managing Director, Wm S Drury V-Pres and Sec, Gen Mdse (See p 519)

Titus Lewis whsemn Treadwell Yukon Co Ltd Tormey W prospector

Treadwell Yukon Company Ltd F W Bradley pres Livingston

Wernecke gen supt Tresidder Chas prospector Tunnicliffe Saml (Broadway Hotel) Turgeon Chas trapper Turner John prospector Vanagare Johan gard Frank Doyea Volkman B M (Yukon Saw Mill Co)

Walby Wm prospector Waters W C postmaster

Wernecke Livingston gen supt Treadwell Yukon Co Ltd

White Stanley J bkpr

Whitney Frank A elk Taylor Drury Ltd

Williamson Thos trapper

Yamashita Thos cook

Yukon Gold Company Col O B Perry gen mgr

YUKON SAW MILL CO (F S Neill, B M Volkman), Lumber Manufacturers and Logging Operators, Offices and Mills Mayo and Dawson, Logging Camps Mayo Lake

Zucco Antonio miner

MILES CANYON. A flag station on the W P & Y Route, 105 m n of Skagway, Alaska, and 6 s of White Horse, the nearest banking point and p o.

MINTO. A roadhouse and station on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail, 155 m se of the latter, the banking point, and 21 nw of Pelly, the nearest p o.

MINTO BRIDGE. A disc p o and mining settlement on the Mayo-Duncan trail at the confluence of the Minto Creek and the Mayo River, a tributary of the Stewart River, 180 m e of the mouth of the latter, 240 e of Dawson, the banking point, and 10 n of Mayo, its shipping point and p o. Mining is the principal industry.

MONTAGUE, A roadhouse stage station on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail and the Nordenskiold River, 107 m n of White Horse, the banking point, and 25 s of Carmacks, the nearest p o.

MONTANA CREEK. A station on a creek of the same name, a tributary of the Indian River, and on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail, 295 m nw of the former, 34 se of the latter, the banking point, and 9 se of Radford, the nearest p o.

MOOSEHIDE MOUNTAIN. Elevation 3270 feet. Also known as Dawson Dome. Noted for its midnight parties during the latter part of June to view the midnight sun, one of the many attractions sought by tourists.

NANSEN CREEK. Pop 30. A mining settlement ott a creek of the same name, 46 m w of Carmacks, the nearest supply point and p o.

NINE MILE. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, a tributary of the Indian River, 9 m from its mouth, 25 s of Dawson, the banking point, and 9- w of Radfordr the nearest p o.

NORDENSKIOLD. A roadhouse and stage station? on Ktushna Creek and on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail, 63 m n of White Horse, the nearest banking point and p o.

OGILVIE. A landing and telegraph station on the Yukon River opposite the mouth of the Sixty Mile River, 48 m s of Dawson, the nearest banking point, and 22 n of Stewart River, its nearest p o. Dominion Telegraph Service.

OLD REID HOUSE. A settlement on the Stewart River, 100 m se of Dawson, the banking point. Black Hills is the nearest p o.

OPHIR. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, near Dawson, the banking point and p o.

PARIS. Pop 25. A p o and mining settlement on Dominion Creek, first settled in 1901, 32 m se of Dawson, the banking point, and 3 below Caribou (Dominion). Yukon Telephone Syndicate.

PARTRIDGE CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, a tributary of Clear Creek, near its confluence with the Stewart River, 110 m above its mouth, 150 e of Dawson, the banking point, and 35 ne of Black Hills, its nearest p o.

PELLY. (For names see Territorial Alphabetical List.) Pop 120, Natives and whites. A p o and stage station on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail on the left limit of the Yukon River opposite Selkirk, 174 m se of Dawson, the nearest banking point, and 214 nw of White Horse, also a banking point. Anglican Church. Dominion Telegraph Service. Stage to White Horse and Dawson, semi-weekly in winter.

PELLY CROSSING. A station on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail, 131 m se of the latter, the banking point, and 45 nw of Pelly, its nearest p o.

PENNINGTON. A telegraphone flag station on the W P & Y Route at the boundary between British Columbia and Yukon Territory, 52 m n of Skagway, Alaska, its nearest banking point, and 16 s of Carcross, its nearest p o.

PUEBLO. A telegraphone flag station, trading post and mining settlement, also known as Pueblo Mines, at the northern terminus of the Macrae Spur of the White Pass & Yukon Route, 11m nw of Macrae and 19 w of White Horse, the nearest banking point and p o.

QUARTZ CREEK. See Radford.

RADFORD. (For names see Territorial Alphabetical List.) Pop 65. A p o and mining settlement, first settled in 1899, on Quartz Creek, 25 m se of Dawson, the banking and shipping point. Anglican and Catholic churches. Yukon Telephone Syndicate. Stage several times a week in winter to Bonanza, Eldorado Creek and Dawson and once a week to Dawson in summer.

RAMPART HOUSE. Pop 200. Whites and natives. A landing at the head of navigation on the Porcupine River, near the international boundary, 225 m (air line) n of Dawson, the nearest banking point, and 235 ne of Fort Yukon, the nearest p o. A customs office and a station of the RCMP are located here. Mail four times a year.

RINK RAPIDS. On the White Horse-Dawson River route on the Yukon River, 7 m s of Yukon Crossing.

RITCHIE'S. A landing on the Yukon River, 150 m nw of Pelly. Stewart River is the nearest p o.

ROBINSON STATION. A roadhouse (formerly a p o) and flag station on the W P & Y Route, 89 m n of Skagway, Alaska, 22 s of White Horse, the nearest banking point and p o, and 22 n of Carcross, also a p o.

ROCK CREEK ROADHOUSE. A roadhouse on a creek of the same name at its confluence with the Klondike River, and on the Dawson-Granville road, 11 m e of Dawson, the nearest banking point and p o.

RUDE CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same, name, a tributary of the White River, which empties into the Yukon River, 98 m below Selkirk and 10 above Stewart River, the nearest p o.

SCROGGIE CREEK. (For names see Territorial Alphabetical List.) A p o and mining settlement on a creek of the same name, at its confluence with the Stewart River, 22 m from its mouth and on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail, 100 m s of Dawson, the banking point.

SELKIRK. Pop 150, natives and whites. A steamboat landing and telegraph station, also known as Fort Selkirk, on the Yukon Ri ver near the mouth of the Pelly River, 214 m n of W^hite Horse, 176 s of Dawson, both banking points, and across the river from Pelly, its p o.

SELWYN. A station on a river of the same name at its confluence with the Yukon River and on the government telegraph line between Dawson and Atlin, B C, 150 m se of Dawson, the banking point, and 36 w of Pelly, the nearest p o.


SILVER CREEK. A mining settlement on a creek of the same name near Kluane.

SIXTY MILE. A roadhouse, mining settlement and landing on the Yukon River at the mouth of Sixty Mile River, 48 m s of Dawson, banking point, and 20 n of Stewart River, the nearest p o.

STEAMBOAT BAR. A mining settlement near Clear Creek.

STEVENS. A station on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail, 94 m se of the latter, the banking point, and 38 se of Black Hills, the nearest p o.

STEWART CROSSING. A station on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail 75 m se of the latter, the banking point, and 19 se of Black Hills, the nearest p o.

STEWART RIVER. (For names see Territorial Alphabetical List.) Pop 25. A p o and mining settlement, first settled in 1897, at the confluence of the Stewart and Yukon Rivers, 70 m s of Dawson, nearing banking point It is also a government telegraph station on the line between Atlin, B C, and Dawson. It is the supply point for Barker, Black Hills, Donahue, Henderson, Scroggie and Thistle Creeks. Boat connections with Dawson, Mayo and White Horse semi-weekly during the summer. Mail semi-weekly.

SULPHUR. A disc p o and mining settlement on a creek of the same name, 37 m se of Dawson, the banking point, and 17 se of Hunker, the nearest p o. Stage to Granville, Hunker and Dawson.

SUMMIT ROADHOUSE. A roadhouse on King Solomon Dome on the Dawson-Granville road, 28 m se of Dawson, the nearest banking point, and 8 s of Hunker, its nearest p o.

SWEDE CREEK. A mining and fox farming settlement on a creek of the same name, a tributary of the Yukon River, 7 m sw of Dawson, the nearest banking point and p o.

TAGISH. Pop 35, natives and whites. A government telegraph statioft and Indian reservation on Tagish River between Lakes Marsh and Tagish, 50 m sw of White Horse, the nearest banking point, and 25 ne of Carcross, its nearest supply point and p o.

TAKBINI. A roadhouse and stage station, the first relay stop on. the White Horse-Dawson winter trait, 22 m nw of White Horse, the nearest banking point and p o.

TANTALUS. See Carmacks,

TEN MILE* A mining settlement on a creek of the same name, 59 m s of Dawson, the banking point, 11 sw of Ogilvie, the shipping point on the Yukon River, and 22 se of Glacier Creek, the nearest p o.

TEN MILE ROADHOUSE. A roadhouse on the Dawson-Glacier Creek summer trail, 50 m ne of Glacier Creek and 10 s of Dawson, the banking point and nearest p o.

TESLIN. Pop 125, of which 25 are whites. A disc p o and trading post on a lake of the same name, at the headwaters of the Teslin River, 50 m se of White Horse, the banking point and p o reached by steamer four times a year. Mining and trapping are the principal industries. An Anglican Mission is located here.

THIRTY MILE. On the Dawson-Glacier summer trail, 30 m ne of Dawson, the nearest banking point and p o.

THISTLE CREEK. Pop 20. A disc p o and mining settlement on a creek of the same name at its confluence with the Yukon River, 90 m s of Dawson, the banking point, and 22 s of Stewart River, the supply point.

TRAIL GULCH. A mining settlement on a gulch of the same name, a tributary of Bonanza Creek, Al/2 m s of Dawson, the nearest banking point and p o.

TRONDYKE MINING DISTRICT. See Klondike Mining District.

TWENTY-FOUR MILE ROADHOUSE. A roadhouse on the Dawson-Glacier Creek summer trail, 36 m ne of Glacier Creek and 24 s of Dawson, the banking point and nearest p o.

UPPER BONANZA. That part of the Bonanza Creek mining district, which is above Bonanza.

UPPER LABARGE. A steamboat landing at the southern end of Lake Labarge, 425 m se of Dawson, the capital and 10 n of White Horse, the nearest banking point and p o.

UPPER PELLY. Pop 175, of which 25 are whites. A trading post on the Pelly River, at the mouth of the Ross River, 450 m by water ne of White Horse, the nearest banking point, and 250 se of Pelly, the nearest p o.

WATSON. A flag station on the W P & Y Route, 59 m n of Skagway, Alaska, 52 s of White Horse, both banking points, and 8 s of Carcross, its nearest p o.

WEST DAWSON. A suburb of Dawson w across the Yukon River, and connected therewith by government ferry, making hourly trips. For names see Dawson.

WETTELEA. See De Wette.

WHEATON. Pop 20. A quartz mining settlement on a river of the same name, 72 m s of White Horse, the nearest banking point, and 22 w of Carcross, its nearest supply point and p o.

WHEELERS. A roadhouse and stage station on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail, 127 m se of the latter, the banking point, and 24 se of Black Hills, the nearest p o.

WHELAN. A landing on the Yukon River, 186 m se of Dawson, the banking point and 10 e of Pelly, the nearest p o.


C1923-24) R. Li. POLK & CO.'S, INC.

Association of North American Directory Publishers

Members of Directory and Reference Media Department of Associated Advertising Clubs

of the World


J. Martin Gardner, Pres.

76 Church Street, Toronto, Canada.

Ik I* Polk, Jr., 1st V-Pres.

431 Howard Street, Detroit, Mich.

S. A. Manning, 2nd V-Pres.

S3 Lyman Street, Springfield, Mass.

B. J. Loranger, Secy—Treas. 524 Broadway, cor. Spring St., New York City, N. T.


R. It. Polk, Detroit. R. H. Donnelley, Chicago. W. I*. Richmond, Yonkers. Alvln B. Boyd, Reading. R. W. Lovell, Montreal. W. O. Torchiana, Phila. W. O. Foote, Atlanta. W. H. Lee, New Haven. D. W. Bowman, Akron. O. D'W. Marcy, Boston.

General Of floes: 524-528 Broadway, cor Spring St., Hew Tork City

vi T£? Association of North American Directory Publishers is composed of reputable City Directory Publishers, organized for the general advancement of the directory business. Any person, corporation or firm engaged in business as owner and publisher of a City Directory in the United States or Canada, who shall qualify as competent to gather information and compile a City Directory and furnish satisfactory references, is eligible to membership. The objects of the Association are:

First. The advancement of the Directory business and the improvement of Directories by the interchange of ideas and the exchange of experienced employes.

Second. To provide protection to the public against fraudulent advertising schemes which operate under the name of Directories, and to drive unprincipled promoters of the same out of business.

Third. To provide permanent and profitable employment to competent, industrious anl honest Directory canvassers and compilers.

Fourth. For the mutual protection and advancement of the established and prospective interests of all who may become members, by personal advice and assistance of members as may be mutually satisfactory, desirable or advisable, and by such other means as may, from time to time, be shown to be wise, proper and lawful.

All members of this association have subscribed to the following


1. To consider, first, the interest of the user of the book.

1. To subscribe to and work for truth, honesty and accuracy in all departments.

2. To avoid confusing duplication of listings, endeavoring to classify every concern under such headings as best describe it, and to treat additional listings as advertising, to be charged for at regular rates.

3. To increase public knowledge of what directories and reference media contain; to study public needs and make directories and reference media to supply them; to revise and standardize methods and classifications so that what is wanted may be most easily found, and the directory and reference media be made to serve their fullest use as business and social reference books and directories of buyer to seller and seller to his market.

4. To decline any advertisement which has a tendency to mislead or which does not conform to business integrity.

5. To solicit subscriptions and advertising solely upon the merits of the publication.

6. To avoid misrepresentation by statement or inference regarding circulation, placing the test of reference publicity upon its accessibility to seekers as well as on the number of copies circulated.

2. To co-operate with approved organizations and individuals engaged in creative advertising work.

7. To avoid unfair competition.

10. To determine what is the highest and largest function of directories and reference media in public service and then to strive in every legitimate way to promote that function.

•100.00 BSWABO will be paid by the Association for the arrest and conviction of any person or persons engaged in publishing, collecting or canvassing for any fraudulent or "fake" Directory.

City of White Horse

WHITE HORSE. Pop 500. It is the Yukon terminus of the White Pass & Yukon Railway and is situated at the head of navigation of the Yukon River; 111 miles from Skagway. White Horse is the distributing point for all of the Southern Yukon, including the upper Yukon, Hootalinqua, Big Salmon, Pelly and White River mining camps and trading posts, also the Lake Teslin country. It is also the headquarters and outfitting point for the big game hunters going into the Kluane, Mount Logan and McMillan districts and is the center of one of the finest big game countries in the world, where are found mountain sheep, moose, caribou and grizzly, brown and black bear: at this point guides, pack-trains and everything necessary for hunting trips can be secured. White Horse carries a special



appeal to the tourist, from its close proximity to such historical and scenic points as White Horse Rapids, Miles Canyon and Lake La Bar«e which can be reached from here both bv auto and motor boat, also for the hunter and fisherman as the adjacent country is teeming with small game, birds, waterfowl, salmon, trout, grayling and pike. It is also in the center of the mineral resources of the Southern Yukon as gold, silver and lead mining is carried on from seven to twenty miles away. Platinum and placer gold are found in the Kluane district. Rich copper deposits are located within eight miles of the town, and lignite coal is found all over the territory, and at present large deposits are being opened up near Carmacks.

Firm Abbreviations

B Y X Co—British-Yukon Navigation Co R C M P—Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The City Directory

places the city on the) map and is its only representative to the world beyond its own gates.

^ It is the city's catalogue of business and represents the city, its citizens and institutions in every corner of these United States.

€]f It is the logical means of publicity in advertising the city, its manufacturing industries, its advantages and resources.

The men who direct the affairs of progressive and up-to-date business institutions recognize the fact that the City Directory tells the story of the city's life and keeps it before the public as no other publication does or can.

CI Its Classified Business Section furnishes a list of all trades, professions and pursuits, constituting a special trade directory or buyers' guide and is the best advertising medium on earth.


Buyers' Guide


White Horse, Y. T.



Representing the Business, Commercial and Manufacturing Interests of the City

Hunters' and Miners' Supplies


Sales and Service


White Horse Yukon Territory





Complete Outfitters for Big Game Hunters

Branches at



White Pass Hotel


Headquarters for the

Big Game Hunters

of the

Yukon Territory


Where the White Railroad Meets the Yukon

Convenient to the Kluane and Macmillan Big Game Districts


Whitehorse Pharmacy








Always Fresh


Safety Deposit Boxes White Horse, Y. T.

F. H. DOREE, Publisher ESTABLISHED 1900

The White Horse Weekly Star

Is the Only Newspaper in the Entire


Advertisers who want to reach the readers of this large Territory can do so by using the columns of


application. Sample copies free.


White Horse Yukon Territory

The Gateway to the Klondike, Livingstone, Mayo, Kluane, White River and Other Yukon Mining Districts.

When You Think of


Our Specialties:

Seattle's Lar^ Catalogues, Booklets,

Modem Printing Trade Papers,

PIant Magazines



General Commercial Job Printing

Think of

Nothing Too Large, Too Small, nor Too Good Jor us to Handle


71 Columbia Street

Sixth Floor Poison Building


& Binding Co. Main 2244


Adam Jas cook RCMP

Adams C W master Stmr Alaska BYNCo

Aitken Robt M joiner BYNCo

Alguire Jas R (White Horse Steam Laundry)

Allan D R wtr BYNCo

Allen John wtr BYNCo

Allison J firemn BYNCo

Andelburg Peter boat bldr

Andrews Thos wtr BYNCo

Arctic Trading Co P Martin mgr gen mdse

Arias Alfred chf cook BYNCo

Armour A emp BYNCo

Atherton Chas T pres White Horse Curling Club

Atkinson C eng BYNCo

August R emp BYNCo

Austin S guide

Baker Jas miner

Barrett Edw opr

Basiren C emp BYNCo

Bass E constable RCMP

BAXTER CHARLES H, Guide to The Big Game Country of Yukon and Alaska, Saddle and Pack Horses, Camp Outfits For Parties, Information Regarding the Game Districts Will Be Furnished By Correspondence

Baylis A W msngr BYNCo Bebbelthwaite S emp BYNCo Bell Jas L police magistrate Bellamy John emp BYNCo Bellinger W W constable RCMP Bingham C emp BYNCo Bingham J H joiner BYNCo Blaker Percy pipe ftr BYNCo Blatta E constable RCMP Bolderston J lab BYNCo Boss Fred lab

Bourne J P chf eng BYNCo Bray J lab BYNCo British Yukon Navigation Co Brown A firemn BYNCo Brown Jas A

Brown Pearl Mrs (Commercial Hotel)

Bryden Roderick

Burden W W janitor BYNCo

Burnett Frederic J lab BYNCo

Burns P & Co Ltd Thos C Richards mgr meats

Calvert G L emp BYNCo

Calvert R L emp BYNCo

Campbell M master Steamer Dawson BYNCo

Carlson Mathias miner


Cederberg F emp BYNCo Chambers Geo driver


Chambers Harry fur buyer

Chantler Wm G carp

Chapman C H constable RCMP

Chatterton Robt emp BYNCo

Christian Science Society

Christensen O firemn BYNCo

Church of England Rev A J Shirley pastor

Church of the Sacred Heart

Churchill L lab BYNCo

City Cafe (Geo Yoshida)

Coghlan C M master Steamer White Horse BYNCo

Collector of Customs Saml Coulter

Commercial Hotel (Mrs Pearl Brown)

Conlin J G constable RCMP

Corbett S firemn BYNCo

Coulter Saml coir of customs

Cousins L millmn BYNCo

Cowley W master Steamer Nasutlin BYNCo

Crocker W J steward BYNCo

Croft G emp BYNCo

Crook R carp BYNCo

Culbertson Agnes (wid Edw)

CULBERTSON NORMAN E, Medical Supt in Charge White Horse General Hospital

Custer J cook BYNCo Cyr Tony

Dalby V wtr BYNCo

Daughters of the Empire (Imperial Order) Yukon Chapter Mrs Helen MacPherson regent Mrs Florence Culbertson sec Moose Hall

Davis H wtr BYNCo

Davis L C lab BYNCo

DeAudrey Earl emp BYNCo

DeHaven E E firemn BYNCo

Denver H A firemn BYNCo

Derby H carp BYNCo

Dominion Telegraph Office G S Fleming dist supt DOREE F H, Editor-Publisher White Horse Weekly Star

Drummiller Wm

DRURY WM S, V-Pres-Sec Taylor & Drury Ltd

Dunbar Geo emp BYNCo Dwyer C emp BYNCo Earl W J cook BYNCo Earle Robt M tmstr Elliott John eng Elliott Wm carp BYNCo Elvy S V emp BYNCo Faire A firemn BYNCo Fenwick S emp BYNCo Ferguson Peter lodging house Ferre G R cook BYNCo Field G wtr BYNCo

Flatt V wtr BYNCo

Fleming Geo S dist supt Govt Telg Office

FORD AUTOMOBILES, Wm A Pnckett Authorized Dealer (See p 518)

X \Ji LiV.1 J OS JCA.ni LWi n iinv J.XVJl OV \JV11 J-J-VJO^'

Fowler Gilbert foremn BYNCo

French John carp

Fukiu Yamakicki cook BYNCo

Fyfe K R teller Canadian Bank of Commerce

Galpin Wm G prin White Horse Public Sch

Galway M firemn BYNCo

Gardner J A mate BYNCo

Gartley B C firemn BYNCo

Gaudin Jas R P supt eng BYNCo

Glover J W constable RCMP

Gordon W D supt BYNCo

Gould A R joiner BYNCo

Government Assay Office Wm C Sime assayer in chg

Gray Fred electn

Gray N C emp BYNCo

Grieve W A firemn BYNCo

Griffith Thos rigger BYNCo

Guion E steward BYNCo

Gussfield A tinsmith BYNCo

Haines A H chf elk stores BYNCo Haley G wtr BYNCo Hall A H tinsmith BYNCo Hall E J firemn BYNCo Hallett A lab BYNCo Hallicher Harry emp BYNCo Hamacher E J photog Harbottle Frank E confr Hardie Robt lab BYNCo Harkin Geo purser BYNCo Harling E lab BYNCo Hartnett W I lab BYNCo Hatcher Wm emp BYNCo Hawke R messmn BYNCo Head A C sergt RCMP Hepburn S steward BYNCo Herding J A pilot BYNCo

Higgins Laurence vendor Government Liquor Store

Honess E S wtr BYNCo

Honess T G mate BYNCo

Huffstuler H firemn BYNCo

Huggins Cecil emp BYNCo

Hukill Mavis lndrs

Humphreys Fred steward BYNCo

Hunt E S wtr BYNCo

Hurlander F emp BYNCo

Hyde T B chf eng BYNCo

Ingram Wm carp BYNCo

Jackson David mariner


Jackson Jas master mariner Jackson Thos emp BYNCo James R watchmn BYNCo Jensen N C boilermkr BYNCo Johnson Chas (Regina Hotel) Johnson E carp BYNCo Johnson H W wtr BYNCo Jones Robt lab Jorgensen J emp BYNCo Kane Stanley janitor Kastner Otto F mail contr Kent J T eng BYNCo Kern R W eng BYNCo King A A purser BYNCo Knapp H W emp BYNCo

Lafuente J emp BYNCo

Langholz Fred E

Langille G emp BYNCo

Larssen P chf eng BYNCo

Lauderdale Jas chf eng BYNCo

Leary W emp BYNCo

Leason Frank M lab

Lee Thos lab BYNCo

Looney H G pilot BYNCo

Lowe Robt (Robt Lowe & Co)

Lowe Robt & Co (Robt Lowe) hay and grain

Loyal Order of Moose White Horse Lodge No 1320 Wm F Watson dictator Herbt MacPherson sec meets 2d and last Tuesdays

McAllister J firemn BYNCo

McAuley J firemn BYNCo

McBurnie H carp BYNCo

M^Cann J S master Steamer Yukon BYNCo

MsCleery R corporal RCMP

McClennon Saml emp BYNCo

McDermott D emp BYNCo

McDonald Murdo G ship carp BYNCo

McDonald R emp BYNCo

Mclver J emp BYNCo

Mclver Kenneth fishermn

McKay Danl pilot BYNCo

McLaren John A sec White Horse Curling Club

McLean Alex 2d mate BYNCo

McLeod A M mate BYNCo

McMahon W R constable RCMP

McMillan P D steward BYNCo

McNutt Geo carp BYNCo

McPhee J 2d mate BYNCo

McPherson John longshoremn BYNCo

McRae J emp BYNCo

McRae K D emp BYNCo

MacBride W D paymaster BYNCo

MacKay Donald master mariner MacLean D J mate BYNCo Maclennan Archie D lab BYNCo Maclew Jas firemn BYNCo

MacMurohv Donald E messr Govt Telg Office

MacMurphy Vera C elk

Mahar Wm lab

Marcil C B chf eng BYNCo

Marcotte Edwin barber

Marion N pilot BYNCo

Marquis H W pntr BYNCo

Marshall J I eng BYNCo

Martin ECT firemn BYNCo

Martin G S emp BYNCo

Martin Patk mgr Arctic Trading Co

Martin W S longshoremn BYNCo

Masonic—F & A M White Horse Lodge No 46 Robt M Aitken W M J B Watson sec C J Maclennan treas meets 3d Monday of each month

MACPHERSON H G (White Horse Pharmacy)

Miller Fred firemn BYNCo

Miller F W constable RCMP

Mills G E firemn BYNCo

Milne Mary nurse White Horse Gen Hosp

Mitchell W J firemn BYNCo

Moir G B eng BYNCo

Monteith A carp BYNCo

Montford J firemn BYNCo

Montgomery T emp BYNCo

Moorhead Wm J insp

Morgan C emp BYNCo

Morrison E master Steamer Canadian BYNCo

Mouret Tony cook BYNCo

Muirhead Donald A chf elk BYNCo

Murray Frank pilot BYNCo

Murray J D mate BYNCo

Murray Norman carp BYNCo

Murray P S blksmith BYNCo

Nash Peter emp BYNCo

Newcomb Ralph pilot BYNCo

Newmarch J C mgr Canadian Bank of Commerce

Newson H wtr BYNCo

Nicholas R constable RCMP

Nofstger A emp BYNCo

O'Connor Dennis blksmith O'Connor D B driver BYNCo O'Connor D B Mrs janitress BYNCo Oliver John Ostenstead Ole lab Owen E H eng BYNCo Page P wtr BYNCo Pattison J firemn BYNCo Pauvis Wm lab


Peters Jas mining

Peterson John emp BYNCo

Peterson Robt foremn BYNCo

Petrie Les emp BYNCo

Phelps Willard L lawyer

Porter Jas tlr

Povoas W J lab BYNCo

PUCKETT WM A, Fur Dealer and Exporter, General Outfitter for Hunting Parties, Miner's Supplies, Light and Heavy Hardware, Guns and Ammunition, Fox Breeder and Dealer in Breeding Stock, Ford Automobiles, Sales and Service (See p 518)

Purdie J R constable RCMP Raabe Geo pilot BYNCo Racy F mate BYNCo Rae Alex eng BYNCo Reddick Robt

Reddick Robt Mrs matron RCMP Redpath Jas steward BYNCo Regina Hotel (Chas Johnson) Rhind C F elk BYNCo

Rhodes Jessie matron White Horse Gen Hosp Richards J D fuel

Richards Thos C mgr P Burns & Co Ltd

Richardson A wtr BYNCo

Rife S wtr BYNCo

Roberts M emp BYNCo

Roberts Sarah

Robinson Geo cook BYNCo

Roils H longshoremn BYNCo

Rose Geo eng BYNCo

Rose John foremn BYNCo

Roy W firemn BYNCo

Royal Canadian Mounted Police A C Head staff sergt

Ryder Geo N elk

Ryder Roland driver

Salmon B J wtr BYNCo

Sansom John L

Saunders Richd

Schneider Hugo shoes

Scotland John chf eng BYNCo

Scott John H agt BYNCo

Seabrooks C I eng BYNCo

Sewell John gen mdse

Seymour G wtr BYNCo

Shaw W H steward BYNCo

Shea C emp BYNCo

Shirley J Alvin Rev pastor Church of England Short K wtr BYNCo Short L C purser BYNCo

SIME WM C, Assayer in Charge Government Assay Office

Simlett Justina tchr White Horse Public Sch

Skaling J emp BYNCo

Smith Camden G eng BYNCo

Smith J P sten BYNCo

Smith J R emp BYNCo

Smith Wm carp BYNCo

Somerton E J wtr BYNCo

Spreen A C purser BYNCo

Stankus Julius pilot BYNCo

Stanley Geo C pntr BYNCo

Stead Jas watchmn BYNCo

Steamer Alaska (BYNCo) C W Adams master

Steamer Canadian (BYNCo) E Morrison master

Steamer Casca (BYNCo) J O Williams master

Steamer Dawson (BYNCo) M Campbell master

Steamer Nasutlin (BYNCo) W Cowley master

Steamer White Horse (BYNCo) C M Coghlan master

Steamer Yukon (BYNCo) J S McCann master

Stewart A E foremn BYNCo

Stewart Hance lab BYNCo

Stewart J F constable RCMP

Stewart J L sec White Horse Tennis Club

Stoddart T J jeweler

Storer Wm wtr BYNCo

Stuart Albt pntr

TAYLOR ISAAC, Managing Director Taylor & Drury Ltd

TAYLOR & DRURY LTD, Isaac Taylor Managing Director, Wm S Drury V-Pres-Sec (See p 519)

Thomas Roderick guide

Thomas R G longshoremn BYNCo

Thompson E cook BYNCo

Tidbury E emp BYNCo

Tidd C B corporal RCMP

Tipping C B mate BYNCo

Todd E W cook BYNCo

Todd R emp BYNCo

Trenel Jos lab BYNCo

Trenel T 2d mate BYNCo

Trudel P carp BYNCo

Tyson Geo cook BYNCo

Vey Fredk eng

Vey W C chf eng BYNCo

VIAUX A K MRS (White Pass Hotel)

Vinall L A corp RCMP

Voss Albt cook

Vout A lab BYNCo

Walker. Geo A foremn BYNCo

Wall W emp BYNCo

Waller Frank mate BYNCo

Walsh Fred emp BYNCo

Walsh T P steward BYNCo

Warren E emp BYNCo

Watson John B opr Dominion Telg Service

Watson Wm S storekpr BYNCo


Weise John sec foremn

Weise Theresa B Mrs housekpr White Pass Hotel Wetherell H wtr BYNCo Whaley L A wtr BYNCo

White Horse Curling Club John A McLaren sec W^hite Horse General Hospital N E Culbertson medical supt in WHITE HORSE PHARMACY (H G Macpherson), Drugs, Stationery, Toilet Articles, Tobaccos, Souvenirs, Candies, Sporting Goods, Fishing Tackle and View Postal Cards (See p 521)

White Horse Presbyterian Church

White Horse Public Library Vera MacMurphy librarian

White Horse Public School Wm G Galpin prin

White Horse Steam Laundry (J R Alguire)

White Horse Tennis Club J C Newmarch pres J L Stewart sec

WHITE HORSE WEEKLY STAR, F H Doree Editor and Publisher (See p 521)

WHITE PASS HOTEL (Mrs A K Viaux) The Leading Hotel and Hunters Headquarters for the White Horse and Kluane Big Game Country (See p 520)

Whitney J P mining

Wild A firemn BYNCo

Williams John O master Steamer Casca

Williams Jos acct

Williams Owen lab BYNCo

WTilson D W purser BYNCo

Wilson Edw carp

Wilson Frank G carp BYNCo

Wilson Frank R lab BYNCo


Wilson H G wtr BYNCo

Wilson R S steward BYNCo

Wilson Susan S (wid Jos W)

Wilson Walter emp BYNCo

Woods G M eng BYNCo

Woods W chkr BYNCo

Wright R emp BYNCo

Wright W J cook BYNCo

Yoshida Geo (City Cafe)

Young Fred L mach BYNCo

WIGAN. A flag station on the W P & Y Route, 105 m n of Skagway, Alaska, and 6 s of White Horse, the nearest banking point and p o.

WOUNDED MOOSE. A station on the White Horse-Daw-son winter trail, 50 m se of Dawson, the banking point and 30 se of Hunker, nearest p o.

YUKON CROSSING. A roadhouse, stage and telegraph station, also known as Mackay, on the White Horse-Dawson winter trail where it crosses the Yukon River, 238 m se of Dawson, 152 n of White Horse, the nearest banking point, and 22 n of Carmacks, its nearest p o.

Yukon Territorial Alphabetical

List of Names

Adair John Keno Hill Adams Geo C Granville Adams John Selkirk Albertson John T Black Hills Alcorn Robt Black Hills Amerson Geo Keno Hill Anaslaff Christopher Black Hills Anderson J A Keno Hill Anderson Simon P Forty Mile Anderson Wyraan miner Carcross Anglican Church Carcross Ardon Lawrence L Black Hills Armstrong- Wm Kluane Atkinson Wm Pelly Austin Arthur R fox breeder Carcross Babcock John Glacier Creek Bachman John Keno Hill Back Frank H Carmacks Back Henry Carmacks Baker John Carmacks Barlow Ole Gold Run Barlow W supt Chooutla Industrial Indian School Carcross

Barnier Jos Granville Barrett Edw Lower Le Barge Barrett Frank miner Granville Barry Wm Glacier Creek Barton Jas firemn Keno Hill Ltd Keno Hill

Bayess Robt Big Salmon Beadey Stephen Granville Beamard Wm Black Hills Beauchamp Jos Kluane Beaulieu Michl Granville Beaume Hoe Ogilvie Beckers Theo miner Carcross Begs: Jas P emp BYNCo Carcross Belney Louis Cowley Benton Marvin W Gold Run Berg Ole restr Keno Hill Berglund Alfred Gold Run Bernier Alfred miner Granville Bernier Damasi miner Gold Run Bertrand Nicholas Gold Run Bertzner Saml Black Hills Bgonnis Ellif Granville Big Thing Mine Carcross Bindle H miner Keno Hill Bird Thos Gold Run Bishop Jas Porcupine Blater Edw corp in chg RCMP Car-cross

Boich Geo Gold Run Boich Michl miner Keno Hill Bokseth Peter Pelly Bond Saml Keno Hill Bonebrake Allen C Teslin Bones Morley E Kluane Borbeck Duncan prospector Carcross Boron Henry Teslin Boulyer Matthew Keno Hill Bower Fred miner Keno Hill Bowitte Louis Keno Hill Boyle Wm tmstr Keno Hill Ltd Keno Hill

Brady Patk lab Minto Bridge Bramley Wm Keno Hill Brefolt Chas Keno Hill Brennan Jas Keno Hill Brennan Wm G Granville Brewster Jas Keno Hill Bridgewater John E Glacier Creek Brijde Andw J Teslin Brockman Henry Black Hills Broderson Arthur Black Hills Broggio Louis Gold Run Broom Chas Ogilvie Broween Louis Black Hills Brown Alexander N Teslin

Brown Geo R Carmacks Brown Jas Black Hills Brown John Black Hills Bruce /m Porcupine Buchanan Wm Gold Run Buchard Theophilo Keno Hill Bungate Jas Glacier Creek Bunyan Jos Gold Run Burbank Oscar O Kluane Burns John T Black Hills Burt E C constable in chg RCMP Granville

Buteau Paul lab Dominion Buteau Peter Gold Run Butterfield Ernest tmstr Carcross Buttle Jas L Pelly Cameron Chas lab Keno Hill Ltd Keno Hill

Cameron Geo Granville

Cameron Jas Keno Hill

Campbell Edw Granville

Campbell Jas Black Hills

Card Stephen trapper Stewart River

Caribou Hotel (E W Gideon) Carcross

Caribou Mine Carcross

Carlison Matthew Teslin

Carlton Luke Black Hills

Carney P E emp BYNCo Carcross

Carpenter John H Black Hills

Carr Fredk Black Hills

Carter Blair B Keno Hill

Case John Keno Hill

Cathro Wm Selkirk

Cesaroni Venanzio Keno Hill

Chambers Geo Teslin

Chambers H postmaster Champagne

CHAMBERS SSBBMAK E, Postmaster and Operator Dominion Telegraph. Service, Carcross

Chandelois Jos Granville

Chapman Frank Pelly

Charlton Thos Black Hills

Chasni Frank Minto

Chauvin Archie gen mdse Keno Hill

Chisholm Jas H Keno Hill

Chooutla Industrial Indian School W

Barlow supt Carcross Churchill Wm Teslin Clark Frank W Black Hills Clark Wm Keno Hill Clements Elsie Granville Clethero Wm Teslin Cochran Howard blksmith Carcross Cody Andw miner Keno Hill Coe Emily R Granville Coigdarripe Louis tmstr Carcross Cole Chas Teslin Cole Howard Black Hills Collins Jas Black Hills Collins John A postmaster Glacier


Collins Thos H Granville Comstock Geo A Granville Connoly Patk Granville Constans Richd Black Hills Coomb ,Wm Black Hills Coombs Lee Keno Hill Copeland Wm T Teslin Coutts Chas Keno Hill Cox Jas Pelly Crosly G H McMillan River Crossley Geo Pelly Cunningham David Keno Hill Cyr Macine Cowley Daglish Hamilton Keno Hill Dahl John miner Hunker Creek Dahneke Wm Black Hills Dail Geo miner Carcross Danker Jos Keno Hill

Yukon Territorial Ust of Name*— Continued

Davidson Arthur Minto

Davidson Newton Black Hills

Davies Leander Cowley

Davis M Mrs cook Keno Hill Ltd Keno Hill

Dean H constable RCMP Keno Hill

Delhi Thos lab Hunker Creek

Devig- Nicolai Black Hills

Devlin Robt Black Hills

DeWitt Dawson B opr Dominion Telegraph Service Stewart River

Dickson Adam linemn Dominion Telegraph Service Carcross

Dickson Alfred Carcross

Dickson Ole Kluane

Dickson Thos A Kluane

Diebold John J Glacier Creek

Dillon John miner Keno Hill

Dogue Harry Granville

Dominion Telegraph Service Sherman

E Chambers opr Carcross Donohue John Glacier Creek Dorbolo John Keno Hill Dorreen Edw Black Hills Douglas Alex Glacier Douglas Walter Keno Hill Douglas Wm Keno Hill Drake Albt B Black Hills Draper Peter cook Keno Hill Ltd

Keno Hill

Dubois Amede miner Bear Creek

Dulin Michl Glacier Creek

Dunnett S miner Keno Hill

Edgett L W wtr BYNCo Carcross

Egan Jeremia Granville

Elliott Wm J Keno Hill

Ennis Robt H Granville

Erickson Axel Keno Hill

Erickson Leonard Keno Hill

Erwin Edw miner Keno Hill

Everton S emp BYNCo Carcross

Fanning John Forty Mile

Farquarhson Chas Ogilvie

Farr Jas A Granville

Five Fingrer Coal Co office Dawson mines Tantalus Butte near Car-macks on Yukon River 260 m above Dawson

Flamond Felix Granville

Forbes Alex miner Keno Hill

Forbes Wm H Keno Hill

Forrest Jesse Forty Mile

Forrest Thos Granville

Fothergill Christopher Ogilvie

Fournier Gene roadhouse Bear Creek

Frana Cimer Granville

Fraser W agt Wells Fargo & Co Exp Carcross

Frieberg John A "Stewart

Gagnon Albt Granville

Galbraith Findley Granville

Galena Hotel (Harry Yamasaki) Keno Hill

Gallagher Michl Granville Gannon Albt Keno Hill Gardner R 2d mate BYNCo Carcross Gash Geo E Teslin Gauvin Wilfred Keno Hill Geary Wm F Teslin Geddis Geo H Teslin Geoffray Alphonse Granville Gideon Edw W (Caribou Hotel) Car-cross

Gillespie Isaac L pntr Carcross Girard Vitall Black Hills Gleeson Danl Keno Hill Good Chas Carcross Good Hiram Carcross Good Holwan Carcross Good Reid Carcross Good Robt Carcross Gordon Alex Keno Hill Gordon Andw miner Keno Hill Gordon J miner Keno Hill Gotel Rosina Granville Gough Frank Stewart River

Goulat Octave Black Hills Goulter Frank Carmacks Go van Wm Granville Gramland Magnus Cowley Gramley Jas Keno Hill Grant R C emp BYNCo Carcross Grant Victor G real est Keno Hill Grant W wtr BYNCo Carcross Gray Copper Hotel (Wm F Powell)

Keno Hill Greaves Robt B postmaster Keno Hill Greenway Thos Carcross Greer L T Stewart River Grill John Granville Grindburgh Cornelius Glacier Creek Groshell Stephen Black Hills Guerin Napoleon Stewart River Gwyne Thos Stewart River Hadey Harold Granville Hale Martin L Granville Hall R P postmaster Pelly Halliday M R shift boss Keno Hill

Ltd Keno Hill Hallidav Roy Black Hills Hamilton Thos Black Hills Hammond S eng Keno Hill Ltd Keno


Hanson Christopher Black Hills Harris Edw W lab Carcross Hawthorne John miner Keno Hill Hayden Horace J Kluane Hayden Wm Minto Hayes A R miner Keno Hill Healey Albt C Big Salmon Hecland Julius J Black Hills Hecland Silas J Black Hills Heffring Harry Stewart River Hegstrom John Pelly Henderson Robt miner Keno Hill Herbert Frank Black Hills Herbster F J miner Keno Hill Heme Donald Black Hills Hicks Albt Glacier Creek

HIGHLAND MART MUTE, John Mc-Parlane Fres-Mgr, Xeno Kill

Hill Chas F Black Hills Hoder Jos miner Keno Hill Hogan Paul S Keno Hill Holmes John Black Hills Homer Stephen Granville Hunt Joshua D Glacier Creek Hunter Chas F Black Hills Hunter Lucille Mrs Keno Hill Hurst Fred Glacier Creek Jacquot Eug Kluane Jacquot Louis Kluane Janes B mate BYNCo Carcross Jefferson F M wtr BYNCo Carcross Jensen Chas miner Keno Hill Jensen Peter Granville Jepherson Hans Glacier Creek Johnson Hans B Minto Johnston Seth Granville Johnstone Alfred Keno Hill Johnstone John Black Hills Jones Benj Black Hills Jorhenson Ferdinand Black Hills Joslin Wm Black Hills Joswold Ole blksmith Granville Jucco Desraden Black Hills Kaiser Lucin Teslin Karting J emp BYNCo Carcross Keating Thos miner Keno Hill Keely Benj F miner Carcross Kennedy Geo Carmacks Kennedy Patk miner Carcross Keno Hill Ltd mining Keno Hill Kerr Geo miner Keno Hill Kimbal Edw Granville King B W emp BYNCo Carcross King Olaf Montague Kingscote R P McMillan River Kingston Jas Porcupine River Kingston John Porcupine River Kinnan John A Keo Hill Kotslainen Wm Black Hills Kreft Chas Teslin Kromur Paul Black Hills

Krug Herman A Keno Hill Labroue Herman Granville Lafmoree Philip Glacier Creek Lafontaine Wilfred Forty Mile Lagvois Londe Black Hills Lakinaw & Tagish Mines Carcross Lamb Albt E Keno Hill Langham Wm Pelly Laning O S gen mdse Keno Hill Lanoff Jas Granville Larsen John miner Keno Hill Larson Emil Ogilvie Laska Jos Minto Lauderdale Jas eng Carcross Lawrence John C gen mdse Stewart River

Lawton Saml Black Hills LeBeauf Albt Stewart River Leduc Saml Granville Lee Allan miner Keno Hill Lefevre John B Stewart River Leland Austin McMillan River Lelieure Jos Ogilvie Lemere Uric Granville Lenee Louis Black Hills Lenin Jas Granville Lesprance Alex gen mdse Glacier Creek

Letnes Lorns Stewart River Lind Gust Glacier Creek Lindstrom Adolph Stewart River Longtin Jos Keno Hill Loveland Danl Stewart River Loveridge Wm Black Hills Lychons Louis Glacier Creek Lychons Otto Glacier Creek Lynch Thos Keno Hill Lyons Jas D Keno Hill McCall Chas Cowley McCleery Robt Teslin McClellan John Granville McConnell Chas tmstr Carcross McCrimmon Harry Keno Hill McCusbie John Granville McDade Geo Carmacks McDermid Richd miner Stewart River McDonald Allan D blksmith Keno Hill Ltd Keno Hill

McDonald Ambrose miner Keno Hill McDonald Chas miner Keno Hill McDonald Jas miner Keno Hill McDonald John miner Keno Hill McDonald J master Steamer Tutshi BYNCo Carcross

McDonald Neil (McDonald & Moses)

Old Crow McDonald Rodney miner Keno Hill McDonald & Moses (Neil McDonald Peter Moses) fur dlrs Old Crow via Fort Yukon McFadden Hugh Stewart River McGillivray J W emp BYNCo Car-cross

McGlashan Fred T miner Carcross McGrath John A Granville McGrath Lawrence postmaster Hunker

McHugh John Keno Hill

Mclnnis Angus Keno Hill

Mcintosh Geo Kluane

Mcintosh Simon miner Keno Hill

Mclntyre Wm Keno Hill

Mclver Kenneth Cowley

Mclvor Patk miner Keno Hill

McKay Thos Keno Hill

McKay Wm Granville

McKinnon Andw Kluane

McKinnon Jas Keno Hill

McKinnon Peter miner Keno Hill

McLaine Hugh D Granville

McLaughlin Jas Stewart River

McLaughlin Patk miner Keno Hill

McLean Alex Granville

McLean Archibald mining recorder

Carcross McLean Danl Keno Hill McLean John miner Keno Hill

McLellan John eng Keno Hill Ltd

Keno Hill McLeod Angus Keno Hill McLeod Jas sub coir Canada Customs

Forty Mile McLeod King miner Keno Hill McMillan A A postmaster Radford McMillan Howard postmaster Car-


McMillan John Keno Hill McMullin Danl Granville McNeil Donald Granville McRae Katherine M Minto MacCourtlandt P Carmacks MacEdwards John P Granville MacLennan Archie Kluane Maguin Victor Granville Marsh Chas L postmaster Black Hills Martin Albt Cowley Martin Archie Keno Hill Martin Emil Granville Martin Kathleen Selkirk Mason Reuben Porcupine River Mason Willoughby Porcupine River Matheson Chas Keno Hill Matson Chas miner Keno Hill Mattson C I McMillan River Mawhinnay John Minto May Saml Kduane Mayer Leason F Cowley Mealings J emp BYNCo Carcross Melhus Gertrude Granville Mengies Jos H Selkirk Mercier Anable Granville Meredith Edw miner Keno Hill Merrill Fred W Forty Mile Middleton Burnett Glacier Creek Miller Chas E Carmacks Miller Fred A Teslin Miller Jas Selkirk Miller John P Glacier Creek Miller Oscar Keno Hill Minton Peter Glacier Creek Moe John Porcupine River Moore Wm A Granville Moreau Saml Keno Hill Morrison Angus Carcross Morrison Hector miner Keno Hill Morrison Jos fishermn Carcross Moses Peter (McDonald & Moses) Old Crow

Mosher Stephen Forty Mile

Mourier Peter Pelly

Mowat Alex miner Keno Hill

Murphy Michl Teslin

Murray Norman Granville

Murray Thos Carmacks

Naubauer Michl J Carmacks

Nazzareno Peter Granville

Nelson Neils C Kluane

Niddery Norman Keno Hill

Nordling Oscar miner Keno Hill

Nordstrom Andw Granville

Norman Andw miner Keno Hill

Norman Carl J Granville

Northern Lights (quarterly) a missionary publication Shirley Barlow editor Carcross

Obester Michl Keno Hill

O'Brien Jas Keno Hill

O'Brien John Granville

O'Brien Wm miner Keno Hill

Odell Oden Granville

O'Donnell Edw Pelly

Okata Geo cook BYNCo Carcross

Olsen Chris Black Hills

Olson Chas miner Keno Hill

Olson John Cassiar

Onek Mining Company Ltd Keno Hill

Ostrude Harold Teslin

Ottaway J miner Keno Hill

Otto Wm Cowley

Owens Patk Glacier Creek

Palmer R H gen mdse Keno Hill

Partridge Otto H mining Taku Arm

Carcross Paster Frank Black Hills Pavisic Michl Keno Hill

Yukon Territorial List of Namei— Continued

Payson Chas C Glacier Creek Pechie John Black Hills Pelton R L purser BYNCo Carcross Person Oloff Glacier Creek Peterson John Black Hills Peterson John Glacier Creek Pierrot E J emp BYNCo Carcross Pike Oscar Black Hills Pinder Beauchamp Keno Hill Plissv Chas miner Keno Hill Poulson Otto Black Hills Powsey Alfred Black Hills Prosser F wtr BYNCo Carcross Proulx Eli J fox breeder Carcross Quirdell Otto Bear Creek Radford Wm Black Hills Ray Frank Black Hills Reckness Ole miner Keno Hill Reinhardt H W acct Keno Hill Ltd Keno Hill

Renald Alfred Big Salmon Richardson John Black Hills Ricord Pete Pelly Roal Louis Black Hills Roberts E S corp in chg RCMP Keno Hill

Rochon Jos Glacier Creek Roden Chas A Stewart River Rogers R C whsemn Keno Hill Ltd

Keno Hill Rose Louis Black Hills Rose Oliver Pelly Rosenburgh John Carmacks Rosenfeld Jacob Granville Ross J H miner Keno Hill Rouse Arthur Glacier Creek Roy Jos rancher Scroggie Creek Royal Canadian Mounted Police Edw

Blater corporal in chg Carcross Royal Canadian Mounted Police W C

Waters constable in chg Forty Mile Royal Canadian Mounted Police E C

Burt constable in chg Granville Royal Canadian Mounted Police E S

Roberts corporal in chg Keno Hill

Rudolph Herman Teslin

Rumble Willard Teslin

Rumble Wm Teslin

Rusk R C postmaster Paris

Rutledge Robt Cowley

Ruvane M miner Keno Hill

Ryan David miner Hunker

Sabistan Wm Granville

Sakato Masa Granville

Sakrison Arvie Granville

Salbey Jos Little Salmon

Sandeen Swan cook Yukon Gold Co

Keno Hill Sarillo Louis miner Carcross Schafer Abraham Porcupine River Schellinger Alfred K eng Yukon Gold

Co Keno Hill

Schofield Wm mine recorder Selkirk Schogren Gus Minto Scholly John Stewart River Schulz Oscar A Porcupine River Schulze^Albt P Forty Mile Schwanekamp Bernard J miner Car-cross

Schwartz Alfred G Granville Scott Alfred Carcross Scott Reginald Porcupine River Searle Edgar H Glacier Creek Shand David C (Stewart Hotel) Stewart River Shiraishi Y emp BYNCo Carcross

Short F R mgr Keno Hill Ltd Keno Hill

Simmons Aubrey Carcross

Simmons Geo T eng Carcross

Simmons J A fox farmer Carcross

Sinyed Clemen Keno Hill

Skals Henry Teslin

Skelly Gilbert prospector Carcross

Sketch Frank Kluane

Simley Steven Stewart River

Smith C C miner Keno Hill

Smith Chas Selkirk

Smith Geo H Stewart River

Smith Thos Forty Mile

Smythe Emma Mrs postmaster Stewart River

Snure E G Teslin

Sowala Saml miner Keno Hill

Span Tony miner Keno Hill

Sparks Geo Glacier Creek

Spratley John Glacier Creek

Steamer Gleaner (BYNCo) Carcross

Steamer Tutshi (BYNCo) J McDonald master Carcross

Stephen Geo F Black Hills

Stephen John O Stewart River

Stephens Geo McMillan River

Stephens John Granville

Stevens Geo Selkirk

Stevenson Geo Granville

Stewart Allen foremn Yukon Gold Co Keno Hill

Stewart Hotel (David Shand) Stewart River

Stewart John A foremn Keno Hill Ltd Keno Hill

Stewart Raymond Keno Hill

Stewart Wm Stewart River

Stockton John Glacier Creek

Sullivan J miner Keno Hill

Sullivan Thos Big Salmon

Sutherland Hugh miner Keno Hill

Sutherland Wm Keno Hill

Swanson David Forty Mile

Swinehart Guy C Stewart River

Taddie A T gen mdse postmaster Granville

Tate Jas Granville

TAYLOR & DRUS7 LTD, Isaac Taylor Managing" Director, Wm S Drnry V - Pres - Sec, Selkirk, Carmacks, Pelly River, Teslin Lake (See p 519)

Thompson Franklin H postmaster Forty Mile

Townsend Nort gen mdse Keno Hill

Treadwell Yukon Co Ltd F W Bradley pres Livingston Wernecke gen supt Keno Hill

Turner H wtr BYNCo Carcross

Tweit E O Granville

VanCleave Chas M roadhouse Keno Hill

Veale Alex Thistle Creek

Wallace John prospector Carcross

Walsh Jos miner Keno Hill

Ward F C postmaster Scraggie Creek

Ward John telg opr Hootalinqua

Waters W C constable in chg RCMP

Forty Mile Watson Matthew gen mdse Carcross Wells Fargo & Co Express W Fraser

agt Carcross Williams John foremn WP&YR Car-cross

Williamson Thos miner Keno Hill Wilson H miner Keno Hill Wolfe Emil miner Keno Hill Yamasaki Harry (Galeno Hotel) Keno Hill





Names appearing under headings marked thus * are only inserted when specially contracted for.

Abstracts of Title CORDOVA ABSTRACT & REALTY CO (See p 120) Cordova


MACK E H CO THE (See p 160)

Cloudy Chas L

Advertising Agents



Brailey Bertha Mrs Crest Apartments Braxton House Cliff Apartments DeVighne Apartments Juneau Apartments Juneau Sea View Apartments Reck Apartments Rogers Gladys Spickett Apartments Brown Frieda Myers Lina Mrs

Art Goods and Ornaments

Cleveland Ardell Mrs




Anchorage Anchorage Cordova Juneau Juneau Juneau Juneau Juneau Juneau Juneau Ketchikan Ketchikan


Automobile Accessories and Supplies

SHONBECK A A (See p 53) Anchorage


Dawson Y T

SHELDON'S GARAGE (See p 162) Fairbanks

KRAUSE & BUCEY (See p 269) Ketchikan

Automobile Garages

(See Also Garages)

Hammontree C O Aldcroft Wm BARBER HERBERT

Farnsworth Ira


McCaul T J

KRAUSE & BUCEY (See p 269)

Ellsworth H E

Automobile Livery


Anchorage Dawson Y T Dawson Y T Fairbanks Fairbanks Juneau Ketchikan Seward

Anchorage Dawson Y T Dawson Y T Fairbanks

Automobile Manufacturers and Dealers

Luckow R C jr

SHONBECK A A ................

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